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xJon liked the modpack Rexxit II 1 month ago
Is it somehow possible to add Optifine to Hexxit 2?
Suphy11 on xJon's profile 3 months ago
Please migrate your 1.7.10 modpack to a more popular launcher. its such a unique perfect modpack with an amazing server. It is dying but it deserve more than that.
QuintonJT on xJon's profile 4 months ago
can u maybe add the luckyblock mod to the 1.7.10 pack
SalzSteuer on xJon's profile 5 months ago
Welp, I had problems with the server pack having different mods than me, but I deleted and reinstalled the pack and now I don't have these issues. Thank you for making an awesome pack!
ISAACAZICCAZOO on xJon's profile 5 months ago
Hey, just wanted to say I love the work you've done on both the 1.12.2 pack and the 1.7.10 pack. Long running my favorite packs. Keep up the good work!
Jardyn on xJon's profile 5 months ago
Thank you for the update and everything you have done for Hexxit 2! However, I'm experiencing a problem with launching this newest version (1.2.0). "Minecraft failed to start!" when it launches. Wish to get some help fixing the issue. Thank you!
Moon_old on xJon's profile 6 months ago
You grab 10 gunpowder or a diamond, and you put it into the uncrafting table, and get the book for free. I don't want you to disable the uncrafting table, because it's super lame when a lot of other modpacks do.
TherealFireFlame on xJon's profile 7 months ago
Does a public or whitelisted server for this pack excise, or in the makings?
Yeriahz on xJon's profile 8 months ago
yo man, can you add danknull mod plz it will be really helpful to storage stuff while holding it
meivrina on xJon's profile 11 months ago
Hey, Im getting an error thats mildly game breaking when playing the modpack, its a voxel map crash? I can give you the crash log to look at if you dont mind.
Pinkgunt on xJon's profile 1 year ago
Hey, i have a question, the normal Grasblock are Bright as Hell. How can i turn it darker that he looks normal?
xXJonasZocktXx on xJon's profile 1 year ago
Do you still have a family?
Lukatjee on xJon's profile 1 year ago
Good morning I have the following error when installing the mods pack1.12.2 failed to download https://libraries.minecraft.net/0rg/apache/maven/maven-artifact/3.5.3/maven-artifact-5.5.3.jar
fjdominguez on xJon's profile 1 year ago
["Hi I have the following error when downloading the mod pack 1.12.2 failed to download https://libraries.minecraft.net/0rg/apache/maven/maven-artifact/3.5.3/maven-artifact-5.5.3.jar"]
fjdominguez on xJon's profile 1 year ago
hello i have started playing the 1.12.2 pack and i was wondering if you could put the fossils and archeolagy pack in with a vehicle
maxjemery24themadcatman on xJon's profile 1 year ago
Not sure if a bug, 1.12 pack server, I DC in the nether, then reconnect I get a ticking entity crash from zombie pigman, tried killall command, no luck. Work around is dont disconnect in nether, thought you might want to look into it? Love the pack!
MylesLewis on xJon's profile 1 year ago
just wondering if the more planets or Galaxy Space galacticraft addons are feasible additions?
EmmettCyborg33 on xJon's profile 2 years ago
will there be a 1.15 pack if yes what is ETA
hudcylel on xJon's profile 2 years ago
Fell in love with the 1.7.10 pack and now the 1.12.2 pack, now seeing the newer updates it got me wondering when you're releasing a new modpack? Much Love
FaygoSoda on xJon's profile 2 years ago