Install The Pixelmon Mod

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Pixelmon Mod) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Pixelmon Mod from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Pixelmon Mod Version 1.16.5-9.1.0

created by PixelmonMod on Minecraft 1.16.5 using Technic Solder

"Pick a card :)"

  • The minimum Forge version for this update is 36.2.34 and is required for a Pixelmon client to run.


  • Added TCG.
  • Added Mount Lanakila biome to Overworld.
  • Added Christmas Pokéball.
  • Added Ultra Jungle biome to Ultra Space.
  • Added Ultra Forest biome to Ultra Space.
  • Added Netherite Hammer.
  • Added Gym Heroes TCG card sets.
  • Added Gym Challenge TCG card sets.
  • Added TCG Essence Jar and new Essence System
  • Added TCG Essence Trader NPC
  • Added TCG admin tools: Millenium Rod and Millenium Ring.
  • Adedd TCG Arenas: Small Arena, Medium Arena and Large Arena.
  • Added TCG Deck Holder.
  • Added TCG Card Compedium.


  • Added Christmas Pokémon palettes for Shaymin-Sky, Shaymin-Land, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Ninetales, Delibird, Castform, Snover, Abomasnow, Cryogonal, Drampa and Sinistea.


  • Unified all Pokéball types into a single item with NBT tags for properties.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Tree: Ultra Jungle Wood, Ultra Jungle Log, Ultra Jungle Sapling, Ultra Jungle Leaves, Stripped Ultra Jungle Log, Stripped Ultra Jungle Wood, Ultra Jungle Stairs, Ultra Jungle Slab, Ultra Jungle Planks, Ultra Jungle Door, Ultra Jungle Trapdoor, Ultra Jungle Button, Ultra Jungle Fence, Ultra Jungle Boat and Ultra Jungle Sign.
  • Added Ultra Elm Tree: Ultra Elm Wood, Ultra Elm Log, Ultra Elm Sapling, Ultra Elm Leaves, Stripped Ultra Elm Log, Stripped Ultra Elm Wood, Ultra Elm Stairs, Ultra Elm Slab, Ultra Elm Planks, Ultra Elm Door, Ultra Elm Trapdoor, Ultra Elm Button, Ultra Elm Fence, Ultra Elm Boat and Ultra Elm Sign.
  • Added Ultra Gingko Tree: Ultra Gingko Wood, Ultra Gingko Log, Ultra Gingko Sapling, Ultra Gingko Leaves, Stripped Ultra Gingko Log, Stripped Ultra Gingko Wood, Ultra Gingko Stairs, Ultra Gingko Slab, Ultra Gingko Planks, Ultra Gingko Door, Ultra Gingko Trapdoor, Ultra Gingko Button, Ultra Gingko Fence, Ultra Gingko Boat and Ultra Gingko Sign.
  • Added Ultra Forest Fallen Leaves.
  • Added Ultra Forest Flower.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Vine.
  • Added Oven.
  • Added TCG Essence Jars. Place in the world to slowly gain essence in them, battle near them, or battle with them in your inventory to fill them. Spend full jars at TCG Shops
  • Added TCG Battle Arena block.


