Install The Pixelmon Mod

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Pixelmon Mod) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Pixelmon Mod from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Pixelmon Mod Version 1.16.5-9.1.11

created by PixelmonMod on Minecraft 1.16.5 using Technic Solder
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when i tried installing pixelmon reforged, it loaded for a while, downloading until it popped up with a message saying it was unable to download folder: Pixelmon Reforged. I have tried multiple times, and every time it said the same thing. I have tons of storage, so i don't know why it's not working. What should i do?
loocuz 4 years ago
What is the exact error that it comes up with? We may be able to go from there. If not, we'll need to see the launcher log. The Discord's #general-support channel is probably the best place for doing a deep dive into that stuff.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
anyone know when zygarde 100% and 10% and Ash hat coming out? and does anyone know how to edit the json file to add more pixelmon skins to the game?
F34RAGL 4 years ago
Nope, gotta see how things go. As for the skin thing, the people in the Discord may be able to help there. Check out this link, too:
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Bottle caps dont work on pokemon you can mount. Any quick fix for this?
BeastLike 4 years ago
I've seen some people report that spam-clicking works, and I have had luck myself with clicking the ground beneath them, when over tall grass. Proper fix next release, most likely!
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Ive ran into the Issue that my Pokemon resets the HP when healing at the Healer. So Say my Froakie hast 10/19 Hp, i heal him at the healer, and when throwing him out hes at 10 HP again. Someone else expierienced the same?
H3roDude 4 years ago
Found the Issue, PotionCore was causing it ^^
Posted by H3roDude 4 years ago
Why'd they take out the journey map?
Kiki_RaeAnne 4 years ago
i would also like to know about the journey map
Posted by akersa35 4 years ago
The JourneyMap download was very flaky (and was preventing the whole pack from being downloaded), which I'm guessing is the reason for its removal. You can still add it manually by going to Modpack Options > Open > "mods" and dropping in the most recent download from:
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
(keep in mind that pack updates may wipe it, so it may be good to back up settings before following through with those)
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I have the same problem and I think it's a bug because my older brother still has the map after he updated it to 7.0.8. we both use the technic platform so im not sure whats going on. I guess we have to wait and see what happens.
Posted by spirithart 4 years ago
Can i get some help please? When i try to download this through technic, i get a fail message that says i couldn't download a curse forge map Is this a common thing or do I need to download that myself or do i need to download something to get past this? Thank you for any help
UK_Karmic 4 years ago
Does it work now? I just updated without an issue. Those messages usually indicate a temporary outage somewhere, but shouldn't last long.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I cant run it always says failed to download
arbandon 4 years ago
also this is in the 7.0.8 update
Posted by arbandon 4 years ago
Does it work now? I just updated without an issue. Those messages usually indicate a temporary outage somewhere, but shouldn't last long.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Hey, on the most recent 7.0.8 update the changelog mentions a, "Complete overhaul on Pokémon spawning rarities across the board to account for the change in the last version." What does that mean exactly and is there a place where i can get more info on these spawn rarities?
quankruger 4 years ago
We're working on the wiki, but that's still a bit of a work in progress. For the most part, spawns just had their rarities re-done to fit the post-7.0.7-bugfix situation. Some spawns were switched around or made harder/easier to get, though. If you have Pixelmon Extras installed, the "/wiki" command will pull data directly from the mod -- that should be accurate.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
The game's basically almost complete if we put the Galar generation aside, we only need the zygarde forms and we have all the pokemons to date. One thing I wanted to request was to be able to revive that ''CustomNPC'' but with pixelmon. I don't know if suggesting here is a good idea, but an option for ''Constant animation'' on the frame's part perhaps? Where we could see our chisel-created pokemon move. That would be the best thing ever. I beg you to add this option. It'd mean a lot. Despite that thanks for your hard work~!
ILovePixelmon123 4 years ago
By this I mean that I want the chisel to have an extra option where we can see the idle, flying, walking, and swimming animation all the time. So we feel as if we have living pokemon. I wanted to make a small world with blocks and with microscopic pixelmon moving around. Like an exhibition. Just for fun (Movement is idle, not walking and stuff)
Posted by ILovePixelmon123 4 years ago
This would likely get more eyes on it when posted over at , our suggestions board. Would love to see this, though!
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I did it~! I posted the suggestion idea, I hope it gets added. Thanks tho~!
Posted by ILovePixelmon123 4 years ago
My litten will not evolve. It is level 36 and ive tried basically everything but if anyone has anything to say that could help i would appreciate it.
SpongErsin 4 years ago
Are you on a server, or in single player? If on a server, you may need to ask them to force an evolution, or wait until it restarts. If in single player, try restarting the game if you haven't already -- that tends to get it un-stuck. Rare candies can be used to start the evolution again if you have any.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Hey, I've ran into a problem when hosting my own server with spongeforge, it essentially stops the pokemon from moving outside of a chunk you're not in... Anyone know any solutions? If I remove the sidemod then it goes back to normal, however I want to play with plugins... assistance pls
NightFuZion 4 years ago
