Platform Changelog


Feb 21 2017

  • Technic Platform is now routing full HTTPS! Yay security!
  • You can now add YouTube videos to your modpack overview. To do this, go to edit modpack and then "Pages." You will see the new area there to include a Youtube URL which will automatically embed it above your overview content.
  • More fixes for the SolderClient to prevent errors stopping modpack pages from loading entirely.
  • Cleaned out the database of a lot of orphan modpacks/comments/changelogs that were causing havoc (error wise) all over the platform.
  • Hidden modpacks will now tell search engines to not index them.
  • Small bug fixes you won't notice but were sorely needed.
  • Some very big, awesome new things are coming very soon! Hang tight!


Dec 10 2016

  • We moved our entire infrastructure to Digital Ocean! This update included significant performance improvements across the board for the Platform.
  • Fixed Solder modlist 404 error
  • Backend system supporting the solder mod list was revamped to better handle errors
  • Lots of small changes to better track our errors in our backend system Sentry. Most of this will go unnoticed but it helps us squish a lot of bugs much faster
  • Massive improvements to the mail system so less mail will get lost or not sent.
  • Platform asset system was reworked to better deliver the platforms images/javascript/stylesheets. This was a huge performance boost.
  • Removed the Discord embed from Official modpacks. Our Discord was too big and was killing everyones browsers when it tried to load it.


July 2 2016

  • Modpack page editing now parses MarkDown, instead of BBCode. All previous edits will continue to render BBCode until the next time the page is changed.
  • Technic Status Page - Keep track of the current status of the Technic infrastructure. If any major incidents occur, or if there is maintenance planned, it will be announced on the status page.
  • Two Factor Authentication! You can now secure your account with 2FA. You can enable 2FA from your "Edit My Profile" area.
  • This changelog!
  • Fixed an issue where statuses were being double posted on certain pages.
  • Moved CanVox to "Previous Contributors" on the Technic About page. :(
  • Fixed security vulnerabilities in the login system. After 5 failed login attempts, users will be temporarily locked out from the login system.
  • Fixed styling on nested statuses and comments.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the pagination would disable itself on the modpack list.
  • Fixed an issue where users couldn't create modpacks unless they had Solder enabled. Whoops!
  • Removed ugly period from the end of the reset password email.
  • Force users to to that there is no conflicting issues with cookies.
  • Temporarily removed the ability to change account emails until a better system can be implemented.


May 28 2016

  • Complete design overhaul! The Platform has been redesigned from the ground up to be more appealing and also fix usability on mobile devices.
  • Fancy new modpack list. Sort and filter quickly through modpacks. The new list also prominently features modpack art. Rewarding modpacks that put in extra effort.