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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.6


Yep. Planar Exodus 1.6.

TL;DR -- PlexTweaks has a giant content expansion, many PlexTweaks features work more smoothly, tons of bug fixes, material rebalancing, terrain generation changes and a few minor mods removed.

Thanks to recent Technic Platform changes, Planar Exodus now notifies you that you need Java 7 and at least 2.5 GB of RAM allocated to play it properly. It is possible to play with only 2 GB of allocated RAM but it is very rough.


PlexTweaks updated to version 2.2.0, which is a huge (and work-in-progress) content expansion.

(+) New feature: Summoning! Bring anything from undead armies to ghost dragons to your side, for a price of either materials or your own blood.
(+) Summoning items can be acquired through killing Summoner mobs that spawn near or in strongholds. This is temporary and will be worked on for later versions.
(+) New feature: The Blemish! A corrupt, decaying, bloody land that spreads on its own and features its own horrors, including:
(+) Nergals. Spiders that lacerate you on attack and cause heavy stacking bleeding damage that ignores armor. Oh, and they group aggro like Zombie Pigmen and hatch from eggs like Silverfish.
(+) Turtles. While not aggressive or horrifying on their own, Turtles are very durable, boasting between 16 and 20 armor points depending on difficulty. Killing enough turtles will summon...
(+) Apesh. A tortoise god of darkness and evil, Apesh will ruin your day with endless hordes of aggressive turtles. He also does not take well to those who try to fly near him. As he has the same damage reduction as regular turtles it is recommended you fight him with damage over time effects or armor-piercing weapons.
(+) Both Nergals and Apesh drop materials used to craft powerful armor sets with unique effects.
(+) Biome Lights are anti-Blemish blocks craftable with unique blocks from biomes and Blood Parts. Placing them prevents the Blemish from spreading near them and changes nearby blocks to that biome.
(+) Custom potion effects are not complete at the moment, but they are in the game.

(+) Every one of PlexTweaks' modules now has its own logger. Fancy!
(+) Every one of PlexTweaks' config files now has a "__spam" section containing a single boolean which controls whether or not the more verbose/detailed/spammy (your choice) console output is generated. Use this to debug certain sections of PlexTweaks!
(+) For every item or block ID in PlexTweaks, you can now leave the field blank. It will be auto-filled.
(+) You can now define custom shaped recipes with PlexTweaks in recipes.cfg. No idea why this took so long to implement.

(+) PlexTweaks now dynamically calculates rarity values of everything in the game. There are hardcoded default rarities (e.g. diamonds are Rare and iron is Uncommon), although you can overwrite these in rarity.cfg.
(+) A new rarity has been added: Notable, between Uncommon and Rare. Because of this, some colors were shifted:
(*) Notable, the new rarity, is light green (taking the color of the previously-shifted Rare)
(*) Rare has been returned to its old light blue, the same as it is in vanilla
(*) Exceptional is now dark blue, blending between the light blue of Rare and the purple of Epic
(*) The rarity.cfg file now contains two sections for each rarity: "pre" and "post". The "pre" section assigns rarities before the calculator runs and should be what you usually use, while the "post" section assigns after the calculator. The "post" section is intended to let you override what the calculator says.
(+) PlexTweaks overrides default block highlighting, now using white instead of black. This is because it now highlights things with their rarity colors. Rarer blocks get thicker outlines as well. This was in a previous changelog entry, but it didn't work correctly until now!

(*) Innumerable bug fixes to PlexTweaks functionality:
(*) The game no longer crashes when non-player entities are struck by lightning.
(*) PlexTweaks armor now colors correctly. About damn time.
(*) All the PNGs in the PlexTweaks mod have been crushed, decreasing the size of the JAR significantly.
(*) macerator.cfg has been renamed to grinders.cfg. No mod discrimination!
(+) Power converters now work properly and have an upgraded tooltip to help you use them properly.
(+) The PlexTweaks Power module now has console output (previously, it was completely silent).
(-) Removed the String of the Stars (caused crashes) and the Raven's Feather (didn't render properly) from the mod. If you even knew these were in the game, props to you.
(-) Completely disabled bowstring and fletching material types. TConstruct doesn't handle them well at all.
(+) The hardness of the various default PlexTweaks material blocks and bricks has been increased.


(-) Compact Solars has been removed. Advanced Solar Panels is far more nuanced and it has other cool features like the Molecular Transformer.
(*) The splash "It's only 6,144 rubber!" remains as a memorial of the legendary HV Solar Array.
(-) Immibis Liquid XP has been removed. A duplicate of OpenBlocks Liquid XP functionality is not needed.
(*) OpenBlocks Liquid XP is now used to produce energy in the Reactant Dynamo as opposed to the Compression Dynamo.

(*) The modpack root directory now contains a new difficulty readme which gives some insight into the various ways you can play Planar Exodus.
(*) Reordered the custom splashes such that the splash reading "47" was on the 47th line.
(*) Added dozens more custom splashes.
(-) IC2 rubber trees no longer spawn. This should solve the "rubber grove" issue where certain BoP biomes meant to have no trees at all were populated with nothing but IC2 rubber trees. Not to mention, MineFactory Reloaded's rubber trees look far better. Additionally, thanks to PlexTweaks cabling, IC2 is far less rubber dependent now.
(-) As a consequence of the above, Treetaps and all their derivatives are nearly useless. IC2 rubber tree saplings should still appear in dungeon loot, though.
(-) IC2 tin ore no longer spawns, because Planar Exodus had too much tin in it.
(+) Biomes O' Plenty's "Landmass Percentage" is now 25% as opposed to 10%. This will make the world more solid as opposed to scattered fractal terrain. The default scale factor remains 6 (the same as vanilla "Large Biomes") which should produce overall landmasses over 30km in diameter. No guarantees, though.
(-) Disabled Biomes O' Plenty's thorns, poison ivy, and burning blossoms. They have no use and are not fun. Note that Wither Wart still exists -- it's acceptable because it doesn't injure you by walking onto it.
(-) Disabled the BoP Quagmire biome. This biome is a featureless, hideous brown shitstain made out of nothing but mud and brown water. If it were rare I wouldn't mind, but it seems to spawn frequently.
(*) MultiMine visuals tweaked. Blocks now wait 7.5 seconds instead of 5 seconds to begin regenerating but regenerate 10 times faster (taking only 1 second maximum to return to full strength).

(*) Advanced Alloy tools are now repaired with the ingot instead of the IC2 plate.
(-) Advanced Alloy in TConstruct has had its durability nerfed from 750 to 500, its mining speed nerfed from 8 to 6.5 and its mining level nerfed from 3 to 2. Given that it's pretty easy to make with the Smelter, it shouldn't be so powerful. The point of Advanced Alloy is to provide a Reinforced III modifier.
(-) Advanced Alloy armor has had its durability halved. It still provides great protection though!
(*) Damascine Steel's name in tooltips is now represented in dark grey instead of light grey.
(-) Damascine Steel armor and Carbon Fiber armor now have slightly lower durability.
(-) Nerfed Glucydur's harvest level from 3 to 2 and reduced it from Reinforced II to Reinforced I.
(-) Removed the hidden material #DIV/ZERO! from the game. Although the stats were tolerable, and turning things invisible for a brief moment on hit looked cool, having the translucent Unstable Ingots turn pure white looked terrible, and the molten form made no sense.
(+) Balkon's WeaponMod crossbow bolts can now be melted back down for 1/4 of an iron bar (36mB molten iron).
(+) The Railcraft Steel Anvil can now be melted down into 31 Steel Ingots.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 8 years ago


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