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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.


Version FinalMix


Planar Exodus Final Mix -- It's been a long time, but checking the todo list showed there were a few easy tasks and over a dozen completed, unreleased ones. This closes the book on Planar Exodus Classic.

You can find Planar Exodus 2 here:

(-) Removed PlexUpdater.
(+) Added PlexTweaks 2.4.3 directly instead of relying on PlexUpdater to download it.
(+) Added PlexTweaks config directly to the distribution. See above note about PlexUpdater.

(!) Spice of Life now uses the diminishing returns formula devised for Planar Exodus 2.
(+) Spice of Life's diminishing returns only affect food saturation, like Plex 2.
(-) Spice of Life food containers now hold food in stacks of 3 instead of 4, to match with Plex 2's "magic 3" rule of diminishing returns.

(-) The Uncrafting Table has had its uncrafting ability disabled.
(+) You can now grind vanilla clay blocks and items into IC2 Clay Dust with either the Macerator or Pulverizer.
(*) Silver now has a Y range of 0 - 64 instead of 32 - 64.
(*) Lead now has a Y range of 0 - 48 instead of 16 - 48.
(*) Crisantine now has a Y range of 48 - 144 instead of 32 - 72.
(*) Glacius now has a Y range of 0 - 48 instead of 0 - 32.
(-) Overall amount of Glacius decreased by 50%.
(-) Removed Metallurgy and Balkon's Weapons axes from the Treecapitator axe list (these mods are no longer included).
(+) The various types of metal and nonmetal gears can be converted between each other. Use this in case you need Forestry gears for something.
(*) Thaumcraft Obsidian Tiles have had their recipe changed for the second time. Now they are definitely craftable for real.
(-) Molecular Transformer recipes for refining oil contained in Magic and Void capsules have been removed. This should prevent NEI crashes.

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Version 1.6.6a


Planar Exodus 1.6.6a -- Because upgrading from glitch banning to annoying disconnection wasn't good enough! Now there's no hiccups in interdimensional travel whatsoever.

(*) Invar's melting temperature is now 350 instead of sometimes 350 and sometimes 700.
(*) Set bonuses now apply half as frequently (once every second instead of twice). This allows for regeneration set bonuses to actually work.
(+) Readded the Diamond --> Diamond Dust recipe to both the Macerator and Pulverizer.
(+) Similarly added the recipe for Lapis --> Lapis Dust.
(*) Applied Energistics Wireless Access items take far less power now.
(*) PlexTweaks Converters now take regular IC2 machine blocks instead of advanced ones and regular steel instead of Damascine Steel.
(+) Lapis Lazuli is in the ore dictionary now. Why wasn't it before?
(+) Quicksand can now be smelted into sand.
(+) Skeleton skulls can now be crafted or macerated into bone meal.
(+) The Tinker's Construct Potion Launcher "test item" (it works) is now craftable. If Missingpo. strikes, you know who to call. We also upgraded its appearance to be less confusing!

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Version 1.6.6


This update primarily focuses on removing cases of "glitch banning": being placed in a scenario where you can no longer play a world or on a server due to a persistent error.

(-) By default, syncing with Master Config will entirely disable the Blemish. This is due to ongoing complaints (and internal agreement) that the Blemish leads to distinctly not fun gameplay.
(+) The Blemish can now be disabled by setting the "1 in N chunks" to zero or a negative value. There is a config comment explaining this as well.

(-) PlexTweaks armored mobs will no longer spawn with bows or arrows. This fixes the "missingbo." problem that would leave players with a corrupted inventory.
(*) Placing TCon tools inside a Crystal Chest no longer glitch bans you from that game. However, TCon tools inside Crystal Chests will render as weird colored plasma squares. This is unfixable without heavily editing the Chests themselves.
(*) Logging out in any dimension other than the Overworld no longer glitch bans you. This was extremely difficult to track down.

(+) PlexTweaks adds a new potion, the Potion of Evenstride. The recipe is a Potion of Swiftness plus a Nether Quartz (magic ingredient). Evenstride has also been added to all Air tree set bonuses.

(*) ServerTools /spawn command disabled.
(*) Fixed a server-side crash when using Biome Lights -- the server was trying to render particles.
(*) Bread now exactly follows HarvestCraft's intentions. Dough cooks into bread and bread cooks into toast. No more burning bread or other nonsense.
(+) All Fire & Nether Plexmetals that deal any sort of fire or lava damage now set the target on fire (even if only briefly). This allows you to get cooked meat from animals, as well as looking less confusing.
(+) Asmodeus has been buffed to deal Devulcis' Fire Damage Lingering in all cases. It still applies Damnation to targets in the Nether.
(-) Jungle Spiders removed from the game.
(+) You can now craft Obsidian Tiles (the recipe no longer conflicts with obsidian pressure plates).
(*) All Plexmetal melting temperatures have been rescaled so the maximum is 900. This should prevent issues with items never melting down in the Smeltery. Invar's melting temperature continues to be inconsistent; this cannot easily be rectified.
(*) ATG's minimum temperature changed from 0.4 to 0.1. Dozens of biomes were not spawning due to this. You can now find snow. Actually.
(+) PlexTweaks and Theia commands have their required permissions fixed.
(+) You can now use "/spawn reroll" to get a new random spawn point if you are a new player.
(+) Raijin and Salnoire Ore can now be processed properly in all machines. If you have these ores sitting around, you may need to place them and break them again to "fix" them.
(+) Shani's on-hit effect actually works now. However, it's been changed from "reducing maximum health" to a stacking soul damage rend effect.
(-) Soul and void damage no longer affect creative players. Why was that ever a thing?
(*) Resonant Engine's potion IDs have been shifted to make room for a few more PlexTweaks potions.
(-) Adamant no longer helps against starvation, drowning, and falling.
(+) The power of Applied Energistics Wireless Boosters has been doubled -- you need half as many to reach maximum wireless strength.

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Version 1.6.5



1.6.5 is a maintenance update on 1.6.4. Nothing too major. A brief overview:

(!) Some minor changes from 1.6.4 never happened due to mistakes. These have now been implemented.
(!) Many nitpicky changes at the request of myself, ashtheking, and other players.
(!) 1.6.4's half baked spawn scattering has been finalized. Not every ATG world will drop you into Bamboo Forest now.


(+) Added a few splashes.
(*) The Planar Exodus server's Windows start script now sets the window title.

(-) Removed Powersuits Addons.
(-) Removed Pam's Clay Spawn. PlexTweaks Ore module now handles underground clay.

(+) Krios's calendar works now.
(+) Theia now has a /spawn command with many features to handle spawn points.
(+) Theia's abhorrent spawning mechanics have been replaced with a very sensible and simple system. All new players on a server will have their spawn point chosen randomly inside an N x N block grid, where N is a configurable value (default 4). This grid is centered on the world's official spawn point.
(*) While the code default for scattering is 4 blocks, Plex comes bundled with a Theia configuration that changes the radius to 30,000 blocks.
(*) Fixed the bizarre rendering error upon returning to the Overworld from any other dimension that resulted in all transparency on the planet ceasing to function properly.

(+) All missing recipes meant to be included in 1.6.4 are now in.
(*) Cobblestone stairs can now be uncrafted. There was a nasty typo that led to you being able to turn Sandstone stairs into cobble.
(-) Removed Metallurgy color specifications from FZAddons.
(+) PlexTweaks Material Guides can now be placed on BiblioCraft bookcases.
(*) All Forestry butterflies now are active at all times of day. This is for the best, because the alternative is them crashing the game.
(*) The Limbo return range has been adjusted to 30,000 blocks to match Theia's spawn scatter.
(-) World Thread is now less common when DimDoors Rifts spread and break nearby blocks.
(*) The ratio between Bamboo and Bamboo Thatching is now 2:1 instead of 4:1, to match sticks vs. planks.
(*) Amethyst (the TCon tool material) is now actually made with Amethyst gems instead of bedrock.
(*) All PlexTweaks pattern-type materials let you craft their tool parts now.
(*) The PlexTweaks Ore module now takes over dirt & gravel generation. Less but larger veins.
(+) The supercharged Gravity Gun has a rarity.
(*) The Spice of Life Lunch Box recipe makes a lot more sense.
(*) Fixed a typo that made Coal Bricks craft into fire.
(*) Gravel Bricks and Gravel Road recipes improved.
(+) Gravel Bricks can now be produced using Alkahestry.
(+) Tinker's Construct tools dropped by armored mobs are now properly damaged.
(*) HarvestCraft Flour now cooks into Bread, and HarvestCraft Dough now cooks into Toast. Bread cooks into ash. You burn the bread. NEI is a bit confused by the recipes, but trust me, it works.

(-) Redstone veins have significantly decreased in size.
(-) Greatly reduced the frequency of Certus Quartz and shifted its Y range up from 0-128 to 64-192.
(-) The Blemish is now less than 1/4 as common.
(-) Coal and Iron are now 20% less common.
(-) Copper is quite a bit rarer and Tin is slightly rarer.
(+) Gold is now 60% more common.
(+) Platinum is very slightly more common. Diamonds are 28% more common. These two are now equal.
(+) Mythical Plex-Metals now appear much more frequently, but in small vanilla-sized veins. The chance of any given chunk having at least one mythical metal deposit is 83% -- slightly less common than vanilla diamonds. (Here, Iridium is counted as "mythical" despite not being part of the mythical set).

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Version 1.6.4


Planar Exodus 1.6.4 is here. This is the end of Planar Exodus 1.6.
( 1.6.3 was skipped so that 1.6.4 would be 1.6.4 and 1.7 would be 1.7. Fancy! )

Eight months in the making -- by that I mean, about four months of Soon™ and four months of work.


PlexTweaks is now version 2.4.0! Remember how two updates ago we said we had reached "the logical extreme of PlexTweaks' TConstruct capabilities"? Well, now we're taking advantage of that functionality. Other major changes include the removal of AdvanceTime and PlexTweaks' CustomSpace module (combined and moved into a separate mod, Krios) and enormous improvements to the config system.

TL;DR -- PlexTweaks configs have folders now. Metallurgy, ExtraTiC, Equivalency & AdvanceTime absorbed into PlexTweaks. Over a hundred quality of life and balance fixes.


(*) Planar Exodus now uses a slightly modified version of Forge that starts Minecraft with 512 megabytes of PermGen space instead of 256 megabytes. This should increase performance, especially load times.
(*) The Planar Exodus difficulty readme now contains information for Theia/Krios rather than AdvanceTime.

(*) PlexTweaks ASM patches the TCon Smeltery in several places to improve its behavior, prevent crashes, and allow PlexTweaks metals to render properly.
(*) Thanks to more ASM, Thermal Expansion Florbs respect PlexTweaks fluid coloration.
(*) Due to the above two changes, Planar Exodus no longer uses hand edited versions of TExp and TCon.

(-) Removed AdvanceTime. See above.
(-) PlexTweaks no longer has a CustomSpace module. See above.
(-) Removed Metallurgy. See above.
(-) Removed ExtraTiC. See above.
(-) Removed Equivalency. See above.

(-) Removed Rotten Flesh to Leather. PlexTweaks now has a Furnace module.
(-) Removed Railcraft Rock Crusher Dusts Addon. PlexTweaks now has a Railcraft module.
(-) Removed Advanced Repulsion Systems. A crashtastic clone of MFFS that was only good for its tesla coil.
(-) Removed Immibis Peripherals. I don't think anyone who played Plex ever knew how to use them.
(-) Removed InfernalMobs. These were obnoxious. PlexTweaks arms and armors mobs now.
(-) Removed KeithyUtils. An unnecessary core now that we have removed Metallurgy.
(-) Removed LomLib. This was only ever used for Equivalency.
(-) Removed Soul Shards. It doesn't even do anything, and Forbidden Magic has the Wrath Cage.
(-) Removed Balkon's Weapons. This archaic mod was riddled with bugs and was only good for the crossbow.
(-) Removed Wireless Redstone. ProjectRed handles this now.
(-) Removed Dimensional Anchors. ChickenChunks Chunk Loaders are just better.
(-) Removed Damage Indicators. PlexTweaks new health bar rendering makes this mod unnecessary.
(-) Removed Herobrine. Wait...


(*) PlexTweaks' config arrangements have been totally changed. It now imitates the Gentoo configuration standard -- every PlexTweaks module has its own subfolder, and the module will read every single configuration file inside its folder. Subfolders are not supported yet. There are some exceptions and some hardcoded sections that have to be in main files, but this helps keep it organized (read: it made the code easier to write).
(*) PlexTweaks' dynamic config ignores any files containing "~" or ".swp".

(+) PlexTweaks Materials has grown completely out of control! 76 new TConstruct materials come with Planar Exodus by default, replacing Metallurgy and ExtraTiC. 69 of these materials are entirely new ores and alloys!
(+) The CustomMaterials module has been extended with an independent EffectHandler module and the "Conditionals" system. Together, they allow for near infinite combinations of on-hit effects and set bonuses from armor.
(+) All PlexTweaks materials come in Tinker's Construct guides, with descriptions! Any custom added materials can be assigned to books and the books can be named. The default guides (there are a lot of them!) spawn as loot in various places like dungeons.

