Technic News

Solder updated to

Solder v0.7.1.0 has just been pushed live!  Here's the changelogs!

Testing, testing and more testing.

The past few commits have been devoted to testing. We've setup a base set of Unit Tests for Solder to help prevent breaking changes during development. Woot! Breaking less things! The tests are currently being built on Travis CI here: You can actually see the builds happening in real-time if you are curious.

Amazon S3 image support added

The next big change is image hosting, We've re-added support to host your images on Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). This can be setup in your solder.php config in your app/config folder. 

Update Checker: Slim and fit

The last change is a big one. We've ripped out the current interation of the Update Checker. It was too monstorous and combersome for what we want in an update checker. It affected performance and was very buggy in its implementation. With our priorities changing for the applicaiton, the checker has been slimmed down to provide you an alert when an update is available, thats it. This should provide a better experience for Solder administrators. There has been no change to the actual update process.

New site and new documentation/wiki!

We have a new site for solder located here: along with the new wiki

As always, stop by IRC and reddit to tell us what you're playing, and thanks for reading!



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Yo guys need to stop. Your destroying my technic with news STOP,,,, IF you don't you will be fucked up!!
what is the Jurassic world multiplayer server address please email it to me at [email protected]
chancellor34 9 years ago
chancellor34 9 years ago
Can anyone make me a solder
ollie0401 9 years ago
my game keeps crashing when i try to play this mod is it hacked or something
Vincewieg 9 years ago
yes! shutdown your computer RIGHT NOW
Posted by masoniscool9 9 years ago
ungespielt5000 9 years ago
ungespielt5000 9 years ago
Will there be a new update to Tekkit lite/Tekkit to 1.7.10?
Mega_Tec 9 years ago
Could somebody explain to me what Solder is and how it helps Technic?
Leafeon 9 years ago
Its a modpack manager that's designed to make versioning easier (as well as being able to download old versions) and reduce bandwidth, that's the basic gist of it. Info is at
Posted by UmbyUmbreon 9 years ago
well done once again you have broke it can i please get help my modpack worked before the update and now it wont install and it says to tell the modpack owner why is this happening do i need to do somthing and can anything be done
DarkAssassin299 9 years ago
hi wasup
bossman7331 9 years ago
the update checker tries to unzip a file before it installed it
thedevil16man 9 years ago
just downgrade it again
thedevil16man 9 years ago
well cant update or launch anything anymore thanks for breaking stuff now that it was finally working totally fine
thedevil16man 9 years ago
can you help me. I do not want to be rude but can you fix the launcher. every time I try to play my modpacks it goes right back to the launcher.
l am legand456 9 years ago
well I'm new here and i can't get into technic platform on my mac computer
spaceminer21 9 years ago
y can't i dowload mod
Diamond_head369 9 years ago
Fuck in hell the launcher is drokeing =.=
thewayoutwest 9 years ago
thewayoutwest 9 years ago
alter warum geht das nicht?
CleverFit 9 years ago
English : I can´t play on my HEXXIT Server ! I want to play , but i played on this morning ! German : Ich kann nicht auf meinem HEXXIT Server spielen ! Ich möchte wieder spielen , doch ich habe doch heute Morgen erst gespielt !
derpyderpy98 9 years ago
well launcher is broken again...... Why change something that works fine? Or at least make sure it won't break everything before the update is launched
Skylord_Tinsley 9 years ago
aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnddddddd... its broke... again... *sigh*
catscrath25 9 years ago
when is it going be fix all the crap on launcher is broken.
Winddrake123 9 years ago
Thanks guys this suck b team is corrupt and every thing eles isn't even on the launcher
ccrazy12 9 years ago
You broke the freaking launcher....... thanks!!!! :)
Cool :D
You guys are Ruining everything stop updating SHIT
Dridi_ 9 years ago