Install The 1.7.10 Pack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The 1.7.10 Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The 1.7.10 Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The 1.7.10 Pack Version 0.9.8

created by Hi it's me on Minecraft Version 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Okay so, an issue I am having is that I am playing on multiplayer with a friend, using Hamachi as the VPN to connect us together, whenever I leave the overworld or general area of our base, and I come back, textures disappear. Chest textures disappear, certain machines from Mekanism disappear, players disappear, aside from their right arm, which holds tools, but their textures are gone. I do not experience this issue on singleplayer, nor does he experience it when he connects to my world. I just updated the Graphics driver today, thinking that'd fix it but it doesn't. Help!
Dekimus 22 hours ago
Actually, I take that back the textures glitch happens on my singleplayer worlds too.
Posted by Dekimus 22 hours ago
Hello [Hi it's me] can you add to the your modpack some mods for example Divine rpg, draconic evolution
DyadyaWonder 3 days ago
Hello, how do I install Minecraft Version 1.7.10 on the Technic Launcher so I can play this modpack?
TheEpicWatermelon 2 weeks ago
You download and install the Technic Launcher.
Posted by Hi it's me 1 week ago | Modpack Creator
sorry if i should not write it here but : Could you add ARS magica to the mods its really nice and i think it fits good with the whole pack ( but i`m nor sure if its ok with all the other mods :/ )
Caverlorn 3 weeks ago
Whenever I try and host a dedicated server the server lags alot, I have followed your instructions (here: step by step to no avail, I have increased the ram, decreased the ram and done just about everything under the sun. The lag in question is serverside lag, me and my friends that attempt to join it all experience it as when we mine blocks the blocks only drop a few seconds after they have been mined and mobs jitter all over the place, making it close to unplayable. Any help you could offer would be nice.
Big_Nate69 3 weeks ago
I was using qcraft and I can't make the Quantizer / De-Quantizer Matrix I've check and I've tried in single player and multiplayer servral times and keeps on giving me area can't be transported if you don't know what all this is this is what it needs to do
cyber_chase 1 month ago
when i go to get into the recomended server in the multiplayer list i get kicked for using a vpn or proxy when there is none on my computer im very confused
soldierofthegate 1 month ago
Please go to the forums and as them directly:
Posted by Hi it's me 1 month ago | Modpack Creator
try to place mod ars magic 2 pleasee!!
MaxStormGamer 1 month ago
I'm having a bit of a problem when I downloaded mods and added it to the mods file folder. I got Better Builder Wands and Immersive Engineering to work. Though when I added RFTools and Draconic Evolution with their core mods the game will close before reaching the title menu. While looking around the modpack folder I notice that there is a empty folder called "coremods" so I'm wondering if any core mods I downloaded should be stored there to make the modpack able to function. (Here some links if you don't know how or where to download more mods for modpacks.)
eugene33 1 month ago
Hi, unfortunately we can't give support for extra added mods :)
Posted by Hi it's me 1 month ago | Modpack Creator
Hey, could you add the Decocraft mod to this mod pack? Would very appreciate it.
Suronas 1 month ago
It doesn't work! If I click 'play' it just does not start :(
CooldamianXD 1 month ago
Please go to the "Help" section to get help.
Posted by Hi it's me 1 month ago | Modpack Creator
Hey guys! I'm running a hamachi server, but today it's stopped because the PC restarted. When I wanted to restart my server I got an error message: "The state engine was incorrect state SERVER_STARTING and forced into state SERVER_STOPPED. Errors may have been discarded." I even downloaded a new server and tried it with the old world of course but this error didn't fixed. How could I fix it without lose our progress on the server? :/ Here is the full message:
_PhantomBoy27_ 1 month ago
Please go to the "Help" section and provide the full log :)
Posted by Hi it's me 1 month ago | Modpack Creator
this pack is legendary dude youve made the modpack everyone wanted. how tf did you get a non buggy mekanism for 1.7.10? also will you add more mods over time? (im totally not trying to ask for orespawn or anything)
Evatron 2 months ago
Thank you! Although the modpack has been around almost 4 years now. And probably not for extra mods.
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
fix the teleport thing.
JackBurns03 2 months ago
The teleport thing?
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
I suppose they're talking about using the teleport right-click option when using the minimap, everytime you teleport it would say it teleported you but also return an error.
Posted by GefreiterConley 2 months ago
Please report issues in the "Help" section :)
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
Love this modpack!! there are a couple mods that I would like to see though pls pls pls!!! Multi Mine Storage Drawers Draconic Evolution Vending thank you
Lunch8ox 2 months ago
whats the server ip for this if it has one?
ninjaosh9999 2 months ago
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
I recently made a discovery when searching in the End for Celestial Crystal, I'm assuming its because of Ender Expansion but there doesn't seem to spawn any at all which gets rid of any chance of making ambrosia from biomes o' plenty, or is there another way i am unaware of?
killerhunter8765 2 months ago
Please post the issue in the link from the "Help" section :)
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
Horrible pack, Unhelpful admins/mods, nasty player base, overall bad. I tried and tried, but it is incredibly glitchy and not of the staff cares, they won't help or even listen. I would tell anyone I care for to get as far away from this pack as they possibly can. (P.S. half the mods they claim to have, you can't use, or even activate).
RugRatRew 2 months ago
Thanks for the in-depth review!
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
best modpack ever!!!! keep up the good work!
Posted by Lunch8ox 2 months ago
Hello! I have been playing this modpack many times before and I was going to install it yet again today to play with my friends. But when i click on server download I cant see any links? Just some new program that i need to buy to host the server. Is there something wrong or is this just the new type of way that servers will be hosted from now on? Thanks in advance!
LillPiggyBoy 2 months ago
Temporary issue due to Technic's API changes and we're working on the fix. Should re-appear soon.
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator
Dear Hi it's me! Thanks for all your work. Just a suggestion: Why not add a small piece of text on your info page stating that no new mods will be added anymore due to stability / choise of design so no mod-requests will be honorated, yet everyone should feel free to add any missing mods themselves in your pack after install, it's not hard. That might really ease up things for you, as I see two thirds of all posts concern mod-requests, throughout many years, which doesn't make sense to; You built and maintain a pack, nothing more nothing less. Let them manage on their own if they think you didn't do the best job already. Cheers!
yorick1234 2 months ago
Thank you so much yorick for your kind words :) Unfortunately about the mod suggestions, I don't think that people that feel the strong urge to suggest new mods even though I always respond the same will bother to read the information page.
Posted by Hi it's me 2 months ago | Modpack Creator

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