(+) PlexTweaks can now define its own custom ores, both material based and otherwise. These ores have highly customizable generation and can sport fancy sparkles! The CustomOres module can also be used to reject vanilla ore generation and substitute its own.
(+) PlexTweaks' Hazards module now supports custom damage sources... with custom death messages. Get rekt, scrub.
(+) PlexTweaks' new Damage Potions module supports custom damage over time potion effects.
(+) PlexTweaks' Potions module now adds several "magical" potion variants, as well as being the foundation for the aforementioned Damage Potions module. The new potions have brewing recipes.
(+) PlexTweaks' new Spawns module allows you to add passive and hostile spawns to any biome in any dimension. By default, Twilight Forest passive mobs now spawn in the real world.
(+) PlexTweaks can now define custom records using sound files inside its resource pack (see below).
(+) PlexTweaks can now control Railcraft machines with its CustomRailcraft module.
(+) PlexTweaks' CustomGUI module supplants health bar rendering. It adds health and armor bars to other mobs when moused over and adds a debuff display to the main GUI.

(+) PlexTweaks now has creative tabs. About time!
(+) PlexTweaks can finally add furnace recipes.
(+) PlexTweaks can now manage the Ore Dictionary rather effectively.
(+) PlexTweaks now has its own dynamically loaded resource pack. Drag anything you want into that folder and it counts as part of the default texture pack, almost certainly overwriting any other mod in the process. By default, this resource pack contains a couple dozen transparent PNGs that render TConstruct's Sharpness modifier invisible.
(+) Also in the default resource pack are Minecraft 1.9's rain sounds! Rain is no longer extremely loud and annoying!
(+) MatEdit was upgraded and reworked slightly. It now edits armor enums and no longer half-edits TCon materials when a problem in the config file is found.
(+) PlexTweaks now handles Minium and Philosopher's Stone transmutation on its own. Equivalency has been absorbed.
(+) PlexTweaks Material armor now has several appearance options available.
(*) "SheerExpanse" changed to "Ozzatron" in the authors field of
(*) Bleeding now uses Strength's icon instead of Poison's -- it's more accurate in a vanilla context.
(+) The rarity calculator now analyzes many forms of fabrication, including several mod machines and the Smeltery.
(+) PlexTweaks ItemStacks can now be written in a special format which grabs a random ItemStack of the given rarity and stack size. For example, @1:24 gives you twenty-four Uncommon items in a stack.
(*) Apesh's AI has been revamped. His special attack is now more reliable and less glitchy.
(+) Blot Gravel and Blot Flint are now things in the Blemish, but neither are useful for anything.
(+) Turtle Armor now gives a regenerating six heart shield to make it more interesting.
(*) PlexTweaks metal dusts now use a Painterly texture.
(+) The new /uncraft command allows you to uncraft a full-durability TCon tool. It will not refund modifiers.
(+) PlexTweaks materials now have an IconSet attribute, which decides what set of tool part icons they will use. This affects their appearance greatly. There are five icon sets available for use!
(*) Slightly edited the texture of PlexTweaks buckets of molten material.
(*) Blemish items (Nergal Carapaces, mostly) now stack properly.
(*) Bloodstone now drops Bloody Cobblestone instead of itself.
(*) PlexTweaks wires and converters no longer break instantly and drop themselves instead of nothing. Both can be mined by hand.
(*) Ore overlay texture improved significantly.
(-) Nergals spawned from Eggs no longer target creative players.
(+) The new /matcolor command allows for admins to change the runtime color of any material in real time. This was used for testing and left in because it doesn't do any harm.
(*) Materials no longer have bows or arrows by default.
(*) PlexTweaks BoPHandler fixes ATG volcanoes to use Biomes O'Plenty ash blocks instead of dirt and ash stone instead of normal stone.
(-) Bloodstone and Gorewood have been removed as TCon materials.
(+) Added Forge branding -- this means Planar Exodus & PlexTweaks show up on the title screen and F3.
(+) Potion effect centered ASM and a custom Packet 41 now allow for Bleeding and Hemorrhage to differentiate themselves properly.
(*) Fixed a crash related to summoning wands.
(+) Material blocks count as valid blocks for beacon bases by default.
(+) Zombies and skeletons can now spawn wearing PlexTweaks armors and using tools made of PlexTweaks materials.
(*) PlexTweaks now uses ASM to mute Microblocks related spam in the output. This behavior can be disabled.
(-) PlexTweaks no longer adds IC2's "Iridium Ore" item to the Ore Dictionary.
(*) PlexTweaks now ASM patches the TConstruct bow renderer.
(+) PlexTweaks now has a key input handler. Currently it is only used for the Giratra set bonus.
(*) Bleeding was reworked. It is no longer unblockable, nor does it accelerate with each stack. The new bleeding effect strikes once every 20 ticks but deals severe hunger damage that increases with each stack.
(+) Bleeding now has its own death message that reports the number of stacks the victim had upon death.
(*) Durations of all sources of bleeding reworked to be balanced for the new damage rate.
(*) The rarity information book now uses a Painterly book texture.
(-) Removed Zinc and Brass cables, as Metallurgy was removed.
(-) Turtle meat now gives 15 seconds of Resistance I instead of 10 seconds of Strength I.
(*) Minecraft's F3+H advanced item tooltips now display IDs in a PlexTweaks ItemStack format.
(*) PlexTweaks' ID assignment completely revamped. I am very glad 1.7 gets rid of this nonsense.
(-) You can no longer use fluid containers filled with water to summon Water Elementals.
(+) The Blemish now replaces coal ore with Alchemical Coal ore, which drops EE3 Alchemical Coal.
(+) You can now specify wildcard damage (32767) when removing recipes with CustomRecipes.
(+) CustomRecipes now has support for the Thermal Expansion Sawmill.
(+) The new /toolStats command replaces the lost ExtraTiC utility that lets you view vanilla tool material enums.
(+) The new /armorStats command lets you view vanilla armor material enums.
(*) Changed the internal name of PlexTweaks material armor enums (this has no effect on gameplay).
(+) Damascine Steel finally has a recipe.
(*) PlexTweaks replaces the unused vanilla Saturation potion with one of its own making. It is used in a few set bonuses.


(+) Added Theia! This upcoming multi-mod is a fusion of ashtheking's various world-related works.
(+) Added Krios (a module of Theia). Krios is a fusion of the now-ancient CustomSpace and AdvanceTime, along with polar shift and time zones. Day and night now occur properly regardless of how many suns or moons you have in the sky.
(*) Krios tries its best to make every mod compatible with it. If you have a mod installed that's not compatible with Krios, it will crash and let you know what mod it was. Let us know. We can make it compatible.
(+) Added Ceres (a module of Theia). Right now, Ceres adds seasons (variations of temperature over time) and snow piling.
(+) Added Ereb (a module of Theia). Ereb overhauls cave generation to be better suited for Alternate Terrain Generation, and just cooler overall.
(*) Theia randomly distributes players in a radius specified by the "SpawnFuzziness" config value. There is no longer one specific "spawn location" (unless you set that value to zero).
(*) Upon starting a new world, Theia automatically sets the daylength of the overworld to 72,000 ticks (1 hour) and turns off mob griefing. This may not work perfectly.
(*) PlexTweaks now depends on Theia.


(+) Added Alternate Terrain Generation! ATG is a mod focused around making terrain generation more dynamic, large scale, and interesting. It's optional; you don't have to use it.
(+) Added Forge NBTEdit! This allows people (mainly developers or admins) to work with NBT data as they need to. This is quite useful for debugging and development.

(-) Vanilla ore generation disabled, save for Emeralds (which are uncontrollable).
(-) IC2 ore generation completely disabled.
(-) Thermal Expansion ore generation completely disabled.
(-) Tinker's Construct Aluminum disabled.
(-) Applied Energistics Certus Quartz disabled.
(-) ProjectRed gems disabled. Biomes O'Plenty gems remain, as they cannot be disabled via config.
(-) qCraft Quantum Ore disabled.
(-) Thaumcraft elemental shards, amber and cinnabar disabled.
(+) PlexTweaks now manages all mundane ore generation via the CustomOres module. Note that these changes are intended for Alternate Terrain Generation, and will seriously screw up vanilla worlds.
(!) Compared to vanilla (and most mods), ore veins in Planar Exodus are rarer, but far larger.

VPC stands for "veins per chunk", BPV stands for "blocks per vein".


Coal 000 - 256 5.0 48 --
Iron 000 - 128 5.0 24 --
Gold 000 - 032 0.25 24 --
Diamond 000 - 016 0.125 21 --
Emerald 000 - 016 0.125 21 --
Redstone 000 - 016 0.5 48 --
Lapis 016 - 064 0.25 18 --

Copper 032 - 192 5.0 24 --
Tin 032 - 128 2.5 24 --
Silver 032 - 064 0.5 24 --
Lead 016 - 048 0.75 24 --
Nickel 016 - 048 0.4 21 --
Aluminum 032 - 128 1.25 24 --
Uranium 000 - 032 0.2 24 PLAINS biomes only

Certus Quartz 000 - 128 2.0 21 --
Quantum Dust 000 - 016 0.25 18 --

Amber 064 - 192 2.5 24 FOREST, JUNGLE biomes only
Cinnabar 000 - 064 0.5 21 --
Air Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 PLAINS, HILLS biomes only
Water Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 WATER biomes only
Earth Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 FOREST, JUNGLE biomes only
Fire Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 DESERT, MOUNTAIN biomes only
Order Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 FROZEN biomes only
Entropy Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 SWAMP, WASTELAND biomes only

Platinum 000 - 032 0.15 24 --
Iridium 000 - 016 0.06 21 --

Astral Silver 000 - 064 0.08 21 --
Orichalcum 016 - 032 0.06 21 --
Mithril 032 - 048 0.06 21 --
Adamantine 000 - 016 0.06 21 --

Phendris 160 - 256 1.5 24 --
Leraquis 032 - 064 0.5 24 BEACH, WATER biomes only
Salnoire 010 - 040 2.0 21 Railcraft Abyssal Stone only
Crisantine 032 - 072 0.5 24 FROZEN biomes only
Glacius 000 - 032 0.5 24 FROZEN biomes only
Khione 128 - 256 2.0 21 FROZEN biomes only
Raudr 016 - 048 0.5 24 HILLS, MOUNTAIN biomes only
Raijin 048 - 176 4.0 24 Railcraft Quarried Stone only
Agnirim 048 - 128 3.5 24 DESERT biomes + Sandstone only
Absunium 016 - 216 7.5 48 MOUNTAIN biomes + Obsidian only
Ashvaska 016 - 064 0.5 24 PLAINS biomes only
Asidia 016 - 064 0.5 24 PLAINS biomes only
Bhumium 000 - 032 0.5 24 FOREST, JUNGLE biomes only
Syanite 016 - 048 0.5 24 SWAMP biomes only
Almorose 016 - 064 0.75 21 WASTELAND biomes only
Hadahel 032 - 128 2.5 24 NETHER biomes + Netherrack only
Devulcis 000 - 032 0.5 21 NETHER biomes + Netherrack only
Vernecrium 032 - 128 1.5 21 NETHER biomes + Netherrack only
Aevum 016 - 080 2.0 24 END biomes + End Stone only


(-) All Macerator recipes have been erased; the Pulverizer's recipes have been mirrored onto the Macerator to the best of PlexTweaks' ability. This does damage to IC2. It (might) be fixed later.
(*) Dozens of rarity changes. Fixes bugs like this one:

