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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.6.4

Planar Exodus 1.6.4 is here. This is the end of Planar Exodus 1.6.
( 1.6.3 was skipped so that 1.6.4 would be 1.6.4 and 1.7 would be 1.7. Fancy! )

Eight months in the making -- by that I mean, about four months of Soon™ and four months of work.


PlexTweaks is now version 2.4.0! Remember how two updates ago we said we had reached "the logical extreme of PlexTweaks' TConstruct capabilities"? Well, now we're taking advantage of that functionality. Other major changes include the removal of AdvanceTime and PlexTweaks' CustomSpace module (combined and moved into a separate mod, Krios) and enormous improvements to the config system.

TL;DR -- PlexTweaks configs have folders now. Metallurgy, ExtraTiC, Equivalency & AdvanceTime absorbed into PlexTweaks. Over a hundred quality of life and balance fixes.


(*) Planar Exodus now uses a slightly modified version of Forge that starts Minecraft with 512 megabytes of PermGen space instead of 256 megabytes. This should increase performance, especially load times.
(*) The Planar Exodus difficulty readme now contains information for Theia/Krios rather than AdvanceTime.

(*) PlexTweaks ASM patches the TCon Smeltery in several places to improve its behavior, prevent crashes, and allow PlexTweaks metals to render properly.
(*) Thanks to more ASM, Thermal Expansion Florbs respect PlexTweaks fluid coloration.
(*) Due to the above two changes, Planar Exodus no longer uses hand edited versions of TExp and TCon.

(-) Removed AdvanceTime. See above.
(-) PlexTweaks no longer has a CustomSpace module. See above.
(-) Removed Metallurgy. See above.
(-) Removed ExtraTiC. See above.
(-) Removed Equivalency. See above.

(-) Removed Rotten Flesh to Leather. PlexTweaks now has a Furnace module.
(-) Removed Railcraft Rock Crusher Dusts Addon. PlexTweaks now has a Railcraft module.
(-) Removed Advanced Repulsion Systems. A crashtastic clone of MFFS that was only good for its tesla coil.
(-) Removed Immibis Peripherals. I don't think anyone who played Plex ever knew how to use them.
(-) Removed InfernalMobs. These were obnoxious. PlexTweaks arms and armors mobs now.
(-) Removed KeithyUtils. An unnecessary core now that we have removed Metallurgy.
(-) Removed LomLib. This was only ever used for Equivalency.
(-) Removed Soul Shards. It doesn't even do anything, and Forbidden Magic has the Wrath Cage.
(-) Removed Balkon's Weapons. This archaic mod was riddled with bugs and was only good for the crossbow.
(-) Removed Wireless Redstone. ProjectRed handles this now.
(-) Removed Dimensional Anchors. ChickenChunks Chunk Loaders are just better.
(-) Removed Damage Indicators. PlexTweaks new health bar rendering makes this mod unnecessary.
(-) Removed Herobrine. Wait...


(*) PlexTweaks' config arrangements have been totally changed. It now imitates the Gentoo configuration standard -- every PlexTweaks module has its own subfolder, and the module will read every single configuration file inside its folder. Subfolders are not supported yet. There are some exceptions and some hardcoded sections that have to be in main files, but this helps keep it organized (read: it made the code easier to write).
(*) PlexTweaks' dynamic config ignores any files containing "~" or ".swp".

(+) PlexTweaks Materials has grown completely out of control! 76 new TConstruct materials come with Planar Exodus by default, replacing Metallurgy and ExtraTiC. 69 of these materials are entirely new ores and alloys!
(+) The CustomMaterials module has been extended with an independent EffectHandler module and the "Conditionals" system. Together, they allow for near infinite combinations of on-hit effects and set bonuses from armor.
(+) All PlexTweaks materials come in Tinker's Construct guides, with descriptions! Any custom added materials can be assigned to books and the books can be named. The default guides (there are a lot of them!) spawn as loot in various places like dungeons.

