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Trending Recalculation is Back!

We wanted to write a brief news post to remind you that a few days ago we shut off the trending recalculation until we could make some improvements to keep it from hurting the site.  Well, last night at 4am US Eastern time, we ran the trending recalculation once again.  It took about 30 minutes and both the site and launcher API were completely acessible during that time.  Our launcher API and Platform uptime for the last 24 hours are both 100%.  We wanted to let you know that this is happening, not just to let you know that Trending packs are at 100% again, but also to point out one of the things we've been doing this month to fix the site's reliability.  We hope you enjoy the slightly more stable website!

Technic Tuesday: Launcher v4.256 Goes Stable

Hello, I've just pushed Launcher version 4.256 live.  4.255 was pushed live this weekend as part of a hotfix to reduce load on Solder.  New in this version is Java version selection and some bug fixes to the update process.  We also have a little bit of news.

Platform Changes

We're currently chasing down an issue that causes the Trending Pack recalculation to hurt the site as it's recalculated.  This has been the primary source of outages during the week since January 1.  We've temporarily turned off the nightly recalculation for a couple days while we fix this issue, but it should be back up in a day or two!

This Weekend

This weekend, we had some rolling outages.  There were a few issues that combined together to give you guys a bad time, but the main one was a Real Deal Serious Time DDoS that caused our host to temporarily null-route the Platform site's IP.  We were accidentally leaking some information about our site via our DNS records, and that was giving the attackers ammunition.  Once we found the leak and plugged it, things went back to normal pretty quickly.  We also had some unrelated trouble with the official pack Solder which has now been fixed.  The good news is that we operated for over a day with the DDoS shield up without any real damage to the launcher experience, and we're now very confident in our ability to fend off DDoS attacks, so we don't expect similar problems in the future!  We're looking into ways that we can keep the Discover page active during an attack so that in the future, you guys won't even notice the difference.

During the attack, we put together a launcher hotfix to alleviate pressure and that caused us to push Launcher version 4.255 early.  Tonight we've pushed version 4.256.  We apologize for the double update, but it was important for getting the site running as well as possible.

Changelog: Launcher 4.256

  • There is now the capability to select the java version which Minecraft will run with in the Java tab of Launcher Options. By default, Minecraft will run with the same version of java which is running the launcher, but you may configure it to select an individual version of java installed on your system, or to use the highest-versioned 64-bit version of java known to the launcher.
  • Modpack installs on the Platform are now being properly incremented again.
  • In situations where the local environment prevents the Launcher from setting java properties the way it wants, the Launcher will no longer restart itself endlessly in attempts to fix the java properties.
  • The launcher will now be usable after launching minecraft if the launch action "Stay Open" is chosen in Launcher Options.
  • The launcher will no longer fail to update when placed in a directory whose path includes + symbols.
  • Made some improvements to launcher behavior when overwriting the existing launcher during an update, in order to allow us to better diagnose problems that users encounter.
  • Improved some logging when the launcher fails to pull version info from a pack's linked solder.

This week, we'll be working to improve our Java selection by tying the available RAM options to the selected Java version instead of the launcher's Java version.  We'll also be improving our Maven support for pack authors who choose to include custom libraries in the version.json file.

Thanks for playing, and feel free to come join us in IRC or on /r/technicplatform.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Attention Modpack Authors!

As some may be aware, Java 8 does not play well with versions of forge after Minecraft 1.6 but before Forge 1230.  Since updating a pack to 1.7.10 can be a lot of work, some pack owners have ignored this issue for a little while now.  However, there has been a mod available for a little while called LegacyJavaFixer, which allows older versions of forge to work with Java 1.8 properly.  You can get it here.  Putting that mod into your pack will allow Java 8 users to play your pack.

Packs that are not compatible with Java 8 generate a lot of frustration for Platform users, they produce a lot of reports to clear for us, and we want them to update.  It's easier than ever now, just add the LegacyJavaFixer to  your pack, or update to Forge 1230.  Either of these will work.

For this reason, beginning on February 9, we will be treating packs that are not compatible with Java 8 as nonfunctioning.  That means that if we get a report from a Java 8 users saying that your pack doesn't work, your pack will be disabled until you address the issue.  During that time, users will see your pack as Offline in the launcher, your pack will not appear in search or the trending list.  If you're interested in getting your pack popular, being disabled can be very damaging.  That is why you need to address this issue before February 9.  If you have any questions about how to fix your pack, please ask here, or join us on reddit or IRC.

Platform Updated to 2.0.4 & Launcher Updated to 4.242

Now that we seem to have a grasp on the stability of the website it has given us time to work on finishing several features for the Platform and Launcher. These are features people have been requesting for a long time so it feels good to finally be able to get them in your hands. The biggest new feature is we added the contribution system to the Platform. This lets you add other users as contributors to your modpack and they will be able to help post status updates, modify settings, upload resources, update versions and so on. It will not let them do any harmful actions such as delete your pack. I will go into further detail about how this system, and the other new platform bits works later in this post. First, let's list what has changed!

Platform 2.0.4

  • Added the contribution system, which allows users to invite others to help work on a single pack.
  • You can now request to transfer your modpack to another user.
  • Modpack API URLs have been corrected to point to the new
  • A new support system has been setup and is accessible at multiple points throughout the site.
  • Added SSO support for the new support system. It will use your current platform account to authenticate.
  • Added helpful links to the sidebar on the dashboard and community feeds.
  • Added the Technic twitter feed to the sidebar on the dashboard and community feeds.
  • You can now change your email and password under Edit Profile.
  • Modpacks can now add a website which will be displayed in a similar fashion to the server download link.
  • A fancy new error page to replace the "Whoops!" one. Hopefully you never see it!

