Technic News

Hexxit 2 is here!

Your adventure awaits once more. The only question is: shall you take up the mantle, equip yourself, and venture forth to what lays undiscovered?

That's right, Hexxit 2 is finally here! Open your launcher and play it (it's already there, just select and install it), or learn more about it over at

If you're looking to create a server to play Hexxit 2 with your friends, our friends over at Akliz got you covered. Just head over to and order your own Hexxit 2 server.

Have fun!


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Yay! I love to see this, not a fan of Iron Chest over Better Storage Too, but I absolutely love the new menu and UI stuff! I'll definitely be spending time in this.
kobaltLaser 2 years ago
gamer moment hell yes epic move supa epic
Scoup18 2 years ago