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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.6.1

Planar Exodus 1.6.1: The Return of Planar Exodus 1.6!

The major changes here are a food overhaul/expansion and the logical extreme of PlexTweaks' TConstruct capabilities.


(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 2.2.1! Changes below.
(+) Added a new module, CustomSpace! Decide where the sun[s] and moon[s] go in any dimension, as well as the random seed used to generate the star map! These options are per-dimension, so the config files are in the world folder. The only thing in the main space.cfg is the spam option.
(+) MatEdit now lets you add on-hit effects and default enchantments to TConstruct materials, and on-hit effects to vanilla tools. This works the same way it does in the main materials module.
(+) There is a new Effects module that is dedicated to on-hit effects and enchantments. This functionality is doubly redundant with MatEdit's.
(+) A third category of Effects has been added: On block struck, i.e. when the player left clicks a block.
(-) Mage Summoners massively nerfed (and their textures were fixed). They should stop wrecking anyone and everyone that is within 300 blocks of a stronghold now. Speaking of which, they only spawn within 120 blocks of strongholds now.
(+) All summons now can be summoned with material costs as opposed to health. These costs can be seen in summoning.cfg.
(*) Some minor config comment updates that make things more clear, especially in rarity.cfg.
(+) rarity.cfg now sports hundreds of default rarities.
(*) The Rarity module now handles cascading rarities a lot better than it used to. Rarities specified in the config file will still never be overwritten.
(+) The Rarity module now adds default rarities for most vanilla items that should have them.
(+) Rarity now applies to damaged tools properly and tries to affect even more of the ore dictionary. It also works on hoes (it didn't earlier).
(*) The default recipe for the TConstruct Ball of Moss was removed. A replacement recipe has been put in -- it's a lot more expensive.
(+) All TConstruct materials now boast custom colors in tooltips.
(*) material_editor.cfg renamed to matedit.cfg.
(*) The Space module day length config value now actually affects the default sun and moon.

(+) Added Pam's HarvestCraft! Over 400 foods and way too many plants. At least you can cook almost anything!
(+) Added Spice of Life. With great food comes great responsibility. Every piece of food you eat brings about brutal diminishing returns. Put a little color on your plate or die trying!
(*) MobiusCore updated to version 1.2.2. Apparently that update is 14 months old. Sweet!

(-) Removed Magic Bees. Now, I didn't have anything against this mod in particular, but the problem was it depended on Binnie Core.
(-) Removed Binnie Core. This mod does nothing except dump roughly 20 unusable fluids into the fluid dictionary and register about 1400 different trees, plants and berries. Unlike HarvestCraft, none of these items did anything, nor did they spawn in the world. As of this day, NEI is now much cleaner.

(*) All TCon tools involving Metallurgy metals with effects should now have ability tooltips stating those effects.
(*) All TCon tools that grant haste now grant it when hitting blocks as opposed to entities/mobs.
(*) Quicksilver renamed to Ithildin, a Tolkein reference. Ithildin is a magical material made using mithril which could only be seen under the light of the moon or stars.
(+) Natura Nether Quartz tools are now much cheaper to craft, taking only items instead of blocks.
(-) You can no longer craft Applied Energistics quartz tools with Nether Quartz. The wrench and cutting knife can still be made with either type of quartz.
(*) Natura's lang file has been edited such that Nether Quartz tools are labeled "Nether Quartz _____" as opposed to "Quartz _____".
(*) Applied Energistics' lang file has been similarly edited so its Certus Quartz tools are more precisely named.
(-) Certus Quartz has been nerfed as a tool material both for vanilla-style tools and as a TConstruct material.
(+) Nether Quartz has been buffed as a tool material both for vanilla-style tools and as a TConstruct material.
(*) The two types of quartz now share the same stats.
(*) All the Natura Nether trees have had their woods rebalanced in terms of material stats, both for their normal tools and in TConstruct.
(-) Netherrack and Paper have had their durability severely reduced.
(-) Platinum has been slightly nerfed as a tool material.
(-) Glucydur's durability decreased from 500 to 400.
(-) Iridium and Tartarite's durability have been nerfed from 3000 to 2000.
(+) Copper has had its mining level increased to be equivalent to Iron, and its mining speed slightly buffed.
(+) Silver now comes with Smite IV, as it is a thematically holy metal.
(+) Electrum now comes with Smite II. It's half silver!
(-) The on-hit Strength buff of Atlarus has been severely nerfed. It is now only Strength I for 1 second.
(+) Astral Silver now grants Fortune I alongside Looting I when used in TConstruct tools. It also grants Smite VI. Yes, smite six. Its stats were completely rebalanced.
(+) Carmot now grants Fortune II alongside Looting II when used in TConstruct tools. Like Astral Silver, its stats were reworked.

(+) The following Metallurgy metals now spawn in the real world: Prometheum, Deep Iron, Infuscolium, Oureclase and Mithril.
(-) Deep Iron is now only 60% as common as it used to be.
(-) Infuscolium is now only 36% as common as it used to be. Not all Deep Iron should be alloyed into Black Steel.
(-) Mithril is now only 66% as common as it used to be.
(-) Prometheum is now only 40% as common as it used to be.
(-) TConstruct no longer gives you a beginner's book when you create a new world or join a server.
(-) OpenBlocks no longer gives you a "World Domination" book, similarly.
(-) Removed all the OpenBlocks radio stuff. I don't even think it worked.
(+) Useless BoP turnips can now be crafted into significantly more useful HarvestCraft turnips.
(*) All of DimDoors' itemIDs have changed because they were silently conflicting with HarvestCraft. Expect a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster at some point in the future.
(*) You can no longer molecularly transform Unraveled Fabric into ketchup. This was an unintended side effect of shuffling DimDoors IDs to make room for HarvestCraft.
(+) You can now craft horse armor.
(-) You no longer need to craft eight Shards of Minium to make the Philosopher's Stone; it is instead made directly.
(+) Re-added Railcraft's vanilla minecart track recipe. PlexTweaks is a bit too overzealous in removing Metallurgy's track recipes.
(+) You can now shapelessly craft all of Natura's crafting tables, bookshelves, fences, pressure plates and fence gates to vanilla (Oak) versions.
(*) Corrected an incredibly minor typo in the difficulty readme and updated its day length changing sections to reflect that PlexTweaks now has a Space module.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 8 years ago


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