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Hexxit is back!

And it's releasing in exactly 1 week! (October 23rd, 12pm ET, 16:00 UTC)

With countless new and exciting mods to add a fresh take on an old classic, Hexxit II is a world with plenty to explore. An abundance of challenges, both new and familiar, await you. Hexxit II was made by Jon, in partnership with Technic, and will be released on October 23rd, 12pm EST.

We're so excited to get this out to you and can't wait to see you all adventuring again!


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After all this years!!!
NextDNS 2 years ago
stefix1 2 years ago
I cannot wait for this. This is genuinely awesome
hybridtheory 2 years ago
Very nice.
cooter 2 years ago
When is the new version of tekkit coming?
GodlyOnly 2 years ago
how many mods ?
mashhed 2 years ago
very nice! :D will we be able to convert our old 1.5.2 worlds to the newer version though?
GFSoTrans 2 years ago
It's a different modpack, different mods, so porting over an old world from Hexxit 1 won't work.
Posted by Pyker 2 years ago | Technic Staff
woooooww and they will come in 1.17 version?
hunterplay90 2 years ago
Posted by CZG_ 2 years ago