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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Craft & Slash RPG) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Craft & Slash RPG from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Craft & Slash RPG Version 2.0.1

created by TheEpicModPack on Minecraft 1.7.10
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Millenaire need to be updated! :) Cool pack, by the way. Is there any way to translate Lobby?
kettycheck 6 years ago
I accidentally threw my warpstone out and a goat instantly ate it, but there doesn't appear to be any crafting recipe for them in NEI. How can I get my warpstone back?
gavdav 6 years ago
I've been playing for the past week, and I found a couple bugs. First, buckets of smeltered ore liquid are banned, in particular I lost an entire bucket of infusicolium. Second, the villager Harry, seems to be invisible in his house. Anyways, I like the modpack so far, although I feel like cheats should be enabled.
Posted by gavdav 6 years ago
Just played this. i LOVE that you took the time to make a MP map, has a Fighting Fantasy feel ( good ol city of thieves ) but the music has to go. would love to see a more quest based system ( start outside or a bit away from town, and your first quest is to get there etc ) this pack is amazing and has such atmosphere, really sets the mood from the start, but when i joined i was running around looking for quests, then made my way back to start :) I think this has LOADS of potential, im working on a MP server right now, hosted with clanforge but hoping it works. 9/10 from me ( point lost for damn music! ) keep this up! might so a video on it ( don't get hyped, only have 1k ish subs ) good job sir!
editutes 6 years ago
Let me know if you make the server! I'd love to join it!
Posted by Slyson03 6 years ago
It'd be nice if it were possible to remove the freezing to death mechanic that seems to be in the Nevermine mod. Some stuff in there is cool so completely removing it would be a waste. But an option to have the freezing be optional would be nice! :)
JustChris 6 years ago
I agree, but unfortunately it is not possible. A lot of issues led to me using that version of the mod (with freezing) and removing it would mean losing a ton of important content. Just bring some tea with you on your nighttime adventures and it wont cause much trouble, and later in the game there is a set of gear that completely disables cold.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
The modpack is impossible to download for some reason. It gives this message: Error Downloading a file for the following pack: Craft&Slash RPG failed to download Please consult the mod author
Drevart 6 years ago
The link it working for me. It may have been a hiccup in your internet. try again now that some time has passed. If it still happens, it is likely an issue with your firewall (let java and technic through it).
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Been playing this modpack for a long time, came back to it. Notice much has been updated from having a resource pack and much more! Still learning everything. But I encountered a glitch of some sort and my friends have currently been encountering it too. It pops up on the screen and spams where you aren't able to mine anything because it keeps acting like you are looking at a different block and resets the progression on the block mining over and over again. It says Fireball and underneath just says Minecraft. But I was in the middle of the forest trying to mine coal that spawned above ground. So we have to close the entire pack and restart it to fix the issue.
disablingbabe 6 years ago
Sounds odd. Make sure to copy what your server log says and paste it in pastebin so I can take a look at whats happening next time it happens.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
i like the mod pack because i couldnt figure out how to not freeze to death i even jumped into fire and it wouldnt stop if anyone can tell me how to not freeze i would love to play the pack more
cdog5125 6 years ago
Drink tea (speak to the survival guide right where you spawn in town). Standing next to a fire will warm you, it takes a second though and it may not help if you are already dying from cold. There is also a set of armor that makes you immune to cold.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey chris , if i paid for a server , would you help me build it up like in the good old days ? ( after ur college) msg me on fb if interested ill text u 'KUBAKER' there now .
kubaker 6 years ago
Do you mean for this Modpack or something else?
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Yes for this modpack
Posted by kubaker 6 years ago
I'd be happy to help with it, though you would have to host it from your own PC with a good internet setup (high upload speed). Hosting via a hosting service will not likely work with this modpack.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
hey this is kubaker from my other account i forgot password for kubaker xD , cant i just get a dedi and we make it there ? or / and if u dont want to we can make TheEpicModpack Reborn xD id be happy to work on it and id get us builders ect
Posted by lefthander 6 years ago
I can't get the server to run: Error occurred while enabling SimpleAttributes v1.0 (Is it up to date?) java.lang.RuntimeException: ParseError at [row,col]:[1,1] Message: Premature end of file.
dracozny 6 years ago
Simple Attributes is something I use when creating content, but it should be fine to remove it. Delete Simple Attributes from the plugins folder and you should be good to go.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
is there something like a guide for this modpack? and how i can see my skills when i press "I" there comes only a few bubbles on the map.
