Install The 1.7.10 Pack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The 1.7.10 Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The 1.7.10 Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The 1.7.10 Pack Version 0.10.4

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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where can i contect the maker of the modpack
SalzSteuer 5 days ago
You can open a ticket over the GitHub repository or tag me over the Discord server.
Posted by xJon 2 days ago | Modpack Creator
I cant look at recipes or search up items in the search bar when im in my invintory
FiTz Lab 1 week ago
Please go to the "Help" section to get support!
Posted by xJon 1 week ago | Modpack Creator
Thoughts on cosmetic armour? Allows you to wear higher tier armour while still looking fabulous
C40C 2 months ago
Hello good Morning It is possible to add RFTools to modpack, it would be very useful in gaming
Breniim 2 months ago
100% with this person, I am adding it myself but the reality is nothing takes the place of the crafter tier 3. When running early BC quarries routing cobblestone, dirt and gravel to crafter tier 3 auto compresses those 3 items all the way to quad compressed stone, triple compressed dirt and compressed gravel, it save a ton of space and time. Something in the mod takes its place but can only use 1 recipe at a time vice up to 8. Other than that I am enjoying this, different enough from Infinity evolved to be a blast again.
Posted by whotheheckcares 1 month ago
For this person or another, so far pretty easy to add yourself. Need most reason 1.7.10 version of RFTools and Mcjtylib added to both server and client folders. Also it will crash on first start, go to config folder for both client and server and search "villager"- should say something like villager=10 change to something else like 13 and it should work, its just an conflict that another mod set villager=10.
Posted by whotheheckcares 1 month ago
ok, so here is my question with this modpack: I am trying to find electrotine ore from projectred. any help would be appreciated as I am having no luck so far
Cowboy8887 4 months ago
NVM, found the issue, disregard this question
Posted by Cowboy8887 4 months ago
Can we get KAMI added for thaumic tinkerer? I run a server of this pack for Twitch and we all want the Thaumic Tinkerer add-on called KAMI
Dirpytheswag 5 months ago
KAMI should be a part of Thaumic Tinkerer in 1.7.10 and should be enabled by default. You can check the mod's config file "ThaumicTinkerer.cfg", line #50: "B:kami.forceenabled=true".
Posted by xJon 5 months ago | Modpack Creator
How do I turn on cheats after I created a world?
theoo 6 months ago
You can open the world to LAN.
Posted by xJon 6 months ago | Modpack Creator
Can this be used in multimc?
theoo 6 months ago
MultiMC should support Technic modpacks installation.
Posted by xJon 6 months ago | Modpack Creator
Where is the questbook 😅
spidey1472839 6 months ago
You spawn with it
Posted by xJon 6 months ago | Modpack Creator
Is there any dedicated achievement list to stuff we can accomplish in this modpack? I dont know much about the mods in this pack and i wanna have a certain goal
spidey1472839 6 months ago
The quest book could match that description :)
Posted by xJon 6 months ago | Modpack Creator
i cant download the modpack it keeps saying contact mod author, do u have a manual download somewhere
glidergod2009 6 months ago
the error is failed to download open-computers-1.7.10-
Posted by glidergod2009 6 months ago
yo i can't find the twilight mod in the game
Supermemes63 6 months ago
nevermind i found it
Posted by Supermemes63 6 months ago
Posted by xJon 6 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hi there I have a problem with a modpack . When I added Optifine to the mods folder and then runed modpack the game crashes everytime , the same thing goes with every other mod that Im trying to add . The game every time crashes .
HACKEROFMLG 7 months ago
You need to add Optifine version D6 for compatibility with Fastcraft.
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
Hello! I'm new playing this modpack. I've walked thousands of blocks but still couldn't find any Project Red's volcanos and I really want the basalt block (otherwise I would have to make it from Botania). Is this biome enabled by default? I would really appreciate if you could help me.
CaldoDeCana 7 months ago
ProjectRed volcanos were disabled by default in 1.7.10. To enable them, go to \.technic\modpacks\the-1710-pack\config\ProjectRed.cfg, line 188.
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
Is there a place I can download the server files so I can run my own server with just me and a few friends?