(+) Added many new splashes.
(+) Planar Exodus' root folder now comes with a "deleteLogs.cmd" Windows command that will remove all those pesky log files, their lock files, their redundant files and their redundant lock files. Yeah.
(+) All stairs now respect conservation of mass -- 6 blocks become 8 stairs instead of 4. In addition, every type of stair can be uncrafted: 2x2 grid turns back into 3 blocks.
(*) Reinforced Stone's recipe is now shaped.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty Wild Carrots can now be crafted into normal carrots.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty Sunflowers now craft into HarvestCraft seeds as opposed to BoP's own seeds.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty and Natura barley are now craftable into HarvestCraft barley. Natura's barley seeds are craftable into HarvestCraft equivalents as well.
(-) You can no longer craft wheat out of BoP barley. I have no idea why you could do this in the first place. They're two entirely different plants.
(-) The TConstruct Ball of Moss recipe has been properly removed now. The config previously contained an unshifted ID, which didn't work.
(*) The TConstruct Ball of Moss' new recipe no longer depends on Thaumcraft.
(*) Cake recipes standardized. I am dead serious about this.
(-) Natura wheat and barley flour can no longer be crafted.
(-) You can no longer craft bread the vanilla way, or with Natura barley.
(+) You can now make HarvestCraft flour in the Macerator and Pulverizer.
(+) You can now craft BoP turnip seeds into HarvestCraft equivalents.
(+) Anything made purely of Seared Bricks (either type) can be uncrafted, with the exception of the Casting Channel.
(+) Macerating wool of any color now gives you all 4 string back instead of only 2. This matches the Pulverizer's behavior (minus the 5% chance to get the dye back).
(*) Cotton to string has been standardized as 3:2. 9 Natura cotton can still be crafted into 1 wool (it's just significantly less efficient).
(-) HarvestCraft Woven Cotton has been made impossible to obtain. This means you can no longer craft leather armor from it. It wasn't leather anyway.
(-) Nerfed bone significantly. Instead of being better than copper, it is now barely better than wood.
(*) Fixed an issue where HarvestCraft parsnip seeds and pasta had the same ID. This led to some funky crafting recipes (although nothing as amusing as turning reality itself into ketchup).
(-) Removed Portal Gun's silly Christmas effects.
(-) You can no longer swap types of Liquid XP or TConstruct Blood with Life Essence, as those recipes duplicated buckets.
(-) Charcoal, Charcoal Blocks and Charcoal Dust now only melt into half as much Liquefacted Coal. This matches Steel recipes with the Induction Smelter.
(-) You can no longer craft Forestry Bronze Ingots by hand. Make them legitimately with dusts.
(*) The recipes for the Tinker's Construct Empty Canister have been standardized.
(+) Twilight Forest Meef and Venison can now be used for HarvestCraft cooking! You can make bacon cheeseburgers out of minotaurs. Hell yes.
(*) Gunpowder recipes have been standardized. There is now only one "saltpeter + sulfur + charcoal" recipe.
(-) You can no longer craft the supercharged gravity gun -- you have to get hit by lightning to get it.
(-) Due to the prevalence of "glitchinators", the MFR fluid fabricators have had their recipes removed. (Glitchinators were exploit devices that produced infinite lava or oil from nothing.)
(+) Nether Lapis Ore now gives 16 lapis instead of 12. Nether Redstone Ore gives 16 Redstone instead of 24.
(+) You can now macerate regular Lapis Lazuli Ore into 8 lapis. It already worked in the Pulverizer.
(+) You can now craft Clay Blocks into 4 Clay items. You no longer need to wreck them with a shovel.
(-) Creosote Oil in the Thermal Expansion Compression Dynamo has been nerfed from 150,000 RF to 48,000.
(-) You can no longer craft Forestry gears. Thermal Expansion gears are better.
(+) You can now macerate and pulverize all Biomes O' Plenty dye flowers to get 4 dyes. This also works with the Forbidden Magic Umbral Rose!
(+) Many types of stone, e.g. Railcraft Quarried Stone or Biomes O' Plenty Skystone, now count as stone. Applicable cobbles count as cobblestone, too, so you can make furnaces out of Basalt Cobblestone, for example.
(*) Dimensional Door recipes reworked. Doors and the Rift Blade now require Azathon ingots, making them significantly more expensive.
(*) The PortalGun Miniature Black Hole item is now absurdly difficult to craft.
(+) The Black Hole Chest is now craftable using the aforementioned miniature black hole.
(-) IC2's defunct "Industrial Diamonds" no longer count as gemDiamond in the ore dictionary. They can still be crafted into normal diamonds (but they're unobtainable anyway).
(*) Thermal Expansion Cryotheum and Pyrotheum source blocks no longer fall. Maybe.
(*) You now need to use a diamond pickaxe to make a Thermal Expansion block breaker.
(-) Throwing items into a Smeltery no longer adds it to the Smeltery's melting inventory.
(+) When alloying Alumite, you now get 9 ingots instead of 3 (conservation of mass).
(+) When alloying Manyullyn, you now get 2 ingots instead of 1 (conservation of mass).
(*) Slightly changed what the Applied Energistics Grindstone works on.
(*) Applied Energistics now displays energy in RF instead of EU as part of moving away from IC2.
(+) Quantum Ore and Quantum Dust are now in the ore dictionary.
(*) Fixed some ore dictionary mistakes involving Thaumcraft quicksilver.
(*) The Thaumcraft Portable Hole focus now has a respectable blacklist. Notable blocks on it include Unraveled Fabric (Limbo's terrain block), Mystcraft Crystal and Silverwood planks.
(+) You can now craft Biomes O' Plenty Smoldering Grass.
(+) Most forms of Twilight Forest Mazestone can be crafted into each other.
(*) Extra Utilities Iron Spikes are easier to make now.
(*) About 2/3 of Natura wood recipes have been redone to remove unnecessary damage value assignments. This prevents Natura from confusing the PlexTweaks Rarity calculator.
(-) Portal Gun High Energy Pellets no longer one shot players. This change will only work if you copy the PortalGun_world.cfg from your config folder to your world's root folder.
(*) BoP unification recipes reworked significantly, as well as how BoP ties into the ore dictionary.
(*) Adjusted recipes for ChickenChunks loaders and the Railcraft World Anchor to make them more fair and balanced relative to each other. All three use nothing but obsidian, gold, and diamonds.
(*) Railcraft Nether Cobblestone can now be crafted directly from four Netherrack. As an aside, this greatly reduces the smelting necessary to produce Nether Bricks.
(*) Alkahestry completely replaced. The Tome of Alkahest now creates vast quantities of building blocks from Redstone and Glowstone. It also processes Silk Touched ore blocks efficiently.
(+) Added Emeralds to the ore dictionary. No idea why they weren't there.
(*) Simplified the BoP Flesh Block's transformation into Rotten Flesh.
(+) Railcraft Bricks and Ornate Stones can be crafted back into ordinary Blocks.
(+) Arcane Stone Bricks can be crafted back into regular Arcane Stone.
(*) Thaumcraft Obsidian Tiles had their recipe changed. They can also be crafted back into Obsidian.
(*) Railcraft Frost Bound Blocks are now made differently.
(*) Reworked MineFactory Reloaded brick, Whitestone and Blackstone recipes.
(*) Immibis Coal Bricks now have a more sane recipe. They still can't be used as fuel, though.
(-) IC2's "Iridium Ore" item no longer does anything. It can be crafted into iridum dust.
(*) IC2 Iridium Plates now take iridium ingots instead of the unique item and give you four instead of one. Yes, four plates.
(*) Molecular Transformer recipes overhauled. You can no longer transmute metals with it, nor make iridium.
(-) The IC2 Miner no longer knows of any mod ores.
(+) Thermal Expansion's Pyrotheum and Cryotheum Dust are now in the ore dictionary.
(+) Mystcraft can use all PlexTweaks material fluids in the creation of ages. Pages for the more powerful ones are disabled and every metal has a noticeable instability.
(-) ServerTools' bedrock flattener disabled. The COFHCore flattener is superior. Mystcraft's own flattener was also disabled, but COFHCore affects all dimensions.
(-) ProjectRed stained trees disabled. Their generation was abhorrent and they often appeared on top of or inside other trees.
(+) Natura's strange white glitch helmet "stick" has been removed from the ore dictionary. NEI should no longer be plagued with glitch helmets.
(*) ServerTools' /whereis command now requires the issuer to be an op.
(+) You can now make beds with a Hay Bale, as well as their original wool recipe.
(-) Removed the Sawmill recipe for beds, since you can now make them out of alternate materials.
(*) Reworked recipes for HarvestCraft blocks (the Presser and the water sources).
(+) Biomes O' Plenty planks now actually count as wooden planks in the Ore Dictionary.

(-) Removed Advanced Alloy and Carbon Fiber. Advanced Alloy's recipe disappeared with Metallurgy (and didn't respect the conservation of mass) while Molten Carbon Fiber... well, just read it aloud a few times.
(+) Railcraft Steel tools now have stats equivalent to Tinker's Construct Steel.
(+) Railcraft Steel armor had its protection buffed from 2/6/5/2 (same as Iron) to 3/7/5/3.
(+) IC2 Bronze tools now have stats equivalent to Tinker's Construct Bronze.
(+) IC2 Bronze armor had its durability multiplier buffed from 15 (same as Iron) to 19.
(-) Thermal Expansion Invar armor now has protection 3/6/5/2 instead of 2/7/5/2 and has slightly less durability.
(-) Amethyst tools and armor have been nerfed. You can no longer get 136% damage reduction from the whole set.

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Version 1.6.2a



HOTFIX "1.6.2a" -- PlexUpdater silently updated to solve a recurring crash issue.


Planar Exodus 1.6 apparently can't stop happening. The highlight of this version is that the recent food changes have now been rebalanced.

PlexTweaks 2.3.0 has been released. The changes are below.

Note that PlexTweaks' JAR file is no longer included in Planar Exodus. Instead, the all-new PlexUpdater is in its place. This small coremod lets you choose to auto-update PlexTweaks (and lets us update it at all) without me having to push a formal update through the Technic system. PlexUpdater also supports automatically updating PlexTweaks' config folder to the current master defaults. If you edit anything in that folder, I highly recommend you turn that setting off. It's on by default.

(-) Technically removed PlexTweaks.
(+) Added PlexUpdater.

(+) PlexTweaks ItemStack format has been expanded to allow you to specify the size of ore dictionary stacks (previously, they were always size 1). For example, "blockGold:2" is a stack of 2 Gold Blocks.
(+) recipes.cfg's new "removal" section lets you specify ItemStacks which should be made uncraftable by normal means by removing all normal recipes for them. This runs before adding recipes, so the combination of the two lets you totally redefine how an item is crafted.
(+) PlexTweaks uses a new RunPriority annotation to control module load order through the various Forge event cycles. This means the order in which the mod's features load is now very precise and documented.
(*) As part of the above change, many of PlexTweaks' modules were shuffled around in load order. This should have next to no visible effect.
(*) PlexTweaks' generic ingot texture has been changed to be Painterly's vanilla-style iron ingot.
(*) PlexTweaks' generic metal brick texture has been changed to Painterly's "industrial iron paneling" texture.
(+) PlexTweaks-generated armor items can now use their own textures if provided and pointed to in the config. Right now, you need to inject the textures into PlexTweaks itself.
(*) The Blemish's War Armor now uses Painterly Pack's "Daedric Iron Armor" texture.
(*) Summon wands no longer glitch out when thrown on the ground and now render correctly in third person.
(*) The "Efficency" config tag in MatEdit's vanilla section has been changed to "Efficiency". That is, it is now spelled correctly. This change will mess up your matedit.cfg.
(*) Edited the hitboxes of the Ethereal Drake so it uses a lot less Wing Attack and a lot more Crunch.
(*) Cleaned up a lot of PlexTweaks modules that were causing server-side issues. We have since learned to thoroughly test on server.
(*) MeltLoader no longer spams console output (It was not respecting materials.cfg's spam flag).
(*) Ozzatron's dev cape is now awarded to Ozzatron again instead of Sheer_Expanse. Silly me, changing my username for a month.
(*) explosions.cfg is now much more readable.
(+) The item ID of the PlexTweaks Rarity infobook is now a config value inside rarity.cfg.

(-) Mud is no longer a garbage tier tool material. Caused by: It no longer exists.
(-) Nergals and summoned Nergals have had their movement speed severely reduced (seriously, it was ridiculous).
(-) Nergals no longer drop absurd numbers of their carapaces.

(*) The Spice of Life diminishing returns formula has been changed to (In this plot, X is the player's current hunger value and Y is the number of times they have eaten that food recently).
(*) When you exit the grace period of 6 foods before diminishing returns begin, your food history is cleared. This means everything eaten during your grace period doesn't count for your new diminishing returns.
(*) Food history lengthened from 30 to 48 units.
(+) When diminishing returns start, Spice of Life will give you a food journal for free. They can also be crafted with 1 wheat and 1 paper.
(*) Nerfed the saturation of advanced HarvestCraft foods because they were absurdly powerful.

(+) Prometheum buffed significantly in all respects. It now requires a higher mining level, however.
(+) Prometheum is now Notable as opposed to merely Uncommon.
(+) To go with its recent buffs, Astral Silver is now Rare instead of Notable. Its attack bonus is now equivalent to Iron instead of Stone.
(+) Carmot now deals as much damage as Iron instead of Stone.
(+) Mithril buffed significantly. It still spawns in the real world, but it requires one higher mining level to mine. Ithildin and Haderoth were buffed as well.
(+) Mithril and its alloys have all been bumped up one level in rarity.
(-) Orichalcum nerfed significantly. In compensation, it requires one lower mining level to mine. Celenegil was also nerfed.
(-) Orichalcum and its alloy Celenegil have been bumped down one level in rarity.
(+) Orichalcum is now 87.5% more common, but still only spawns in Myst ages and other unreal dimensions.
(+) Brass has had its durability buffed from 15 to 125 in vanilla tools. This was an intended change in 1.6.1 but never made it through. It also got a mining speed buff -- from 4.5 to 5.0.
(*) Brass, Copper, Electrum, Platinum, Prometheum and Silver vanilla tool changes moved to Metallurgy's own configs instead of PlexTweaks MatEdit. The TCon changes are still in matedit.cfg.
(*) Fixed the recipe for the Certus Quartz Hoe (it was the same as the Certus Quartz Axe).
(+) Added a splash.

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Version 1.6.1


Planar Exodus 1.6.1: The Return of Planar Exodus 1.6!

The major changes here are a food overhaul/expansion and the logical extreme of PlexTweaks' TConstruct capabilities.


(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 2.2.1! Changes below.
(+) Added a new module, CustomSpace! Decide where the sun[s] and moon[s] go in any dimension, as well as the random seed used to generate the star map! These options are per-dimension, so the config files are in the world folder. The only thing in the main space.cfg is the spam option.
(+) MatEdit now lets you add on-hit effects and default enchantments to TConstruct materials, and on-hit effects to vanilla tools. This works the same way it does in the main materials module.
(+) There is a new Effects module that is dedicated to on-hit effects and enchantments. This functionality is doubly redundant with MatEdit's.
(+) A third category of Effects has been added: On block struck, i.e. when the player left clicks a block.
(-) Mage Summoners massively nerfed (and their textures were fixed). They should stop wrecking anyone and everyone that is within 300 blocks of a stronghold now. Speaking of which, they only spawn within 120 blocks of strongholds now.
(+) All summons now can be summoned with material costs as opposed to health. These costs can be seen in summoning.cfg.
(*) Some minor config comment updates that make things more clear, especially in rarity.cfg.
(+) rarity.cfg now sports hundreds of default rarities.
(*) The Rarity module now handles cascading rarities a lot better than it used to. Rarities specified in the config file will still never be overwritten.
(+) The Rarity module now adds default rarities for most vanilla items that should have them.
(+) Rarity now applies to damaged tools properly and tries to affect even more of the ore dictionary. It also works on hoes (it didn't earlier).
(*) The default recipe for the TConstruct Ball of Moss was removed. A replacement recipe has been put in -- it's a lot more expensive.
(+) All TConstruct materials now boast custom colors in tooltips.
(*) material_editor.cfg renamed to matedit.cfg.
(*) The Space module day length config value now actually affects the default sun and moon.

