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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.4.6

This is Planar Exodus 1.4.6. I almost made it 1.5, but then I remembered how huge of a change 1.4 was and I hesitated. There are three parts to this update.

---=== PART 1: ENERGY BALANCE ===---

I figured I had all the energy stuff balanced out, but it turns out I had made a gross miscalculation while working with BuildCraft oil and fuel. After checking and double checking, and then changing a lot of config settings related to IC2 to make it conform to the new rules as best as I could... well, after all that I hope Plex is a bit more energy-fair than it used to be.

The grand equation: 30 RF = 5 EU = 3 MJ.

Derived from: 1 coal in a Furnace Generator = 24,000 RF | 1 coal in an IC2 Generator = 4,000 EU.
The 10 RF = 1 MJ is a standard that's existed since Thermal Expansion first created RF.

1 RF = 0.166 EU = 0.1 MJ
1 EU = 6 RF = 0.6 MJ
1 MJ = 10 RF = 1.666 EU

The changes this results in are listed below!

(+) IC2 Lava has been buffed... again! Geothermals now produce 60 EU/t instead of 45, meaning you get 30,000 EU per bucket of lava instead of 22,500.
(+) Buffed Oil in the IC2 Semifluid Generator so instead of producing 18,000 EU per bucket, it produces 24,000. It should be 25,000 but sadly the Semifluid Generator can only output integer EU/t.
(+) Buffed Fuel in the IC2 Semifluid Generator so instead of producing 184,000 EU per bucket, it produces 248,000. It should be 250,000.
(-) Nerfed coal in the Thermal Expansion Steam Dynamo, from 32,000 RF to 24,000 RF. Equality ensured.


MT recipes continue to be the bane of my existence. Then again, they're my pride and joy, so... I'm bringing it upon myself. Detailed changes below.

(+) Added Lava Bucket to Blazing Pyrotheum Bucket for 303,333 EU. Why such a weird number? It's consistent with the energy conversions. Lava is worth 180,000 RF and Pyrotheum is worth 2,000,000 RF in the Magmatic Dynamo, so the numbers work out.
(*) Minor reorderings of the recipes.
(*) Vastly cheapened the price of Cobalt in the MT. Not sure why it was more expensive than the Tartarite upgrade. (It costs 2,000,000 less to upgrade it from iron, and 1,500,000 less to upgrade it from ferrous.)
(*) Cheapened iridium to platinum. If for some reason you don't want iridium it shouldn't cost much to turn it to something else. (1,200,000 --> 200,000 conversion cost)
(*) Expensified (that's a word now) wither skeleton skulls from 250,000 to 1,000,000.
(*) Revamped the quantum dust recipe. It only takes 1 redstone now, and costs 200,000 instead of 400,000.
(*) Fixed the diamond to amethyst recipe. Apparently "gemAmethyst" is not a real ore dictionary thing.
(*) Fixed Metallurgy recipes involving Deep Iron, Shadow Iron, Black Steel and Shadow Steel. They weren't working properly because there were spaces in the ore dictionary names, and Advanced Solar Panels didn't know how to parse that.


(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 1.3.0.
(+) Added two bucket-swapping crafting recipes: TConstruct Blood and Blood Magic Life Essence, and the two variants of liquid XP.

(+) Additional Pipes power teleport pipes now teleport 100% of power instead of 90%.
(*) Finally found the source of those annoying pickup messages in singleplayer or LAN worlds. Disabled it. It was in COFH Core.
(+) Enabled COFH head drop chance for Wither Skeletons. This may have been preventing Wither Skeleton heads from dropping naturally, although it also may not have been. I am not sure. In either case, Wither Skeleton heads should be much easier to acquire now.
(+) Buffed the harvest level of Redstone Arsenal tools from 3 ("Obsidian", equivalent to vanilla diamond tools) to 5 ("Atlarus", equivalent to high level Metallurgy tools)
(-) Disabled quite a few Florbs, mostly ones that acted strangely or that represent fluids unavailable in Plex.
(+) If you use the Railcraft Rock Crusher to process Cobalt or Ardite ore, you will no longer need to smelt those dusts in a Blast Furnace to get ingots.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 9 years ago


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