solderman 7 months ago
Yes, over
Posted by xJon 7 months ago | Modpack Creator
why my game lag when i hold torch or any light source(dynamic lights) and when smelter (tinkers construct) pours metal ? (i have good computer and in 0.9.8 v all that things work propertly)
25BLUEMAN25 7 months ago
So, about two years ago I discovered this amazing modpack, it's classic minecraft with all the best mods out there. This is downright my favorite modpack of all time. So much, the day of 06/20/2019, I started the biggest project I've ever done, known as The Plateau on the modpack I'll forever play. A massive paradise in the skies, built block by block (with the help of a Builders Wand that's in this modpack.), it took 8 months of daily building to complete the first version I thought would be the end and finished for good. 4 months later after some adventures with friends, it just wasn't enough. I've spent way to much time than I ever desired to build this place, but unless it's finished, survival (being the actual fun part) can't happen. 4 Months in on the "New Lands" update, and it don't even feel halfway done. This world is fully survivalable, dozens of hand-crafted caves littered with life and rich ores, mysterious ruins to explore with treasures for the treasure hunters that come to The Plateau to source it's riches. Even big dungeons and things to find on the outskirts of The Plateau. Two towns which have the NPCS you can talk to with endless dialog, so it feels like your having a real conversation with them! At this time, there's 25 completeable quest, one being a 3 hour long main storyline quest. So the map does have story. Training to become the mightest warrior on the Plateau, known as a Plateau Guard. Nobody is tougher than them, the best of the best that keep the Plateau safe from the evil Pirates that threatened the land, wanting to destroy the Plateau, and it's life just to find the riches. Pure greed... This map aims to be professional, nothing wild and wacky so it feels like a real survival world too! All sorts of liquids under the surface too, from strange molten ingots staying heated down there, (requiring the Tinker's Construct furnace to smelt and pipes to actually source it), to all the different variations of the ores since the modpack is configured to only generate Thermal Foundation ores for the common stuff. I just like variety, and the soul fact they're unobtainable ores. It's simply impossible to explain this entire map, it'l leave you on the edge of what you'll find next, what stories and adventures you'll have, saving The Plateau from the pirates...conquering the dangerous dungeons, mining through all the caves...the choices are endless. There is no public download for this map, and the New Lands update is far off, but one day will be complete, and perhaps after investing probably over a year into building it, I'll be done building forever on it, having the greatest adventures with my greatest friends. That's what pays to the map, having the fun adventures. I've upgraded the modpack itself, with some of my other favorite mods that arn't included like Mo' Creatures, (which is a bit buggy, but works with deleting some files everytime I close the server), The forgotten Aether Mod, my first mod I ever played, Chocolate Quest for the NPCS on the map and other stuff. To end this, I thank you to who ever reads this. Dedication to my favorite modpack, combined with the adventures the future will have, thank you Hi It's Me! I don't know if there's any actual adventure maps, or survival maps for The 1.7.10 Pack. If not, this would be one. The song that, staring back at this place of what was once just a empty ocean, now stands as the biggest project I've ever done in my life, the hours so long forgotten. The Plateau. "Welcome to Paradise" Here's a bunch of pictures of the map, 3 are what's the works in progress, behind the scenes. It takes weeks, to fill the inside properly. The pictures didn't upload in the proper order, but they're there. :P With no public downloads, (don't know how, it's a specific setup for the map, ) Only the worthy are able to roam these Sacred Grounds, it's not I who picks and choses who comes to The Plateau. The Goddest of the world decides if the user is able to pass the "Trails of The Plateau" Which is getting it to work with the extra mods, and what not. Thank you again Hi It's Me!
Nomad-Thunder 9 months ago
Your screenshots are amazing. Thank you for enjoying the content so much! :)
Posted by xJon 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
No problem! I just wanted to share my story and the joy the pack brings. ^^
Posted by Nomad-Thunder 9 months ago
Would you allow me using some screenshots to advertize the modpack to others?
Posted by xJon 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
Not a problem at all! If you want I can get some even better pictures, some of the pictures though; have some things that aren't in the modpack itself like the town NPCS. I can easily get you some extra nice pictures of nice things that are in the modpack! And a list of the extra mods I've added just for reference, or even suggestions. It would be quite an honor if you used some of the pictures of The Plateau!
Posted by Nomad-Thunder 9 months ago
That's wonderful! Please feel free to join our Discord server, where you can post screenshots of the modpack to share with the entire community. I'm sure they will love it
Posted by xJon 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
Alright, I'll join. ^^ Admittedly, I'm not much for servers at all. I'm only in 3 and I only talk in mine for my not Minecraft project, I just don't ever have much to say. But when I make things, I do have things to say then. :P
Posted by Nomad-Thunder 9 months ago
So uh im trying to open the pack on technic launcher but it says it requires 3gb ram and i m only using one, i dont know how to change it to three, btw this my first time installing mods
ElmerplayzMC 9 months ago
You need to make sure you have Java 8 - 64 bit installed :)
Posted by xJon 9 months ago | Modpack Creator
despite how many mods are there, it actually runs pretty well.
wizardbloxer 10 months ago
something to note though is that I the morph mod doesn't use any abilities and I can't change the settings for the morph mod... also I found out that you can't edit modpacks from the mod selection on the title screen (there is no edit option in there for some reason), but most mods can have their settings edited in the mod selector in game
Posted by wizardbloxer 10 months ago
will this pack ever be supplied with Optifine and will all mods be updated to the latest version of their creator?
GhostRice23 10 months ago

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