Getting Help


If you are having account issues with the Platform or issues with the launcher not involving crashing you may contact support by clicking the link below.

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Bug Reports

If you are having an issue with a modpack crashing please submit a report on our tracker located on our forums.

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Modpack Terms

General Rules

  1. Inactive modpacks will be removed without notification.
    1. This refers to any modpack that has not been updated and downloaded in a period of time. This period of time is up to the Platform staff.
    2. Modpacks that have not been updated but are still working and being actively downloaded will not be removed.
  2. Modpacks with broken URLs or Solder links may be temporarily locked or deleted to prevent users from having problems with the Platform or the Technic Launcher.
  3. Modpacks abusing the system in any way (forcing rankings or ratings) will be immediately removed and the user banned from the Platform.
  4. Modpacks are forbidden from using any (or similar) links in their descriptions or anywhere on their modpacks pages.
  5. Technic reserves the right to remove any modpack without notification or without disclosing the reason as to why the modpack is being removed.

Modpack Names & Descriptions

  1. Modpack names/descriptions may not have any vulgar or offensive language. Breaking this term will result in a permanent ban from the Platform.
  2. Modpack names that have any official Technic modpack names will be immediately removed. (ex. Technic/Tekkit/Hexxit/Attack of the B-Team/any others)
  3. Modpacks submitted under the name of another already established modpack name will be removed.
    1. This includes modpacks on and off the Platform.
    2. It's fine to base your modpack on another, but do not use the other modpacks title in your own.
    3. Modpacks breaking this term will be deleted without notification.


  1. It is the modpack creators responsbility to gather permissions from the modders.
  2. Creating a modpack directly in spite of a modders wishes in a way to solely create drama will not be tolerated.
    1. This includes insulting modders or permissions in any way in your modpack title or descriptions.

Modpack Statuses & Updates

  1. As with titles and descriptions, using the status system in anyway deemed offensive or vulgar will result in your modpack being terminated without notification and a permanent ban from the Platform.

Technic reserves the right to change these terms at any point without notification. You can always access these terms by visiting our Help page.