  • Added Grass Gym Village: Grass Gym, Grass Backup A, Grass Backup B, Grass Berry Farm A, Grass Berry Farm B, Grass Blacksmith, Grass Church, Grass Clutter A, Grass Clutter B, Grass Clutter C, Grass Clutter D, Grass Clutter E, Grass Daycare, Grass Crop Farm A, Grass Crop Farm B, Grass House A, Grass House B, Grass House C, Grass House D, Grass House E, Grass Light A, Grass Light B, Grass Light C, Grass PokeCenter, Grass PokeMart, Grass Road A, Grass Road B, Grass Road C, Grass Road D, Grass Towncenter A, Grass Towncenter B and Grass TCG Shop.
  • Added TCG Shops to villages: TCG Shop Desert, TCG Shop Plains, TCG Shop Savanna, TCG Shop Snowy and TCG Shop Taiga.
  • Updated Bird Shrine structures: Uno Shrine A, Uno Shrine B, Dos Shrine A, Dos Shrine B, Tres Shrine A and Tres Shrine B.
  • Added Bird Shrine Ruins: Uno Shrine Connector A, Uno Shrine Connector B, Uno Shrine Chunk A, Uno Shrine Chunk B, Uno Chunk C, Uno Chunk D, Uno Chunk E, Dos Shrine Connector A, Dos Connector B, Dos Shrine Spike A, Dos Shrine Spike B, Dos Shrine Spike C, Dos Shrine Spike D, Dos Shrine Spike E, Tres Shrine Connector A, Tres Shrine Scorch A, Tres Shrine Scorch B, Tres Shrine Deco A, Tres Shrine Deco B, Tres Shrine C, Tres Shrine Deco D and Tres Shrine Deco E.
  • Added Ultra Deep Sea Raid Dens: Ultra Deep Sea Den A and Ultra Deep Sea Den B.
  • Added Ultra Desert Raid Dens: Ultra Desert Den A and Ultra Desert Den B.
  • Added Ultra Forest Raid Dens: Ultra Forest Den A and Ultra Forest Den B.
  • Added Ultra Forest Grottos: Ultra Forest Grotto A, Ultra Forest Grotto B, Ultra Forest Grotto C and Ultra Forest Grotto D.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Raid Dens: Ultra Jungle Den A and Den B.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Grottos: Ultra Jungle Grotto A, Ultra Jungle Grotto B, Ultra Jungle Grotto C and Ultra Jungle Grotto D.
  • Added Ultra Jungle Ruins: Ultra Jungle Ruin A, Ultra Jungle Ruin B, Ultra Jungle Ruin C, Ultra Jungle Ruin D, Ultra Jungle Ruin E and Ultra Jungle Ruin F.
  • Updated Graveyards: Church A and Church B.
  • Updated Battle Arenas: Desert Arena A, Plains Arena A, Plains Arena B, Savanna Arena A, Savanna Arena B, Snowy Arena A, Snowy Arena B, Taiga Arena A and Taiga Arena B.
  • Updated Waypoints: Badlands, Desert, Forest, Ice, Jungle, Mountain, Mushroom, Plains, Savanna and Swamp.
  • Added Mount Lanakila village: Lanakila Meeting Point 1, Lanakila Meeting Point 2, Lanakila Meeting Point 3, Elf Workshop, Gingerbread House, Santa Sleigh, Snowmon A, Snowmon B, Snowmon C, Snowmon D, Snowmon E, Winter Berry Farm and Xmas Tree.
  • Updated Tower of Darkness and Tower of Water.

Loot Tables:

  • Added loot table to the Uno Shrine.
  • Added village loot tables to the Grass Gym Village.
  • Added Ultra Space loot tables to the Ultra Jungle Ruins.
  • Added Christmas loot tables to Mount Lanakila village.
  • Updated Pokéball yield in loot tables for Arena, Ultra Ruins, Waypoints, Common PokéStop, Rare PokéStop and Legendary PokéStop.


  • Removed additional voice entries for the same Pokémon.
  • Added new Pokémon voices: Arceus, Brionne, Celesteela, Cobalion, Fraxure, Gastrodon, Glameow, Kartana, Keldeo, Litten, Mimikyu, Naganadel, Panpour, Patrat, Pheromosa, Pikipek, Poipole, Popplio, Rowlet, Scolipede, Shellos, Simipour, Spinda, Spiritomb, Terrakion, Toucannon, Trumbeak, Unown, Venipede, Watchdog, Whirlipede and Zerarora.
  • Updated Pokémon voices: Braixen, Chespin, Delphox, Eevee, Emolga, Fennekin, Froakie and Snorlax.


  • Added Mount Lanakila spawning: Frosmoth, Snom, Snorunt, Vanillish, Vanillite, Vanilluxe, Abomasnow, Castform, Crabominable, Cryogonal, Winter Deerling, Delibird, Drampa, Alolan Ninetales, Alolan Sandshrew, Alolan Sandslash, Winter Sawsbuck, Shaymin, Snover, Hoothoot, Fletchling, Fletchinder, Noctowl, Pidove, Sinistea, Talonflame, Tranquill, Unfezant and Alolan Vulpix to the Mount Lanakila biome.
  • Added Regieleki Spirit, Guzzlord and Stakataka to Ultra Desert.
  • Added Celesteela and Xurkitree to Ultra Deep Sea.
  • Added Poipole to Ultra Jungle.
  • Added Blacephalon to Ultra Forest.
  • Added palette-based Minior spawning conditions with a Star Piece held item.
  • Added NPC Trainer spawns to the Uno Shrine, Dos Shrine and Tres Shrine.


