Install Pixelmon Reforged

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Pixelmon Reforged) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Pixelmon Reforged from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Pixelmon Reforged Version Reforged 6.1.0

created by Reforged on Minecraft Version 1.12.2
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i put the max number for spawn for legendaries and my game crashes, then when i re-start the game does not appear any option in pixelmon mod options
uvuvue325 2 days ago
If you want to reset your options or edit them from outside of the game, you can do this: Click "Launcher Options", click "Open Logs", go up one folder (to ".technic"), enter "modpacks", then "pixelmon-reforged", then "config". You can then edit the "pixelmon.hocon" file in there manually, or just delete it. Make sure the game isn't running while you're messing with this file! If the file is missing, the game will automatically make a new one with default settings.
Posted by XpanD 1 day ago
xpan where´s launcher options
Posted by uvuvue325 21 hours ago
make it so you can download the pixelmon laucher from the website
It_TheClown 4 days ago
I'm not 100% on this, but the old launcher is most likely not available anymore due to legal concerns, or due to a lack of source code. There may be another solution eventually (there was talk of one), but for now Technic or the vanilla MC launcher are the ways to go.
Posted by XpanD 4 days ago
The 6th gen pokemon are not spawning and the spawning option for those pokemon is enabled, it's a bug or something like that? Does it happen to anyone?
SrBeldades 5 days ago
Are you on 6.1.0? 6.0.0/6.0.1 had some issues with spawns, but 6.1.0 should've patched up the majority of them. If you have any specific examples, drop by the Discord (#support-or-something) and we can have a look.
Posted by XpanD 4 days ago
I've looking for 6th generation pokemon for hours and i've not found any of them, I don' know what to do. I can't use the discord, i don't know how to do it :(
Posted by SrBeldades 4 days ago
Go to in your browser and accept the invite, then click the #support-or-something channel to the left when you're all set up. I've gotta head out for a bit, but other people should be able to help.
Posted by XpanD 4 days ago
For anybody else who has this issue: Try using "/spawning beta" in-game. It's being looked into, but the new beta spawner seems to have helped here.
Posted by XpanD 3 days ago
Does world gen take a really long time or is it just me? If so will we be seeing optimization for it?
ThatOneEdgelord 1 week ago
It takes just over 10 seconds for me, but I'm on a fast computer. Have you allocated more memory? Feel free to hop on the Discord and ask in #support-or-something if you need any help with that.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Can you fix the mega stones when i put them on any pokemon bessides charizard venosaur or blastiose they cant evolve can you please fix this
Autistitard 1 week ago
Most of the stones are just placeholder items from people coming from other mods, for now (so they don't lose anything). They'll be made functional in a later update.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Metagross is a lot more tiny than before!
ViperMax 2 weeks ago
I hear that's fixed for the next version.
Posted by Rasgnarok 1 week ago
I can't wait after when in 2018 Q2 Minecraft 1.14 the mod being updated to 1.14 some time after!
TheSViper 2 weeks ago
its not working
burgarking123 2 weeks ago
What is not working? the crafting of heal items or teh s spawn of kyurem?
Posted by xdragonZ 2 weeks ago
please update models of some Pokemons of 1 generation and that they are square for example: meowth, cloyster, clefairy and some other
DiamondDX93 2 weeks ago
and fixed spawn Kyurem (ice-dragon) has to spawn not in Mesa! and in snow biomes
Posted by DiamondDX93 2 weeks ago
The old Techne models are being slowly phased out. Keep an eye out for future updates! I'll have a look at the Kyurem spawn, and will report it as a bug if it's broken.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Just tested, but I only get Reshiram and Terrakion spawns in the Mesa. Seems to be working as intended, there.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
Oh, I see... It's time-based. I'll ask if this is a bug, and will report it if so. Thanks for the info.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
is the recipes for all heal item removed?
xdragonZ 2 weeks ago
Some of the recipes have changed, and others got removed. The wiki should be receiving an update once 6.0.2 hits.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
oops sorry I forgot landorus Forest hills and mesa plateau at day
fireghost5963 2 weeks ago
this is what I found out so far, Dialga: extreme hills+ / extreme hills+ M at day Palkia: extreme hills+ / extreme hills M at night giratina: Never Encountered cresselia: Mesa Plateau F at night darkrai: Swampland M at Night shaymin: Roofed forest M at day Manaphy And Phione: ocean at night Arceus: Never Encountered Victini: Savanna Plateau at day/dawn/dusk Cobalion: Extreme hills+ M / forest hills at night terrakion: Desert hills / mesa plateau F at day virizion: Sunflower Plains at day tornadus: Savanna at day Thundurus: Savanna M / extreme hills M at day reshiram: Mesa / birch forest hills at day zekrom: Mesa / Roofed forest M at night Kyurem: Mesa at dawn/dusk keldeo: River at day meloetta: Confusing, Sunflower plains / extreme hills at night genesect: Birch forest at night None of the Gen 6 found
fireghost5963 2 weeks ago
mhsblup123 2 weeks ago
I time travelled from 2019 back to 2nd january 2018 to say that this mod took a whole year to download and install. So it better be the damn best pixelmon mod there is. I'm trying it out now.
Erenussocrates 2 weeks ago
I found out that this modpack was trash. It doesn't even have the fabled pixelmon soundtrack.
Posted by Erenussocrates 2 weeks ago
Says it in the changelog, author of the OT doesn't want it distributed. Guess there's little respect for that nowdays.
Posted by Rasgnarok 2 weeks ago
Why can't I craft rare candy and fresh water in single player? Is this a bug or a hidden option?
xdragonZ 3 weeks ago
Some of the recipes have changed, and others got removed. The wiki should be receiving an update once 6.0.2 hits.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
How long does it take to create a new world ?
TheMathyCz 3 weeks ago
hmmm where is center pokemon ,what biome ?? i need it ^^'
Bananeland 3 weeks ago
u cart join the discord says link expired fix it pls
cjcklc 3 weeks ago
Joining should work, but you can use if it's still giving you issues.
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago
hello, I'm from China Sorry, I can not find the place to submit lang correctly This is my translation of this mod,address: Hope you can use it Right, if you use it Can I leave a link?Just like leaving a name I want to link to my localized git repository This can make people better point out mistakes and deficiencies, but also allow more people who like this mod to participate in and translate it! Thanks again for the mod PixelmonTeam brings Translation Version: 6.0.1
DYColdWind 3 weeks ago
这里是中国的DUELIST。请问你的ID是?这里也是翻译,昨天已经提交了一份适用于第六代的翻译(同时预先为第七代的更新物做了翻译),如果有机会可以QQ讨论吗?QQ 2979897510
Posted by RiniceXiberia 3 weeks ago
If you have already translated it, let you take over _ (: З "∠) _ After all, I have a lot of new things to do. 如果你已经翻译了那就交给你了,我有很多事情要做。
Posted by DYColdWind 3 weeks ago
please update the wiki to find out where the new legendary spawners and new pokemons are added ... as well as items ...
lezkhaf 3 weeks ago
This is being worked on, though there's still a lot of ground left to cover. This link may help:
Posted by XpanD 1 week ago

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