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Technic Launcher Build #411 Now Stable

The Technic Launcher, build #411 has now been marked at stable. Users will automatically download the new version the next time they start the launcher.

Release notes since Build #395:

  • A new system of file validation has been implemented. Every file we download from the launcher can now be validated in some manner, which should ensure that the launcher can find and correct bad downloads. This should fix cases in which a download failed halfway through, permanently screwing up a launcher or modpack install.
  • Litemods will now be cleared alongside jar and zip mods during a version update or pack reset.
  • A new optional 'javaArguments' field has been added to our object model of the version.json file. This new field is a text string in which modpack authors can add java runtime arguments to add to their pack startup command. Please remember that the edited version.json file needs to be inside the root of modpack.jar.
  • We now correctly handle a rare case in which Mojang would mistakenly issue a null response to a refresh request on a legacy user.
  • It is no longer possible to open the modpack cogwheel menu until sufficient information has loaded for the modpack.
  • Switching to manual build select in the modpack cogwheel menu for packs in which the pack's solder server is mistakenly not sending a proper build list will no longer crash the launcher.
  • Users with an unusual tekkit classic installation directory will no longer crash when starting up tekkit classic.
  • An index out of range exception will no longer sometimes occur when adding a pack to the launcher right as a user navigates the modpack selector.
  • The image cache loading code will no longer occasionally crash the launcher on startup.
  • An invalid installed packs list will no longer sometimes crash the launcher on startup.
  • Made various code quality improvements (zeuslightning125).


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