  • Automatically converted all existing Pokéball in previous saves to the new Pokéball item with their correct NBT effect.
  • Removed break chance from certain Pokéballs: Master Ball, Park Ball, Beast Ball, GS Ball, Cherish Ball, Strange Ball, Origin Ball and Dream Ball.
  • Optimized entity wandering AI.
  • Optimized several spawning conditions spawn pass.
  • Optimized structure registry logic.
  • Added TCG Trader, Exchange Essence Jars for Card Packs and Cosmetics
  • Optimized TCG duel card rendering.
  • Added jars to TCG Give command
  • Essence Jars are now craftable
  • New worlds will now always first spawn players in a Village.
  • Added alwaysSpawnInVillage config option to enable or disable Village first spawn behaviour.
  • Ultra Desert Cactus now can be cooked into Purple Dye.
  • Pokémon Editor party edit screen can now re-order Pokémon by dragging.
  • Updated Fridge block model.
  • Pixelmon Fridge can now be opened with [Shift+RightClick].
  • Removed Fridge storage container.
  • Disabled clouds in Ultra Space.
  • Disabled the [ESC] button when in the ChooseStarterScreen.
  • Added tooltips for hovered TCG Cards, Card Backs and Coins.
  • Eeveelution, Minior and Unown advancements are now hidden until unlocked.
  • Ultra Wormholes no longer spawn in Oceanic, Lake and River biomes.
  • Pokéchest drop config file now supports NBT data after an item's ID, eg "minecraft:diamond {Tag:1b}".
  • Pokéballs now longer render as a 3D item in hand and will now use their sprite, like all other items.
  • Removed TCG Printer & Blank Cards.
  • Fixed /tcg autocomplete requiring you to type the first letter


  • Custom Pokéball types can now be created via datapacks and resource packs.
  • Capture method can now be customized per Pokéball type.
  • Added default capture methods: gen1, gen2, gen3, gen4, gen5, gen6, gen7, gen8, 100% and 50%.


