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A New Mod: qCraft!

We're happy to welcome a new mod to the Technic family: qCraft!  Developed by dan200 in association with, Google, and other partners, qCraft is a fun, interesting mod that we think you'll really enjoy.  It's currently available in the "Latest" builds of both Tekkit and Hexxit.

To find out more about the mod, check out

To learn more about the current beta version of Hexxit, visit

To learn more about the current beta version of Tekkit, visit

Hexxit 1.0.7 Is Now Recommended

Hexxit 1.0.7 is now marked Recommended in the launcher, and users will be asked to update the next time they attempt to launch Tekkit. This update includes a minor update to Better Dungeons 1.09a that fixes a few remaining issues. Server owners should update both the Better Dungeons mod as well as the entire Chocolate folder from the new server package.

The build includes the following changes:

  • Better Dungeons updated to version 1.09a.
  • The server package now comes pre-packaged with FML satellite libs to reduce server load  for our friends at Forge.

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Coming 1.6+ Support in the Technic Launcher and a New Amazon Hire

For anyone wanting to put 1.6 packs on the platform, the Technic Launcher is in beta today for 1.6+ support. As soon as its determined it is stable then the platform will allow 1.6+ packs.


If you're wondering why it has taken so long, we rewrote the entire back end to the launcher and pulled it out from the GUI to act like the new Minecraft launcher that came with 1.6. This means hopefully much better support for past versions + new versions such that it is less hassle every update.


It also means there isn't much left of the Spoutcraft fork that we had so it's a lot more maintainable code, and it also also means that the GUI can safely be updated/revamped without worrying about the back end since they are decoupled now.


In other news Technic Launcher Dev (official title) Olloth has accepted a job offer from Amazon and will be leaving the team in an official capacity come November of this year. He’s been a great asset and will remain a good friend. This makes it the second time that a Technic Launcher developer has been snatched away from us by Amazon! They should really be paying us some sort of finders fee.


Stay tuned for when we fully launch the new launcher and Platform support for 1.6+ and congratulations to Olloth and his success!


Tekkit 1.1.8 Is Now Recommended

Tekkit 1.1.8 is now marked Recommended in the launcher, and users will be asked to update the next time they attempt to launch Tekkit. There are a ton of key mod updates, the update to Minecraft 1.5.2, along with several new mods! We've got Project Bench, a direct drop-in replacement for the RP2 project bench, a couple new generators, Logistics Pipes, and Simple Power Storage, by Technic's sct! SPS adds a "Makeshift Energy Cell" which can be used as an early-game alternative to the Redstone Energy Cell!

The build includes the following changes:

  • Update Forge to build 737.
  • Removed the Forge transparency fix (it was too memory-heavy to have as a default in Tekkit)
  • Modular Powersuits' glow effect was disabled by default
  • Added Project Bench version 1.7.5
  • Added Atomic Science version
  • Added MFFS version
  • Added Open Peripheral version 0.1.9
  • Added Buildcraft: Logistic Pipes version 0.7.3.technic637
  • Added Simple Power Storage version 1.0.10
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 version pre1h has had a crash bug removed
  • Balkon's Weapon Mod updated to version 1.12
  • bspkrsCore updated to version 2.09
  • Buildcraft updated to version 3.7.1
  • Chicken Chunks updated to version
  • Code Chicken Core updated to version 0.8.7
  • Computer Craft updated to version 1.53
  • CoFH Core updated to version
  • CoFH OmniTools to version
  • Custom LAN Ports updated to version 1.5.2
  • Dimensional Anchors updated to version 55.0.3
  • Equivalent Exchange 3 updated to version pre1h
  • Ender Storage updated to version
  • Greg's Lighting updated to version 1.8.4
  • Immibis Core updated to version 55.1.6
  • Iron Chests updated to version
  • MineFactory Reloaded updated to version
  • Mystcraft updated to version
  • Not Enough Items updated to version
  • Nether Ores updated to version
  • Omni Tools updated to version
  • OpenCCSensors updated to version
  • PowerCrystals Core updated to version
  • Rei's Minimap updated to version 3.3_06
  • Thermal Expansion updated to version
  • Applied Energistics updated to version 12.b
  • Steve's Carts updated to version 2.0.0.a122
  • Dimensional Doors updated to version
  • Modular Powersuits updated to version
  • MPS Addons updated to version
  • Immibis Microblocks updated to version 55.0.7
  • Backpacks updated to version 1.12.13
  • Treecapitator updated to version 1.5.2.r14
  • Trade Booth updated to version 0.4.2
  • Buildcraft: Additional Pipes updated to version 2.3.1
  • Galacticraft updated to version a0.1.36.410
  • NEI Plugins updated to version

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Server owners will want to replace the mods, coremods, and config folders entirely, as well as the minecraft_server.jar and Tekkit.jar files.

Support Your Modders! Vote In The #Modjam!

The ModJam is a 4-day modding competitions where contestants try to create a simple, but complete mod in a limited period of time.  This year, 41 mods were created in 96 hours, and the ModJam team want YOU to vote on which is the best!  Lots of old favorites, such as dan200, AbrarSyed, Calclavia, and aidancbrady participated this year, but a TON of entries are from brand new modders, and the contestants in this exciting competition could use your support!

Download all of the completed mods here:

Then, when you've tried them all out, vote on your favorites here:

Enter whatever you like for your nickname, but be sure to select the options saying you didn't enter a modjam entry (contestant and community voting are kept separate).  You can ignore the Participant ID field.  Thanks for supporting new, creative mods!