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Planar Exodus Classic Version FinalMix

created by Ozzatron on Minecraft 1.6.4
This modpack is hidden and will not show up in the modpack index.

Planar Exodus Classic updated to version 1.5.2

Welcome to Planar Exodus 1.5.2. So close to 1.6, and yet so far.
This will be the last update before 1.6.

(*) Shortened Planar Exodus' window title to simply "Planar Exodus".

(*) PlexTweaks updated to an early version of 2.1.6. Changes below.
(+) Half-baked content for big future updates is now in the mod. It doesn't interface with the normal game in any way, don't worry. Feel free to mess with it in Creative Mode!
(*) PlexTweaks rarities updated. Noteworthy was removed and replaced with Exceptional, which was placed in Rare's old spot (Rare got demoted to level 2 instead of 3). This means that all items that use the vanilla EnumRarity "Rare" now have green names instead of light blue, such as enchanted books and most of Applied Energistics' items.
(+) Block highlight boxes are now colored based on that block's rarity, with non-Common blocks getting a thicker outline.
(*) The Far Lands now are set by default to start 128,000 blocks away instead of just 12,800. This is both reflected in Planar Exodus' default config and in the mod itself (generating a new config will also give you 128,000).
(-) PlexTweaks no longer attempts to mirror Macerator recipes onto the Pulverizer.

(+) New default Macerator and Pulverizer recipes: Glass to Sand and Hardened Clay to Clay, respectively.
(+) With the new hazards module, environmental hazards are now significantly more dangerous in Planar Exodus.
(!) Damage dealt by hot fluids (e.g. lava, molten gold) now IGNORES STANDARD ARMOR. You have been warned. Protection and Fire Protection enchantments will still help, the latter significantly.
(!) Lightning bolts are now extremely deadly. On top of their vanilla 5 hearts of fire damage and 8 seconds of being lit on fire, they cause an additional 10 hearts of Lightning damage (a new damage source).
(!) The additional 10 hearts of Lightning damage IGNORES STANDARD ARMOR. It is increased by 50% (to 15 hearts) if you are in rain or in water. The regular Protection enchantment might help somewhat. Maybe.
(!) These lightning changes apply to all sources of lightning: weather, Mystcraft Charged worlds, the various forms of Mjolnir and the Modular Powersuits Lightning Summoner.

(+) PlexTweaks now adds its own forms of IC2 cable that use fused quartz as an insulator instead of rubber. In reality, fused quartz is 100,000 times more insulating than rubber, and 1,000 times more than air.
(*) The EU/t and loss values of PlexTweaks cables were based on real-life conductivity data of the metals in question. Before you mention it, yes, I know graphene is not a metal.
(!) Because IC2 Experimental has many old features disabled, no cables have loss values, despite being programmed to. This is true of vanilla IC2 cables as well.
(*) 12 cable materials are supported for cabling. In order of decreasing resistance: Steel, Lead, Bronze, Aluminum Brass, Iron, Brass, Zinc, Aluminum, Gold, Copper, Silver, and Graphene.
(*) The texture for the metal in the cable was taken from IC2's HV cable. The fused quartz sheath texture and the item textures are original.

(+) PlexTweaks now features power converters! Based off of PlexTweaks cabling, these handy items convert between RF, EU and MJ at Planar Exodus' proper ratios.
(*) Power converters attach to all EU/RF/MJ objects except for other power converters.
(*) There are 6 tiers of converter: Lead, Iron, Copper, Gold, Silver and Graphene.

(-) Because lightning is now so absurdly powerful, the Storm modifier on Infernal Mobs has been disabled.
(-) Nerfed the base health of infernal Jungle Spiders. You know, those tiny annoying spiders that blind you? Yeah. Elite versions of those have a base health of 4 instead of 54.
(-) Nerfed the base health of Infernal versions of Thaumcraft Angry Zombies from 40 to 25 to correspond to their actual maximum health.
(-) Nerfed the Extra Utilities Ender Generator and Heated Redstone Generator by a factor of 10. Ender Pearls only give 200,000 RF apiece and 1000mB of Destabilized Redstone now only gives 1,600,000 RF.
(-) Removed the Molecular Transformer's ability to turn Lava into Blazing Pyrotheum.
(+) OpenBlocks Liquid XP can now be used to generate RF in the Thermal Expansion Compression Dynamo, as per Immibis LXP. It produces 1,000,000 RF per bucket, just like LXP.
(+) Creosote Oil is now a valid fuel in the Compression Dynamo, producing 150,000 RF per bucket. Not bad!
(-) Most of the Thermal Expansion Reactant Dynamo fuels have been disabled. If you want to make power with Destabilized Redstone, do it using the Heated Redstone Generator. The ones that remain are listed below:
(*) Forestry Biomass for 125,000 RF per bucket
(*) Energized Glowstone for 800,000 RF per bucket
(*) Forestry Seed Oil for 75,000 RF per bucket
(-) Portal Guns can no longer spawn in dungeon loot.
(-) Regular steel now only has 500 base tool durability instead of 750, to reflect how easy it is to make. It also now only has the mining level of diamond tools (Yes, it was one higher previously). Insert some comment about jet fuel here.
(-) Damascine Steel now only has 800 base tool durability instead of 1000.
(-) The Extra Utilities Energy Transfer Node has been disabled for violating PlexTweaks energy standard.
(+) MFR Lava and Oil Fabricators have actually been buffed; one slightly, the other massively. Both now produce their respective fluids for their exact energy values and thus can be used for inter-mod power (turn RF into lava, turn lava into EU or somesuch).
(*) Additional Pipes' Waterproof Pipes have been renamed to Fluid Pipes to be consistent with newer editions of BuildCraft.
Ozzatron posted a changelog update for Planar Exodus Classic 8 years ago


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