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Livestream Q&A VODs

We were having trouble getting the VOD for the livestream exported to YouTube so you will just have to watch it on Twitch! If you missed the livestream you can watch the VOD for the entire thing below. Enjoy!

Livestream Starting In One Hour! (9PM EST)

It's almost here, the wait is almost over!  Come see the future of Technic livestreamed, with the whole rogue's gallery of Technic developers answering your questions from the chat!  It starts in just one hour- at 9PM Eastern, 6PM Pacific time.

Come see us here:

Read more about this thang here:

We hope to see you there!

All Your Servers Are On Fire!

Hello!  In case you haven't noticed, many servers are currently down and crashing!  This is a result of a bug in Spigot (which was adopted by MCPC+) which caused server ticks to go negative and break a lot of stuff a little while ago.  This has been fixed by MCPC+ already, so if your server host has not already provided an updated server, please use this one:

Neither we nor Mojang have anything to do with this issue, nor can we help aside from pointing you to the right place, but we hope all your servers find their way back to working condition soon!  Best of luck!

Big News, Saturday March 29th!

Technic is proud to announce that this Saturday, March 29th, at 9PM Eastern, we're having a big livestream to show you the future of the Technic Launcher and Platform!  We'll be showing off the new version of our software, talking about our plans moving forward, and what they mean for you as our users!  For more information, check out this page:

We can't thank you enough for your support of Technic through the years, and we are absolutely thrilled that you'll be joining us for this new chapter!  See you then!

Tekkit bugfix build 1.2.8d going live.

This is a simple bugfix for Project Red's Java 1.7 requirement that has been causing many of you issues.

The only updated mods are Project Red, to

You can obtain the new server zip here.
For server owners, you simply need to copy over the following jar files (and delete the older versions):
  • projectredbase-1.6.4-
  • projectredcompat-1.6.4-
  • projectredintegration-1.6.4-
  • projectredlighting-1.6.4-
  • projectredmechanical-beta-1.6.4-
  • projectredworld-1.6.4-