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Attack of the B-Team 1.0.2 Now Available & Recommended!

We have just released Attack of the B-Team 1.0.2 to the general public, bringing our 7-day charity event to a close.  And what an event it was!  We thought that the giving would peter out on Sunday morning, but we had generous donors giving to Child's Play right up until the end!  In the end, you raised $22,541 for Child's Play! As a point of comparison, Desert Bus for Hope raised $22,805 their first year, so you're in great company!  We just can't thank you enough for your generosity and kindness- we've always known that the Minecraft community is an impressively generous group of players, and you've proved it beyond any doubt.

Just one minor bit of housekeeping as we close out here- 1.0.2 is an improvement on the 1.0.1 version which was live during Early Access, and donors will be prompted to update to it the next time they run Attack of the B-Team.  

The build includes the following changes:

  • The Chisel recipe no longer conflicts with the knife recipe from Mr. Crayfish's Furniture Mod.
  • We've attempted to address a Concurrent Modification Exception in Tropicraft.
  • Keybinds have been rearranged to ensure that H launches the hats menu correctly. Users who use custom keybinds will unfortunately have to rebind their keys.
  • It is now once again possible to craft Small Iron Body items in Flan's Titan Pack.
  • Minecraft Minions has been updated to version 1.7.9. This should address several crash issues with minions dying or unloading. For all 1.7.9 bugfixes, dismiss and then re-summon your minions!
  • Carpenter's Blocks has been updated to version 2.0.2. This should address several crash issues.
  • Artifice has been updated to version This should address a few crash issues and an issue in which upgrades provided the wrong bonus.
  • Necromancy has been updated to version 1.4c.8. This should address an issue in which the creative mode texture was missing.
  • Fossils & Archaeology: Re-Ported has been updated to version 1.0.3. This should address an issue in which shift-clicking in F&A machines crashed the client, and another in which certain AI activities crashed the server.

Server owners can obtain the new server file from the following link:

Server owners who have an existing 1.0.1 server only need to replace the config folder, as well as the mods: Minions, Carpenter's Blocks, Fossils & Archaeology: Re-Ported, Necromancy, Artifice, and Chisel (Chisel has been renamed to zChisel, so be sure to replace it properly).


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