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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.5.1

This is basically 1.5 part 2 -- all the changes I wanted to be in 1.5 but that didn't make it because I wanted 1.5 to be released in a reasonable time frame.

I still haven't included the Metallurgy Treebalancing. Sorry! I swear it'll be in 1.5.2.

(+) Planar Exodus' icon is now used for the application itself, replacing the default Minecraft crafting table icon.
(*) The title of Planar Exodus' window is now "Planar Exodus - Minecraft 1.6.4".

(+) Re-added IC2 Advanced Repulsion Systems. Mostly a glitchier IC2-based clone of MFFS, the one unique thing in this mod is the Industrial Tesla Coil.
(+) Added Waila Harvestability. WAILA will now show you the required mining level of anything you look at.
(+) Added Modular Turrets. These turrets run off of RF (and suitable ammunition of course!) and are far less laggy than ICBM's turrets.
(+) Added a working version of Advanced Reactors.

(+) Added Customizable Far Lands.
(*) Currently, the Far Lands start 12,800 blocks from spawn instead of 12,550,824. They exist in the Overworld and the Nether. They may be added to more places later.
(!) Try not to
(*) The distance to the Far Lands is customizable in Farlands.cfg.
(*) The Far Lands are compatible with Biomes O' Plenty and will generate to 256 height in BOP worlds.

(*) PlexTweaks 2.1 now out. Details below.
(+) You should be able to hammer out Advanced Alloy plates from PlexTweaks Advanced Alloy ingots using a Forge Hammer.
(+) Various Portal Guns (Atlas' gun, P-Body's gun, Bacon Guns and the Potato Gun) can now all be reverse crafted into the default portal gun, which can then be crafted into any of the variants. While this breaks adventure map functionality, it does allow for the convenience of turning any Portal Gun you find into a Bacon Gun, which has player-specific portals.
(+) Parts made from PlexTweaks custom materials now have TiC Tooltips.
(+) PlexTweaks now mirrors Pulverizer recipes onto the Macerator and vice-versa. You can specify custom macerator recipes in macerator.cfg. All recipes specified will be automatically mirrored onto the Pulverizer.
(*) Macerator recipes when mirrored onto the Pulverizer try to have smart, Thermal Expansion-like variable energy costs but may not always have the most sensible energy cost. The default is a paltry 1600 RF.
(+) PlexTweaks now allows for custom loot to be defined for dungeons and the various chests of strongholds. This feature will be expanded upon later to allow for more general custom loot.
(*) PlexTweaks now blacklists every Mystcraft page that is disabled in the mod's own config.
(+) PlexTweaks now allows you to arbitrarily edit currently existing TConstruct materials. Thanks to load order, this includes PlexTweaks materials that you defined yourself. Go nuts. (material_editor.cfg)
(+) PlexTweaks revamps the rarity system, adding a few more rarity values and allowing you to choose the rarity value of any item or block in the game using rarity.cfg. Expect a Terraria-style sliding rarity system in later versions of Planar Exodus.
(*) The rarity of PlexTweaks-rarity-defined items increases by 1 (with a cap at Transcendent) when it is enchanted. Unaffected items will go from whatever rarity they had to Rare (light blue), as per vanilla behavior.
(*) PlexTweaks now adds enchantments to TConstruct materials in a significantly smarter way.
(+) All ExtraTiC materials now have their proper on-hit effects and tooltips that display them.
(+) Almost all Railcraft iron and steel objects can now be melted down.
(+) Every Iron and Gold Balkon Weapon can now be melted down.
(+) Added Damascine Steel. Damascine Steel is made by alloying Steel and Molten Carbon Fiber. Yes, it makes no sense.
(?) ERROR: #DIV/0!