  • 17462 Fixed catch formulas for Quick Ball, Timer Ball and Poké Ball.
  • 17927 /pokegive, Trainer Editor and Pokémon Editor not supporting localized names as they should.
  • 18739 Fixed Master Ball, Park Ball, GS Ball, Beast Ball, Dream Ball, Cherish Ball and Origin Ball recipes to re-craft them when broken.
  • 18739 Fixed Pokéballs without a crafting recipe from breaking.
  • 18770 Fixed Graveler's Rock Smash item spawning for Black Augurite.
  • 18880 Fixed Ditto x Ditto breeding history displaying the resulting mystery child before hatching.
  • 18897 Oval Charm not applying and reducing breeding times in Day Care once obtained.
  • 18906 Fixed incompatibility with Gender Mod.
  • 18918 Fixed Light Blue, Light Gray, Lime and Magenta Day Care blocks failing to drop when broken.
  • 19024 Fixed Zygarde Core, Zygarde Cell and Arc Chalice break particles.
  • 19175 Fixed Relic Crown position on a player's head when viewed from a Multiplayer environment.
  • 19182 Fixed console errors appearing when a player's first party slot is carrying a Cleanse Tag.
  • 19207 Fixed Piglin, Snow Golem, Piglin Brute, Zombified Piglin and Rabbit and Zoglin's spawn replacement config.
  • 19209 Flint-and-Steel durability failing to tick down when used to light a Cooking Pot.
  • 19211 Fixed /shinycharm [username] remove displaying the same chat feedback as when adding a charm.
  • 19252 Fixed Pokémon summary inventory hovers being too short to include the level line, affecting all Pokémon in a non-default form.
  • 19253 19254 Temple Stairs and Temple Brick Stairs breaking in a single punch.
  • 19274 Fixed Raid Dens not dropping type-specific loot.
  • 19281 Fixed Flabébé evolution line only spawning in Red palette instead of all colors.
  • 19328 Berry Leaves and Apricorn Leaves failing to break quicker when using a hoe tool.
  • 19371 Fixed enchanted hammers only applying partial area damage when hammered on the ground.
  • 19373 Fixed Pokéballs being usable multiple times if the same type of Pokéball was used from different Shulker Boxes.
  • 19374 Ultra Space applying poison damage and thereby fainting eggs.
  • 19398 Fixed Galarian Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres Enigmatic Quests incorrectly detecting the form instead of the palette.
  • 19404 Fixed Pokéball capture effect causing a temporary visual glitch on the held Pokéball model.
  • 19408 Fixed a typo in Zubat's Sweet Scent spawning file.
  • 19422 Fixed Porygon2 spawning as an Alter palette and not a Spirit palette when found in a Graveyard.
  • 19468 Fixed Fossil Displays crashing servers or clients when broken with a null entity or world.
  • 19471 Fixed Thunder Stone tools experience exploit.
  • 19486 Fixed Pokémon without a hidden ability spawning as 'Coming Soon' ability when forced spawned as hidden ability.
  • 19508 Fixed Optifine and Pixelmon crash when scrolling while in the leveling screen.
  • 19536 Fixed dye affecting shiny Wooloo, Dubwool or Mareep.
  • Pikachu, Meowth and Eevee evolving if they have Gigantamax Factor.
  • Fixed transparency issues on Isi's Diamond Hourglass, Isi's Golden Hourglass, Isi's Silver Hourglass and Isi's Copper Hourglass.
  • Fixed the nodrops spec failing to apply when used in a Pixelmon spawner block.
  • Fixed the Pokédex highlight box displaying at too small of a size.
  • Fixed server crash caused by players riding invalid Pokémon targets.
  • Fixed non-plank wooden items having the #plank tag in recipes.
  • Fixed missing smoke particles from Koffing and Weezing.
  • Fixed form setting failing to set a Pokémon's moves or ability accordingly.
  • Fixed client performance issues when opening the TCG Compendium.
  • Fixed boss drop custom name fields failing to apply when items are dropped.
  • Fixed advancement sprite displays in capture triggers for Articuno, Celebi, Deoxys, Entei, Groudon, Ho-Oh, Jirachi, Kyogre, Latias, Latios, Lugia, Mew, Mewtwo, Moltres, Raikou, Rayquaza, Regice, Regirock, Registeel, Suicune, Zapdos, Alter, Clobbopus JUMP, Crystal Onix, Drowned, Eeveelotion, Feebas Magikarp, Magikarp JUMP, Minior, Pink, Rainbow, Shellos JUMP, Sir Doofus, Spheal, Spiky Pichu, Strike, Summer, Unown, Valencian and Zombie.
  • Fixed a rare NPC-related client crash where the base Trainer is null.
  • Fixed pokechestdrops.json not supporting the use of shopitems.json IDs.
  • Fixed /compsee and /compsearch error messages displaying in white and not red.
  • Fixed Ultra Wormholes failing to spawn in the overworld.
  • Fixed Ultra Wormholes disabling the spawning thread when attempting to spawn.
  • Fixed Ultra Space Teleporter and Drowned World Teleporter having wrongly layered enchanted sprite effect.
  • Fixed UI element rendering displaying unevenly or off-center, such as in Day Care buttons.
  • Fixed Tumblestones rendering invisible when placed by another player.
  • Fixed Spectator mode players constantly floating higher and higher when submitted to Ultra Space's low gravity.
  • Fixed Safety Goggles not lowering the fog in Ultra Space.
  • Fixed Sacred Ash usage printing an error to console.
  • Fixed Power Reserve deck returning extra TCG cards.
  • Fixed Pokémon successfully spawning outside of the world border.
  • Fixed Pokémon in the Drowned dimension being unable to swim at any Y level.
  • Fixed Pokémon AI prioritizing horse-like behaviour.
  • Fixed Pokéballs using Generation 4 catching formula mechanics instead of Generation 8.
  • Fixed PokéStops vanishing loot items instead of dropping to the ground when a claimant player's inventory is full.
  • Fixed Galar-Yamask, and any other wild evolution condition, from crashing the game once triggered.
  • Fixed Armchair and Couch dying logic pairing to the correct dyes.