(+) PlexTweaks can now define its own custom ores, both material based and otherwise. These ores have highly customizable generation and can sport fancy sparkles! The CustomOres module can also be used to reject vanilla ore generation and substitute its own.
(+) PlexTweaks' Hazards module now supports custom damage sources... with custom death messages. Get rekt, scrub.
(+) PlexTweaks' new Damage Potions module supports custom damage over time potion effects.
(+) PlexTweaks' Potions module now adds several "magical" potion variants, as well as being the foundation for the aforementioned Damage Potions module. The new potions have brewing recipes.
(+) PlexTweaks' new Spawns module allows you to add passive and hostile spawns to any biome in any dimension. By default, Twilight Forest passive mobs now spawn in the real world.
(+) PlexTweaks can now define custom records using sound files inside its resource pack (see below).
(+) PlexTweaks can now control Railcraft machines with its CustomRailcraft module.
(+) PlexTweaks' CustomGUI module supplants health bar rendering. It adds health and armor bars to other mobs when moused over and adds a debuff display to the main GUI.

(+) PlexTweaks now has creative tabs. About time!
(+) PlexTweaks can finally add furnace recipes.
(+) PlexTweaks can now manage the Ore Dictionary rather effectively.
(+) PlexTweaks now has its own dynamically loaded resource pack. Drag anything you want into that folder and it counts as part of the default texture pack, almost certainly overwriting any other mod in the process. By default, this resource pack contains a couple dozen transparent PNGs that render TConstruct's Sharpness modifier invisible.
(+) Also in the default resource pack are Minecraft 1.9's rain sounds! Rain is no longer extremely loud and annoying!
(+) MatEdit was upgraded and reworked slightly. It now edits armor enums and no longer half-edits TCon materials when a problem in the config file is found.
(+) PlexTweaks now handles Minium and Philosopher's Stone transmutation on its own. Equivalency has been absorbed.
(+) PlexTweaks Material armor now has several appearance options available.
(*) "SheerExpanse" changed to "Ozzatron" in the authors field of
(*) Bleeding now uses Strength's icon instead of Poison's -- it's more accurate in a vanilla context.
(+) The rarity calculator now analyzes many forms of fabrication, including several mod machines and the Smeltery.
(+) PlexTweaks ItemStacks can now be written in a special format which grabs a random ItemStack of the given rarity and stack size. For example, @1:24 gives you twenty-four Uncommon items in a stack.
(*) Apesh's AI has been revamped. His special attack is now more reliable and less glitchy.
(+) Blot Gravel and Blot Flint are now things in the Blemish, but neither are useful for anything.
(+) Turtle Armor now gives a regenerating six heart shield to make it more interesting.
(*) PlexTweaks metal dusts now use a Painterly texture.
(+) The new /uncraft command allows you to uncraft a full-durability TCon tool. It will not refund modifiers.
(+) PlexTweaks materials now have an IconSet attribute, which decides what set of tool part icons they will use. This affects their appearance greatly. There are five icon sets available for use!
(*) Slightly edited the texture of PlexTweaks buckets of molten material.
(*) Blemish items (Nergal Carapaces, mostly) now stack properly.
(*) Bloodstone now drops Bloody Cobblestone instead of itself.
(*) PlexTweaks wires and converters no longer break instantly and drop themselves instead of nothing. Both can be mined by hand.
(*) Ore overlay texture improved significantly.
(-) Nergals spawned from Eggs no longer target creative players.
(+) The new /matcolor command allows for admins to change the runtime color of any material in real time. This was used for testing and left in because it doesn't do any harm.
(*) Materials no longer have bows or arrows by default.
(*) PlexTweaks BoPHandler fixes ATG volcanoes to use Biomes O'Plenty ash blocks instead of dirt and ash stone instead of normal stone.
(-) Bloodstone and Gorewood have been removed as TCon materials.
(+) Added Forge branding -- this means Planar Exodus & PlexTweaks show up on the title screen and F3.
(+) Potion effect centered ASM and a custom Packet 41 now allow for Bleeding and Hemorrhage to differentiate themselves properly.
(*) Fixed a crash related to summoning wands.
(+) Material blocks count as valid blocks for beacon bases by default.
(+) Zombies and skeletons can now spawn wearing PlexTweaks armors and using tools made of PlexTweaks materials.
(*) PlexTweaks now uses ASM to mute Microblocks related spam in the output. This behavior can be disabled.
(-) PlexTweaks no longer adds IC2's "Iridium Ore" item to the Ore Dictionary.
(*) PlexTweaks now ASM patches the TConstruct bow renderer.
(+) PlexTweaks now has a key input handler. Currently it is only used for the Giratra set bonus.
(*) Bleeding was reworked. It is no longer unblockable, nor does it accelerate with each stack. The new bleeding effect strikes once every 20 ticks but deals severe hunger damage that increases with each stack.
(+) Bleeding now has its own death message that reports the number of stacks the victim had upon death.
(*) Durations of all sources of bleeding reworked to be balanced for the new damage rate.
(*) The rarity information book now uses a Painterly book texture.
(-) Removed Zinc and Brass cables, as Metallurgy was removed.
(-) Turtle meat now gives 15 seconds of Resistance I instead of 10 seconds of Strength I.
(*) Minecraft's F3+H advanced item tooltips now display IDs in a PlexTweaks ItemStack format.
(*) PlexTweaks' ID assignment completely revamped. I am very glad 1.7 gets rid of this nonsense.
(-) You can no longer use fluid containers filled with water to summon Water Elementals.
(+) The Blemish now replaces coal ore with Alchemical Coal ore, which drops EE3 Alchemical Coal.
(+) You can now specify wildcard damage (32767) when removing recipes with CustomRecipes.
(+) CustomRecipes now has support for the Thermal Expansion Sawmill.
(+) The new /toolStats command replaces the lost ExtraTiC utility that lets you view vanilla tool material enums.
(+) The new /armorStats command lets you view vanilla armor material enums.
(*) Changed the internal name of PlexTweaks material armor enums (this has no effect on gameplay).
(+) Damascine Steel finally has a recipe.
(*) PlexTweaks replaces the unused vanilla Saturation potion with one of its own making. It is used in a few set bonuses.