RYU_Bloodymare 6 years ago
The bubbles are the skills. If you want more info on them, I would suggest going to the skill masters building (the big tree house near where you spawn in town). There are NPCs there with info about all the skills, and how to train them etc.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Is this single player only?
Souldoubt 6 years ago
Nope, it is fully multiplayer compatible. If you want to play multiplayer, I'd recommend downloading the server pack rather than playing LAN, as the server will allow multiple players to loot all the chests, where LAN will not.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Question before I decide to get this pack; Is there a server?
Slyson02 6 years ago
No server, as it is up to the community to start one and there isn't any (that I am aware of) atm. However, it is fully multiplayer compatible and there is an official server pack, so you can feel free to start a server of your own.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Another question xD why does it seem like all potions are banned? Shouldn't I have a choice to use what I want in singleplayer?
Midnyte18 6 years ago
It is a general balancing thing. When designing the bosses and dungeons for the late-game, I found I either had to balance them assuming players would have every potion buff available in the modpack on (A lot), or just reduce the number of potions and balance with that in mind. I went with the latter as it is more fun to fight bosses etc. without needing to keep 8 potions up all the time in order to kill the boss. That said, there are plenty of potions in the game that can still be made, and I have plans to possibly add more of them back into the game in the future at higher tiers. The potions from the betweenlands can all be made however, and they do most things that normal potions do, and are more interesting to make.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
I don't know how to warm up, I keep getting hurt from cold even when I step right next to a fire
Midnyte18 6 years ago
Drink tea. Speak to the survival expert right where you spawn in town for more info on staying warm.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
After I installed it , I hit played ... It loaded 22%-25% then the launcher restarted . I have chosed 4GB ram for tehnic . Why it's not working ?
Wilden212 6 years ago
i hit play *
Posted by Wilden212 6 years ago
Check your firewall settings to make sure java is allowed through.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey Hip, I know you have plans to bring back terrorcraft and you don't want to give the maps away, but is there any chance you still have the maps for Catch & Slash or TEMP for nostalgia purposes? I completely understand if you don't want the maps to get out though, so that is fine also. I hope to hear from you soon!
orangecaleb04 6 years ago
Unfortunately, those maps are all long-gone.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
We now have a gameplay trailer out! Check the description page to see it!
TheEpicModPack 6 years ago
So, is there no open/public server for this? Or is this being worked on with a white listed server or something?
Bobtheme 6 years ago
No public server at the moment it seems. It is up to members of the community to host servers, so someone would have to start one. I can add any public servers to the official server list if they are made, but that is all I can do.
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
So I just tried this mod for the first time today, I thought it seems like it was really awesome as well as challenging. There where a few problems I ran into in the two hours or so I was looking around (Mostly in town) I froze to death several times in town, even when I seemed to be standing near "Open fire" (In the inn where downstairs near the hearth.) Also I slept in the bed in the inn one night and woke up in the morning and froze to death after. Finally after finding my way out of town I checked out world one and noticed there's no obvious way to go back to town from the map. I tried to use the /home command and it told me that I didn't have permission to use the command. Am I supposed to play the game with cheats enabled? Overall I would say that I had a great experience with the game though, I feel like the freezing while I'm in town bit was a little silly. Also I feel like the town though it had a very pleasing and warm feel to it was a little confusing, you should consider making road signs or a central map. I realize I could add in my own way points to navigate.. though in town, I don't feel like I should have to. Please continue to work on this game, I feel like it could be really awesome.
MikStardust 6 years ago
/spawn will get you back to town, and /home will return you to your last bed slept in (it will give an error if you have none). Some of the open fires are a bit picky, such as the inn. You need to stand on the iron bars in front of that fire to get close enough to the open flame to warm up. Tea has been made very easy to obtain in order to make the cold easy to manage. Some kind of map for the town with a legend may be added in the future. When you teleport out of town to any building location, /spawn is the only way back (you can't walk back). Thanks for leaving the feedback, I work all of it into the future updates!
Posted by TheEpicModPack 6 years ago | Modpack Creator
I can understand how keeping the town separated from the rest of the map, probably different zones altogether could be helpful. I'm going to take another look at your game. I really like the whole RPG idea you're working on. It's something I've wanted to do myself for a long time.
Posted by MikStardust 6 years ago
is there a server for this modpack?
Muskiller 6 years ago

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