Install The Pixelmon Mod

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Pixelmon Mod) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Pixelmon Mod from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Pixelmon Mod Version 1.16.5-9.1.5

created by PixelmonMod on Minecraft 1.16.5 using Technic Solder
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why doesnt it load when slecting play?
mjb1303 1 week ago
Why every time i used /checkapawn legendary. there is no legendary even though i already at the place and perfectly fit every spawning requirement. At 9.1.4? Plz help really need atleast 1 legendary
DarkLlama216 1 week ago
hi, how can i create a new world multiplayer?
MROMATA 3 months ago
I'd like to play it with a friend
Posted by MROMATA 3 months ago
Okay, so I'm trying to design a Gym, and I'm making a trainer npc. however, I cannot get the pokemon to hold items. I type in pixelmon:Manectite, and the icon appears, but theres no way to exit that menu without all my changes disappearing. does anyone know anything about this?
ConTron2001 3 months ago
Having an issue download the modepack... Getting the error: Error downloading a file for the following pack: The Pixelmon Mod Failed to downlaod (long URL) Any ideas how to fix this?
DrQuaxx 4 months ago
no matter what version is use I can only join 2 server from the list of ones you have, what is the point of having this if I will just have to download separate technic packs. Please fix.
Yugioh15134 7 months ago
hi, when im near finish of downloading this pack, i get error and i should consult author. Can i get permission to play even for singleplayer play?
Alex980902 7 months ago
when i hover over the server select it says "modpack not installed" but i use Technic so i know it is. do i need to reinstall Technic?
lishakali 8 months ago
Can the biomes o plenty and all the other mods from the recommended release brought to the latest release, my server and world wont load in properly otherwise, all my building are floating in air, im missing some blocks from some other mods
XTamerX1 9 months ago
77f7y 10 months ago
I don’t see the install button
KingJJ5214 10 months ago
When trying to create a world I get the following error "shutting down internal server"
Geovanna1825 1 year ago
im getting this too
Posted by Bellakit 11 months ago
is there a way to fix it?
Posted by Bellakit 11 months ago
anybody know how to keep a server up with host offline, is there a simple fix to this like extending lock out time?
ziggyman678 1 year ago
It's not working, it's giving a lot of error.
nessaanime15 1 year ago
I'm having trouble installing your mod and the following information is appearing I don't know what I can do.
nessaanime15 1 year ago
How do i install this i click on install this modpack and it doesnt work
TrojanMinecraft 1 year ago
Good afternoon, morning or evening, I would like to make an upgrade request to a legendary. and it's about yveltal and after searching for it for 4 days in real life because i went to the wrong biome 2 times i finally managed to capture it. and when I finally enjoy being able to mount it I realize that it is very bugeado, its flight is like metagross or solgaleo like a levitation it does not look good that a flying guy like yveltal flies that strange and also when riding it my character sits on the air, much higher than Yveltal himself -Translation made with google translate-
barxja 1 year ago
io ho un server minecraft con questa pikelmon come facio ad agiornare il server con la nuova versone?
Metereon 1 year ago
praticamente entra nel server e ti dirà di aggiornarlo alla nuova versione e clicca su fai il backup e aggiorna
Posted by MROMATA 3 months ago
Whenever I am in the menu I press single player and it crashes to the technic launcher menu please tell me whats wrong. I've tried unistalling the modpack and reinstalling it but it still doesn't work.
fakegav516 1 year ago
Never mind its every modpack I install.
Posted by fakegav516 1 year ago
im having the same issue
Posted by Nvidia 1 year ago
Hello um so I have tried to download this mod many times but the link that it gave me at the top of this screen to input the technic launcher says broken API link when i put it in. Anyone know how to fix this?
DimensionzGames 1 year ago
It looks like none of them are working actually so that's weird
Posted by DimensionzGames 1 year ago

Latest Update

The Pixelmon Mod was updated to version Pixelmon 9.1.5