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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.4.3

Infernal Mobs turned out to be... let's say, quite extremely overpowered in many scenarios. So I smacked it with the nerf bat, over and over. Then I made the drops off of Infernal Mobs much more interesting and useful, and then increased the chance that each elite mob would be one of the more powerful Ultras or even a full on Infernal boss! Basically, the mod is a lot more fun and a lot less frustrating now.

There were also a host of other changes.

(+) The Molecular Transformer can now craft Antimatter Explosives from Nuclear Explosives for 300,000,000 EU apiece. Boom... if you can afford it!
(+) If you accidentally macerate a diamond, the MT can put it back together for you, for 80,000 EU.
(*) Fixed the fact that the MT made 2 Necrotic Bones for every bone you put in.
(*) Fixed the fact that the MT turned gold dust into platinum ingots.
(-) Disabled the recipes for Metallurgy 3 steel tools, since they conflicted with Railcraft steel tools anyway.

(-) Disabled InfernalMobs applying to zombie pigmen, Wisps, and Pechs. These mobs are not always aggressive, and it was strange having them attack you indirectly when they were otherwise passive. Also, because elite zombie pigs are extremely powerful.
(*) Reduced some of the insane base health values for certain infernal mobs. Most notably Blazes and Endermen.
(*) With the nerfs to the Infernal Mobs and the buffs to their drops, increased the percentage of Infernal Mobs that are Ultra or full on Infernal bosses. Details below!

Previously, one in every 7 Elite mobs was an Ultra mob and one in every 7 of those was an Infernal boss, for a whopping 1/735 chance of an Infernal boss.
To give you an idea of how rare that is, it's only 11 times more common than a Shiny Pokemon.
Now, one in every 5 Elite mobs is an Ultra and one in every 3 of those is an Infernal boss, meaning one in every 225 mobs is an Infernal boss.

(-) Disabled some Infernal Mob modifiers, reasoning below:

Alchemist -- Potion effects are kinda overpowered and being able to apply them at range is even worse. Especially because the mobs never run out of potions to throw.
Darkness -- Being blind simply isn't fun.
Ghastly -- Ghast fireballs do a LOT of damage, and unlike Ghasts, Infernal Mobs do not warn you if they're going to fire one. Additionally unlike Ghasts, most Infernal Mobs are engaged at close range and there's practically no way to dodge a Ghast fireball at point blank.
Ninja -- The damage dealt by the teleporting counterattack is significant and goes through armor... which is nuts.
Rust -- This modifier interacts incorrectly with powered armor, destroying it by depleting its durability when powered armor items are meant to be indestructible. I wouldn't mind if it properly drained the powered armor, but it doesn't.
Sticky -- At best, this is not fun (who likes picking their sword back up?) and at worst, it's absolutely infuriating when a mob picks up your equipment and then fails to drop it on death.
Vengeance -- The recoil damage dealt by this modifier is so severe it makes any mob with it nearly impossible to kill.
Webber -- Would be cool if it only applied to spiders. Needless to say, it doesn't.

Vastly revamped the drop tables for Infernal Mobs. They can be found below.

- Some of the iron Balkon's Weapons
- Iron tools and armor
- IC2 Bronze tools and armor
- Railcraft Steel tools and armor
- Invar tools and armor
- Prometheum tools and armor
- Deep Iron tools and armor
- Shadow Iron tools and armor
- Fusewood tools and bow

- Iron ingots (2-4)
- Copper ingots (2-4)
- Tin ingots (2-4)
- Bronze ingots (2-4)
- Lead ingots (2-4)
- Invar ingots (1-3)
- Steel ingots (1-3)
- Gold nuggets (1-3)

- Random Thaumcraft shards (1-3 of all primal shards)
- Enchanted Fabric
- Salis Mundus (1-3)
- Thaumium ingot
- Knowledge Fragment

- Red Heart

- Some of the diamond Balkon's Weapons
- Damascus Steel tools and armor
- Black Steel tools and armor
- Shadow Steel tools and armor
- Oureclase tools and armor
- Kalendrite tools and armor
- Eximite tools and armor
- ProjectRed gem tools
- Bloodwood tools and bow

- Gold ingots (2-4)
- Silver ingots (2-4)
- Electrum ingots (2-4)
- Alumite ingots (2-4)
- ProjectRed gems (2-4)
- Platinum nuggets (1-3)

- Lots of Thaumcraft shards (8-12 of all primal shards)
- Nether and Ender shards (1-3)
- Thaumium ingots (2-4)
- Thaumium tools and armor
- Knowledge Fragments (1-3)
- Fire wand focus
- Frost wand focus
- Shock wand focus
- Excavation wand focus
- Pech's Curse wand focus
- Efreet's Flame wand focus
- Talisman of Remedium
- Hyperenergetic Nitor
- Pickaxe of the Core
- Axe of the Stream
- Shovel of the Earthmover
- Sword of the Zephyr
- Hoe of Growth

- Shadow Blade (Soul Shards 2)
- Rift Blade (Dimensional Doors)
- Amethyst Bucket (holds regenerating hot spring water)
- Hunter's Handgun
- Holy Hand Grenades (1-3)
- Coin of Fortune
- Sojourner's Staff
- Emperor's Chalice
- Salamander's Eye

- Red Heart
- Red Heart Container

- Diamond tools and armor
- Amethyst tools and armor
- Mithril tools and armor
- Orichalcum tools and armor
- Haderoth tools and armor
- Adamantine tools and armor
- Atlarus tools and armor
- Vulcanite tools and armor
- Sanguinite tools and armor
- Desichalkos tools and armor

- Diamonds (2-4)
- Emeralds (2-4)
- Amethysts (1-3)
- Uranium ore blocks (1-3)
- Iridium Ore
- Platinum ingots (2-4)
- Enderium ingots (1-3)
- Manyullyn ingots (2-4)
- (Stable) Unstable ingots (1-3)

- Ichor
- Ichorium nuggets
- Primal wand focus
- Warding wand focus
- Dislocation wand focus
- Mending wand focus
- Shadowbeam wand focus
- Telekinesis wand focus
- Explosion wand focus
- Cursed Spirit's Blade

- Portal Gun (Bacon Gun)

- Tome of Alkahest
- Witherless Rose

- Red Heart Container
- Yellow Heart
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