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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.4

It's been a while once again! Thankfully for me, this update took far less time than previous, because... eh, it'll be obvious in context.

Planar Exodus is receiving another update because, as per usual reasons, there's talk amongst my friends of running another modded Minecraft server. As soon as there was conflict over whether to use TPPI or our custom pack, I realized this had to be done.

Thus, here it is! Planar Exodus 1.4. Featuring a lot of newcomers, although not without the removal of some old friends.

Config updates are yet to come as we playtest and balance things.


(+) NotEnoughKeys added. Keybinds menu is now much easier to use.
(+) FlatSigns added. The bizarre behavior of signs not letting you edit their text should be solved.
(+) InfiniBows added. Now you can fire an Infinity-enchanted bow without an arrow.
(+) ObsidiPlates added. Player and villager only pressure plates, how unique!
(+) Powersuits Addons added. Cram even more features into your improbably awesome suit of doom.
(+) ArmorStatusHUD added. You no longer need to open your inventory to monitor the durability of armor or the charge of battery packs or IC2 power armor!
(+) Extreme Vanilla Optimizations added! Soon the Lagosaurus Rex will be extinct.
(+) Blood Magic added. Everything has a price...
(+) Electro-Magic Tools added. Now your obsession with Magitek can go even further!
(+) Forbidden Magic added. A bridge between Thaumcraft and Blood Magic, completing the circle of darker arcane powers present in the mod.
(+) Tinkers' Mechworks added. Drawbridges and the Igniter, I believe. Thanks to mDiyo.
(+) Rock Crusher Dusts added. Now your Railcraft Rock Crusher won't be fussy.
(+) ServerTools added! Admin powers, HAYO!
(+) Tinkers' Construct Tooltips added. Especially with ExtraTiC and Metallurgy metals, it's good to know the exact stats of every part and tool you forge.
(+) Thaumic Reliquary added. Xeno's Reliquary is awesome. Thaumcraft is awesome. 2+2=9001.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty added! Now Planar Exodus' world gen will have some spice to it! Every corner of the world will be different.
(+) BiblioWoods BOP added. You gotta be able to make beautiful furniture out of your beautiful trees.

(-) RopesPlus removed, sorry. The custom default bow messed with a lot of things, and you couldn't fire the special arrows out of anything except for it.
(-) TF2 Dispenser removed. The blacklist for this thing was already huge enough, and even then, its ability to nonchalantly repair enchanted unobtainium tools with iron ingots was... bad.
(-) TF2 Teleporters removed. They're too cheap. Use DimDoors or Mystcraft.
(-) TF2 Sentry removed. Why keep it in if you're getting rid of the other TF2 tech?
(-) Update Checker removed. I cannot guarantee the same for your nightmares about updating Advanced Machines Addon.
(-) Steves Carts removed. I do realize it has its uses, but no one I know uses it or even thinks of using it.
(-) BiblioWoods Forestry removed. None of those trees even existed in Planar Exodus!

(-) Enchanting Plus disenchanting disabled to prevent infinite XP. Disenchanting wasn't even worth much besides the exploit considering you couldn't disenchant things that weren't "yours" as determined by the mod.
(+) The Kami switch has been flipped: Thaumic Tinkerer's absurdly powerful endgame enabled!
(*) Forbidden Magic ID conflicts
(*) Electro-Magic Tools ID conflicts
(*) Blood Magic ID conflicts
(*) Reduced the dungeon loot drop chances for Blood Magic items
(*) Biomes O' Plenty ID conflicts
(*) BiblioWoods BOP ID conflicts
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 9 years ago


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