(*) Mystcraft instability has been documented and balanced. Details below.
(!) Due to these changes, the fluid that an age's oceans are made of is now a huge factor in the age's overall stability. This means that randomly generated ages have a much higher chance to be unstable.
(*) Mystcraft oceans in Standard Terrain worlds now cause over a hundred times the instability they used to. To give an idea, they used to cause less than half of the instability of surface lakes. Oceans on Island Worlds, Cave Worlds and Flat Worlds unaffected.
(*) All fluids now have instability values that I chose based off of the total instability required for various negative effects like black decay and the multipliers for various bodies of fluids (all data extracted from Mystcraft's source code).
(*) Worthless, harmful fluids like Biomes O'Plenty Liquid Poison actually give an age extra stability. You may want to consider this if you're going to make spheres of diamond ore or the like.
(+) Enabled the "PvP Off" page. I had disabled this initially because it made no sense to me, but Ashtheking notified me that it's related to Myst lore.
(+) Enabled the page for Thaumcraft Flux Goo, because it now helps stability.
(+) Enabled the pages for the following low-tier molten Metallurgy metals: Deep Iron, Infuscolium, Shadow Iron, Lemurite, Prometheum, Ignatius and Vyroxeres.
(+) Enabled the pages for Molten Manganese and Molten Zinc.
(+) Enabled the pages for BoP Honey, Liquid Poison, and Spring Water.
(+) Enabled the pages for Glue and Liquid Blueslime.
(+) Enabled the page for Mystcraft Black Ink. Yep. Ages with ink in them.
(+) Enabled the page for Creosote Oil.
(-) Disabled the page for Blood, because it's equivalent to Blood Magic Life Essence.
(-) Disabled the "Hell" biome page. This didn't generate Nether terrain properly and is overwritten in real Nether generation by Biomes O'Plenty and Natura anyway.
(-) Disabled the "Sky" biome page. Hardcore Ender Expansion totally overwrites the End and this biome page didn't cause End terrain to generate.
(-) Disabled the "Eerie" biome page. As the Eerie biome is applied post-generation to areas surrounding Thaumcraft Obsidian Totems, this isn't a biome that should be used during world generation.
(-) Disabled the "Quagmire" biome page. Biomes O' Plenty's Quagmire biome is hideous.
(-) Disabled a host of vanilla biome pages that Biomes O' Plenty overwrites. The overwrite pages were already enabled.
(!) Any pages you had that are now disabled will display as undefined Mystcraft pages with "?" written on them. Apologies for the inconvenience and the damage caused to any page collections.

(*) Made creating Wither Skeleton Skulls and Necrotic Bones in the MT significantly more expensive.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty's Overgrown Beach biome is now enabled clientside.
(*) /help has been fixed. The offending commands were Thaumic Tinkerer's /isKamiUnlocked and LomLib's /lomlib. This required minor edits to both of those mods.
(-) Forge's automatic recipe sorter has been disabled because it causes the client to hang on startup.
(+) Added an ArmorStatusHUD.cfg to the default options package. This should make no difference whatsoever because ArmorStatusHUD.cfg is already in the config folder.
(-) Disabled IC2 attempting to calculate inventory weight when going through a teleporter. For one, I don't think anyone has ever used an IC2 teleporter. More importantly, attempting to find an arbitrary weight for every item in a player's inventory sounds like a recipe for crashes with things like Alchemy Bags or OpenBlocks Tanks or...
(-) IC2 no longer generates lead. It only generated tiny amounts anyway, and its mining level was inconsistent with Thermal Expansion lead.
(-) FZAddons Wrathflame disabled. If it's enabled, an ASM-based crash occurs upon creating a new single player world.
(+) IC2 Nukes have been massively buffed -- or, more accurately, almost entirely uncapped. The cap of an IC2 Nuke is now comparable to an Antimatter Explosive.
(+) The IC2 Miner can now recognize every ore in Planar Exodus and has at least somewhat of an idea of which are more valuable than others. Previously, the Miner couldn't even recognize its own mod's Uranium Ore.
(*) AdvanceTime no longer misspells Wednesday by default.
(*) Metallurgy Damascus Steel renamed to Glucydur, a real alloy of iron and beryllium bronze.
(-) Disabled dungeon loot for Portal Spawners and Fizzlers (the latter of which isn't implemented anyway). Portal Guns are now twice as rare.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 8 years ago


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