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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

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Type in the modpack name (Pixelmon Reforged) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Pixelmon Reforged from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Pixelmon Reforged Version 7.0.5

created by Reforged on Minecraft Version 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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I recorded a video of a class "A/B" bug that is occurring every so often. If there's a location that I can send it, please inform me. The video has details on what is happening with the inventory. If the preferred option of reporting a bug is just writing it down here, I'll do so.
ZyozzJesse 2 days ago
The best place for issues is generally our bug tracker, over at: . Make sure to mark is as a security ticket if it's potentially dangerous! Thanks.
Posted by XpanD 2 days ago
Hasn't the problem of pasture been solved yet? When I reproduced with two reproducible Boco Dreams, I showed that I was in love but had not produced eggs after a day. When version 7.0.1 was released, it would always show that it was not suitable for terrain. Now it will not show, but it will not produce eggs.
moyi666 4 days ago
If this is the issue I'm thinking of, the underlying cause is still being looked into. It may be worth re-posting this in your native language (maybe in the Discord? more active), though -- the translation was a bit rough, here.
Posted by XpanD 4 days ago
Hi i have a problem on my server with spawning legendaries when i do /checkspawns legendary instead of spawnrate from legendaries i get the spawnrates from normal pokemon and if i type /dolegendaryspawn i get the message The Legendary spawner is missing! This is bad! any ideas how i can fix this?
Bent23 6 days ago
I'm not sure about this issue myself, but I'd recommend asking about it in the Discord again if this is still happening. It may also be a good idea to try refreshing the main Pixelmon config in your "config" folder.
Posted by XpanD 6 days ago
Hi i have a problem on my server with spawning legendaries when i do /checkspawns legendary instead of spawnrate from legendaries i get the spawnrates from normal pokemon and if i type /dolegendaryspawn i get the message The Legendary spawner is missing! This is bad! any ideas how i can fix this?
Bent23 6 days ago
This mod is great, but I have on issue. In pokemon Ultra Moon/Sun Lucario was given the egg move Meteor Mash, which can be obtained by using smeargles sketch on a pokemon using with Meteor Mash, and then breeding that smeargle with a lucario. Lucario getting meteor mash is very important for him, as it allows him to do reliable physical steel damage. The pixelmon wiki does not have meteor mash listed as one of lucarios egg moves. If it is then sorry for wasting your time with this comment
PrinceJ879 1 week ago
Well I tested it, and nevermind. You can get meteor mash on lucario through the way I mentioned.
Posted by PrinceJ879 1 week ago
Yup, the wiki's likely not up to date there just yet. It's a work in progress, though it's slow going currently. Volunteers are welcome!
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
anyone else having problems with pokemon coming out when leveling up in battle?
Yoshiworld 1 week ago
If you're on a server, make sure they're running the latest Tournaments, and that they're on Pixelmon 7.0.5. Earlier versions of both are known to cause this issue.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Hi, im trying to get a razor fang from killing gligars but ive only gotten a quick claw from killing them, and on the wiki it doesnt state that gligar drops quick claws yet it still did. Can someone clarify whether gligar do actually drop razor fangs or not please, would be much appreciated
Drin_ 1 week ago
Some pages on the wiki have not been updated for the newer version yet, and this seems to be one. I checked the files, and they seem to now be rare drops from Gliscor/Pyroar/Zigzagoon/Linoone/Weavile and somewhat common drops from Crobat.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Weavile? are you sure? since the razor CLAW is used to get Weavile it wouldnt make much sense for it to drop razor FANGS. however i appreciate you getting back to me, thank you for your help
Posted by Drin_ 5 days ago
I've been getting an error on my bukkit pixelmon reforged server. I'm using pixelmon version 7.0.5. , minecraft forge version 1.12.2-, and spongeforge version 1.12.2-2768-7.1.4. I'm not sure if it has anything to with these mods but i get an error saying, "Exception caught during firing event java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" If anyone knows a fix please let me know.
GenericBardMain 2 weeks ago
We'd have to see the full error (including the stack trace below) to be sure, but an error like that will most likely be from running a sidemod that was made for a version before 7.0.0. Make sure you're getting your sidemods from , and that they are up to date.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Hi, I've tried repeatedly but I keep getting this same issue. My Tapu Bulu is equipped with a Tapunium Z, and it knows Nature's Madness, but when entering a battle clicking on "Z Move" causes my game to immediately freeze and crash completely a few seconds later.
weredragon 2 weeks ago
Just realized I should clarify that every other z move i've tried has worked just fine!
Posted by weredragon 2 weeks ago
Yup, this is a known issue in 7.0.5 right now. Keep an eye on this ticket to see the current status:
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Good Night, I am trying to play Pixelmon the new update and whenever I try to enter the game closes alone or when I open a certain map the screen is blue of the sun and brown of the land but nothing appears and appears error in the forge but I have already done everything and nothing solves my problem I want to play. The message that appears is this: "Forge mod loader detected missing / unknown registries"
