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Launcher build 656 released!

Build 656 has been released to the stable update stream.

We've added:

  • Support for custom Java JVM arguments (remember that giant box in Java Settings labelled "Java Args"? Well, now it works)
  • Support for wrapper commands (so you can use stuff like optirun in Linux)
  • Oracle Java runtimes previously had no vendor name. Now they show up prefixed with "Oracle".
  • The Java detection is now smarter on Windows and supports more vendors and locations.
  • Probably not a huge deal, but the launcher now correctly identifies arm64/aarch64 as a 64-bit platform.

Have fun!


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Oh hell yeah
ericgrace2 2 years ago
I'm trying to play the ulandos AVP Mod but I can't get into and I cant seem to reinstall it but i tried crazy craft and that worked so what's the problem?
Alexlightshadow 2 years ago
Same, tryin to play Prometheus Rising and this is really ticking me off. Cant find anything on how to fix it at all.
Posted by awsome301 2 years ago
Hello whenever I install a modpack and I get on it I press singleplayer and it just pulls me back into technic launcher and I don't know what to do.
fakegav516 2 years ago
i cant load any mod packs
pandon 2 years ago
stefix1 2 years ago
Before I say anything, I would like to say thanks for releasing this I'm glad we have an upgrade. But I've been trying to load up vanilla Minecraft but for no reason it's says I have enough RAM but it says I need java 16 and I'm using Java 1.8.0_291 64 bit. Does anyone know a work around this problem?
willispillis 2 years ago
same things happening to me, i legit cannot open ANY of my installed modpacks even with no mods on them
Posted by NessieKarma 2 years ago
you broke something. A modpack i played before the update is now not launching. Instead i gat an error saying not able to create JVM. The Console is telling me that it could not launch because of insufficient heap size. its set to java 1.8 64-bit and there is more than enough free RAM
Sartox 2 years ago
I took a quick look into it. The problem is gone when i delete my set of java arguments. it works when i add one random of those arguments and it completely goes mayhem when i use more than one.
Posted by Sartox 2 years ago
can you put your explanation in dumb please
Posted by NessieKarma 2 years ago
you may be able to start your mod when you go to Launcher Options then to the tab java settings and get rid of everything in the java argument section. What they did is defaulting a lot of possible java arguments so you can't play around with them anymore.
Posted by Sartox 2 years ago
mi to libi moc modpack ja muzu hrat na furt ok ja ma discord muzete ᐰ Bart Simpson ᐰ#5071 přidat mě budete chti
cool modpack
Yoohoo! Thank you, guys! Now I can do what I wanted in my mod pack.
PayDayer 2 years ago
Hi, My launcher cannot reinstall my modpack and only "plays offline" I always have my internet connected and I am currently accessing the Internet with no Issues Is that a known issue?
KonigFisch 2 years ago
If you're using a Microsoft account, log in again (click "Logout" and then "Add Microsoft Account").
Posted by Pyker 2 years ago | Technic Staff
Thank you very much
Posted by KonigFisch 2 years ago