(+) Added Theia! This upcoming multi-mod is a fusion of ashtheking's various world-related works.
(+) Added Krios (a module of Theia). Krios is a fusion of the now-ancient CustomSpace and AdvanceTime, along with polar shift and time zones. Day and night now occur properly regardless of how many suns or moons you have in the sky.
(*) Krios tries its best to make every mod compatible with it. If you have a mod installed that's not compatible with Krios, it will crash and let you know what mod it was. Let us know. We can make it compatible.
(+) Added Ceres (a module of Theia). Right now, Ceres adds seasons (variations of temperature over time) and snow piling.
(+) Added Ereb (a module of Theia). Ereb overhauls cave generation to be better suited for Alternate Terrain Generation, and just cooler overall.
(*) Theia randomly distributes players in a radius specified by the "SpawnFuzziness" config value. There is no longer one specific "spawn location" (unless you set that value to zero).
(*) Upon starting a new world, Theia automatically sets the daylength of the overworld to 72,000 ticks (1 hour) and turns off mob griefing. This may not work perfectly.
(*) PlexTweaks now depends on Theia.


(+) Added Alternate Terrain Generation! ATG is a mod focused around making terrain generation more dynamic, large scale, and interesting. It's optional; you don't have to use it.
(+) Added Forge NBTEdit! This allows people (mainly developers or admins) to work with NBT data as they need to. This is quite useful for debugging and development.

(-) Vanilla ore generation disabled, save for Emeralds (which are uncontrollable).
(-) IC2 ore generation completely disabled.
(-) Thermal Expansion ore generation completely disabled.
(-) Tinker's Construct Aluminum disabled.
(-) Applied Energistics Certus Quartz disabled.
(-) ProjectRed gems disabled. Biomes O'Plenty gems remain, as they cannot be disabled via config.
(-) qCraft Quantum Ore disabled.
(-) Thaumcraft elemental shards, amber and cinnabar disabled.
(+) PlexTweaks now manages all mundane ore generation via the CustomOres module. Note that these changes are intended for Alternate Terrain Generation, and will seriously screw up vanilla worlds.
(!) Compared to vanilla (and most mods), ore veins in Planar Exodus are rarer, but far larger.

VPC stands for "veins per chunk", BPV stands for "blocks per vein".