(+) Added Pam's HarvestCraft! Over 400 foods and way too many plants. At least you can cook almost anything!
(+) Added Spice of Life. With great food comes great responsibility. Every piece of food you eat brings about brutal diminishing returns. Put a little color on your plate or die trying!
(*) MobiusCore updated to version 1.2.2. Apparently that update is 14 months old. Sweet!

(-) Removed Magic Bees. Now, I didn't have anything against this mod in particular, but the problem was it depended on Binnie Core.
(-) Removed Binnie Core. This mod does nothing except dump roughly 20 unusable fluids into the fluid dictionary and register about 1400 different trees, plants and berries. Unlike HarvestCraft, none of these items did anything, nor did they spawn in the world. As of this day, NEI is now much cleaner.

(*) All TCon tools involving Metallurgy metals with effects should now have ability tooltips stating those effects.
(*) All TCon tools that grant haste now grant it when hitting blocks as opposed to entities/mobs.
(*) Quicksilver renamed to Ithildin, a Tolkein reference. Ithildin is a magical material made using mithril which could only be seen under the light of the moon or stars.
(+) Natura Nether Quartz tools are now much cheaper to craft, taking only items instead of blocks.
(-) You can no longer craft Applied Energistics quartz tools with Nether Quartz. The wrench and cutting knife can still be made with either type of quartz.
(*) Natura's lang file has been edited such that Nether Quartz tools are labeled "Nether Quartz _____" as opposed to "Quartz _____".
(*) Applied Energistics' lang file has been similarly edited so its Certus Quartz tools are more precisely named.
(-) Certus Quartz has been nerfed as a tool material both for vanilla-style tools and as a TConstruct material.
(+) Nether Quartz has been buffed as a tool material both for vanilla-style tools and as a TConstruct material.
(*) The two types of quartz now share the same stats.
(*) All the Natura Nether trees have had their woods rebalanced in terms of material stats, both for their normal tools and in TConstruct.
(-) Netherrack and Paper have had their durability severely reduced.
(-) Platinum has been slightly nerfed as a tool material.
(-) Glucydur's durability decreased from 500 to 400.
(-) Iridium and Tartarite's durability have been nerfed from 3000 to 2000.
(+) Copper has had its mining level increased to be equivalent to Iron, and its mining speed slightly buffed.
(+) Silver now comes with Smite IV, as it is a thematically holy metal.
(+) Electrum now comes with Smite II. It's half silver!
(-) The on-hit Strength buff of Atlarus has been severely nerfed. It is now only Strength I for 1 second.
(+) Astral Silver now grants Fortune I alongside Looting I when used in TConstruct tools. It also grants Smite VI. Yes, smite six. Its stats were completely rebalanced.
(+) Carmot now grants Fortune II alongside Looting II when used in TConstruct tools. Like Astral Silver, its stats were reworked.

(+) The following Metallurgy metals now spawn in the real world: Prometheum, Deep Iron, Infuscolium, Oureclase and Mithril.
(-) Deep Iron is now only 60% as common as it used to be.
(-) Infuscolium is now only 36% as common as it used to be. Not all Deep Iron should be alloyed into Black Steel.
(-) Mithril is now only 66% as common as it used to be.
(-) Prometheum is now only 40% as common as it used to be.
(-) TConstruct no longer gives you a beginner's book when you create a new world or join a server.
(-) OpenBlocks no longer gives you a "World Domination" book, similarly.
(-) Removed all the OpenBlocks radio stuff. I don't even think it worked.
(+) Useless BoP turnips can now be crafted into significantly more useful HarvestCraft turnips.
(*) All of DimDoors' itemIDs have changed because they were silently conflicting with HarvestCraft. Expect a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster at some point in the future.
(*) You can no longer molecularly transform Unraveled Fabric into ketchup. This was an unintended side effect of shuffling DimDoors IDs to make room for HarvestCraft.
(+) You can now craft horse armor.
(-) You no longer need to craft eight Shards of Minium to make the Philosopher's Stone; it is instead made directly.
(+) Re-added Railcraft's vanilla minecart track recipe. PlexTweaks is a bit too overzealous in removing Metallurgy's track recipes.
(+) You can now shapelessly craft all of Natura's crafting tables, bookshelves, fences, pressure plates and fence gates to vanilla (Oak) versions.
(*) Corrected an incredibly minor typo in the difficulty readme and updated its day length changing sections to reflect that PlexTweaks now has a Space module.

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Version 1.6



Yep. Planar Exodus 1.6.

TL;DR -- PlexTweaks has a giant content expansion, many PlexTweaks features work more smoothly, tons of bug fixes, material rebalancing, terrain generation changes and a few minor mods removed.

Thanks to recent Technic Platform changes, Planar Exodus now notifies you that you need Java 7 and at least 2.5 GB of RAM allocated to play it properly. It is possible to play with only 2 GB of allocated RAM but it is very rough.


PlexTweaks updated to version 2.2.0, which is a huge (and work-in-progress) content expansion.

(+) New feature: Summoning! Bring anything from undead armies to ghost dragons to your side, for a price of either materials or your own blood.
(+) Summoning items can be acquired through killing Summoner mobs that spawn near or in strongholds. This is temporary and will be worked on for later versions.
(+) New feature: The Blemish! A corrupt, decaying, bloody land that spreads on its own and features its own horrors, including:
(+) Nergals. Spiders that lacerate you on attack and cause heavy stacking bleeding damage that ignores armor. Oh, and they group aggro like Zombie Pigmen and hatch from eggs like Silverfish.
(+) Turtles. While not aggressive or horrifying on their own, Turtles are very durable, boasting between 16 and 20 armor points depending on difficulty. Killing enough turtles will summon...
(+) Apesh. A tortoise god of darkness and evil, Apesh will ruin your day with endless hordes of aggressive turtles. He also does not take well to those who try to fly near him. As he has the same damage reduction as regular turtles it is recommended you fight him with damage over time effects or armor-piercing weapons.
(+) Both Nergals and Apesh drop materials used to craft powerful armor sets with unique effects.
(+) Biome Lights are anti-Blemish blocks craftable with unique blocks from biomes and Blood Parts. Placing them prevents the Blemish from spreading near them and changes nearby blocks to that biome.
(+) Custom potion effects are not complete at the moment, but they are in the game.

(+) Every one of PlexTweaks' modules now has its own logger. Fancy!
(+) Every one of PlexTweaks' config files now has a "__spam" section containing a single boolean which controls whether or not the more verbose/detailed/spammy (your choice) console output is generated. Use this to debug certain sections of PlexTweaks!
(+) For every item or block ID in PlexTweaks, you can now leave the field blank. It will be auto-filled.
(+) You can now define custom shaped recipes with PlexTweaks in recipes.cfg. No idea why this took so long to implement.

(+) PlexTweaks now dynamically calculates rarity values of everything in the game. There are hardcoded default rarities (e.g. diamonds are Rare and iron is Uncommon), although you can overwrite these in rarity.cfg.
(+) A new rarity has been added: Notable, between Uncommon and Rare. Because of this, some colors were shifted:
(*) Notable, the new rarity, is light green (taking the color of the previously-shifted Rare)
(*) Rare has been returned to its old light blue, the same as it is in vanilla
(*) Exceptional is now dark blue, blending between the light blue of Rare and the purple of Epic
(*) The rarity.cfg file now contains two sections for each rarity: "pre" and "post". The "pre" section assigns rarities before the calculator runs and should be what you usually use, while the "post" section assigns after the calculator. The "post" section is intended to let you override what the calculator says.
(+) PlexTweaks overrides default block highlighting, now using white instead of black. This is because it now highlights things with their rarity colors. Rarer blocks get thicker outlines as well. This was in a previous changelog entry, but it didn't work correctly until now!

(*) Innumerable bug fixes to PlexTweaks functionality:
(*) The game no longer crashes when non-player entities are struck by lightning.
(*) PlexTweaks armor now colors correctly. About damn time.
(*) All the PNGs in the PlexTweaks mod have been crushed, decreasing the size of the JAR significantly.
(*) macerator.cfg has been renamed to grinders.cfg. No mod discrimination!
(+) Power converters now work properly and have an upgraded tooltip to help you use them properly.
(+) The PlexTweaks Power module now has console output (previously, it was completely silent).
(-) Removed the String of the Stars (caused crashes) and the Raven's Feather (didn't render properly) from the mod. If you even knew these were in the game, props to you.
(-) Completely disabled bowstring and fletching material types. TConstruct doesn't handle them well at all.
(+) The hardness of the various default PlexTweaks material blocks and bricks has been increased.


(-) Compact Solars has been removed. Advanced Solar Panels is far more nuanced and it has other cool features like the Molecular Transformer.
(*) The splash "It's only 6,144 rubber!" remains as a memorial of the legendary HV Solar Array.
(-) Immibis Liquid XP has been removed. A duplicate of OpenBlocks Liquid XP functionality is not needed.
(*) OpenBlocks Liquid XP is now used to produce energy in the Reactant Dynamo as opposed to the Compression Dynamo.

(*) The modpack root directory now contains a new difficulty readme which gives some insight into the various ways you can play Planar Exodus.
(*) Reordered the custom splashes such that the splash reading "47" was on the 47th line.
(*) Added dozens more custom splashes.
(-) IC2 rubber trees no longer spawn. This should solve the "rubber grove" issue where certain BoP biomes meant to have no trees at all were populated with nothing but IC2 rubber trees. Not to mention, MineFactory Reloaded's rubber trees look far better. Additionally, thanks to PlexTweaks cabling, IC2 is far less rubber dependent now.
(-) As a consequence of the above, Treetaps and all their derivatives are nearly useless. IC2 rubber tree saplings should still appear in dungeon loot, though.
(-) IC2 tin ore no longer spawns, because Planar Exodus had too much tin in it.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty's "Landmass Percentage" is now 25% as opposed to 10%. This will make the world more solid as opposed to scattered fractal terrain. The default scale factor remains 6 (the same as vanilla "Large Biomes") which should produce overall landmasses over 30km in diameter. No guarantees, though.
(-) Disabled Biomes O' Plenty's thorns, poison ivy, and burning blossoms. They have no use and are not fun. Note that Wither Wart still exists -- it's acceptable because it doesn't injure you by walking onto it.
(-) Disabled the BoP Quagmire biome. This biome is a featureless, hideous brown shitstain made out of nothing but mud and brown water. If it were rare I wouldn't mind, but it seems to spawn frequently.
(*) MultiMine visuals tweaked. Blocks now wait 7.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds to begin regenerating but regenerate 10 times faster (taking only 1 second maximum to return to full strength).

(*) Advanced Alloy tools are now repaired with the ingot instead of the IC2 plate.
(-) Advanced Alloy in TConstruct has had its durability nerfed from 750 to 500, its mining speed nerfed from 8 to 6.5 and its mining level nerfed from 3 to 2. Given that it's pretty easy to make with the Smelter, it shouldn't be so powerful. The point of Advanced Alloy is to provide a Reinforced III modifier.
(-) Advanced Alloy armor has had its durability halved. It still provides great protection though!
(*) Damascine Steel's name in tooltips is now represented in dark grey instead of light grey.
(-) Damascine Steel armor and Carbon Fiber armor now have slightly lower durability.
(-) Nerfed Glucydur's harvest level from 3 to 2 and reduced it from Reinforced II to Reinforced I.
(-) Removed the hidden material #DIV/ZERO! from the game. Although the stats were tolerable, and turning things invisible for a brief moment on hit looked cool, having the translucent Unstable Ingots turn pure white looked terrible, and the molten form made no sense.
(+) Balkon's WeaponMod crossbow bolts can now be melted back down for 1/4 of an iron bar (36mB molten iron).
(+) The Railcraft Steel Anvil can now be melted down into 31 Steel Ingots.

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Version 1.5.2a


Hotfix update here! Ash and I forgot that the Customizable Far Lands JAR that we shipped with 1.5.2 actually was a dev version with all sorts of Perlin noise edits that either generated broken worlds or crashed on world gen.

Somehow, this didn't crash the server for four days. Holy crap.

(*) Fixed Customizable Far Lands. If you had issues with single player, this was why.

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Version 1.5.2


Welcome to Planar Exodus 1.5.2. So close to 1.6, and yet so far.
This will be the last update before 1.6.

(*) Shortened Planar Exodus' window title to simply "Planar Exodus".

(*) PlexTweaks updated to an early version of 2.1.6. Changes below.
(+) Half-baked content for big future updates is now in the mod. It doesn't interface with the normal game in any way, don't worry. Feel free to mess with it in Creative Mode!
(*) PlexTweaks rarities updated. Noteworthy was removed and replaced with Exceptional, which was placed in Rare's old spot (Rare got demoted to level 2 instead of 3). This means that all items that use the vanilla EnumRarity "Rare" now have green names instead of light blue, such as enchanted books and most of Applied Energistics' items.
(+) Block highlight boxes are now colored based on that block's rarity, with non-Common blocks getting a thicker outline.
(*) The Far Lands now are set by default to start 128,000 blocks away instead of just 12,800. This is both reflected in Planar Exodus' default config and in the mod itself (generating a new config will also give you 128,000).
(-) PlexTweaks no longer attempts to mirror Macerator recipes onto the Pulverizer.

