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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

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Type in the modpack name (Craft & Slash RPG) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Craft & Slash RPG from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Craft & Slash RPG Version 2.0.1

created by TheEpicModPack on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
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Who likes giant golems?
TheEpicModPack 2 years ago
I love this mudpack but there are some obvious bugs with it. Level mod does not work, I have tried to make a new world ect, I have 12 levels but it doesn't ask me to choose a class. Another bug has to do with the inventory system, sometimes all the icons in the inventory disappear (the items are still there). Goes for both inventories (I and E keys). Great but has some things that it needs to work out.
IRanOutOfNames 2 years ago
I think all of those problems will be fixed with the new update, and I don't think level up has been supported for a long time now.
Posted by minewarrior1208 2 years ago
Levels and level up are both out, there will be a different sort of skill system in the new update. There doesn't seem to be any fix for the inventory issue, that seems to be an issue with only some people's PCs, as I have yet to be able to reproduce it.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Oh interesting... Thanks for clearing up the level up situation. And I will look forward to the new skill system! This is by far one of my favorite RPG modpack and is one of my favorite modpacks of all time. Keep up the good work!
Posted by IRanOutOfNames 2 years ago
Here's a sneak peek of some of the new bosses, as well as the new main town!
TheEpicModPack 2 years ago
I love the model for that frog looking thing!
Posted by TShock_Da_Squid 2 years ago
Your server doesn't work, and every time I try to make/open a world, the game crashes. Please fix this so I can play it, it seems pretty fun but I never got the chance to play it.
TShock_Da_Squid 2 years ago
I think he is working on a huge update right now, it should work after that is released.
Posted by minewarrior1208 2 years ago
Forgot to mention that the server is a private whitelisted one anyways, so you cant really play it.
Posted by minewarrior1208 2 years ago
The "official server" has been gone for a long time, the owners abandoned it. I will be removing it from the list when the new update is out. If anyone else starts a server, I'll put that in the official listing instead, but I doubt anyone will be making one until after the update, as it is going to change a ton of things.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey Epic, any idea on how long it will be before the new update drops?
minewarrior1208 2 years ago
Not sure really, it depends on how much content I decide to put in before I release the first batch of content. I'd say in a week at the soonest, 2 weeks or so at the longest. I keep making more work for myself by adding new features, lol. There will be skills to train etc now as well as special armor types, among many other new additions.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
I am Vietnamese and I know very little English I apologize for the many misspellings
vananhtp2000 2 years ago
I love playing RPGs Its story must be good There are many tasks Such as mission: Rescue the villagers , Defeat the boss ,Defeat the monster
vananhtp2000 2 years ago
You're going to love the next update then, because that is exactly what I am doing, lol. There will eb towns, bosses, merchants, quests, and all that good stuff. The next update is going to be huge. It will add pre-built indestructable areas for quests and bosses etc., as well as still letting players go out and build/mine/explore the world as usual, then come back to town and trade your items and do quests etc.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
You can create maps . and Create plot for mods So mods will be great and be downloaded by many people
vananhtp2000 2 years ago
create Story
Posted by vananhtp2000 2 years ago
This new update is going to be insane! Some features that are being added are: - A full economy, with well over 100 items you can buy and sell via merchant NPCs - A hub town, filled with Traders, quests, and some dark secrets - Dungeons and bosses. Full, immersive dungeons leading up to complex boss fights. Keys to these dungeons drop from rare monsters out in the world, and can be found in loot chests in the world. - Companions that can be hired to assist you in combat. Having trouble with a boss fight or dungeon? Maybe hiring a golem that can guard you and weaken monsters will do the trick! - Infrastructure for future updates. This update is being designed in a modular format that will allow future updates to easily expand upon it, adding new bosses, dungeons, quests, NPCs, and allowing me to easily fix issues reported by players, and tweak the balancing. - Cosmetic pets, secrets, upgrades for existing gear, lotteries, extremely informative guides in the form of NPC dialogue, and so much more! And all of this is without losing anything from the current content and playstyle of the modpack, this is not a switch to a "pre-built world" model, just adding some content to the current experience. An important note: Most current worlds will NOT be compatible with the new update! The new update will include pre-made worlds that must be used to start a new world. These worlds are new and random just like a new world, but include many folders and zones needed to properly run the new content, and old worlds and worlds generated by pressing the "new world" button in minecraft will not. That said, it is possible to update existing worlds to include the new content for those who really need to, but this will only be possible for worlds where your important built areas are built far from spawn (several thousand blocks away). However, with the number of balancing changes coming to this modpack, I strongly recommend playing a new world when the update is released anyhow.
