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Technic Thursday: Australia Time

It's Coming

It's coming...

A Quick Note About Blightfall Servers

In 2.1.3, we pushed a change to the Blightfall file.  Since server owners don't usually update, we figured we'd tell you about it.  We changed allow-nether to true.  This doesn't mean that the nether now works in Blightfall: it (intentionally) still doesn't.  However, using allow-nether=false to shut off the nether was also breaking other dimensions, like The Outlands.  That's been fixed, and you should also modify to fix it.

Speaking of Blightfall...

Blightfall 2.1.4 was released, which included an improved victory village, a lot of bug fixes, and a big buff to the Dawn Machine!  Check out the 2.1.3 and 2.1.4 changelogs!

We Released A New Launcher Version!

That's right, a brand new launcher version with some key fixes we hope you'll enjoy:

  • Technic now allocates 512Mb of PermGen space when at least 6GB of RAM is allocated in the options.
  • The pack icon is now set as the dock icon for Minecraft on OSX.
  • A new tab has been added to Launcher Options: Video Settings!  You can now control whether Minecraft launches into fullscreen, as well as launch with custom windowed dimensions, from this new settings tab.
  • You can also now disable the stencil buffer from this settings screen.  Some players on older graphics cards may need to do this to play some packs, including Blightfall.
  • There was a little-known set of command line options for the Technic Launcher that would previously control Minecraft's window dimensions, etc.  Those command line options have been removed.
  • The Blightfall teaser splash has been removed.
  • Fixed a case in which solder-based packs with no java or memory requirements could sometimes fail to load.
  • PermGen GC parameters will no longer be passed for Java 1.8+.  This will remove a warning message during startup.
  • Technic will now select the G1 garbage collector on startup in Java 1.7+, and the Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector in Java 1.6 if at least 4GB is allocated.

Well, that's all for this week's update!  It's not much, but you'll be hearing from us again very soon.  Hit us up on our forums, IRC, or Discord to ask what's taking us so long!

Technic Thursday: Post-Blightfall

This past week has been a blur for us, what with the Blightfall teaser, Blightfall release, and now the Blightfall post-launch patch!  But, that hasn't stopped us from working on the very next pack to come out!  We hope you're ready because it's going to be out in the next few weeks!

Blightfall 2.1.1

Blightfall 2.1.1 is out, and it fixes a ton of questing bugs, typos, and adds some really great improvements to the game!  The Spice of Life diminishing returns formula has been made more forgiving, the Spice of Life food buffer has been reduced from 250 haunches to 200, you get hungry slower than before, and we've changed the food requisition quest to give you a new type of food that is immune to diminishing returns!  We've also added a new POI to the map that you will receive even on existing maps!  Lastly, we've added a pair of cheats you can activate if you're uninterested in either the food game or Thaumcraft research.  You can find these cheats on the top floor of The Jaded, but you'll need Op (or need to know an Op) and you will have to break some glass to get to it.

This is probably going to be our last update for a few weeks unless something goes wrong.  We really hope you enjoy this post-launch pack update and if you haven't tried Blightfall yet, we hope you'll give it a shot.  It's absolutely our favorite pack that we've made.  You can check out the changelog here.

Some Launcher Hotfixes

Shortly after the Blightfall release, we updated the launcher to v4.313.  Here are the changes:

  • The launcher will no longer fail to relaunch on Macs due to the PATH being unavailable.
  • Fixed various crashes and issues with Twitch auth.

We also need to drive home the point that the Minecraft Twitch auth will not actually be fixed for you unless you uncheck "remember me" at the Technic login screen, and log in using your username and password once again.

Well, that's all that we're up to this week!  Keep an eye out for upcoming news about Tekkit coming out very, very soon!  Drop by and see us on IRC, the forums, or Reddit.  Let us know if you're playing Blightfall!

Come Check Out Blightfall!

All today the Technic team is playing Blightfall.  We're ridiculously terrible at video games, so come by, laugh at us, and talk to us about Blightfall!

Welcome to Blightfall

Blightfall's latest version is now ready to download and play in the Technic Launcher!  So grab a friend and install Blightfall version 2.1.0 and get ready to have some fun!  

If you want to play with friends, consider buying a server from our friends at Apex Minecraft Hosting!  Minecraft servers for Blightfall start at $11.99/mo!  

Technic Thursday: Camera Feed Online

Our Camera feed from cry-pod JA-EXCCS-004-01 is now transmitting live!  Check back in each day to see the latest developments!

In the meantime, the launcher has been updated to version 4.310:

  • Added community updates for Polish, Hungarian, and Czech languages.
  • Added a community optimization for launcher PNG image resources.
  • The launcher's main frame now has a window title. This isn't visible (because the launcher window uses a custom skin) but various things like OBS occasionally list processes by window title.
  • Added teaser splat over the discover tab.
  • Twitch streaming auth data will now be properly passed to minecraft. A bug was preventing users from being able to consistently stream from Minecraft.
  • Some minor changes were made to the way we authenticate users with Minecraft at startup.
  • There is currently a bug which causes some users who have not used the Technic launcher since migrating their user accounts to have a hard time logging in from Technic without doing some sort of complicated dance with the vanilla launcher. We believe this minor change will fix that bug, but please alert us if you cannot log in from your Technic launcher.
  • The launcher will now delete Technic logs older than one week on startup.

This is a short update, but the only real news is that we're finally ready to start unveiling our packs. We hope you enjoy this teaser, and stop by and tell us what you're up to on IRC, the forums, or Reddit!  See you soon, when we make landfall!