(+) New default Macerator and Pulverizer recipes: Glass to Sand and Hardened Clay to Clay, respectively.
(+) With the new hazards module, environmental hazards are now significantly more dangerous in Planar Exodus.
(!) Damage dealt by hot fluids (e.g. lava, molten gold) now IGNORES STANDARD ARMOR. You have been warned. Protection and Fire Protection enchantments will still help, the latter significantly.
(!) Lightning bolts are now extremely deadly. On top of their vanilla 5 hearts of fire damage and 8 seconds of being lit on fire, they cause an additional 10 hearts of Lightning damage (a new damage source).
(!) The additional 10 hearts of Lightning damage IGNORES STANDARD ARMOR. It is increased by 50% (to 15 hearts) if you are in rain or in water. The regular Protection enchantment might help somewhat. Maybe.
(!) These lightning changes apply to all sources of lightning: weather, Mystcraft Charged worlds, the various forms of Mjolnir and the Modular Powersuits Lightning Summoner.

(+) PlexTweaks now adds its own forms of IC2 cable that use fused quartz as an insulator instead of rubber. In reality, fused quartz is 100,000 times more insulating than rubber, and 1,000 times more than air.
(*) The EU/t and loss values of PlexTweaks cables were based on real-life conductivity data of the metals in question. Before you mention it, yes, I know graphene is not a metal.
(!) Because IC2 Experimental has many old features disabled, no cables have loss values, despite being programmed to. This is true of vanilla IC2 cables as well.
(*) 12 cable materials are supported for cabling. In order of decreasing resistance: Steel, Lead, Bronze, Aluminum Brass, Iron, Brass, Zinc, Aluminum, Gold, Copper, Silver, and Graphene.
(*) The texture for the metal in the cable was taken from IC2's HV cable. The fused quartz sheath texture and the item textures are original.

(+) PlexTweaks now features power converters! Based off of PlexTweaks cabling, these handy items convert between RF, EU and MJ at Planar Exodus' proper ratios.
(*) Power converters attach to all EU/RF/MJ objects except for other power converters.
(*) There are 6 tiers of converter: Lead, Iron, Copper, Gold, Silver and Graphene.

(-) Because lightning is now so absurdly powerful, the Storm modifier on Infernal Mobs has been disabled.
(-) Nerfed the base health of infernal Jungle Spiders. You know, those tiny annoying spiders that blind you? Yeah. Elite versions of those have a base health of 4 instead of 54.
(-) Nerfed the base health of Infernal versions of Thaumcraft Angry Zombies from 40 to 25 to correspond to their actual maximum health.
(-) Nerfed the Extra Utilities Ender Generator and Heated Redstone Generator by a factor of 10. Ender Pearls only give 200,000 RF apiece and 1000mB of Destabilized Redstone now only gives 1,600,000 RF.
(-) Removed the Molecular Transformer's ability to turn Lava into Blazing Pyrotheum.
(+) OpenBlocks Liquid XP can now be used to generate RF in the Thermal Expansion Compression Dynamo, as per Immibis LXP. It produces 1,000,000 RF per bucket, just like LXP.
(+) Creosote Oil is now a valid fuel in the Compression Dynamo, producing 150,000 RF per bucket. Not bad!
(-) Most of the Thermal Expansion Reactant Dynamo fuels have been disabled. If you want to make power with Destabilized Redstone, do it using the Heated Redstone Generator. The ones that remain are listed below:
(*) Forestry Biomass for 125,000 RF per bucket
(*) Energized Glowstone for 800,000 RF per bucket
(*) Forestry Seed Oil for 75,000 RF per bucket
(-) Portal Guns can no longer spawn in dungeon loot.
(-) Regular steel now only has 500 base tool durability instead of 750, to reflect how easy it is to make. It also now only has the mining level of diamond tools (Yes, it was one higher previously). Insert some comment about jet fuel here.
(-) Damascine Steel now only has 800 base tool durability instead of 1000.
(-) The Extra Utilities Energy Transfer Node has been disabled for violating PlexTweaks energy standard.
(+) MFR Lava and Oil Fabricators have actually been buffed; one slightly, the other massively. Both now produce their respective fluids for their exact energy values and thus can be used for inter-mod power (turn RF into lava, turn lava into EU or somesuch).
(*) Additional Pipes' Waterproof Pipes have been renamed to Fluid Pipes to be consistent with newer editions of BuildCraft.

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Version 1.5.1


This is basically 1.5 part 2 -- all the changes I wanted to be in 1.5 but that didn't make it because I wanted 1.5 to be released in a reasonable time frame.

I still haven't included the Metallurgy Treebalancing. Sorry! I swear it'll be in 1.5.2.

(+) Planar Exodus' icon is now used for the application itself, replacing the default Minecraft crafting table icon.
(*) The title of Planar Exodus' window is now "Planar Exodus - Minecraft 1.6.4".

(+) Re-added IC2 Advanced Repulsion Systems. Mostly a glitchier IC2-based clone of MFFS, the one unique thing in this mod is the Industrial Tesla Coil.
(+) Added Waila Harvestability. WAILA will now show you the required mining level of anything you look at.
(+) Added Modular Turrets. These turrets run off of RF (and suitable ammunition of course!) and are far less laggy than ICBM's turrets.
(+) Added a working version of Advanced Reactors.

(+) Added Customizable Far Lands.
(*) Currently, the Far Lands start 12,800 blocks from spawn instead of 12,550,824. They exist in the Overworld and the Nether. They may be added to more places later.
(!) Try not to
(*) The distance to the Far Lands is customizable in Farlands.cfg.
(*) The Far Lands are compatible with Biomes O' Plenty and will generate to 256 height in BOP worlds.

(*) PlexTweaks 2.1 now out. Details below.
(+) You should be able to hammer out Advanced Alloy plates from PlexTweaks Advanced Alloy ingots using a Forge Hammer.
(+) Various Portal Guns (Atlas' gun, P-Body's gun, Bacon Guns and the Potato Gun) can now all be reverse crafted into the default portal gun, which can then be crafted into any of the variants. While this breaks adventure map functionality, it does allow for the convenience of turning any Portal Gun you find into a Bacon Gun, which has player-specific portals.
(+) Parts made from PlexTweaks custom materials now have TiC Tooltips.
(+) PlexTweaks now mirrors Pulverizer recipes onto the Macerator and vice-versa. You can specify custom macerator recipes in macerator.cfg. All recipes specified will be automatically mirrored onto the Pulverizer.
(*) Macerator recipes when mirrored onto the Pulverizer try to have smart, Thermal Expansion-like variable energy costs but may not always have the most sensible energy cost. The default is a paltry 1600 RF.
(+) PlexTweaks now allows for custom loot to be defined for dungeons and the various chests of strongholds. This feature will be expanded upon later to allow for more general custom loot.
(*) PlexTweaks now blacklists every Mystcraft page that is disabled in the mod's own config.
(+) PlexTweaks now allows you to arbitrarily edit currently existing TConstruct materials. Thanks to load order, this includes PlexTweaks materials that you defined yourself. Go nuts. (material_editor.cfg)
(+) PlexTweaks revamps the rarity system, adding a few more rarity values and allowing you to choose the rarity value of any item or block in the game using rarity.cfg. Expect a Terraria-style sliding rarity system in later versions of Planar Exodus.
(*) The rarity of PlexTweaks-rarity-defined items increases by 1 (with a cap at Transcendent) when it is enchanted. Unaffected items will go from whatever rarity they had to Rare (light blue), as per vanilla behavior.
(*) PlexTweaks now adds enchantments to TConstruct materials in a significantly smarter way.
(+) All ExtraTiC materials now have their proper on-hit effects and tooltips that display them.
(+) Almost all Railcraft iron and steel objects can now be melted down.
(+) Every Iron and Gold Balkon Weapon can now be melted down.
(+) Added Damascine Steel. Damascine Steel is made by alloying Steel and Molten Carbon Fiber. Yes, it makes no sense.
(?) ERROR: #DIV/0!

(*) Mystcraft instability has been documented and balanced. Details below.
(!) Due to these changes, the fluid that an age's oceans are made of is now a huge factor in the age's overall stability. This means that randomly generated ages have a much higher chance to be unstable.
(*) Mystcraft oceans in Standard Terrain worlds now cause over a hundred times the instability they used to. To give an idea, they used to cause less than half of the instability of surface lakes. Oceans on Island Worlds, Cave Worlds and Flat Worlds unaffected.
(*) All fluids now have instability values that I chose based off of the total instability required for various negative effects like black decay and the multipliers for various bodies of fluids (all data extracted from Mystcraft's source code).
(*) Worthless, harmful fluids like Biomes O'Plenty Liquid Poison actually give an age extra stability. You may want to consider this if you're going to make spheres of diamond ore or the like.
(+) Enabled the "PvP Off" page. I had disabled this initially because it made no sense to me, but Ashtheking notified me that it's related to Myst lore.
(+) Enabled the page for Thaumcraft Flux Goo, because it now helps stability.
(+) Enabled the pages for the following low-tier molten Metallurgy metals: Deep Iron, Infuscolium, Shadow Iron, Lemurite, Prometheum, Ignatius and Vyroxeres.
(+) Enabled the pages for Molten Manganese and Molten Zinc.
(+) Enabled the pages for BoP Honey, Liquid Poison, and Spring Water.
(+) Enabled the pages for Glue and Liquid Blueslime.
(+) Enabled the page for Mystcraft Black Ink. Yep. Ages with ink in them.
(+) Enabled the page for Creosote Oil.
(-) Disabled the page for Blood, because it's equivalent to Blood Magic Life Essence.
(-) Disabled the "Hell" biome page. This didn't generate Nether terrain properly and is overwritten in real Nether generation by Biomes O'Plenty and Natura anyway.
(-) Disabled the "Sky" biome page. Hardcore Ender Expansion totally overwrites the End and this biome page didn't cause End terrain to generate.
(-) Disabled the "Eerie" biome page. As the Eerie biome is applied post-generation to areas surrounding Thaumcraft Obsidian Totems, this isn't a biome that should be used during world generation.
(-) Disabled the "Quagmire" biome page. Biomes O' Plenty's Quagmire biome is hideous.
(-) Disabled a host of vanilla biome pages that Biomes O' Plenty overwrites. The overwrite pages were already enabled.
(!) Any pages you had that are now disabled will display as undefined Mystcraft pages with "?" written on them. Apologies for the inconvenience and the damage caused to any page collections.

(*) Made creating Wither Skeleton Skulls and Necrotic Bones in the MT significantly more expensive.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty's Overgrown Beach biome is now enabled clientside.
(*) /help has been fixed. The offending commands were Thaumic Tinkerer's /isKamiUnlocked and LomLib's /lomlib. This required minor edits to both of those mods.
(-) Forge's automatic recipe sorter has been disabled because it causes the client to hang on startup.
(+) Added an ArmorStatusHUD.cfg to the default options package. This should make no difference whatsoever because ArmorStatusHUD.cfg is already in the config folder.
(-) Disabled IC2 attempting to calculate inventory weight when going through a teleporter. For one, I don't think anyone has ever used an IC2 teleporter. More importantly, attempting to find an arbitrary weight for every item in a player's inventory sounds like a recipe for crashes with things like Alchemy Bags or OpenBlocks Tanks or...
(-) IC2 no longer generates lead. It only generated tiny amounts anyway, and its mining level was inconsistent with Thermal Expansion lead.
(-) FZAddons Wrathflame disabled. If it's enabled, an ASM-based crash occurs upon creating a new single player world.
(+) IC2 Nukes have been massively buffed -- or, more accurately, almost entirely uncapped. The cap of an IC2 Nuke is now comparable to an Antimatter Explosive.
(+) The IC2 Miner can now recognize every ore in Planar Exodus and has at least somewhat of an idea of which are more valuable than others. Previously, the Miner couldn't even recognize its own mod's Uranium Ore.
(*) AdvanceTime no longer misspells Wednesday by default.
(*) Metallurgy Damascus Steel renamed to Glucydur, a real alloy of iron and beryllium bronze.
(-) Disabled dungeon loot for Portal Spawners and Fizzlers (the latter of which isn't implemented anyway). Portal Guns are now twice as rare.

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Version 1.5



Yes, we're finally out of 1.4. Plex 1.5 is a huge update that paves the way for an entirely new generation of changes and functionality. There are two main themes in this update: the Treebalancing of Equivalency and PlexTweaks 2.

As part of developing this update, I accidentally created Anti-Steel. Don't even ask.

Warning: This update contains Molten Carbon Fiber. Do NOT attempt to place a bucket of it. Proper physics and chemistry were completely out the window during development of PlexTweaks 2.

(+) Added Pam's Clay Spawn. Clay now spawns throughout stone. Scouring the ocean floor and manually mining clay shouldn't be the only way to acquire large amounts of it.

(-) Removed Clay Soldiers. I added it for no reason other than it was a previous player's favorite mod, and it really serves no purpose in the pack.
(-) Removed ManPackCore, because it existed only as a dependency for Clay Soldiers.

(!!!) PlexTweaks 2 is here! THE HYPE!! Details below!
(*) Code credit goes to TConstruct, ExtraTiC, FZAddons, Thermal Expansion and BuildCraft.
(+) A massive under-the-hood overhaul of all previous functionality.
(*) PlexTweaks now produces massive amounts of console output. Sorry!
(+) PlexTweaks now has an entire config folder to itself.
(+) You can now define custom TConstruct materials! PlexTweaks 2 is an ExtraTiC that you can control. It is entirely configurable, including custom armor and on-hit effects.
(*) Sprites for custom tool parts and tools were lifted from TConstruct itself. Armor and bricks textures were lifted from Metallurgy and the solid block texture was taken from Thermal Expansion.
(+) You can now define custom Smeltery item melting recipes using "smeltery.cfg".
(+) You can now define custom Smeltery alloy mixtures using "smeltery.cfg" as well.
(+) The Thermal Expansion Magma Crucible now automatically mirrors all recipes of the TConstruct Smeltery. Credit for this idea goes to Drullkus and his mod Thermal Smeltery.
(*) This means that adding custom Smeltery recipes automatically adds corresponding Magma Crucible recipes.
(+) The Magma Crucible can now have custom recipes defined for it in "crucible.cfg". Note that these recipes will NOT mirror back to the TConstruct Smeltery.