TheEpicModPack 2 years ago
Found another issue, I finally got the item pickup issue fixed by deleting the world and making a new one but on this new world frost jackalopes are spawning in such high numbers that my game is running at 1fps with 6gb of dedicated ram to minecraft. i cant kill them faster than they spawn
brainscatter13 2 years ago
Wow, that's a really unusual issue, I have no idea what would cause that. Make a new world (just as a test) and see if you have the issue with those mobs (fly around in creative and check, this will let me know if this is a regular issue I need to fix for the next update). To fix the problem on your current world, download this file: and put it in your config folder for the modpack (.technic\modpacks\craft-slash-rpg\config). That will stop all frost jackalopes from spawning, and I am pretty sure it will also delete any current ones in your world. Let me know if there are any other issues, hope this fixes your world!
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hi there, sorry to bother you but I am running into an issue where every time i open any menus but my inventory i can no longer pickup dropped items until i quit and relog. Any ideas on what could be going wrong?
brainscatter13 2 years ago
eh ... can't launch the pack :< im so sad ? help?
Xehala23 2 years ago
I'll need more info than that to help. In your technic launcher options, check the box that says "show console". When you launch the modpack and it fails, check what it says in there and tell me (use pastebin if you're going to copy+paste to avoid spamming the comments).
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Greetings, would millenaire mod work in server version? How would everything play out? I have few friends whom want to play craft n slash together, so we think making our own private server for that would work out the best, would whole excellent package of mods work for us that way?
Hellunit 2 years ago
This is one of the only servers out there where millenaire actually works 100% on multiplayer, so you definitely can! It works about the same on multiplayer as single player.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Oh my god Hip, I thought I'd never see you again
orangecaleb04 2 years ago
I'm always somewhere, lol.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Could you possibly replace the level up mod with chaos craft or danger rpg? those two mods are much better role play mods, and are highly configurable.
Jbird2189 2 years ago
I'm not seeing how chaos craft would replace level up exactly?
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
hey THEEPICMODPACK ik this is off the mod pack topic but what happened to terrorcraft it cant be downloaded anyomre
littledm1 2 years ago
The server is not up, so the pack is down (can;t play it without the server anyways). I just don't have good enough internet to run the server these days.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey Chris ! Remember me ? Nick: kubaker - I used to be an admin+Builder on TheEpicModpack,Pixelmon,TerrorCraft , i wanted to contact you for ages didn't knwo you're doing a new pack , i messaged you on facebook , please reply :)
lefthander 2 years ago
Hey Kubaker. I don't check messages on fb much, but I do check in here from time to time.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
Fantab Mod, finally what I have been looking for. Question: Why did you remove Level Up? Read about it in the getting started guide, was looking forward to it... got to level 20 or so and went to look and found it missing, does it cause issues or can I re-add it?
80hd 2 years ago
It caused a few issues. There were some crashing bugs, as well as an item dupe bug that was affecting servers a lot.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
How am i supposed to get white-listed on the new official server? Whenever I try to join, it instantly kicks and says i'm not white-listed. Help please?
minewarrior1208 2 years ago
The only server currently in the official listing is a privately owned server, so they may have switched to whitelist only unfortunately. None of the servers are managed by me.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator
One of my preferred packs, but it's missing a couple of things that would simplify and improve the experience. I personally added Treecapitor to my pack, but I also greatly enjoyed Mystcraft in other ones.
SeroRamai 2 years ago
Treecapitator was left out because tinker's construct adds lumber axes thet do the same thing. Mystcraft causes problems due to all the dimensions we already have,
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator

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