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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.6.5


1.6.5 is a maintenance update on 1.6.4. Nothing too major. A brief overview:

(!) Some minor changes from 1.6.4 never happened due to mistakes. These have now been implemented.
(!) Many nitpicky changes at the request of myself, ashtheking, and other players.
(!) 1.6.4's half baked spawn scattering has been finalized. Not every ATG world will drop you into Bamboo Forest now.


(+) Added a few splashes.
(*) The Planar Exodus server's Windows start script now sets the window title.

(-) Removed Powersuits Addons.
(-) Removed Pam's Clay Spawn. PlexTweaks Ore module now handles underground clay.

(+) Krios's calendar works now.
(+) Theia now has a /spawn command with many features to handle spawn points.
(+) Theia's abhorrent spawning mechanics have been replaced with a very sensible and simple system. All new players on a server will have their spawn point chosen randomly inside an N x N block grid, where N is a configurable value (default 4). This grid is centered on the world's official spawn point.
(*) While the code default for scattering is 4 blocks, Plex comes bundled with a Theia configuration that changes the radius to 30,000 blocks.
(*) Fixed the bizarre rendering error upon returning to the Overworld from any other dimension that resulted in all transparency on the planet ceasing to function properly.

(+) All missing recipes meant to be included in 1.6.4 are now in.
(*) Cobblestone stairs can now be uncrafted. There was a nasty typo that led to you being able to turn Sandstone stairs into cobble.
(-) Removed Metallurgy color specifications from FZAddons.
(+) PlexTweaks Material Guides can now be placed on BiblioCraft bookcases.
(*) All Forestry butterflies now are active at all times of day. This is for the best, because the alternative is them crashing the game.
(*) The Limbo return range has been adjusted to 30,000 blocks to match Theia's spawn scatter.
(-) World Thread is now less common when DimDoors Rifts spread and break nearby blocks.
(*) The ratio between Bamboo and Bamboo Thatching is now 2:1 instead of 4:1, to match sticks vs. planks.
(*) Amethyst (the TCon tool material) is now actually made with Amethyst gems instead of bedrock.
(*) All PlexTweaks pattern-type materials let you craft their tool parts now.
(*) The PlexTweaks Ore module now takes over dirt & gravel generation. Less but larger veins.
(+) The supercharged Gravity Gun has a rarity.
(*) The Spice of Life Lunch Box recipe makes a lot more sense.
(*) Fixed a typo that made Coal Bricks craft into fire.
(*) Gravel Bricks and Gravel Road recipes improved.
(+) Gravel Bricks can now be produced using Alkahestry.
(+) Tinker's Construct tools dropped by armored mobs are now properly damaged.
(*) HarvestCraft Flour now cooks into Bread, and HarvestCraft Dough now cooks into Toast. Bread cooks into ash. You burn the bread. NEI is a bit confused by the recipes, but trust me, it works.

(-) Redstone veins have significantly decreased in size.
(-) Greatly reduced the frequency of Certus Quartz and shifted its Y range up from 0-128 to 64-192.
(-) The Blemish is now less than 1/4 as common.
(-) Coal and Iron are now 20% less common.
(-) Copper is quite a bit rarer and Tin is slightly rarer.
(+) Gold is now 60% more common.
(+) Platinum is very slightly more common. Diamonds are 28% more common. These two are now equal.
(+) Mythical Plex-Metals now appear much more frequently, but in small vanilla-sized veins. The chance of any given chunk having at least one mythical metal deposit is 83% -- slightly less common than vanilla diamonds. (Here, Iridium is counted as "mythical" despite not being part of the mythical set).
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 7 years ago


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