(*) Not-so-hype PlexTweaks changes:
(+) IC2 Advanced Alloy can now be created in the Smeltery according to the recipe for Mixed Metal Ingots. 3 parts iron, 3 parts bronze, 3 parts tin = 2 parts Advanced Alloy.
(+) Steel can now be alloyed in the Smeltery according to the Induction Smelter recipe. The equivalent is "1 Iron Ingot + 2 Coal Dust = 1 Steel Ingot".
(-) Iron and Manganese can no longer be combined into Steel in the Smeltery. That's not how you Steel.
(-) Iron and Manganese Dusts can no longer be combined to produce 2 Steel Dust. Ditto.
(*) There is now only one valid type of molten platinum. All recipes corresponding to "Molten Shiny" were overwritten with ones that produce equal quantities of "Molten Platinum".
(*) There is now only one valid type of molten redstone: Thermal Expansion's Destabilized Redstone.
(*) Removed all recipes for Molten Conductive Redmetal except for the one that equated to "1 iron ingot + 4 redstone".
(*) Fixed some of the Biomes O' Plenty unification recipes: hardened dirt and quicksand now work correctly.
(-) You can no longer craft saddles. They weren't that hard to get anyway.

Known issues with PlexTweaks:
(*) Custom TConstruct bows don't color correctly at all.
(*) Custom arrows and daggers don't color correctly in the world or when on item frames.

(+) The Treebalancing is here! All three Equivalency trees are now linked together. Here's a full list of new recipes:
(+) 8 Nether Quartz → 6 Iron. A proper reverse recipe for 3 Iron → 4 Quartz.
(+) 2 Clay Items → 8 Flint. This lets you turn high-EMC items down into Flint and Cobblestone.
(+) 2 Iron → 8 Obsidian. Ever wanted to make massive amounts of Obsidian with EMC? Well now you can.
(+) 3 Gold → 6 Aluminum. The main EMC tree and the copper/tin/aluminum/bronze tree are now linked.
(+) 2 Aluminum → 1 Gold.
(+) 6 Electrum → 1 Platinum. Ever found Element 78 a bit hard to acquire via scientific means? Try magic!
(+) 1 Platinum → 6 Electrum.
(+) 4 Bronze → 1 Lead. The Thermal Expansion EMC tree is now linked to copper/tin/aluminum/bronze!
(+) 1 Lead → 4 Bronze.
(+) 3 Diamond → 1 Amethyst. The MT recipe may be out, but that's because Amethysts are magical.
(+) 1 Amethyst → 3 Diamond.
(+) 2 Diamond → 10 Blaze Rod. Because 5 Blaze Rod → 1 Diamond was already there.

(-) Removed all Metallurgy fantasy metal recipes from the MT. Magical metals are changed via magical means.
(-) Removed the Diamond to Amethyst recipe in the MT. Amethysts are more magic than tech.
(-) Removed Nether Iridium Ore processing from the MT. This is now handled by either the Smeltery or the Magma Crucible.
(*) Changed the MT Cinnabar recipe to require actual cinnabar ore instead of quicksilver and changed its EU cost from 300,000 apiece to 1,000,000. If you aren't going make Gelid Cryotheum, you're going to pay a steep EU price for the ultimate Induction Smelter reagent.
(-) The MT can no longer create Reinforced Stone straight from Advanced Alloy. But,
(+) Reinforced Stone can now be shapelessly crafted as per pre-experimental IC2 versions.

(*) Adjusted the mining levels for Nether Ores a second time. Details below.
(*) Most Nether Ores now correspond exactly to their overworld counterparts.
(*) Nether Pig Iron Ore has no overworld counterpart and requires a diamond pickaxe to mine.
(*) Bizarre Nether Ores that seem to correspond to no known mods have mining level 255.
(*) Other ores that aren't in Planar Exodus but are from mods I recognize have more reasonable levels (such as Osmium requiring mining level 2 and Titanium requiring mining level 4).

(-) Baby zombies and baby pig zombies no longer spawn. They're annoying and are paradoxically far more dangerous than their adult counterparts.
(*) You no longer keep your hunger level on death, and should respawn with a full hunger bar. This should remove some of the aggravation of dying.
(*) New players on new worlds will now spawn with a Materials and You book.
(+) Forge now automatically sorts all recipes according to some internal system, meaning that NEI will now display recipes in a drastically different ordering than it used to. This has no actual effect on gameplay.
(+) You can now disenchant items you didn't enchant yourself. I finally figured out what that config switch does, and I don't see any problem with it being enabled. The infinite XP exploit is caused by disenchanting conserving levels instead of raw XP, and the config flag titled "AllowDisenchanting" doesn't do anything if you set it to false, so I see no reason to restrict disenchanting.
(*) Improved the default position of the armor status HUD on the screen. It should no longer collide with larger WAILA tooltips, while still not overlapping with the Modular Powersuits energy and heat bars. Please note that playing on a 1080p screen with "Auto" GUI scale will still cause overlaps, as the GUI is just too large and cluttered to deal with.
(*) Fixed a typo in ExtraTiC: Angmallen parts are no longer labeled as "Angamallen".
(*) ExtraTiC material chunks are now named "Shards" to correspond with vanilla TConstruct.
(*) ExtraTiC Wide Guards are now properly named Wide Guards instead of Large Guards.
(*) ExtraTiC Hand Guards are now properly named Hand Guards instead of Medium Guards.
(*) ExtraTiC Pans are now properly named Pans instead of Pan Heads.
(*) ExtraTiC Sign Heads are now properly named Sign Heads instead of Battle Signs.
(-) Disabled the Extra Utilities Obsidian recipe.
(+) Manganese has been reintroduced into the game, and Manganese Ore now spawns.
(+) FZAddons can now process Manganese Ore and the intermediate products are the right... salmon color. I don't think manganese is salmon-colored in real life...
(+) Zinc and Brass have been re-enabled in the Metallurgy config. Zinc Ore now spawns, too, so both metals are obtainable.
(+) Like Manganese, FZAddons can now process Zinc properly.
(+) Metallurgy Platinum Ore now spawns.
(*) Enabled the Metallurgy 3 switch that overrides vanilla tool and armor textures. Don't worry, vanilla armor still looks the same when worn (unlike Metallurgy's actual armors, which are pixel absurdities).
(*) Fixed the Portal Gun blacklist. As a side effect, you can no longer place portals on any Railcraft stairs or slabs, or any Factorization blocks at all. Check below for the full blacklist; to activate it, place it in your PortalGun_world.cfg in your world folder.

Portal Gun blacklist:

457: 4: 6, 466, 464, 465, 1474, 3230, 1661: 4: 9, 173, 2131: 2: 3: 4, 2504: 15: 7, 3133: 3: 9, 3134: 0: 2: 4: 6: 8: 10, 2523: 1: 2: 12, 2419: 0: 1: 8, 4013, 1467: 0, 1481: 0, 2615, 2616, 2617, 2618, 49, 217, 1973: 0, 2578, 3414: 5: 6, 2506: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7, 35: 15: 7, 163, 451: 5, 458: 2: 3: 4, 480: 0, 503, 700, 701, 707, 709, 711, 1002: 2: 3, 1005, 1282: 0, 1808: 2: 4: 8, 2013: 15: 7, 2132: 7: 15: 23: 31, 2183: 5, 2500, 2519: 15: 7, 2526, 2542, 2541, 2569, 2630, 2727, 2728, 2816, 3000, 3001, 3245: 7, 3244: 7, 3892: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23, 3948, 4071: 9: 10, 4072: 4, 4076: 4, 194: 3: 2, 2338

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Version 1.4.9


Wow, holy crap, Scud's Curse was because of the most harmless looking TileEntity ever. Let this be a lesson... tile entities are never innocent.

(+) Added Factorization Addons.
(+) Added Redstone Armory! Beware Tombenpotter's Gelid Enderium tools... Might be glitchy!

(*) Updated Tinkers' Mechworks. This fixes the legendary Scud's Curse!
(*) Updated Thaumic Reliquary. Hopefully makes some of the researches less diabolical.
(*) Updated Modular Powersuits.

(+) Electro-Magic Tools infused & compressed solar panels can now be un-infused using shapeless crafting. Go PlexTweaks config!
(+) All variants of stained glass and stained glass panes can now be reverse crafted.
(+) Re-enabled PortalGun sounds. Not sure what was wrong with the sound pack.
(+) Buffed Advanced Solar Panels' night output to 1/2 instead of 1/8th normal output and fiddled with the storage capacities.
(-) Gelid Enderium Axe's ability to summon lightning removed. Don't worry, it can still clear weather.
(-) Disabled Metallurgy bronze tool recipes because they interfere with IC2 bronze tools. How I overlooked this when I disabled the steel recipes, I'll never know.
(+) Factorization now has properly colored intermediate ore processing products for every pure metal in the game, thanks to FZAddons. Then again, who uses Factorization ore processing?

(*) TreeCapitator settings revamped. Changes below.
(*) Generally cleaned up the config (for instance, it was pointing to the wrong place when looking for the Biomes O' Plenty config file)
(+) Set the option "onlyDestroyUpwards" to false, which may let you TreeCapitate Bloodwood trees.
(+) Many tools added to the TreeCapitator axe list: Natura nether wood hatchets, Balkon's Weapons battleaxes, the Thermal Expansion Invar Axe, the Blood Magic Bound Axe, the Redstone Armory Gelid Enderium Axe, all Electro-Magic Tools chainsaws and omnitools, the Project Red gem axes, the Thaumcraft Axe of the Stream, the Forbidden Magic Chameleon Axe and both the regular and the awakened forms of the Ichorium Axe. Yeah. Longest sentence ever in a changelog so far, definitely.
(*) The Electro-Magic tools based off of the IC2 Chainsaw instantly break leaves like shears do but will not drop leaves. The standard IC2 Chainsaw and the GraviSuite Advanced Chainsaw will drop leaves. This can be toggled off for the Advanced Chainsaw.
(*) The Balkon's Weapons battleaxes do not work as axes in Creative Mode because they're considered weapons.
(*) The Redstone Arsenal Flux-Infused Axe doesn't work at all, despite being in the config and being force-enabled by itemID.

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Version 1.4.8


Sorry to see 1.4.7 go (respect the 47) but some of this stuff kinda had to be done. Also, whoa. I forgot I still added mods to Planar Exodus... At least I removed one! Hah... take that. 173 mods total now.

(+) Added Legacy Java Fixer. You no longer need to downgrade to Java 7 to play Planar Exodus.
(+) Added Witchery! Less lightning bolts, more brewing -- a more passive sort of magic. Still quite powerful!
(-) Removed Aroma1997's Portable Recharger. It's... just a meh mod, and has practically no use.

(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 1.5.1. Changes below.
(*) Fixed a critically missing "not" in the code of PlexTweaks that was messing up every custom crafting recipe.
(+) Saddles are now craftable; 1 leather and 1 string.
(+) You can now craft some of the simpler variants of Extra Utilities Thickened Glass back into Thickened Glass.
(+) Every MFFS item made with Focus Matrices can now be reverse crafted to refund the Matrices. Be warned, you may lose some rather valuable crafting materials in the process!
(+) Added tons more Biomes O' Plenty recipes that turn its odd blocks and items into vanilla materials.

(+) You can now create the EE3 Philosopher's Stone, which has 30,400 durability (twenty times that of the standard Minium Stone). This requires you to craft together 8 Shards of Minium with a Minium Stone. The Minium Stone isn't consumed, and takes 1 damage like it does for any transmutation. You might find getting all the components of Minium Shards to be quite difficult, however...

(+) Changed the InfernalMobs spawn rates, from 1/15 | 1/7 | 1/7 to 1/15 | 1/3 | 1/2. What this means: Infernal Mobs are just as common, but the higher tier ones now make up a larger portion of all elites.
(-) Disabled Ender Explosives. Ugh, what a MESS they make!
(+) Buffed ICBM Laser Turrets significantly. They now do 5 hearts of damage per shot instead of 2.
(-) Made Universal Electricity Joules give a pitiful amount of energy to Modular Powersuits (0.01 MJ) since I'm not sure how UE relates to the other power systems right now. I'm not even sure there are any UE machines that can charge powersuit pieces.

(+) Vastly buffed the Railcraft Blast Furnace -- it now produces steel four times faster! This means that the fuel efficiency is also four times higher. It only takes one charcoal as fuel to make 1 steel bar. Alternatively, one coal coke makes 2 steel bars.
(*) Some odd side effects of fiddling with the Railcraft config:
(+) IronChest recipes that use iron can now use steel.
(*) IC2 recipes for Modular Powersuit pieces and Basic Plating now require steel instead of iron. The Thermal Expansion recipes (they use vanilla iron, MPS wiring, tin gears and electrum) are unchanged.
(*) Bizarrely, steel ingots can now be macerated into iron dust in the IC2 Macerator. This occurs because Railcraft adds steel as "ingotRefinedIron" in the ore dictionary, awakening one of IC2's ancient recipes. The Railcraft Rock Crusher properly mashes it into steel dust, as does the Thermal Expansion Pulverizer.

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Version 1.4.7


Welcome to Planar Exodus 1.4.7. Initially spawning out of a PlexTweaks update and an issue with Electro-Magic Tools, this update evolved into a total config sweep. There are tons upon tons of changes. Hence the gigantic list.

