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Attack of the B-Team 1.0.4 Is Now Recommended

Attack of the B-Team 1.0.4 is now marked Recommended in the launcher, and users will be asked to update the next time they attempt to launch B-Team. This is a minor version update over 1.0.2, with a number of bug fixes, and the inclusion of Inventory Tweaks and Not Enough Keys.

The build includes the following changes:

  • Updated Chisel to version 1.5.0.technic. This version should properly override vanilla blocks in a way that drastically reduces incompatibilities.
  • Added Chisel Override, which is a coremod which makes the fix for Chisel work.
  • Minions has been updated to version 1.7.9b, which should eliminate the remaining crash bug.
  • Open Blocks has been updated to version, and Open Mods Lib has been updated to 0.1.112.
  • Fossils & Archaeology: Re-Ported has been updated to version 1.0.5. Bio-Fossil models will now correctly spawn as babies, and require bones to be used on them in order to grow them. T-Rexes are no longer invisible.
  • Galacticraft has been updated to version This should fix several issues with galacticraft wiring and oxygen networks breaking when unloaded.
  • Inventory Tweaks version 1.56b77 has been added.
  • Not Enough Keys version 0.0.4 has been added.
  • Minions are now smarter about which blocks are trees and bulk stone. Thanks, Brigadon!

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Server owners looking to update from 1.0.2 can simply update the config files, zChisel, Minions, Open Blocks, Open Mods Lib, Fossils & Archaeology: Re-Ported, Galacticraft, Galacticraft Planets, and MicdoodleCore. Finally, add Chisel Override and Inventory Tweaks to the server.


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