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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.4.7

Welcome to Planar Exodus 1.4.7. Initially spawning out of a PlexTweaks update and an issue with Electro-Magic Tools, this update evolved into a total config sweep. There are tons upon tons of changes. Hence the gigantic list.

---=== PlexTweaks ===---

(*) PlexTweaks updated to version 1.5.0. Changes below.
(+) PlexTweaks now supports a config file! The syntax is a bit strange but it's pretty easy once you get used to it. It allows for custom shapeless crafting recipes. Most of the recipes already in PlexTweaks are now in the config file (save for those that close exploits, which are still hardcoded).
(-) Removed the shapeless crafting gem unification recipes. These are now covered under the Forge Ore Dictionary Converter.
(-) Removed the silly and esoteric IC2 recipe to get more iron. (5 copper dust + 4 tin dust = 1 tiny pile of iron dust). This was removed because it was confusing DynEMC.
(*) Fixed another Equivalency issue. You can transmute 3 iron into 4 Nether Quartz, and now those 4 Nether Quartz transmute back to 3 iron instead of 1.
(+) Added Dried Dirt to Dirt as a shapeless crafting recipe.
(+) Added the ability to deconstruct horse armor into 6 of whatever material it's made of.
(*) Fixed a typo in the /stoptherain command.

---=== General / Miscellaneous ===---

(*) Updated Electro-Magic Tools to 1.0.9e -- the version used in TPPI. This fixes a TileEntity error relating to Saxum Generators.
(+) Expanded the capabilities of the Forge Ore Dictionary Converter to allow it to convert gems, crystals, nuggets, and rubber.
(-) Deleted some unnecessary config files (Calclavia.cfg and Resonant Induction.cfg)
(*) BuildCraft pipes are now four times harder to break. Should prevent you from accidentally shattering several of them at once with one click.
(-) Forestry Copper and Tin Ore no longer spawn in new chunks. This will reduce the amount of copper and tin in Planar Exodus (it was rather crazy high with 3 mods all generating those ores).
(*) IC2 Nuclear Reactor chambers are now crafted with lead plates instead of copper plates. Since lead has just about 0 uses in IC2 and copper is used for the ubiquitous Circuit, I figured this was more fair.
(*) Additional Pipes Phased Kinesis Pipes ACTUALLY transmit 100% power instead of 90%.
(*) ComputerCraft Turtles no longer need fuel. I dare you to use them to their full potential.
(*) Reduced the range at which you can see damage indicators from 30 blocks to 20.
(*) Cheapened the energy costs of using Applied Energistics fluid import/export/storage buses. The lowest level (20 mB/t) is free now.
(*) Forbidden Magic Wrath Cages can now imprint on any non-boss mob. This could cause crashes, so it might be reverted.
(-) Hardcore Ender Expansion's music disabled because it was loud, strange, and unfitting.
(*) IndustrialCraft 2 Quantum Leggings speed boost is now activated with the boost key instead of by sprinting. This means you can now sprint with a QSuit without engaging ludicrous speed.
(+) The OpenBlocks Elevator can now search up and down up to 255 blocks instead of just 20.
(+) PortalGun loot can be spawned in strongholds, mineshafts, and desert temples in addition to in dungeons.
(*) The Railcraft Rock Crusher now attempts to use IC2 crushed ores instead of Thermal Expansion dusts whenever possible.
(*) Set the ratios properly in the config file for Universal Electricity conversion.

-- Applied Energistics --

(*) The default unit for displaying energy in an ME-net is now EU instead of MJ.
(+) You can now add twice as many wireless extenders to an ME-net.

-- BiblioCraft --

(+) You can now place blank books on bookcases and other places that accept books.
(*) Text drawn in world tooltips is now shown with a drop shadow to enhance readability.

-- Biomes O' Plenty --

(-) Disabled Liquid Poison lakes. !@#$ those things. Just like Sewage and Sludge.
(+) Enabled the Deadlands biome. Old Biomes O' Plenty worlds may become chunk error graveyards.
(*) BOP style worlds now use Large Biomes sized biomes. See above about chunk errors.

-- Carpenter's Blocks --

(*) Slopes are now ultrafluid (smoothness 20 instead of 2). This means they're actually slopes instead of retextured stairs.
(*) The Carpenter's Hammer and Chisel can no longer be damaged. Seriously, what's the point in needing to replace them?