---=== PlexTweaks ===---

(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 1.5.0. Changes below.
(+) PlexTweaks now supports a config file! The syntax is a bit strange but it's pretty easy once you get used to it. It allows for custom shapeless crafting recipes. Most of the recipes already in PlexTweaks are now in the config file (save for those that close exploits, which are still hardcoded).
(-) Removed the shapeless crafting gem unification recipes. These are now covered under the Forge Ore Dictionary Converter.
(-) Removed the silly and esoteric IC2 recipe to get more iron. (5 copper dust + 4 tin dust = 1 tiny pile of iron dust). This was removed because it was confusing DynEMC.
(*) Fixed another Equivalency issue. You can transmute 3 iron into 4 Nether Quartz, and now those 4 Nether Quartz transmute back to 3 iron instead of 1.
(+) Added Dried Dirt to Dirt as a shapeless crafting recipe.
(+) Added the ability to deconstruct horse armor into 6 of whatever material it's made of.
(*) Fixed a typo in the /stoptherain command.

---=== General / Miscellaneous ===---

(*) Updated Electro-Magic Tools to 1.0.9e -- the version used in TPPI. This fixes a TileEntity error relating to Saxum Generators.
(+) Expanded the capabilities of the Forge Ore Dictionary Converter to allow it to convert gems, crystals, nuggets, and rubber.
(-) Deleted some unnecessary config files (Calclavia.cfg and Resonant Induction.cfg)
(*) BuildCraft pipes are now four times harder to break. Should prevent you from accidentally shattering several of them at once with one click.
(-) Forestry Copper and Tin Ore no longer spawn in new chunks. This will reduce the amount of copper and tin in Planar Exodus (it was rather crazy high with 3 mods all generating those ores).
(*) IC2 Nuclear Reactor chambers are now crafted with lead plates instead of copper plates. Since lead has just about 0 uses in IC2 and copper is used for the ubiquitous Circuit, I figured this was more fair.
(*) Additional Pipes Phased Kinesis Pipes ACTUALLY transmit 100% power instead of 90%.
(*) ComputerCraft Turtles no longer need fuel. I dare you to use them to their full potential.
(*) Reduced the range at which you can see damage indicators from 30 blocks to 20.
(*) Cheapened the energy costs of using Applied Energistics fluid import/export/storage buses. The lowest level (20 mB/t) is free now.
(*) Forbidden Magic Wrath Cages can now imprint on any non-boss mob. This could cause crashes, so it might be reverted.
(-) Hardcore Ender Expansion's music disabled because it was loud, strange, and unfitting.
(*) IndustrialCraft 2 Quantum Leggings speed boost is now activated with the boost key instead of by sprinting. This means you can now sprint with a QSuit without engaging ludicrous speed.
(+) The OpenBlocks Elevator can now search up and down up to 255 blocks instead of just 20.
(+) PortalGun loot can be spawned in strongholds, mineshafts, and desert temples in addition to in dungeons.
(*) The Railcraft Rock Crusher now attempts to use IC2 crushed ores instead of Thermal Expansion dusts whenever possible.
(*) Set the ratios properly in the config file for Universal Electricity conversion.

-- Applied Energistics --

(*) The default unit for displaying energy in an ME-net is now EU instead of MJ.
(+) You can now add twice as many wireless extenders to an ME-net.

-- BiblioCraft --

(+) You can now place blank books on bookcases and other places that accept books.
(*) Text drawn in world tooltips is now shown with a drop shadow to enhance readability.

-- Biomes O' Plenty --

(-) Disabled Liquid Poison lakes. !@#$ those things. Just like Sewage and Sludge.
(+) Enabled the Deadlands biome. Old Biomes O' Plenty worlds may become chunk error graveyards.
(*) BOP style worlds now use Large Biomes sized biomes. See above about chunk errors.

-- Carpenter's Blocks --

(*) Slopes are now ultrafluid (smoothness 20 instead of 2). This means they're actually slopes instead of retextured stairs.
(*) The Carpenter's Hammer and Chisel can no longer be damaged. Seriously, what's the point in needing to replace them?

-- ChickenChunks --

(-) Non-op players can no longer access the chunk viewer. This is to prevent people from using it to scout out chunkloaded bases.
(*) Extra dimensions are not all reloaded on server restart. This should help with server performance.

-- Electro-Magic Tools --

(+) Electric tools can now be used in the Arcane Bore. Go grab that Iridium Drill...
(+) Saxum Generators now produce 1200 EU per Saxum essentia instead of 350.
(-) Decreased the extreme movement capabilities of the Nano and Quantum Boots of the Traveller.

-- ExtraTiC --

(*) Changed the ratio of Iron + Manganese to Steel. This has absolutely no effect on gameplay because manganese is disabled.
(+) Enabled support for Biomes O' Plenty. Amethyst is now a valid TConstruct material.
(+) Enabled "fun stuff" support. Pokefennium and Fairy are now materials. Is it fun? You decide.

-- MineFactory Reloaded --

(-) Conveyor belts will never grab Thaumcraft Golems now.
(+) The Fertilizer will now use bonemeal in addition to the mod's own fertilizer.
(+) Buffed meat ingots.
(-) FINALLY disabled sludge and sewage lakes. !@#$ those things. They're hideous and serve nearly no purpose. Sadly, this cannot be done retroactively.
(+) Enabled the Sacred Rubber Sapling as rare Jungle Temple loot. If you know what this item does, you know how to react.
(*) Cheapened the MFR Chunkloader. It's an intense competition when you've got Teleport Tethers and Dimensional Anchors!

-- Modular Powersuits --

(*) Standardized the treatment of the three energy types (EU/MJ/RF) to be in line with the rest of Planar Exodus.
(+) Doubled the base heat capacity of a Modular Powersuit.
(+) Salvaging a Powersuit component will give you the materials 100% of the time, not just 90%.
(-) Disabled Universal Electricity recipes. Planar Exodus doesn't have Mekanism, so they aren't really relevant.
(-) Disabled custom font since it can oftentimes look strange.

-- Nether Ores --

(*) Removed the requirement for a furnace or macerator/pulverizer recipe to spawn Nether Ores. This means that Nether Iridium will now spawn (It was forced, but I'm not sure it was spawning).
(-) Nerfed Nether Lapis Ore. It now only macerates into 12 lapis instead of 24. Why? Because lapis is quite common in the Nether and total overloads of lapis lazuli aren't cool.
(+) Buffed Nether Saltpeter Ore. It now macerates into 24 instead of 10, keeping it in line with other dust ores. Also because Nether Saltpeter isn't exactly all that common.
(*) Revamped the mining level requirements for Nether Ores. You shouldn't notice unless you were using a low-tier pickaxe to try and mine Nether Diamonds or somesuch.

-- Railcraft --

(+) World Anchors and Personal Anchors no longer need to be fueled with Ender Pearls.
(-) No longer checks for new versions online.
(+) Made Steel more common in dungeon loot.
(+) Increased the number of torches you get from making them with wool and creosote oil.
(+) Sped up the Blast Furnace greatly to make it competitive with Thermal Expansion's ability to make steel via the Induction Smelter.
(+) Steam Locomotives will now deal extreme roadkill damage on collision with mobs.
(+) Tunnel Bores are now eight times faster. This should offset their high fuel costs.

-- Simply Jetpacks --

(+) Armored jetpacks no longer lose power when damaged. The jetpack is a separate thing from the armor, it shouldn't lose power! This isn't power armor!
(*) The HUD now shows the exact amount of RF in the jetpack.

-- Thaumcraft --

(*) The Portable Hole focus can now pass through iron doors and CANNOT pass through forcefields.
(+) Boosted research caps for Thaumcraft, both per item scanned and total research points gained.

-- Thermal Expansion --

(-) Removed Machinist's Workbenches' capability to be a secure inventory ala a Strongbox.
(-) Removed the ability to use Destabilized Redstone and Energized Glowstone in the Reactant Dynamo.
(*) Energized Glowstone no longer condenses back into solid Glowstone until it hits the ceiling of the world (Y level 254).
(-) Machine Frames can no longer be made with steel, only iron. Someone got confused and thought they needed steel for Machine Frames, so I figured this should be done.

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Version 1.4.6y


Calclavia has admittedly terrible website consistency and documentation. I had no idea that CalclaviaCore was completely superseded by Resonant Engine, since a lot of his download archives are hidden and many of the links on his website(s) are broken.

In either case, it's fixed now. This came up because Ash started trying to use MFFS.

As a small aside, PlexTweaks now contains a fix for Electro-Magic Tools.

(-) Removed CalclaviaCore.

(*) Updated Universal Electricity -- the version Plex had was quite outdated.

(*) Updated PlexTweaks to 1.4.1. New features include:
(+) Biomes O' Plenty gems (rubies, sapphires, and peridots) can be converted into Project Red equivalents. This does not require a Minium Stone or anything.
(+) A new command called /stoptherain. It does exactly what it says, for the next 1.38 hours or so.
(*) Fixes for Electro-Magic Tools. The Saxum Generator wasn't registering as a tile entity.

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Version 1.4.6


This is Planar Exodus 1.4.6. I almost made it 1.5, but then I remembered how huge of a change 1.4 was and I hesitated. There are three parts to this update.

---=== PART 1: ENERGY BALANCE ===---

I figured I had all the energy stuff balanced out, but it turns out I had made a gross miscalculation while working with BuildCraft oil and fuel. After checking and double checking, and then changing a lot of config settings related to IC2 to make it conform to the new rules as best as I could... well, after all that I hope Plex is a bit more energy-fair than it used to be.

The grand equation: 30 RF = 5 EU = 3 MJ.

Derived from: 1 coal in a Furnace Generator = 24,000 RF | 1 coal in an IC2 Generator = 4,000 EU.
The 10 RF = 1 MJ is a standard that's existed since Thermal Expansion first created RF.

1 RF = 0.166 EU = 0.1 MJ
1 EU = 6 RF = 0.6 MJ
1 MJ = 10 RF = 1.666 EU

The changes this results in are listed below!

(+) IC2 Lava has been buffed... again! Geothermals now produce 60 EU/t instead of 45, meaning you get 30,000 EU per bucket of lava instead of 22,500.
(+) Buffed Oil in the IC2 Semifluid Generator so instead of producing 18,000 EU per bucket, it produces 24,000. It should be 25,000 but sadly the Semifluid Generator can only output integer EU/t.
(+) Buffed Fuel in the IC2 Semifluid Generator so instead of producing 184,000 EU per bucket, it produces 248,000. It should be 250,000.
(-) Nerfed coal in the Thermal Expansion Steam Dynamo, from 32,000 RF to 24,000 RF. Equality ensured.


MT recipes continue to be the bane of my existence. Then again, they're my pride and joy, so... I'm bringing it upon myself. Detailed changes below.

(+) Added Lava Bucket to Blazing Pyrotheum Bucket for 303,333 EU. Why such a weird number? It's consistent with the energy conversions. Lava is worth 180,000 RF and Pyrotheum is worth 2,000,000 RF in the Magmatic Dynamo, so the numbers work out.
(*) Minor reorderings of the recipes.
(*) Vastly cheapened the price of Cobalt in the MT. Not sure why it was more expensive than the Tartarite upgrade. (It costs 2,000,000 less to upgrade it from iron, and 1,500,000 less to upgrade it from ferrous.)
(*) Cheapened iridium to platinum. If for some reason you don't want iridium it shouldn't cost much to turn it to something else. (1,200,000 --> 200,000 conversion cost)
(*) Expensified (that's a word now) wither skeleton skulls from 250,000 to 1,000,000.
(*) Revamped the quantum dust recipe. It only takes 1 redstone now, and costs 200,000 instead of 400,000.
(*) Fixed the diamond to amethyst recipe. Apparently "gemAmethyst" is not a real ore dictionary thing.
(*) Fixed Metallurgy recipes involving Deep Iron, Shadow Iron, Black Steel and Shadow Steel. They weren't working properly because there were spaces in the ore dictionary names, and Advanced Solar Panels didn't know how to parse that.


(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 1.3.0.
(+) Added two bucket-swapping crafting recipes: TConstruct Blood and Blood Magic Life Essence, and the two variants of liquid XP.

(+) Additional Pipes power teleport pipes now teleport 100% of power instead of 90%.
(*) Finally found the source of those annoying pickup messages in singleplayer or LAN worlds. Disabled it. It was in COFH Core.
(+) Enabled COFH head drop chance for Wither Skeletons. This may have been preventing Wither Skeleton heads from dropping naturally, although it also may not have been. I am not sure. In either case, Wither Skeleton heads should be much easier to acquire now.
(+) Buffed the harvest level of Redstone Arsenal tools from 3 ("Obsidian", equivalent to vanilla diamond tools) to 5 ("Atlarus", equivalent to high level Metallurgy tools)
(-) Disabled quite a few Florbs, mostly ones that acted strangely or that represent fluids unavailable in Plex.
(+) If you use the Railcraft Rock Crusher to process Cobalt or Ardite ore, you will no longer need to smelt those dusts in a Blast Furnace to get ingots.

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Version 1.4.5


Wow, I should've realized from the JAR name that Additional Pipes was out of date. It's been fixed now. Also fixed an MT recipe.

(*) AdditionalPipes updated to 2.6.0, meaning it will no longer crash
(*) Fixed the Shadow Steel to Inolashite recipe in the Molecular Transformer; it had no EU cost associated with it, so it wasn't parsing

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Version 1.4.4


Ash updated PlexTweaks, so another update had to be pushed. Yay for changelogs! I'm really good at them.