Coal 000 - 256 5.0 48 --
Iron 000 - 128 5.0 24 --
Gold 000 - 032 0.25 24 --
Diamond 000 - 016 0.125 21 --
Emerald 000 - 016 0.125 21 --
Redstone 000 - 016 0.5 48 --
Lapis 016 - 064 0.25 18 --

Copper 032 - 192 5.0 24 --
Tin 032 - 128 2.5 24 --
Silver 032 - 064 0.5 24 --
Lead 016 - 048 0.75 24 --
Nickel 016 - 048 0.4 21 --
Aluminum 032 - 128 1.25 24 --
Uranium 000 - 032 0.2 24 PLAINS biomes only

Certus Quartz 000 - 128 2.0 21 --
Quantum Dust 000 - 016 0.25 18 --

Amber 064 - 192 2.5 24 FOREST, JUNGLE biomes only
Cinnabar 000 - 064 0.5 21 --
Air Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 PLAINS, HILLS biomes only
Water Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 WATER biomes only
Earth Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 FOREST, JUNGLE biomes only
Fire Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 DESERT, MOUNTAIN biomes only
Order Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 FROZEN biomes only
Entropy Shards 016 - 192 2.0 18 SWAMP, WASTELAND biomes only

Platinum 000 - 032 0.15 24 --
Iridium 000 - 016 0.06 21 --

Astral Silver 000 - 064 0.08 21 --
Orichalcum 016 - 032 0.06 21 --
Mithril 032 - 048 0.06 21 --
Adamantine 000 - 016 0.06 21 --

Phendris 160 - 256 1.5 24 --
Leraquis 032 - 064 0.5 24 BEACH, WATER biomes only
Salnoire 010 - 040 2.0 21 Railcraft Abyssal Stone only
Crisantine 032 - 072 0.5 24 FROZEN biomes only
Glacius 000 - 032 0.5 24 FROZEN biomes only
Khione 128 - 256 2.0 21 FROZEN biomes only
Raudr 016 - 048 0.5 24 HILLS, MOUNTAIN biomes only
Raijin 048 - 176 4.0 24 Railcraft Quarried Stone only
Agnirim 048 - 128 3.5 24 DESERT biomes + Sandstone only
Absunium 016 - 216 7.5 48 MOUNTAIN biomes + Obsidian only
Ashvaska 016 - 064 0.5 24 PLAINS biomes only
Asidia 016 - 064 0.5 24 PLAINS biomes only
Bhumium 000 - 032 0.5 24 FOREST, JUNGLE biomes only
Syanite 016 - 048 0.5 24 SWAMP biomes only
Almorose 016 - 064 0.75 21 WASTELAND biomes only
Hadahel 032 - 128 2.5 24 NETHER biomes + Netherrack only
Devulcis 000 - 032 0.5 21 NETHER biomes + Netherrack only
Vernecrium 032 - 128 1.5 21 NETHER biomes + Netherrack only
Aevum 016 - 080 2.0 24 END biomes + End Stone only


(-) All Macerator recipes have been erased; the Pulverizer's recipes have been mirrored onto the Macerator to the best of PlexTweaks' ability. This does damage to IC2. It (might) be fixed later.
(*) Dozens of rarity changes. Fixes bugs like this one:

(+) Added many new splashes.
(+) Planar Exodus' root folder now comes with a "deleteLogs.cmd" Windows command that will remove all those pesky log files, their lock files, their redundant files and their redundant lock files. Yeah.
(+) All stairs now respect conservation of mass -- 6 blocks become 8 stairs instead of 4. In addition, every type of stair can be uncrafted: 2x2 grid turns back into 3 blocks.
(*) Reinforced Stone's recipe is now shaped.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty Wild Carrots can now be crafted into normal carrots.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty Sunflowers now craft into HarvestCraft seeds as opposed to BoP's own seeds.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty and Natura barley are now craftable into HarvestCraft barley. Natura's barley seeds are craftable into HarvestCraft equivalents as well.
(-) You can no longer craft wheat out of BoP barley. I have no idea why you could do this in the first place. They're two entirely different plants.
(-) The TConstruct Ball of Moss recipe has been properly removed now. The config previously contained an unshifted ID, which didn't work.
(*) The TConstruct Ball of Moss' new recipe no longer depends on Thaumcraft.
(*) Cake recipes standardized. I am dead serious about this.
(-) Natura wheat and barley flour can no longer be crafted.
(-) You can no longer craft bread the vanilla way, or with Natura barley.
(+) You can now make HarvestCraft flour in the Macerator and Pulverizer.
(+) You can now craft BoP turnip seeds into HarvestCraft equivalents.
(+) Anything made purely of Seared Bricks (either type) can be uncrafted, with the exception of the Casting Channel.
(+) Macerating wool of any color now gives you all 4 string back instead of only 2. This matches the Pulverizer's behavior (minus the 5% chance to get the dye back).
(*) Cotton to string has been standardized as 3:2. 9 Natura cotton can still be crafted into 1 wool (it's just significantly less efficient).
(-) HarvestCraft Woven Cotton has been made impossible to obtain. This means you can no longer craft leather armor from it. It wasn't leather anyway.
(-) Nerfed bone significantly. Instead of being better than copper, it is now barely better than wood.
(*) Fixed an issue where HarvestCraft parsnip seeds and pasta had the same ID. This led to some funky crafting recipes (although nothing as amusing as turning reality itself into ketchup).
(-) Removed Portal Gun's silly Christmas effects.
(-) You can no longer swap types of Liquid XP or TConstruct Blood with Life Essence, as those recipes duplicated buckets.
(-) Charcoal, Charcoal Blocks and Charcoal Dust now only melt into half as much Liquefacted Coal. This matches Steel recipes with the Induction Smelter.
(-) You can no longer craft Forestry Bronze Ingots by hand. Make them legitimately with dusts.
(*) The recipes for the Tinker's Construct Empty Canister have been standardized.
(+) Twilight Forest Meef and Venison can now be used for HarvestCraft cooking! You can make bacon cheeseburgers out of minotaurs. Hell yes.
(*) Gunpowder recipes have been standardized. There is now only one "saltpeter + sulfur + charcoal" recipe.
(-) You can no longer craft the supercharged gravity gun -- you have to get hit by lightning to get it.
(-) Due to the prevalence of "glitchinators", the MFR fluid fabricators have had their recipes removed. (Glitchinators were exploit devices that produced infinite lava or oil from nothing.)
(+) Nether Lapis Ore now gives 16 lapis instead of 12. Nether Redstone Ore gives 16 Redstone instead of 24.
(+) You can now macerate regular Lapis Lazuli Ore into 8 lapis. It already worked in the Pulverizer.
(+) You can now craft Clay Blocks into 4 Clay items. You no longer need to wreck them with a shovel.
(-) Creosote Oil in the Thermal Expansion Compression Dynamo has been nerfed from 150,000 RF to 48,000.
(-) You can no longer craft Forestry gears. Thermal Expansion gears are better.
(+) You can now macerate and pulverize all Biomes O' Plenty dye flowers to get 4 dyes. This also works with the Forbidden Magic Umbral Rose!
(+) Many types of stone, e.g. Railcraft Quarried Stone or Biomes O' Plenty Skystone, now count as stone. Applicable cobbles count as cobblestone, too, so you can make furnaces out of Basalt Cobblestone, for example.
(*) Dimensional Door recipes reworked. Doors and the Rift Blade now require Azathon ingots, making them significantly more expensive.
(*) The PortalGun Miniature Black Hole item is now absurdly difficult to craft.
(+) The Black Hole Chest is now craftable using the aforementioned miniature black hole.
(-) IC2's defunct "Industrial Diamonds" no longer count as gemDiamond in the ore dictionary. They can still be crafted into normal diamonds (but they're unobtainable anyway).
(*) Thermal Expansion Cryotheum and Pyrotheum source blocks no longer fall. Maybe.
(*) You now need to use a diamond pickaxe to make a Thermal Expansion block breaker.
