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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.5


Yes, we're finally out of 1.4. Plex 1.5 is a huge update that paves the way for an entirely new generation of changes and functionality. There are two main themes in this update: the Treebalancing of Equivalency and PlexTweaks 2.

As part of developing this update, I accidentally created Anti-Steel. Don't even ask.

Warning: This update contains Molten Carbon Fiber. Do NOT attempt to place a bucket of it. Proper physics and chemistry were completely out the window during development of PlexTweaks 2.

(+) Added Pam's Clay Spawn. Clay now spawns throughout stone. Scouring the ocean floor and manually mining clay shouldn't be the only way to acquire large amounts of it.

(-) Removed Clay Soldiers. I added it for no reason other than it was a previous player's favorite mod, and it really serves no purpose in the pack.
(-) Removed ManPackCore, because it existed only as a dependency for Clay Soldiers.

(!!!) PlexTweaks 2 is here! THE HYPE!! Details below!
(*) Code credit goes to TConstruct, ExtraTiC, FZAddons, Thermal Expansion and BuildCraft.
(+) A massive under-the-hood overhaul of all previous functionality.
(*) PlexTweaks now produces massive amounts of console output. Sorry!
(+) PlexTweaks now has an entire config folder to itself.
(+) You can now define custom TConstruct materials! PlexTweaks 2 is an ExtraTiC that you can control. It is entirely configurable, including custom armor and on-hit effects.
(*) Sprites for custom tool parts and tools were lifted from TConstruct itself. Armor and bricks textures were lifted from Metallurgy and the solid block texture was taken from Thermal Expansion.
(+) You can now define custom Smeltery item melting recipes using "smeltery.cfg".
(+) You can now define custom Smeltery alloy mixtures using "smeltery.cfg" as well.
(+) The Thermal Expansion Magma Crucible now automatically mirrors all recipes of the TConstruct Smeltery. Credit for this idea goes to Drullkus and his mod Thermal Smeltery.
(*) This means that adding custom Smeltery recipes automatically adds corresponding Magma Crucible recipes.
(+) The Magma Crucible can now have custom recipes defined for it in "crucible.cfg". Note that these recipes will NOT mirror back to the TConstruct Smeltery.

(*) Not-so-hype PlexTweaks changes:
(+) IC2 Advanced Alloy can now be created in the Smeltery according to the recipe for Mixed Metal Ingots. 3 parts iron, 3 parts bronze, 3 parts tin = 2 parts Advanced Alloy.
(+) Steel can now be alloyed in the Smeltery according to the Induction Smelter recipe. The equivalent is "1 Iron Ingot + 2 Coal Dust = 1 Steel Ingot".
(-) Iron and Manganese can no longer be combined into Steel in the Smeltery. That's not how you Steel.
(-) Iron and Manganese Dusts can no longer be combined to produce 2 Steel Dust. Ditto.
(*) There is now only one valid type of molten platinum. All recipes corresponding to "Molten Shiny" were overwritten with ones that produce equal quantities of "Molten Platinum".
(*) There is now only one valid type of molten redstone: Thermal Expansion's Destabilized Redstone.
(*) Removed all recipes for Molten Conductive Redmetal except for the one that equated to "1 iron ingot + 4 redstone".
(*) Fixed some of the Biomes O' Plenty unification recipes: hardened dirt and quicksand now work correctly.
(-) You can no longer craft saddles. They weren't that hard to get anyway.

Known issues with PlexTweaks:
(*) Custom TConstruct bows don't color correctly at all.
(*) Custom arrows and daggers don't color correctly in the world or when on item frames.

(+) The Treebalancing is here! All three Equivalency trees are now linked together. Here's a full list of new recipes:
(+) 8 Nether Quartz → 6 Iron. A proper reverse recipe for 3 Iron → 4 Quartz.
(+) 2 Clay Items → 8 Flint. This lets you turn high-EMC items down into Flint and Cobblestone.
(+) 2 Iron → 8 Obsidian. Ever wanted to make massive amounts of Obsidian with EMC? Well now you can.
(+) 3 Gold → 6 Aluminum. The main EMC tree and the copper/tin/aluminum/bronze tree are now linked.
(+) 2 Aluminum → 1 Gold.
(+) 6 Electrum → 1 Platinum. Ever found Element 78 a bit hard to acquire via scientific means? Try magic!
(+) 1 Platinum → 6 Electrum.
(+) 4 Bronze → 1 Lead. The Thermal Expansion EMC tree is now linked to copper/tin/aluminum/bronze!
(+) 1 Lead → 4 Bronze.
(+) 3 Diamond → 1 Amethyst. The MT recipe may be out, but that's because Amethysts are magical.
(+) 1 Amethyst → 3 Diamond.
(+) 2 Diamond → 10 Blaze Rod. Because 5 Blaze Rod → 1 Diamond was already there.