Which versions of Forge and SpongeForge are you running? We currently recommend 2838 and 7.1.6 release, which should work together well. Newer Sponge builds are notoriously glitchy!
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I'm using Forge 2838, and sponge 2838
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
Spongefoge is 7.1.7 release. Still on 2838.
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
Though Looking at the spongeforge downloads, there are no 2838 with the 7.1.6 release, only 7.1.7
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
It's probably messing with a config or something...?
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
There is no stable version of 7.1.7 yet, they're all bleeding edge test builds. This is the build you're looking for:
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Just tried it there, as I've tried many older sponge versions... Doesn't seem to fix anything, I don't even have to add any plugins into the server, only spongeforge and it just makes the pokemon outside chunks freeze, and move extremely extremely slowly in certain cases.
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
Is this outside of a single chunk, or a bunch of blocks away? If the latter, it may be due to Sponge's entity activation ranges, which you can configure through its config file. (the Discord may be a better place to discuss that further)
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
If you'd be up for helping me further I can give you screenshots..? TheBoyWonder#8255
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
I believe they're not moving within a 32x32 chunk if I'm not within it.
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
That sounds like it might still be the entity activation ranges. I'll be in the Pixelmon Discord, which you can join from the box to the right.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Sure thing join tomorrow.
Posted by NightFuZion 4 years ago
Hello, is there a way to put an egg into a Poke Gift?
tepig88 4 years ago
I'm not sure myself, but the people in the Discord may know. You can join that from the box to the right!
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I cannot send my pokemon out i tried reinstalling the modpack i tried to f3 + t it did not work what do i do
Bruhism 4 years ago
Do you have any other mods installed, and have you changed your keybinds in Controls any? Not too sure what else that could be, though the people in our Discord may know more there.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Does pixelmon run on Windows 10 or java minecraft?
You'll need the Java version, as that's the only one that can run Forge mods. (like Pixelmon and most other big mods)
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I have an issue with the whole online/offline thing, I tend to play offline cause I don't usually have internet, but when I get the chance to play online (on single player) my inventory transfers but not my pokemon, any way to fix that then having to pokegift them to myself everytime? (also why doesn't my skin load in offline mode?)
ShdwsOfYggdrsl 4 years ago
When you play offline, your unique user ID (UUID) changes. Pixelmon uses this to identify who owns what parties and PC boxes, and Minecraft uses it to pull your skin, among other things. I don't think there's a way around this, short of maybe going to Modpack Options > Open > "world" and renaming the files to the other UUID. (if you can find it -- make a copy of these files first!)
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Hello, Im trying to find out how I can get a hold of the devs for the mod. could someone help me with that?
Mr_Cowley 4 years ago
The Discord may work for that, but it depends on what you want to do exactly. We have support channels for most things. (please don't tag/PM staff, ask in those channels)
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I having an issue when i battle a trainer sometimes after the battle ends my cursor tabs out and i can't tab back in forcing me to restart the game
TheNoodleBowl69 4 years ago
Do you have any extra mods installed, or any programs on your PC that add an overlay to the game? Long shot, but I'm not too sure what else could cause this. May be worth dropping your log on the Discord, also.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
how come i can make my own modpack with pixelmon
tbone_er 4 years ago
I'm not familiar with the process myself, but there are probably a few guides around for it if you search on something like Google. You can get the mod files from and .
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Hi! I recently just joined the Pixelmon reforged server because Pixelmon 2.0 stopped working. I joined the exact same multiplayer server and all my saves were gone. I’m really upset about this because I don’t want to loose my Pokémon. Is there any way to regain my saves?
LifeCoachAstro_ 4 years ago
The mod you had installed previously is a different mod, running on far-outdated code that they stole from Reforged. Technic packs are also isolated, meaning saves from one cannot be used in the other. You may be able to copy over the files through Modpack Options > Open > "saves", but please make sure you have a backup of the world folder before doing this.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
I looked into my old saves folder and the current one for Pixelmon reforged and there’s nothing in both. What do I do?
Posted by LifeCoachAstro_ 4 years ago
Not sure about that one, something (a pack reinstall?) might've wiped those files. The Discord may be worth joining, as there's more people watching that. With a bit of luck somebody there will know more.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago
Why in servers don't work the alolan evolutions? Is just a problem of my server or is the server file itself? I've been trying to evolve alolan raichu while having an alolan rattata in my team and doesnt work in servers? Does this happens in other servers? Is a bug? Fix it please if its a bug
Ampaex 4 years ago
This sounds like something that may require looking at your logs. Please join the Discord for stuff like, and ask in one of the support channels -- there's more people there who can check into things.
Posted by XpanD 4 years ago

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The Pixelmon Mod was updated to version Pixelmon 9.2.7