  • 18945 Fixed Pokémon gaining health from moves that drain health (e.g. Absorb, Drain Punch) after damaging themselves while confused.
  • 19056 Fixed Pokemon that were switched out and switched back in failing to use Fake Out successfully.
  • 19306 Dynamax Pokémon taking more than 10% of their normal HP when damaged by Life Orb.
  • 19310 Fixed an error caused by checking item effects after all attacks have hit.
  • 19420 Fixed Steel Beam dealing recoil damage if the user has the Magic Guard ability.
  • 19420 Fixed Steel Beam not dealing recoil damage when the attack missed the target or the target had used a protect move (e.g. Protect, Detect).
  • 19467 Fixed Substitute damage incorrectly popping the protected user's Air Balloon.
  • 19469 Fixed Bag Berries healing the Pokémon currently in-battle instead of the selected party member.
  • Fixed Entrainment, Simple Beam, Role Play, Trace, Mummy, Worry Seed, Core Enforcer, Gastro Acid, Mold Breaker, Turboblaze and Teravolt successfully replacing Revenant.
  • Fixed Healing moves not affecting a Pokémon with Revenant even if it is at full health.
  • Fixed Imposter and Transform being able to copy a Pokémon that has Revenant.
  • Fixed Pokémon losing their moves after mega-evolving if the move is not learnable under normal move learn list conditions.
  • Fixed Pokémon movement AI activating while in battle.
  • Fixed Revenant ability looping with Berry Juice usage.
  • Fixed Revenant being ignored by moves that ignore abilities like Moongeist Beam.
  • Fixed Revenant failing to activates from Powder damage and Recoil damage.
  • Fixed Revenant failing to block Perish Song.
  • Fixed Revenant healing damage activating Life Orb.
  • Fixed Revenant improperly resetting the number of turns on start of battle.
  • Fixed Revenant not activating from Iron Barbs, Spiky Shield, Rocky Helmet, Bad Dreams, Nightmare, Aftermath, Innards Out, Sticky Barb, Life Orb, weather, status effect, confusion self-damage, Leech Seed, Curse, False Swipe, Jaboca Berry, Rowap Berry, Gulp Missile, splinters and binding move damage.
  • Fixed Splinters displaying a successful hit despite the target already being afflicted by Splinters.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit swapping itself with Revenant.
  • Fixed Wandering Spirit's activation message incorrectly using the target instead of the user.
  • Fixed Zacian and Zamazenta regaining all their move PP after battling while holding the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield, respectively.
  • Fixed healing moves erroneously stating in the battle logs that they healed the Pokémon when they didn't.
  • Fixed wild, in-battle Pokémon returning a feedback stating they are a Trainer in battle.
  • Revenant healing damage now also destroys the current held item.
  • Revenant healing damage now isn't doubled.
  • Revenant now tells you the held item and typings of the initial phase.


  • Added TCG language translation files.
  • Updated Traditional Chinese translation.
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation.
  • Updated Korean translation.
  • Updated Spanish translation.
  • Updated French translation.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: Pokéball items are now unified, differentiated by NBT instead.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Capture method is now compartmentalized and isolated.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Capture events now return encapsulated catch rate and ball bonus variables rather than the values directly.
  • Custom capture methods for Pokéballs can now be registered and used.
  • Improved performance and usage of the Pokéball item renderer.
  • Improved performance and usage of the Pixelmon Sprite item renderer.
  • Fixed Pokemon.setForm failing to update the Pokémon's moveset and ability responsively.
  • Added ITextComponent (RGB) support to overlays.
  • Moved Bag item logic to the server.
  • Added BagItemEvent.CollectItems.Pre.
  • Added BagItemEvent.CollectItems.Post.
  • Added BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Pre.
  • Added BagItemEvent.SelectItem.Post.
  • Added Mail events.

Latest Update

The Pixelmon Mod was updated to version Pixelmon 9.1.0