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Attack of the B-Team: Livestream Beginning

The entire pre-launch event has all lead up to this!  $9,800 in donations, 1,350 donors, but we have not even begun to charity!  The livestream events are beginning right now, so tune in and watch the B-Team try out this new pack!  

Or try it out yourself, because Early Access has officially begun!!

Generikb's stream:

BDoubleO100's stream:

Glis's stream:

Tune in to the stream of your choice, and enjoy!

Attack of the B-Team: Important Early Access Notice!!

Good evening, everyone!  As we all know, Mad Science sometimes has catastrophes that take place, and today we discovered that our own experimentation with the laws of Charity physics may have a tiny issue.

We discovered today that Child's Play's servers have been dropping Minecraft usernames with underscores in them (for instance, Can_Vox would have been dropped).  Earlier today we rolled out a fix to the donation system to let NEW underscore donors get Early Access, but if you'd already donated at that time, you won't be able to play tomorrow afternoon!

But worry not, there is a solution!  Go to - we've added a place for you to verify that your Minecraft user has early access, and if your user does NOT have access, the site will link you to a form you can fill out so that we can GIVE you early access!  This only applies to people who've donated $5 or more to Child's Play!  If you haven't donated, you can get Early Access by doing so!

So if you've donated, head over to RIGHT NOW and get the ball rolling on your Early Access!  Hopefully we can get all this trouble cleared up by pack launch and it will be like none of this ever happened.

P.S. For some this might not be an option, but if you don't want to wait for us to approve your donation fix, you can always donate 5 more dollars to charity, we promise it will work this time!

Attack of the B-Team: Server File Release!

Good morning, good morning!  As many of you know, later today we will be beginning Early Access for Attack of the B-Team!  We've already racked up nearly $7,500 in donations for Child's Play charity from over 1,000 donors, and tomorrow's live stream is sure to bring in even more charity!

We want to make sure that everyone who gets early access can start playing with their friends immediately, that's why we're releasing the server files for Attack of the B-Team right now so that Game Server Providers and your every day Joe Schmoe can get their servers up and running and configured how they want now, and be ready to play in 15 hours when Early Access begins!

Here's the download link:

Thanks for your generosity, and we hope you enjoy early access! Watch this space for more news about this exciting pre-launch event!

Attack of the B-Team: Invasion Itinerary

Many of you have noticed the teaser page for our new pack: Attack of the B-Team!  This new pack is a large modpack with big ores, and a mad science theme!  It's also a collaboration between us and the incredible B-TEAM!  Youtube superstars Generikb and BDoubleO100 will be leading an all-star team of youtubers in an ongoing Lets Play series of the pack, which kicks off this Friday at 3:00 PM EST with a massive livestream event!  Featured in the team: ChimneySwift11, Keralis, Skyzm, MrWoofless, and Pungence.  There will also be a server build team, led by Glis!

So where does that leave you, our players?  We hope you'll be playing along at home with the Attack of the B-Team modpack!  Attack of the B-Team is Technic's first ever modpack to launch in conjuction with a charity fundraiser, and those who donate get access to the pack at the same time the B-Team does!  100% of all money goes to Child's Play charity, a wonderful cause which delivers toys and games to hospitals, to brighten the days of sick children.  Donate at least $5 to the cause through our teaser page and you'll be playing Attack of the B-Team on Friday afternoon.  Otherwise, you'll get access to the pack during the public release on Monday.

So, here's the schedule:

  • From now through Monday, February 3rd at 3:00 PM EST: Donate to Child's Play Charity through our teaser page to bring fun to sick kids!
  • Thursday, January 30th at 11:59PM EST: We release the server files to the public, allowing admins to get their servers ready for Early Access players!
  • Friday, January 31st at 3:00 PM EST: Everyone who has donated at least $5 receives Early Access to the pack! Anyone who donates at least $5 after this point will receive Early Access within minutes of their donation!
  • Also Friday, January 31st at 3:00 PM EST: The kickoff livestream event begins! This awesome live stream event featuring GenerikB and BDoubleO100 will continue for several hours as they introduce you to the finer points of Attack of the B-Team!
  • Monday, February 3rd at 3:00 PM EST: Attack of the B-Team is released to the general public and the Child's Play charity event ends!
  • Forward, Into The Future: The Attack of the B-Team Let's Play series begins!


Technic Launcher Build #390 Now Stable

The Technic Launcher, build #390 has now been marked at stable. Non-beta users will automatically download the new version the next time they start the launcher.

Release notes since Build #382:

  • The launcher now has built-in support for the donations system. This change will allow donors to automaticallhy receive early access to Attack of the B-Team on Friday.
  • Several architectural improvements were made to pack loading, user authentication, and the skin-loading system. In addition to making it easier for other organizations to use our Launcher Core for their own launchers, some users may notice moderate improvements in threading and face/pack art loading.
  • A little friend of ours has come to visit the launcher! He'll be sticking around for the remainder of the Attack of the B-Team pre-launch event.