(-) Throwing items into a Smeltery no longer adds it to the Smeltery's melting inventory.
(+) When alloying Alumite, you now get 9 ingots instead of 3 (conservation of mass).
(+) When alloying Manyullyn, you now get 2 ingots instead of 1 (conservation of mass).
(*) Slightly changed what the Applied Energistics Grindstone works on.
(*) Applied Energistics now displays energy in RF instead of EU as part of moving away from IC2.
(+) Quantum Ore and Quantum Dust are now in the ore dictionary.
(*) Fixed some ore dictionary mistakes involving Thaumcraft quicksilver.
(*) The Thaumcraft Portable Hole focus now has a respectable blacklist. Notable blocks on it include Unraveled Fabric (Limbo's terrain block), Mystcraft Crystal and Silverwood planks.
(+) You can now craft Biomes O' Plenty Smoldering Grass.
(+) Most forms of Twilight Forest Mazestone can be crafted into each other.
(*) Extra Utilities Iron Spikes are easier to make now.
(*) About 2/3 of Natura wood recipes have been redone to remove unnecessary damage value assignments. This prevents Natura from confusing the PlexTweaks Rarity calculator.
(-) Portal Gun High Energy Pellets no longer one shot players. This change will only work if you copy the PortalGun_world.cfg from your config folder to your world's root folder.
(*) BoP unification recipes reworked significantly, as well as how BoP ties into the ore dictionary.
(*) Adjusted recipes for ChickenChunks loaders and the Railcraft World Anchor to make them more fair and balanced relative to each other. All three use nothing but obsidian, gold, and diamonds.
(*) Railcraft Nether Cobblestone can now be crafted directly from four Netherrack. As an aside, this greatly reduces the smelting necessary to produce Nether Bricks.
(*) Alkahestry completely replaced. The Tome of Alkahest now creates vast quantities of building blocks from Redstone and Glowstone. It also processes Silk Touched ore blocks efficiently.
(+) Added Emeralds to the ore dictionary. No idea why they weren't there.
(*) Simplified the BoP Flesh Block's transformation into Rotten Flesh.
(+) Railcraft Bricks and Ornate Stones can be crafted back into ordinary Blocks.
(+) Arcane Stone Bricks can be crafted back into regular Arcane Stone.
(*) Thaumcraft Obsidian Tiles had their recipe changed. They can also be crafted back into Obsidian.
(*) Railcraft Frost Bound Blocks are now made differently.
(*) Reworked MineFactory Reloaded brick, Whitestone and Blackstone recipes.
(*) Immibis Coal Bricks now have a more sane recipe. They still can't be used as fuel, though.
(-) IC2's "Iridium Ore" item no longer does anything. It can be crafted into iridum dust.
(*) IC2 Iridium Plates now take iridium ingots instead of the unique item and give you four instead of one. Yes, four plates.
(*) Molecular Transformer recipes overhauled. You can no longer transmute metals with it, nor make iridium.
(-) The IC2 Miner no longer knows of any mod ores.
(+) Thermal Expansion's Pyrotheum and Cryotheum Dust are now in the ore dictionary.
(+) Mystcraft can use all PlexTweaks material fluids in the creation of ages. Pages for the more powerful ones are disabled and every metal has a noticeable instability.
(-) ServerTools' bedrock flattener disabled. The COFHCore flattener is superior. Mystcraft's own flattener was also disabled, but COFHCore affects all dimensions.
(-) ProjectRed stained trees disabled. Their generation was abhorrent and they often appeared on top of or inside other trees.
(+) Natura's strange white glitch helmet "stick" has been removed from the ore dictionary. NEI should no longer be plagued with glitch helmets.
(*) ServerTools' /whereis command now requires the issuer to be an op.
(+) You can now make beds with a Hay Bale, as well as their original wool recipe.
(-) Removed the Sawmill recipe for beds, since you can now make them out of alternate materials.
(*) Reworked recipes for HarvestCraft blocks (the Presser and the water sources).
(+) Biomes O' Plenty planks now actually count as wooden planks in the Ore Dictionary.

(-) Removed Advanced Alloy and Carbon Fiber. Advanced Alloy's recipe disappeared with Metallurgy (and didn't respect the conservation of mass) while Molten Carbon Fiber... well, just read it aloud a few times.
(+) Railcraft Steel tools now have stats equivalent to Tinker's Construct Steel.
(+) Railcraft Steel armor had its protection buffed from 2/6/5/2 (same as Iron) to 3/7/5/3.
(+) IC2 Bronze tools now have stats equivalent to Tinker's Construct Bronze.
(+) IC2 Bronze armor had its durability multiplier buffed from 15 (same as Iron) to 19.
(-) Thermal Expansion Invar armor now has protection 3/6/5/2 instead of 2/7/5/2 and has slightly less durability.
(-) Amethyst tools and armor have been nerfed. You can no longer get 136% damage reduction from the whole set.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 7 years ago


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