(-) Removed all Metallurgy fantasy metal recipes from the MT. Magical metals are changed via magical means.
(-) Removed the Diamond to Amethyst recipe in the MT. Amethysts are more magic than tech.
(-) Removed Nether Iridium Ore processing from the MT. This is now handled by either the Smeltery or the Magma Crucible.
(*) Changed the MT Cinnabar recipe to require actual cinnabar ore instead of quicksilver and changed its EU cost from 300,000 apiece to 1,000,000. If you aren't going make Gelid Cryotheum, you're going to pay a steep EU price for the ultimate Induction Smelter reagent.
(-) The MT can no longer create Reinforced Stone straight from Advanced Alloy. But,
(+) Reinforced Stone can now be shapelessly crafted as per pre-experimental IC2 versions.

(*) Adjusted the mining levels for Nether Ores a second time. Details below.
(*) Most Nether Ores now correspond exactly to their overworld counterparts.
(*) Nether Pig Iron Ore has no overworld counterpart and requires a diamond pickaxe to mine.
(*) Bizarre Nether Ores that seem to correspond to no known mods have mining level 255.
(*) Other ores that aren't in Planar Exodus but are from mods I recognize have more reasonable levels (such as Osmium requiring mining level 2 and Titanium requiring mining level 4).

(-) Baby zombies and baby pig zombies no longer spawn. They're annoying and are paradoxically far more dangerous than their adult counterparts.
(*) You no longer keep your hunger level on death, and should respawn with a full hunger bar. This should remove some of the aggravation of dying.
(*) New players on new worlds will now spawn with a Materials and You book.
(+) Forge now automatically sorts all recipes according to some internal system, meaning that NEI will now display recipes in a drastically different ordering than it used to. This has no actual effect on gameplay.
(+) You can now disenchant items you didn't enchant yourself. I finally figured out what that config switch does, and I don't see any problem with it being enabled. The infinite XP exploit is caused by disenchanting conserving levels instead of raw XP, and the config flag titled "AllowDisenchanting" doesn't do anything if you set it to false, so I see no reason to restrict disenchanting.
(*) Improved the default position of the armor status HUD on the screen. It should no longer collide with larger WAILA tooltips, while still not overlapping with the Modular Powersuits energy and heat bars. Please note that playing on a 1080p screen with "Auto" GUI scale will still cause overlaps, as the GUI is just too large and cluttered to deal with.
(*) Fixed a typo in ExtraTiC: Angmallen parts are no longer labeled as "Angamallen".
(*) ExtraTiC material chunks are now named "Shards" to correspond with vanilla TConstruct.
(*) ExtraTiC Wide Guards are now properly named Wide Guards instead of Large Guards.
(*) ExtraTiC Hand Guards are now properly named Hand Guards instead of Medium Guards.
(*) ExtraTiC Pans are now properly named Pans instead of Pan Heads.
(*) ExtraTiC Sign Heads are now properly named Sign Heads instead of Battle Signs.
(-) Disabled the Extra Utilities Obsidian recipe.
(+) Manganese has been reintroduced into the game, and Manganese Ore now spawns.
(+) FZAddons can now process Manganese Ore and the intermediate products are the right... salmon color. I don't think manganese is salmon-colored in real life...
(+) Zinc and Brass have been re-enabled in the Metallurgy config. Zinc Ore now spawns, too, so both metals are obtainable.
(+) Like Manganese, FZAddons can now process Zinc properly.
(+) Metallurgy Platinum Ore now spawns.
(*) Enabled the Metallurgy 3 switch that overrides vanilla tool and armor textures. Don't worry, vanilla armor still looks the same when worn (unlike Metallurgy's actual armors, which are pixel absurdities).
(*) Fixed the Portal Gun blacklist. As a side effect, you can no longer place portals on any Railcraft stairs or slabs, or any Factorization blocks at all. Check below for the full blacklist; to activate it, place it in your PortalGun_world.cfg in your world folder.

Portal Gun blacklist:

457: 4: 6, 466, 464, 465, 1474, 3230, 1661: 4: 9, 173, 2131: 2: 3: 4, 2504: 15: 7, 3133: 3: 9, 3134: 0: 2: 4: 6: 8: 10, 2523: 1: 2: 12, 2419: 0: 1: 8, 4013, 1467: 0, 1481: 0, 2615, 2616, 2617, 2618, 49, 217, 1973: 0, 2578, 3414: 5: 6, 2506: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7, 35: 15: 7, 163, 451: 5, 458: 2: 3: 4, 480: 0, 503, 700, 701, 707, 709, 711, 1002: 2: 3, 1005, 1282: 0, 1808: 2: 4: 8, 2013: 15: 7, 2132: 7: 15: 23: 31, 2183: 5, 2500, 2519: 15: 7, 2526, 2542, 2541, 2569, 2630, 2727, 2728, 2816, 3000, 3001, 3245: 7, 3244: 7, 3892: 15: 16: 17: 18: 19: 20: 21: 22: 23, 3948, 4071: 9: 10, 4072: 4, 4076: 4, 194: 3: 2, 2338
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 8 years ago


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