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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Craft & Slash RPG) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Craft & Slash RPG from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Craft & Slash RPG Version 2.0.1

created by TheEpicModPack on Minecraft Version 1.7.10
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Bring Terrorcraft back :( I was going to suggest it to SkyDoesMinecraft and Unspeakable Gaming, especially since they were accepting MC mod servers to play
TheDominoEffect_ 1 year ago
I want to play it so bad in a server, but it won't download! I guess I got my hopes too high but I still think this will be good.
Poliwag432 1 year ago
The launcher says the link is broken and I cant download it
Rioting_Ronin 1 year ago
Know this is late, and the mod author probably rather busy and away, but I have a quick question. The Nevermine version in this modpack is rather old. If I simply replace it with the new one, will it still work? (Aka. Advent of Ascension)
Rockfilip 1 year ago
Anyway to download just the original map?
AntonioIII 1 year ago
Hey, I was playing the main world and my PC crashed mid game and now when I try to play the world it crashes but I can still play on worlds that I create. Please Help! I don't know where else to post this. Here is the first few lines of the crash report: ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // I feel sad now :( Time: 8/29/18 12:07 PM Description: Exception in server tick loop java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -7 at
AntonioIII 1 year ago
Trying to run/open the game from the technic launcher and after I click play nothing happens. Waited for about 10 minutes and still nothing occurred. Could I get some insight on this?
Merpy 2 years ago
Is there anyway to add OptiFine to the modpack manually? Every time I try to the modpack crashes and sends me back to Technic launcher
Gamerthane 2 years ago
i have some suggestions for you to do, 1, with the server you should try to turn it into an open world with randomized bosses and dungeons (that would take a lotttta work but maybe you could find a modder) 2, remove the warmth effect because its impossible to play normally without having to set yourself on fire or stand next to fire on a constant bases(i believe the updated version of the mod has it gone)3, gt rid of the ban on some items like enchant table, brewing stands, and normal golden apples(being able to enchant weapons and Armour doesn't affect the gameplay much and same with potions, potions also are required in some recipies as are golden apples such as the 2nd extra modifier for tinkers construct weapons). and last but not least since ill come up with more probably is give the warpstone to the player because it isn't craftable and i couldn't find it anywhere, there is no real point to the waystones which would be extremely useful without it, good luck with youre last bunch of collage and great work on the pack so far, with a little work i think it would belong on the top packs page
[email protected] 2 years ago
oh and also theres a huge problem with betweenlands, with nothing that should be slowing my pretty decent laptop down when i enter the dimension its a void that i constantly fall through that will load after like half an hour and even then it has unplayable amounts of glitching and lagging around, i quit to try and fix it but was forced to lose all progress and everything when the pack refused to open or work at all
Posted by [email protected] 2 years ago
I hath made a server and am looking for staff because I don't know what I'm doing xD I've also made a Discord for it IP for server itself is
Midnyte18 2 years ago
Brewing stands are banned? How are we supposed to make potions? Also, so are Golden Apples. That was annoying to waste gold for nothing. Had to use golden carrots to breed horses
Munaus 2 years ago
would be great if there was a complete list of banned items so we know what we can't create, to avoid loosing vital items.
Posted by Munaus 2 years ago
Glass bottles with water in them will turn into a banned potion when I get to a crafting table. I cannot make the altar for Witchery
Posted by Munaus 2 years ago
Hello, I been hearing a lot of good things about this mod pack and it looks really nice. I was just wondering if there was a multiplayer server for it? I would really like to play with other people, not just by myself.
LoneFalcon 2 years ago
I recalled someone posting this on a youtube comment from a video of this pack. That was a year ago so I don't know if they still run it.
Posted by Munaus 2 years ago
Hey I love the modpack, but I'm wondering if it's gonna be updated so it uses the latest version of Advent of Ascension? I believe the mod is currently using AoA 2.0 and the latest version is 2.4.B
Drakinator0123 2 years ago
the animal trainer in the spawn hub, does the horse spawn egg he sells only spawn vanilla horses? Or is it a 50/50 that it could also spawn Dr. Zharks' horses? I hate the vanilla and really want to get the flying ones. Managed to find a small herd down south in world 1, but I need more variety to get tier 4 horsies. I also found an elephant down south, for those looking for one.
Munaus 2 years ago
Not sure if this is important, but in craft-slash-rpg\config\Chocolate\DungeonConfig\Ruins\Ruins1.prop, you misspelled "unique" in the code. I don't think it is, since you play on a pre-loaded world, but I thought I would mention it just in case.
WalrusAttack123 2 years ago
could you possibly make a discord server where all of us could collaborate? there's so many things I don't know and it would be nice with a place where we could all chat about this pack
Munaus 2 years ago
Nice idea ;)
Posted by kettycheck 2 years ago
Millenaire need to be updated! :) Cool pack, by the way. Is there any way to translate Lobby?
kettycheck 2 years ago
I accidentally threw my warpstone out and a goat instantly ate it, but there doesn't appear to be any crafting recipe for them in NEI. How can I get my warpstone back?
gavdav 2 years ago
I've been playing for the past week, and I found a couple bugs. First, buckets of smeltered ore liquid are banned, in particular I lost an entire bucket of infusicolium. Second, the villager Harry, seems to be invisible in his house. Anyways, I like the modpack so far, although I feel like cheats should be enabled.
Posted by gavdav 2 years ago
Just played this. i LOVE that you took the time to make a MP map, has a Fighting Fantasy feel ( good ol city of thieves ) but the music has to go. would love to see a more quest based system ( start outside or a bit away from town, and your first quest is to get there etc ) this pack is amazing and has such atmosphere, really sets the mood from the start, but when i joined i was running around looking for quests, then made my way back to start :) I think this has LOADS of potential, im working on a MP server right now, hosted with clanforge but hoping it works. 9/10 from me ( point lost for damn music! ) keep this up! might so a video on it ( don't get hyped, only have 1k ish subs ) good job sir!
editutes 2 years ago
Let me know if you make the server! I'd love to join it!
Posted by Slyson03 2 years ago
It'd be nice if it were possible to remove the freezing to death mechanic that seems to be in the Nevermine mod. Some stuff in there is cool so completely removing it would be a waste. But an option to have the freezing be optional would be nice! :)
JustChris 2 years ago
I agree, but unfortunately it is not possible. A lot of issues led to me using that version of the mod (with freezing) and removing it would mean losing a ton of important content. Just bring some tea with you on your nighttime adventures and it wont cause much trouble, and later in the game there is a set of gear that completely disables cold.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 2 years ago | Modpack Creator

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