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Christmas Day Launch of Platform v2 and Launcher v3

Hi. We're going to be launching the new Platform and Launcher out of beta on Christmas Day. For those of you that have been using the site, thank you, your testing and reports have been invaluable.

We've done everything we can to make the transition as smooth as possible, but as is always true with massive changes like this there will be unforseen consequences. We'll let you know if anything changes.

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Technic Platform V2 and Technic Launcher V3

We're getting ever closer to TECHNIC PLATFORM V2 and TECHNIC LAUNCHER V3, and the time has come to let some people in and start actually using it. We've still got some things to do and with your guys' help we'll get there sooner rather than later. Click this here block to get the scoop on how you can help.

TPPI Comes to Technic


Many of you have been asking for a more balance-centric mod pack. Too many of you, really. Well guess what -  You’re getting your wish.

We’re very proud to announce that Test Pack Please Ignore (“the Reddit pack”) is now live in the Technic Launcher as an official Technic pack! With a massive mod list and a custom utility mod that tweaks just about everything in the pack, TPPI is a unique play experience that will bring you your precious balance far better than Tekkit can.

We’ve been working tirelessly with the TPPI team for weeks to make this launch happen. They’re some of the hardest-working pack developers out there, so stop by /r/testpackpleaseignore and thank them for allowing us to host this, the delicious fruits of their programming labor.

You can download the TPPI server here:

ConcurrentModificationException in Java 1.8.0_20

This is a warning that a few days ago, a Java update versioned 1.8.0_20 was released, which currently makes it impossible to play modded Minecraft.  The release fixed a Java bug which was hiding a bug in Forge Modloader- users with this new version of java will now receive a ConcurrentModificationException when trying to load modpacks in Minecraft 1.6+.

Forge is currently working to correct this issue, but in the meantime, we advise that you do not update your Java version to 1.8.0_20.  We instead recommend that you use one of the following versions:

Java 1.7.0_67- we highly recommend that you downgrade to this version, because it is security complete:

Java 1.8.0_11- if you need to stay on java 1.8, this is the latest version without the listed issue.  Again, there may be security updates in 1.8.0_20 not present in this version, so please use with care:

Voltz is reverting to 2.0.4 for recommended build

The Voltz 3.1.1 recommended build release brought to light several issues. After consulting with the Calclavia/Voltz dev team and performing extensive troubleshooting, it's been determined that no fixes will be available for any of these issues for an extended time period.
Considering this, and the Calclavia/Voltz dev team's acknowledgement that griefing will be a serious problem (even with Worldguard protections), we have no choice but to revert to 2.0.4 as the recommended build.
Build 3.1.1 will CONTINUE to be available as a development/beta build in the launcher, and will be re-promoted to recommended as soon as fixes are available.
Sorry for the inconvenience!