Launcher 4.242

  • The "Add Pack or Search" box will now correctly pick up new packs from API links when the links are to "" without the "www".
  • Server packs now have an appropriate tag in the Launcher banner, under the pack title.
  • A checkbox has been added to "Launcher Options" which offers users the option to start the launcher in the Modpacks tab.
  • Logging out to change users will no longer break a user's access token, which would prevent them from playing SMP until they restarted the launcher.
  • Minecraft will now be launched in IPv4 mode. This will stop certain types of malware and security software that target IPV6 traffic from preventing users from playing SMP.
  • Solder packs with no valid, visible builds will now be shown as "Offline" in the launcher, as it is not possible to install them.
  • Opening the "Modpack Options" dialog for a solder pack with no valid, visible builds will now convey to the user that no builds are available, and not throw an error.
  • We now provide better support on certain operating systems for mailto: links in the News tab.
  • The Discover tab are now being loaded from the new API hardware. 100% of all launcher services are now being run off the new hardware.
  • The Discover tab contents are now cached when loaded successfully. In situations where the API is unavailable, the cached version will be loaded, if possible.
  • In cases where the Discover tab cannot be loaded correctly, a fallback page is now shown rather than an ugly white screen.
  • The clipboard watcher has been removed entirely. You will now need to manually paste API links into the "Add Pack or Search" box to add new packs.

How to add Contributors to your Modpack

Adding contributors is a very simple process. Simply edit your modpack and click the new Contributors link in the sub-navigation which will bring you to a list of your contributors (which is probably empty!). Type in the contributor your wish to add and hit the Add Contributor button. The platform will try and help you to auto complete your username you are entering.

After adding a user they will be sent an email notifying them they now have contribution access to your modpack. That's it! You can delete a contributor at any time by clicking the delete link next to their name.

How to transfer your modpack to another user

Pack transfer can be found under your modpacks main settings page.

Click transfer ownership and then type in the username your wish to send a request to. The platform will try and assist you in finding the user. Once a request is sent the user will recieve an email notifying them that a pack transfer request has been initiated. They will have to visit your modpacks main page and accept the request to finalize the transfer.

Once accepted the pack will immediately be transfered to the user. That's it! You may cancel a transfer at any time before the user accepts it.

If you have any questions about the new contribution or transfer system feel free to ask in the comments below and we will try to help! Enjoy!

Launcher Version 4.231 Is Live!

On Tuesday, I wrote a newspost about our latest Beta version, and said that we were going to try to push it Stable before this weekend.  Well, it's Thursday afternoon, and the update is live!  You probably noticed during the update process that the fonts are now downloaded separately from the launcher, and that means that you won't have to download them again.  The fonts are now sitting safely in your Technic install, and your updates will only include the great new features and bugfixes that we have planned.  That saves you time and us money.

Secondly, we've spooled up a brand new API on a new service, written in NodeJS.  The new API allows us to scale hardware dynamically, with no wait.  If we have a tough weekend, we can throw some extra workers at the problem for a few hours then bring them back down.  And with NodeJS, our ability to handle your launcher requests is better than ever.  Lastly, the API and site are now on entirely different hardware, so heavy load on one won't affect the other.  This will allow the website to stay up even when there is extremely heavy load, and make ending DDOS attacks a cinch.

Finally, we have many important bugfixes for everything from Minecraft performance to behavior when the API is unavailable.  Take a look at these patch notes (changes since v4.211):

  • Removed the fonts from the launcher package. They will now be downloaded to your .technic folder if they are not present, meaning that you can download and update the launcher without dealing with the large file size.
  • The font Open Sans Bold has been temporarily removed. This will temporarily reduce the visual quality of author names and the News alert, but will reduce the size of launcher asset downloads by 30%.
  • Re-architected the autoupdate system to allow us to add byte patching later.
  • Rebound the platform API from to This URL points at some experimental API hardware that will hopefully allow us to fix the platform's performance on weekends.
  • The launcher will no longer peg a processor at 100% while Minecraft is running.
  • Added Czech language support
  • Fixed typos and translation errors in French & German translations.
  • Fixed typos and translation errors in Portuguese (Brazil) translation.
  • Additional logging was added for Mojang authentication errors.
  • The Technic launcher will now follow 300-level redirects across protocol boundaries (HTTP to HTTPS and HTTPS to HTTP) when downloading mods and libraries and communicating with services.
  • Packs deleted or disabled on the platform, and solder-enabled packs with an inaccessible solder service will now identify as "Offline" in the launcher, and act appropriately.
  • The Launcher startup splash screen is now somewhat less aggressive about its own visibility.
  • The launcher will now function in environments where translucent window support is unavailable, but it will look 30% less rad in those environments.
  • Offline packs with no installation will give a message box declaring themselves as unavailable, instead of throwing an exception.
  • Using unpromoted builds will no longer update to older ones if you are configured to use the beta stream.
  • Added a few utilities which will allow us to make the Java version selectable at a later date.
  • We will no longer fail to update a pack or install portable mode in situations where the launcher wants to move a file to a place where it already is.
  • In cases when the installer dialog is running standalone during the initial installation, clicking the close button at the top right no longer throws an error.
  • In cases when the installer dialog is running standalone during the initial installation, closing the dialog from the operating system (for instance, selecting close from the Windows taskbar) will no longer leave the process hanging.

So try it out, let us know how the launcher and site are performing now, and while you're at it, stop by our new subreddit at and show us what you're building, and what you're planning on playing this weekend.