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Hi, i have a problem with start Tekkit 2 https://mclo.gs/cThNK36
Pep15anCZ on xJon's profile 1 month ago
do the flagship2's spawn in groups of 2 on 1.12.2 modpack?
shawndawn on xJon's profile 2 months ago
hey xjon any tips for making modpacks
Mokeman123 on xJon's profile 5 months ago
hey jon hexxit 2 is simply the best modpack for me! But why can't you get all the materials for the smelter like steel for example?
PaulxSeb on xJon's profile 9 months ago
Yoo great work on teekkit 2! is there any chance u can add some stuff from tekkit classic like the sorting machine, pneumatic tubes with and without redstone,, and the filter to pull stuff out from chest with a timer conected to it?
ProBones on xJon's profile 1 year ago
The coolest guy on the planet.
M43L on xJon's profile 1 year ago
jon i have problems with your tekkit 2 i will have it on a nitrado server but the problem is there are mods inside the pack that dont have the good version for playing on the server how can i fix thiss please let me know
bebas1999 on xJon's profile 1 year ago
Thanks for all your continued work on this pack! Having a blast. Very curious about this new nuclear update. I was about to build a third reactor for UU-matter production but I will hold off now.
Kashmoney900 on xJon's profile 1 year ago
error downloading a file for the following pack hexxit 2 Failed to dowloand library de/oceanlabs/mcp/mcp_config/1.12-20200226.224830/mcp_config-1.12-20200226.224830.zip: no mirrior found
Berkzade on xJon's profile 1 year ago
You should make a true tekkit classic remake with the same exact mods but updated to the new minecraft version.
Mslev891 on xJon's profile 1 year ago
bomborasclart on xJon's profile 1 year ago
hello, i have problem with installation minecraft haxit2, after installation window pop up and its said that there was some problem with installation can you help me?
LukasK131 on xJon's profile 1 year ago
xJon i have a problem i have tekkit launcher and a server from nitrado but now the problem the launcher is version 1.2.9i and my tekkit mod in server is version 1.12.2 and now i cant findt the server on my launcher how i can fix thiss ?
bebas1999 on xJon's profile 1 year ago
xJon liked the modpack Rexxit II 2 years ago
Is it somehow possible to add Optifine to Hexxit 2?
Suphy11 on xJon's profile 2 years ago
Please migrate your 1.7.10 modpack to a more popular launcher. its such a unique perfect modpack with an amazing server. It is dying but it deserve more than that.
QuintonJT on xJon's profile 2 years ago
can u maybe add the luckyblock mod to the 1.7.10 pack
SalzSteuer on xJon's profile 2 years ago
Welp, I had problems with the server pack having different mods than me, but I deleted and reinstalled the pack and now I don't have these issues. Thank you for making an awesome pack!
ISAACAZICCAZOO on xJon's profile 2 years ago
Hey, just wanted to say I love the work you've done on both the 1.12.2 pack and the 1.7.10 pack. Long running my favorite packs. Keep up the good work!
Jardyn on xJon's profile 2 years ago
Thank you for the update and everything you have done for Hexxit 2! However, I'm experiencing a problem with launching this newest version (1.2.0). "Minecraft failed to start!" when it launches. Wish to get some help fixing the issue. Thank you!
Moon_old on xJon's profile 2 years ago