Install The Pixelmon Mod

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Pixelmon Mod) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Pixelmon Mod from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Pixelmon Mod Version 8.4.2

created by PixelmonMod on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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When trying to create a world I get the following error "shutting down internal server"
Geovanna1825 1 month ago
im getting this too
Posted by Bellakit 2 weeks ago
is there a way to fix it?
Posted by Bellakit 2 weeks ago
anybody know how to keep a server up with host offline, is there a simple fix to this like extending lock out time?
ziggyman678 3 months ago
It's not working, it's giving a lot of error.
nessaanime15 3 months ago
I'm having trouble installing your mod and the following information is appearing I don't know what I can do.
nessaanime15 5 months ago
How do i install this i click on install this modpack and it doesnt work
TrojanMinecraft 5 months ago
Good afternoon, morning or evening, I would like to make an upgrade request to a legendary. and it's about yveltal and after searching for it for 4 days in real life because i went to the wrong biome 2 times i finally managed to capture it. and when I finally enjoy being able to mount it I realize that it is very bugeado, its flight is like metagross or solgaleo like a levitation it does not look good that a flying guy like yveltal flies that strange and also when riding it my character sits on the air, much higher than Yveltal himself -Translation made with google translate-
barxja 8 months ago
io ho un server minecraft con questa pikelmon come facio ad agiornare il server con la nuova versone?
Metereon 9 months ago
Whenever I am in the menu I press single player and it crashes to the technic launcher menu please tell me whats wrong. I've tried unistalling the modpack and reinstalling it but it still doesn't work.
fakegav516 10 months ago
Never mind its every modpack I install.
Posted by fakegav516 10 months ago
im having the same issue
Posted by Nvidia 7 months ago
Hello um so I have tried to download this mod many times but the link that it gave me at the top of this screen to input the technic launcher says broken API link when i put it in. Anyone know how to fix this?
DimensionzGames 11 months ago
It looks like none of them are working actually so that's weird
Posted by DimensionzGames 11 months ago
Mew spawn is impossible since the update even in temples
guithemito 11 months ago
hey hello guilhemito, hope you are not blowing your head (just like me ahahha) I actually have the same problem as you, I spent days and days searching for the damn hairy pokemon and he was just not spawning. It got me crying for nights till i decided to come to the forum and see that someone else has the same problem
Posted by Iscojaa 11 months ago
The Discord link doesn't work anymore
Hanime_Gaming 1 year ago
Works here, check your connection and make sure you're not banned.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
It worked this time, maybe it just glitched last time
Posted by Hanime_Gaming 10 months ago
Tazvan1 1 year ago
Vanilla Minecraft command, not something Pixelmon is breaking. Make sure you've got the capitalization right, it matters: "/gamerule keepInventory true" (with a capital "i")
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
How can I enable minecraft mobs in athernos server? I tried to enable with the mod options but only works in singleplayer mode
GermanRM11 1 year ago
You would need to edit the setting on the server's end, there. Aternos should give you access to the server's "pixelmon.hocon" file, edit that one and restart or "/pokereload" to get the changes up.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
Can't get mew to even show up in checkspawns. I have an 80x80 platform above the jungle temple but no luck
MrBanainai 1 year ago
I'm not too sure about this issue myself, but I know I've seen people discuss it in our Discord. May be worth joining there and running a search?
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
I can't find the Nature's Compass anywhere. I can't craft one or find it in creative on an Aternos server I made for my some friends. It really makes finding a good seed harder. Can anyone help with why it says it is installed but can't be found in game?
Hailfire0101 1 year ago
Do you have it on both the server and client? It's a mod that needs to be on both sides to work. (also probably better to ask in that project's Discord if they have one, it's not part of our pack)
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
How can I enable Mega Evolution and Z-Moves in Overworld?
park011433 1 year ago
Worlds can be set to allow either generation 7 or 8 mechanics through the "oldGenDimensions" setting in the config file, or possibly the in-game settings. Add "0" to that list (without the quotes) to toggle the main world to (partial) gen 7.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
necesito que me expliquen como hacer la mega-evoluciĆ³n en pixelmon 8.2.0
Fabrirochhh 1 year ago
Please check my reply to park011433 above. If you need further help (or help in a specific language), our Discord is the place to ask!
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
'A Fatal error has been detected, this connection is terminated.' often appears. How do I solve this?
park011433 1 year ago
We'd need to see the client/server logs for this one. Join our Discord from the link to the right and ask in either #general-support or #server-support depending on which side this is on, people there should be able to help further.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
I have a problem, on my server with some friends of mine when we try to evolve a pokemon the server closes, we occupy alternos and tlauncher, is there a way to solve it?
Papeluxho 1 year ago
I would recommend asking in our Discord here (from the link to the right), we're better set up to look into issues like these there.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
Is it crashing for anyone else?
Hanime_Gaming 1 year ago
Have you given the game more memory? Good first thing to try:
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
It has max, which is the max you can get on a custom computer... It's crashing during play, so maybe it's minecraft bugging out with it?
Posted by Hanime_Gaming 1 year ago
What is "max" here, exactly? And how much memory does your computer have available? (note that if it's crashing during gameplay that's something our Discord is better set up to help with, if you ask in #general-support you'll likely get some good replies)
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
It is crashing for me every time I try to install the modpack. I don't know why it's doing that for.
Posted by ObelyskTheKnyght 1 year ago
Got a crash report for us? The Discord should be able to look into those, provided this is still happening on the 8.2.0 update.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
Yes its still happening to me after the update went live. What is the name of the discord so I can join?
Posted by ObelyskTheKnyght 1 year ago
It's the Pixelmon Mod Discord, you can see a box with an option to join to the right of the comments.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago
I have the max you can get on a custom computer, and have it set to where the game can use all of it if necessary
Posted by Hanime_Gaming 1 year ago
It may be fixed now though
Posted by Hanime_Gaming 1 year ago
Setting crazy allocations is never a good idea, if a mod is misbehaving and manages to fill all of that up (due to a memory leak or the like) you will get crazy slowdowns or even crashes. Windows may also kill the process if it starts using too much memory. It also does nothing for your performance. 3-4GB should be fine for most setups, with some heavily-modded setups maybe requiring a bit more.
Posted by XpanD 1 year ago

Latest Update

The Pixelmon Mod was updated to version Pixelmon 9.0.4