nessaanime15 2 weeks ago
We would have to see your logs to be able to see what's up, there. Join the Discord from the link to the right and post in #general-support -- people there should be able to help you further!
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
how do we use the ultra burst to get the ultra necrozma, i have the z crystal equiped on dawn wings
caceiro69 2 weeks ago
Ultra Necrozma (and some other forms, like the Zygarde ones) aren't in the mod just yet. Stay tuned!
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
hello, when they are going to put thousand arrows in the game, the special move for zygarde
Aeiwa 3 weeks ago
There's no ETA for any of this stuff, but chances are it'll come along with the forms when they're eventually added. Don't pin me on that, though -- we'll need to see how things go.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Hulloo. sorry to bother people, but me and my partner been having issues with our server. some of the commands part of the pixelmon extras mod arent showing up on the list. joining the public servers they work and show up there. but not on our private one. tryin to look everywere to find the cause or fix for it
Fallin0Guard 3 weeks ago
also doesnt work in singleplayer, even with being opped/cheats enabled
Posted by Fallin0Guard 3 weeks ago
Which exact versions of both mods do you have? Make sure you're on Pixelmon 7.0.5, and Pixelmon Extras 2.4.3. If it's still happening with those versions, check out the "latest.log" file in the server's "logs" folder to see what's going wrong. If you need further help, the Discord's probably the best place for it -- way more people there!
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
Hi all, we are having a connection problem when we try to play multiplayer in version 7.0.5 through hamachi. I’s timeout error but we dont have a poor connection and our firewalls are disabled. Is that about the version or something specific to us caused by something else?
Alakazamus 3 weeks ago
I'm not sure about your issue myself, but do know that LAN setups aren't generally the most stable things in Pixelmon. I'd recommend joining the Discord (link to the right) and asking there -- there will be a lot more people there who may know what's up.
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
Question for the modpack creator. do you think elytras should be able to help hatch eggs? i think that would be a cool addition to put into a future update
EnderLord154 3 weeks ago
I'm not sure whether you'll get a reply here -- the Discord is generally more active for these kinds of questions. The forums suggestion section may also be worth a shot, although that's more of a list than a discussion platform at the moment.
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
Where Do You Get Zygarde ? theres nothing on the wiki and i cant seem to find any reliable info.. Thanks If You Can help !
deathsuperior 3 weeks ago
Also.. Im On The Latest Version.
Posted by deathsuperior 3 weeks ago
Zygarde is currently a random spawn in Extreme Hills M biomes, at dawn and dusk only. It'll probably get a more special way of spawning eventually, though. Only the 50% form is currently in, the others need a bit more work before they're ready.
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
hey , i'm playing in 7.0.5 and got a necrozma fuse with a lunala , i got the Ultranecrozium Z and the good attack but when i try fighting a pokemon , i got the Z-move button , i click on it but there no attack inside , so does that mean they can't become ultra-necrozma ? (sorry for my bad english i'm french)
CreepERROR 3 weeks ago
Yup, Ultra Necrozma (and some other forms, like the Zygarde ones) aren't in the mod just yet. Stay tuned!
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
okay thanks
Posted by CreepERROR 3 weeks ago
Hi, i've been playing on pixelmon reforged version 7.0.3 and i cant seem to find ralts in birch forests. i looked up the spawn rates and it says uncommon however ive been searching for 3 days now and cleared an open area in the forest to find it
Drin_ 1 month ago
bare in mind i have run into several pikachus, gumshoos, eevees and even a boss mega gallade but no ralts
Posted by Drin_ 1 month ago
Looking at the 7.0.5 files, Ralts is a dawn/dusk spawn in any Birch biomes. It should be pretty common at that time, but the window for spawning is pretty short. Flying into the area at the right time from somewhere else may help your chances.
Posted by XpanD 1 month ago
im playing on a single player world which i open to LAN to play with my brother, would there be any negative side effects to upgrading to the latest version? like as in would it corrupt my world file etc
Posted by Drin_ 1 month ago
It's always good to have a backup, but there shouldn't be any issues. Just make sure to refresh changed JSONs if you manually enabled any of those. (if you don't know what they are, don't worry -- it won't be a problem)
Posted by XpanD 1 month ago
where can i go to ask about pokemon skins?
schillie9 1 month ago
as shiny primarina has the things on her head , around her neck and by her tail gray while they should be pink and het hear is yellow/green and it should be yellow/white colord. mayby im wrong about this but yust wanted to say if it is wrong.
Posted by schillie9 1 month ago
The best place for this kind of stuff would generally be on our bug tracker, if you're sure about it. You can find it here:
Posted by XpanD 1 month ago
Hi! I recently started a Forge server and so far everything is going good on my end. I have 19 mods on it. My friend is having an issue, and it's not just on my server. It's on singleplayer, too. Whenever she tries to catch a Pokémon, her game crashes. Does anybody have a solution for this?
Pupperwoofs 1 month ago
Hi! Your best bet is to have them join the Discord and go through the support proccess. Not sure what we can do with all those extra mods installed, but we can at least narrow down the issue!
Posted by Reforged 1 month ago | Modpack Creator

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