(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 1.2.0! The changes are as follows:
(+) Flamestring to String is now a shapeless crafting recipe. You no longer need the MT to do this, and it has been disabled in the MT (this was only a temporary workaround)
(+) Added a few Biomes O' Plenty based recipes: Hardened Sand to 2 Sand, Hardened Dirt to 2 Dirt, Hardened Ice to 2 Ice. These are all shapeless recipes
(-) Removed some stray, improper Manyullyn transmutation recipes, finishing the standardization that 1 Manyullyn = 3 Ardite.
(*) Updated the ancient Equivalency Thaumcraft shard handling: no, 3 Entropy is not equivalent to 1 Order (Equivalency thinks they're still Dull and Vis Shards). Now they should transmute 1:1.
(*) The internal memory efficiency was improved significantly.

(*) ICBM is a very silly mod. It overwrites its own ItemIDs with itself. Computers and ammo kinda aren't the same thing. I never woulda guessed. If you had any ICBM items (EXCEPT Sulfur, Saltpeter and Posion Powder) they probably don't exist anymore. I changed a lot more IDs than I had to.
(*) Fixed still more Factorization ItemID conflicts. These were entirely my fault. I was trying to give it IDs starting at 12000, but I accidentally used one set of 10 twice. Factorization being the wonderful mod it is let the modpack function anyway.

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Version 1.4.3


Infernal Mobs turned out to be... let's say, quite extremely overpowered in many scenarios. So I smacked it with the nerf bat, over and over. Then I made the drops off of Infernal Mobs much more interesting and useful, and then increased the chance that each elite mob would be one of the more powerful Ultras or even a full on Infernal boss! Basically, the mod is a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating now.

There were also a host of other changes.

(+) The Molecular Transformer can now craft Antimatter Explosives from Nuclear Explosives for 300,000,000 EU apiece. Boom... if you can afford it!
(+) If you accidentally macerate a diamond, the MT can put it back together for you, for 80,000 EU.
(*) Fixed the fact that the MT made 2 Necrotic Bones for every bone you put in.
(*) Fixed the fact that the MT turned gold dust into platinum ingots.
(-) Disabled the recipes for Metallurgy 3 steel tools, since they conflicted with Railcraft steel tools anyway.

(-) Disabled InfernalMobs applying to zombie pigmen, Wisps, and Pechs. These mobs are not always aggressive, and it was strange having them attack you indirectly when they were otherwise passive. Also, because elite zombie pigs are extremely powerful.
(*) Reduced some of the insane base health values for certain infernal mobs. Most notably Blazes and Endermen.
(*) With the nerfs to the Infernal Mobs and the buffs to their drops, increased the percentage of Infernal Mobs that are Ultra or full on Infernal bosses. Details below!

Previously, one in every 7 Elite mobs was an Ultra mob and one in every 7 of those was an Infernal boss, for a whopping 1/735 chance of an Infernal boss.
To give you an idea of how rare that is, it's only 11 times more common than a Shiny Pokemon.
Now, one in every 5 Elite mobs is an Ultra and one in every 3 of those is an Infernal boss, meaning one in every 225 mobs is an Infernal boss.

(-) Disabled some Infernal Mob modifiers, reasoning below:

Alchemist -- Potion effects are kinda overpowered and being able to apply them at range is even worse. Especially because the mobs never run out of potions to throw.
Darkness -- Being blind simply isn't fun.
Ghastly -- Ghast fireballs do a LOT of damage, and unlike Ghasts, Infernal Mobs do not warn you if they're going to fire one. Additionally unlike Ghasts, most Infernal Mobs are engaged at close range and there's practically no way to dodge a Ghast fireball at point blank.
Ninja -- The damage dealt by the teleporting counterattack is significant and goes through armor... which is nuts.
Rust -- This modifier interacts incorrectly with powered armor, destroying it by depleting its durability when powered armor items are meant to be indestructible. I wouldn't mind if it properly drained the powered armor, but it doesn't.
Sticky -- At best, this is not fun (who likes picking their sword back up?) and at worst, it's absolutely infuriating when a mob picks up your equipment and then fails to drop it on death.
Vengeance -- The recoil damage dealt by this modifier is so severe it makes any mob with it nearly impossible to kill.
Webber -- Would be cool if it only applied to spiders. Needless to say, it doesn't.

Vastly revamped the drop tables for Infernal Mobs. They can be found below.

- Some of the iron Balkon's Weapons
- Iron tools and armor
- IC2 Bronze tools and armor
- Railcraft Steel tools and armor
- Invar tools and armor
- Prometheum tools and armor
- Deep Iron tools and armor
- Shadow Iron tools and armor
- Fusewood tools and bow

- Iron ingots (2-4)
- Copper ingots (2-4)
- Tin ingots (2-4)
- Bronze ingots (2-4)
- Lead ingots (2-4)
- Invar ingots (1-3)
- Steel ingots (1-3)
- Gold nuggets (1-3)

- Random Thaumcraft shards (1-3 of all primal shards)
- Enchanted Fabric
- Salis Mundus (1-3)
- Thaumium ingot
- Knowledge Fragment

- Red Heart

- Some of the diamond Balkon's Weapons
- Damascus Steel tools and armor
- Black Steel tools and armor
- Shadow Steel tools and armor
- Oureclase tools and armor
- Kalendrite tools and armor
- Eximite tools and armor
- ProjectRed gem tools
- Bloodwood tools and bow

- Gold ingots (2-4)
- Silver ingots (2-4)
- Electrum ingots (2-4)
- Alumite ingots (2-4)
- ProjectRed gems (2-4)
- Platinum nuggets (1-3)

- Lots of Thaumcraft shards (8-12 of all primal shards)
- Nether and Ender shards (1-3)
- Thaumium ingots (2-4)
- Thaumium tools and armor
- Knowledge Fragments (1-3)
- Fire wand focus
- Frost wand focus
- Shock wand focus
- Excavation wand focus
- Pech's Curse wand focus
- Efreet's Flame wand focus
- Talisman of Remedium
- Hyperenergetic Nitor
- Pickaxe of the Core
- Axe of the Stream
- Shovel of the Earthmover
- Sword of the Zephyr
- Hoe of Growth

- Shadow Blade (Soul Shards 2)
- Rift Blade (Dimensional Doors)
- Amethyst Bucket (holds regenerating hot spring water)
- Hunter's Handgun
- Holy Hand Grenades (1-3)
- Coin of Fortune
- Sojourner's Staff
- Emperor's Chalice
- Salamander's Eye

- Red Heart
- Red Heart Container

- Diamond tools and armor
- Amethyst tools and armor
- Mithril tools and armor
- Orichalcum tools and armor
- Haderoth tools and armor
- Adamantine tools and armor
- Atlarus tools and armor
- Vulcanite tools and armor
- Sanguinite tools and armor
- Desichalkos tools and armor

- Diamonds (2-4)
- Emeralds (2-4)
- Amethysts (1-3)
- Uranium ore blocks (1-3)
- Iridium Ore
- Platinum ingots (2-4)
- Enderium ingots (1-3)
- Manyullyn ingots (2-4)
- (Stable) Unstable ingots (1-3)

- Ichor
- Ichorium nuggets
- Primal wand focus
- Warding wand focus
- Dislocation wand focus
- Mending wand focus
- Shadowbeam wand focus
- Telekinesis wand focus
- Explosion wand focus
- Cursed Spirit's Blade

- Portal Gun (Bacon Gun)

- Tome of Alkahest
- Witherless Rose

- Red Heart Container
- Yellow Heart

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Version 1.4.2


A small update because Ashtheking has finished his first version of PlexTweaks! Currently all this tiny mod does is fix some Equivalency exploits and add a transmutation recipe for spider eyes.

(+) Added PlexTweaks! Equivalency exploiters beware!

(+) The Molecular Transformer can now make Thermal Expansion Cinnabar from quicksilver.

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Version 1.4.1


Planar Exodus 1.4 had a noticeable set of... shall we say, issues. Nah, they're totally glitches. As is per usual when I push out updates for the modpack, I don't just fix the issues, I go above and beyond and change and modify other things as well!

Ashtheking is currently working on writing a custom fix to punch out some of Equivalency's more egregious exploits. More to come on this later. Possibly in patch 1.4.2?

(-) EnchantingPlus REALLY can't disenchant items now. This slipped last time.
(*) More Blood Magic ID conflicts resolved. Apparently the mod was silently conflicting with ICBM. This would probably explain the mysterious server hang when anything Blood Magic related was performed.
(*) All Factorization IDs changed to fix the Bag of Holding conflicting with the Ore Converter (both items vied for the coveted itemID of 9001. Hah.) This means that any Logic Matrix Programmers found in dungeons will no longer be Logic Matrix Programmers, they'll just disappear. Shame.
(*) WAILA updated to 1.5.2a, fixing all of its modules. Primarily, this means you can now properly see the amount of fluid in a tank again.
(+) The Kami Bedrock Dimension has been assigned the dimension ID -2 and is now activated!
(*) Standardized the Mystcraft instability values for some extra fluids added by Biomes O' Plenty.
(+) EnchantingPlus now has custom, detailed tooltips for every single enchantment in the game. Although some of the research-requiring mod enchantments are disabled, others are not.
(+) The Molecular Transformer has undergone a massive upgrade-turned-redesign! Some highlights:
(*) Most recipes are more expensive. This is an endgame item we're talking about!
(+) There is now a huge chain of bidirectional metal transformations, inspired by the real life periodic table. To give you an idea, the full chain is Dark Iron Iron Cobalt Ferrous Copper Silver Gold Platinum Iridium. To go left on the chain, place the metal into the MT as an ingot; to go right on the chain, place it in as a dust.
(+) Metallurgy fantasy metals are now supported! The MT can upgrade standalone metals and certain alloys, while also allowing you to exchange between the two components of every fantasy alloy in the mod. All for a price, of course!
(+) The MT now supports as many oil/fuel containers as possible for its pseudo-refinery capabilities. Unlike the real BuildCraft Refinery, it can take infinite amounts of energy input -- to compensate, it costs more energy to refine each bucket of oil into fuel.
(+) You can now craft Extra Utilities Unstable Ingots with the MT! Simply place in a steel ingot. The Unstable Ingot created will actually be stable, as if it were spawned in creative mode.
(+) The MT can now write linking books. However, it can't link them. See if you can put this to use...

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Version 1.4


It's been a while once again! Thankfully for me, this update took far less time than previous, because... eh, it'll be obvious in context.

Planar Exodus is receiving another update because, as per usual reasons, there's talk amongst my friends of running another modded Minecraft server. As soon as there was conflict over whether to use TPPI or our custom pack, I realized this had to be done.

Thus, here it is! Planar Exodus 1.4. Featuring a lot of newcomers, although not without the removal of some old friends.

Config updates are yet to come as we playtest and balance things.


(+) NotEnoughKeys added. Keybinds menu is now much easier to use.
(+) FlatSigns added. The bizarre behavior of signs not letting you edit their text should be solved.
(+) InfiniBows added. Now you can fire an Infinity-enchanted bow without an arrow.
(+) ObsidiPlates added. Player and villager only pressure plates, how unique!
(+) Powersuits Addons added. Cram even more features into your improbably awesome suit of doom.
(+) ArmorStatusHUD added. You no longer need to open your inventory to monitor the durability of armor or the charge of battery packs or IC2 power armor!
(+) Extreme Vanilla Optimizations added! Soon the Lagosaurus Rex will be extinct.
(+) Blood Magic added. Everything has a price...
(+) Electro-Magic Tools added. Now your obsession with Magitek can go even further!
(+) Forbidden Magic added. A bridge between Thaumcraft and Blood Magic, completing the circle of darker arcane powers present in the mod.
(+) Tinkers' Mechworks added. Drawbridges and the Igniter, I believe. Thanks to mDiyo.
(+) Rock Crusher Dusts added. Now your Railcraft Rock Crusher won't be fussy.
(+) ServerTools added! Admin powers, HAYO!
(+) Tinkers' Construct Tooltips added. Especially with ExtraTiC and Metallurgy metals, it's good to know the exact stats of every part and tool you forge.
(+) Thaumic Reliquary added. Xeno's Reliquary is awesome. Thaumcraft is awesome. 2+2=9001.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty added! Now Planar Exodus' world gen will have some spice to it! Every corner of the world will be different.
(+) BiblioWoods BOP added. You gotta be able to make beautiful furniture out of your beautiful trees.

(-) RopesPlus removed, sorry. The custom default bow messed with a lot of things, and you couldn't fire the special arrows out of anything except for it.
(-) TF2 Dispenser removed. The blacklist for this thing was already huge enough, and even then, its ability to nonchalantly repair enchanted unobtainium tools with iron ingots was... bad.
(-) TF2 Teleporters removed. They're too cheap. Use DimDoors or Mystcraft.
(-) TF2 Sentry removed. Why keep it in if you're getting rid of the other TF2 tech?
(-) Update Checker removed. I cannot guarantee the same for your nightmares about updating Advanced Machines Addon.
(-) Steves Carts removed. I do realize it has its uses, but no one I know uses it or even thinks of using it.
(-) BiblioWoods Forestry removed. None of those trees even existed in Planar Exodus!

(-) Enchanting Plus disenchanting disabled to prevent infinite XP. Disenchanting wasn't even worth much besides the exploit considering you couldn't disenchant things that weren't "yours" as determined by the mod.
(+) The Kami switch has been flipped: Thaumic Tinkerer's absurdly powerful endgame enabled!
(*) Forbidden Magic ID conflicts
(*) Electro-Magic Tools ID conflicts
(*) Blood Magic ID conflicts
(*) Reduced the dungeon loot drop chances for Blood Magic items
(*) Biomes O' Plenty ID conflicts
(*) BiblioWoods BOP ID conflicts

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Latest Update

Planar Exodus Final Mix is out. Check the changelog, and check out Planar Exodus 2. It's been a good run.