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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Pixelmon Reforged) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Pixelmon Reforged from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Pixelmon Reforged Version 7.0.6

created by Reforged on Minecraft Version 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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It appears that the notorious bug where the text box to input player names/resource pack files in the NPC editor has returned. The text box was working just yesterday, but then it mysteriously disappeared, and now whenever I try to edit NPCs that use custom player names, they switch to a missing texture until I restart the game.
WolfyBuilder 9 hours ago
If you know of a way to reproduce this (or want to pool info with other people), please put up a ticket! This should be the right link:
Posted by XpanD 50 minutes ago
Hi i recently downloaded pixelmon and i cant encounter pokemon higher than lvl 10. Does lvl of wild pokemons increase with me lvling up mines if so is it possible to disable it so i can find all kinds of lvls?
Fluffinstein 11 hours ago
Yup, it scales to your party level by default. To disable this, hit the P button and go to Spawning > "Spawn closer to player's level".
Posted by XpanD 53 minutes ago
I want to download Reforged, but I can't log into my Mojang account on the Technic Platform. It keeps saying, "An error has occurred while attempting to reach", can someone help me?
EnderKingReborn 2 days ago
I'm not entirely sure what that could be myself, but I would recommend asking this in our Discord -- there's more people there who could have a look. There's a link in the box to the right.
Posted by XpanD 1 day ago
I don't get pokémon and items slots in in inventory anymore. It looks like the vanilla inventory ( ). Any idea on how to solve this?
ChromaticIsobar 4 days ago
Does clicking the green book icon fix it? That interface covers Pixelmon's stuff.
Posted by XpanD 4 days ago
Yes... I am facepalming really hard right now XD ! Thank you very much!
Posted by ChromaticIsobar 3 days ago
could you add NEI ?
Haisekki 5 days ago
Provided it doesn't require latest Forge or anything weird like that, you can add it yourself! Download it, go to Modpack Options > Open > "mods" in Technic, and drop the file in there. It should activate when the game next starts up. Keep in mind that you may need to redo this when the pack updates, pack updates generally wipe custom mods on Technic.
Posted by XpanD 5 days ago
okay so for some reason the R button stopped working, couldnt do anything with it and yeah, well there was something before that, a few mods i installed.: security craft durability show extra golems toro health and serence season side note i probably wont ever log back into hence the name so just you know discord exists and yeah ram #8369 ok bye i guess
forcedmadeaccount 6 days ago
my game keeps crashing when i try to load up a new map
shobaroo 1 week ago
It's hard to diagnose these kinds of issues from here, but we can look into what's going wrong here in the Discord, link to the right. One thing you can try already is going to Modpack Options > Open > "mods" in Technic and then moving Optifine somewhere else. With a bit of luck that will fix it already, Optifine causes this issue on some systems.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
on the server i play on we got a glich where players are trapped in ultra space and cant leave anyone got any ideas?
badmansonic 1 week ago
We would likely have to see the server's logs to see what's up there. If possible, drop by the Discord (link to the right) and head on over to #server-support -- people there should be able to point you to the right places.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Experiencing an issue with Tidal Bells on my Server. Able to place bells and they can't be destroyed in survival, but a placed bell will ring every dawn and not spread to nearby bells, it will continue to ring infinitely till destroyed. I have tried this multiple times in different places, and has been going on through several server restarts. Wondering if this was encountered elsewhere or what I could do.
DamSam 2 weeks ago
Seems that once 5 bells are placed that they will spawn and function "correctly' spawning lugia/ho-oh and ringing correctly, but will still always ring every dawn. Any lower than 5 the bells wont spread correctly and wont spawn lugia/ho-oh and will ring infinetely.
Posted by DamSam 2 weeks ago
Also encounter the same bug on my single player world.
Posted by DamSam 2 weeks ago
If possible, put up a ticket for this over at . Make sure you're on 7.0.6, as there were some recent changes there. Include as many details as possible! Thanks.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Is there a way to get vanilla mobs in as well? I've seen videos online detailing for windows, but I have a mac and I can't seem to be able to do anything.
itsamemario 2 weeks ago
I'm not entirely sure if you can edit any of this through the in-game menu (Mod Options/"P" key), but there is an "allowVanillaMobs" setting in Pixelmon's config file ("pixelmon.hocon"). You can access that file by going to Modpack Options > Open > "config". If you run a local server you can also edit the "" file in the server's root, that may allow you to get even more mobs.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
I checked this and changed it, but didn't get mobs, nothing changed
Posted by itsamemario 2 weeks ago
In that case, the Discord may be worth asking in. You can join that from the box to the right. With a bit of luck, the people there will be able to help you further.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Why cant i find any Gyms in my pixelmon reforged map? are they really that rare? ive found maybe 25 villages and not a single gym but i found one in the portals that spawn above water. Any tips on finding them in the real Minecraft world? do they only spawn in the portal??
Nexus207 2 weeks ago
Are you running any other mods? Gyms are pretty rare, but going through 25 villages for one doesn't sound right either. They should be more common in the normal overworld, too.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
why don't you just have a downloadable .Zip of a full server for this pack instead of having us have to make our own?
5_dog_knight 2 weeks ago
I don't think that would be allowed, as you would still need to agree with the EULA to be able to use Forge. Version recommendations also change, so it's a bit of a pain keeping track of all that on top of everything else going on.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Hey guys, Im new to this forum so I dont know if there is a specific section I should post it at... So I will post it here. I have necrozma fused with Lunala, And I have the ultranecrozium Z. But I dont know how to switch to the new form How can I switch to the ultra form ?
UComedy 2 weeks ago
Ultra Necrozma isn't in just yet, it's one of the last few missing forms. Keep an eye on the site and Discord, you'll likely see something on there once it's finished.
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
Is there a way to nominate a server to get included in the download?
Galanys 3 weeks ago
The servers listed there are mostly random picks from the more interesting ones (and a few long-time supporters), and get shuffled around every big release. From what I've seen mentioned, having a server that stands out and actively engaging with the mod community is very important. Good luck!
Posted by XpanD 2 weeks ago
What is the difference between the Normal mod pack and the server mod? Also i cannot get Biomes O' Plenty to work with my server.
BlackMario69 3 weeks ago
The -server file has all of the client-side assets (textures, models, sounds, etc.) removed, as they're not needed on a server. It's the same mod otherwise, just a bunch smaller. As for BoP, make sure you've got your "level-type" in the "" file set to "BIOMESOP".
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
hey I downloaded the server but for some reason it wont run is there a reason why?
D4MION 3 weeks ago
The server download only includes the mod, but you will need a Forge environment to actually be able to run it. This page should cover the process:
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
Is there a chat command that can increase the chance of spawning legendaries?
G0ld14m0nD 3 weeks ago
Nope, although you can adjust spawn chances and stuff like that through the in-game mod menu, accessible through the Mods list or the "P" button.
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
my laptops ram is 8GB but it still closes itself down as soon as i try to load up a world, HELP!!
ZasMagic 3 weeks ago
Give this guide a try:
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
I messed up my shopitems.json for npc file can anyone send me the default . I forgot to make a backup while editing the prices
wworriedd 3 weeks ago
I'm not sure about the shopkeeper file specifically, but most of Pixelmon's files regenerate automatically when they're removed and the game is restarted. You may need to remove the folder they were in, too. (make sure you're not removing anything important!)
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
I'd like to help with the translation in spanish, is it possible?
tepig88 3 weeks ago
Shoot Rasgnarok#6969 a message on the Discord, she should know what's up!
Posted by XpanD 3 weeks ago
Thank you ;)
Posted by tepig88 3 weeks ago

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