-- ChickenChunks --

(-) Non-op players can no longer access the chunk viewer. This is to prevent people from using it to scout out chunkloaded bases.
(*) Extra dimensions are not all reloaded on server restart. This should help with server performance.

-- Electro-Magic Tools --

(+) Electric tools can now be used in the Arcane Bore. Go grab that Iridium Drill...
(+) Saxum Generators now produce 1200 EU per Saxum essentia instead of 350.
(-) Decreased the extreme movement capabilities of the Nano and Quantum Boots of the Traveller.

-- ExtraTiC --

(*) Changed the ratio of Iron + Manganese to Steel. This has absolutely no effect on gameplay because manganese is disabled.
(+) Enabled support for Biomes O' Plenty. Amethyst is now a valid TConstruct material.
(+) Enabled "fun stuff" support. Pokefennium and Fairy are now materials. Is it fun? You decide.

-- MineFactory Reloaded --

(-) Conveyor belts will never grab Thaumcraft Golems now.
(+) The Fertilizer will now use bonemeal in addition to the mod's own fertilizer.
(+) Buffed meat ingots.
(-) FINALLY disabled sludge and sewage lakes. !@#$ those things. They're hideous and serve nearly no purpose. Sadly, this cannot be done retroactively.
(+) Enabled the Sacred Rubber Sapling as rare Jungle Temple loot. If you know what this item does, you know how to react.
(*) Cheapened the MFR Chunkloader. It's an intense competition when you've got Teleport Tethers and Dimensional Anchors!

-- Modular Powersuits --

(*) Standardized the treatment of the three energy types (EU/MJ/RF) to be in line with the rest of Planar Exodus.
(+) Doubled the base heat capacity of a Modular Powersuit.
(+) Salvaging a Powersuit component will give you the materials 100% of the time, not just 90%.
(-) Disabled Universal Electricity recipes. Planar Exodus doesn't have Mekanism, so they aren't really relevant.
(-) Disabled custom font since it can oftentimes look strange.

-- Nether Ores --

(*) Removed the requirement for a furnace or macerator/pulverizer recipe to spawn Nether Ores. This means that Nether Iridium will now spawn (It was forced, but I'm not sure it was spawning).
(-) Nerfed Nether Lapis Ore. It now only macerates into 12 lapis instead of 24. Why? Because lapis is quite common in the Nether and total overloads of lapis lazuli aren't cool.
(+) Buffed Nether Saltpeter Ore. It now macerates into 24 instead of 10, keeping it in line with other dust ores. Also because Nether Saltpeter isn't exactly all that common.
(*) Revamped the mining level requirements for Nether Ores. You shouldn't notice unless you were using a low-tier pickaxe to try and mine Nether Diamonds or somesuch.

-- Railcraft --

(+) World Anchors and Personal Anchors no longer need to be fueled with Ender Pearls.
(-) No longer checks for new versions online.
(+) Made Steel more common in dungeon loot.
(+) Increased the number of torches you get from making them with wool and creosote oil.
(+) Sped up the Blast Furnace greatly to make it competitive with Thermal Expansion's ability to make steel via the Induction Smelter.
(+) Steam Locomotives will now deal extreme roadkill damage on collision with mobs.
(+) Tunnel Bores are now eight times faster. This should offset their high fuel costs.

-- Simply Jetpacks --

(+) Armored jetpacks no longer lose power when damaged. The jetpack is a separate thing from the armor, it shouldn't lose power! This isn't power armor!
(*) The HUD now shows the exact amount of RF in the jetpack.

-- Thaumcraft --

(*) The Portable Hole focus can now pass through iron doors and CANNOT pass through forcefields.
(+) Boosted research caps for Thaumcraft, both per item scanned and total research points gained.

-- Thermal Expansion --

(-) Removed Machinist's Workbenches' capability to be a secure inventory ala a Strongbox.
(-) Removed the ability to use Destabilized Redstone and Energized Glowstone in the Reactant Dynamo.
(*) Energized Glowstone no longer condenses back into solid Glowstone until it hits the ceiling of the world (Y level 254).
(-) Machine Frames can no longer be made with steel, only iron. Someone got confused and thought they needed steel for Machine Frames, so I figured this should be done.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 9 years ago


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