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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.6.2a


HOTFIX "1.6.2a" -- PlexUpdater silently updated to solve a recurring crash issue.


Planar Exodus 1.6 apparently can't stop happening. The highlight of this version is that the recent food changes have now been rebalanced.

PlexTweaks 2.3.0 has been released. The changes are below.

Note that PlexTweaks' JAR file is no longer included in Planar Exodus. Instead, the all-new PlexUpdater is in its place. This small coremod lets you choose to auto-update PlexTweaks (and lets us update it at all) without me having to push a formal update through the Technic system. PlexUpdater also supports automatically updating PlexTweaks' config folder to the current master defaults. If you edit anything in that folder, I highly recommend you turn that setting off. It's on by default.

(-) Technically removed PlexTweaks.
(+) Added PlexUpdater.

(+) PlexTweaks ItemStack format has been expanded to allow you to specify the size of ore dictionary stacks (previously, they were always size 1). For example, "blockGold:2" is a stack of 2 Gold Blocks.
(+) recipes.cfg's new "removal" section lets you specify ItemStacks which should be made uncraftable by normal means by removing all normal recipes for them. This runs before adding recipes, so the combination of the two lets you totally redefine how an item is crafted.
(+) PlexTweaks uses a new RunPriority annotation to control module load order through the various Forge event cycles. This means the order in which the mod's features load is now very precise and documented.
(*) As part of the above change, many of PlexTweaks' modules were shuffled around in load order. This should have next to no visible effect.
(*) PlexTweaks' generic ingot texture has been changed to be Painterly's vanilla-style iron ingot.
(*) PlexTweaks' generic metal brick texture has been changed to Painterly's "industrial iron paneling" texture.
(+) PlexTweaks-generated armor items can now use their own textures if provided and pointed to in the config. Right now, you need to inject the textures into PlexTweaks itself.
(*) The Blemish's War Armor now uses Painterly Pack's "Daedric Iron Armor" texture.
(*) Summon wands no longer glitch out when thrown on the ground and now render correctly in third person.
(*) The "Efficency" config tag in MatEdit's vanilla section has been changed to "Efficiency". That is, it is now spelled correctly. This change will mess up your matedit.cfg.
(*) Edited the hitboxes of the Ethereal Drake so it uses a lot less Wing Attack and a lot more Crunch.
(*) Cleaned up a lot of PlexTweaks modules that were causing server-side issues. We have since learned to thoroughly test on server.
(*) MeltLoader no longer spams console output (It was not respecting materials.cfg's spam flag).
(*) Ozzatron's dev cape is now awarded to Ozzatron again instead of Sheer_Expanse. Silly me, changing my username for a month.
(*) explosions.cfg is now much more readable.
(+) The item ID of the PlexTweaks Rarity infobook is now a config value inside rarity.cfg.

(-) Mud is no longer a garbage tier tool material. Caused by: It no longer exists.
(-) Nergals and summoned Nergals have had their movement speed severely reduced (seriously, it was ridiculous).
(-) Nergals no longer drop absurd numbers of their carapaces.

(*) The Spice of Life diminishing returns formula has been changed to (In this plot, X is the player's current hunger value and Y is the number of times they have eaten that food recently).
(*) When you exit the grace period of 6 foods before diminishing returns begin, your food history is cleared. This means everything eaten during your grace period doesn't count for your new diminishing returns.
(*) Food history lengthened from 30 to 48 units.
(+) When diminishing returns start, Spice of Life will give you a food journal for free. They can also be crafted with 1 wheat and 1 paper.
(*) Nerfed the saturation of advanced HarvestCraft foods because they were absurdly powerful.

(+) Prometheum buffed significantly in all respects. It now requires a higher mining level, however.
(+) Prometheum is now Notable as opposed to merely Uncommon.
(+) To go with its recent buffs, Astral Silver is now Rare instead of Notable. Its attack bonus is now equivalent to Iron instead of Stone.
(+) Carmot now deals as much damage as Iron instead of Stone.
(+) Mithril buffed significantly. It still spawns in the real world, but it requires one higher mining level to mine. Ithildin and Haderoth were buffed as well.
(+) Mithril and its alloys have all been bumped up one level in rarity.
(-) Orichalcum nerfed significantly. In compensation, it requires one lower mining level to mine. Celenegil was also nerfed.
(-) Orichalcum and its alloy Celenegil have been bumped down one level in rarity.
(+) Orichalcum is now 87.5% more common, but still only spawns in Myst ages and other unreal dimensions.
(+) Brass has had its durability buffed from 15 to 125 in vanilla tools. This was an intended change in 1.6.1 but never made it through. It also got a mining speed buff -- from 4.5 to 5.0.
(*) Brass, Copper, Electrum, Platinum, Prometheum and Silver vanilla tool changes moved to Metallurgy's own configs instead of PlexTweaks MatEdit. The TCon changes are still in matedit.cfg.
(*) Fixed the recipe for the Certus Quartz Hoe (it was the same as the Certus Quartz Axe).
(+) Added a splash.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 8 years ago


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