Install The Pixelmon Mod

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Pixelmon Mod) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Pixelmon Mod from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Pixelmon Mod Version 1.16.5-9.1.11

created by PixelmonMod on Minecraft 1.16.5 using Technic Solder
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When Ditto and Phione breed. they can breed Phione! fix it please!
devilijoker 6 years ago
If I understand this correctly, that is the way the core games do it as well.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
It's how it is in the games. Manaphy breeds with ditto to make phione. ditto breeding with phione can only produce more phione. phione cannot evolve into manaphy, and is ultimately kind of just pokedex filler. my point is, keep your manaphy, it's the only one youll get.
Posted by smashbro596 6 years ago
It appears that the default "Descend" key clashes with the default "Save Toolbar Activator key", as they both use the "C" key.
WolfyBuilder 6 years ago
I'll test this later if I don't forget, and I'll put it up as a bug if it's an issue. Thanks for the report.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Will there be any chance of Bottle caps / Golden Bottle caps being implemented in the next big update?
trismon55555 6 years ago
From what I've heard and been told, a lot of the gen 7 mechanics are still undecided for now. I'd also like to see that in the mod, but there's no ETA on that kind of stuff just yet.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Will there be any new voice clips for new Pokemon, or have the voice actors all moved on?
WolfyBuilder 6 years ago
I don't know if there's any voice actors on the team right now, but talented people are always welcome. :P
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Is there any way to get a sash?
WolfyBuilder 6 years ago
If I remember correctly, the donation feature on the main Pixelmon site is still linked up -- that used to be the way to get one. I can't test this at the moment, so if you do plan on donating it might be good to ask for confirmation in the Discord.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Can't ride gyarados now. Have to hop using space to move. Didn't have this happen on 6.1.0
Kathana 6 years ago
Just checked on both 6.2.1 and 6.1.0, but it's seems to be working as intended with no differences between versions. It's a water mount, so you'd have to use it in water to get the most out of it.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Reinstalled the mod and its working now.
Posted by Kathana 6 years ago
The elytra just instantly crash the game upon equipped. Both singleplayer and multiplayer are affected, and when in close proximity with a player trying to equip an elytra it will crash the game for both players. This happens with and without the mega bracelet being shown (since its apparently a render error or something). Is this a common problem or is it something to be fixed??
donglerino 6 years ago
Do you have Optifine installed? Older versions had issues with Elytras, I believe.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Playing Pixelmon now on Biomes 'o Plenty and noticing that without the /spawning beta command pixelmon don't spawn in the new biomes. However once engaged the new spawner seems to not spawn any legendaries. Is this a bug or are they just rarer?
blackfrog 6 years ago
The old spawner does not support BoP, and support in the new spawner was still being worked on last I heard. I'm not sure what's going on with the legendaries -- I've seen a few people report this before, but I get proper spawns in my test worlds. Might be BoP-related? I'll post another reply if I find out more.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Got a reply, and it sounds like the stock rarities maaaay be set too low. Guess that still needs some tweaking, at this point.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Just noticed a bug with trainers. If you create an NPC trainer and put Steve custom trainer name,it simply don't load any skin,it stays in the default female texture. I tried random skins,youtuber skins,and my own skin,none of them load,it stays in the default female. This is extremely important for the map I'm making, without it, it's impossible to make a good adventure map because there are very few skin options to use, so please fix it
XxLxX 6 years ago
Known issue, and from what I've seen it seems like Mojang broke something. Should hopefully be fixed next update.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
hey guys are lunala cosmog and solegil in game
EchoBuster 6 years ago
Generation 7 Pokémon aren't in just yet, but are planned. The team's current focus seems to be to fix issues with gens 1-6, to replace outdated models and to add new features (like the Spear Pillar in 6.2.0).
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
I'm so confused, where do i put the 'serverpack' zip file if that's what I even need? If not how the hell do I download it?
KennoFish 6 years ago
The server pack is just a collection of all available sidemods that work together with Pixelmon; not generally something you'll need as a player (although PixelExtras is nice to have in your /mods/ folder since that works offline as well). To install Reforged itself, download the Technic Launcher and look for "Pixelmon Reforged" in there, in the MODPACKS tab. Make sure to allocate memory when it's installed, or the game will crash:
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
hey, its not letting me use older versions since 6.2, but the server I use is still on 6.1. Please fix!
ArrowHead543 6 years ago
...huh, I see what you mean. I'll ask about this, that's odd. For now, you can get older downloads from (scroll down to the changelogs section), but you'll likely need another launcher there.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
I really need help, but i live in a deadzone and cant verify my phone can one of the pixelmon support members pm me on discord @SwaggyCheeseDog#2831
SwaggyCheeseDog 6 years ago
I'll shoot you a message.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Hey,so,I'm planning on making a adventure map using Pixelmon Mod,and I already noticed that the only way to get a mega ring is if you defeat a mega boss,but I don't think it would fit in my map that you must kill a boss to get the mega ring,so is there any command to give the mega ring to someone? If there isn't,there really should be one
XxLxX 6 years ago
I just asked the team about this, and was asked to put up a feature request for it. Not sure when this is happening, but let's hope it's soon! Definitely would be nice.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
This has now been implemented! There's an option in 6.2.3's config, download coming soon. Might have something in-game for this later, but for now you can bundle a config with the right values set and it should work.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Is there a reason my java settings memory only has options up to 1 GB? I was told I needed at least 2 to 3 GB to run it.
NoExcuses202 6 years ago
That generally means your game is using a 32-bit Java install. If you're on Windows/Linux, grab a 64-bit installer from and set Technic to use it.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
How do we change Rotom forms? It says through commands on the wiki, but doesn't tell us the command to do so
Pingadulupom 6 years ago
Use the poke editor and edit forms for now. Will be added in the future.
Posted by PHMod 6 years ago
So, I have been trying to get the forge server working and I have been struggling a lot. I want to play with my siblings, but I can't seem to get the server to load when I put the mod in the mod folder. I have followed with wiki's steps and done it time and time again but I have had no success. When trying to load the server the GUI gets to ( [Pokemon Mod]Creating Structures... ) then proceeds to freeze and then shortly after crash the GUI. I've tried [ java -Xmx4G -jar forge-1.12.2- ] setting it to the correct forge version and still have had no success I don't know if this has been updated on how to run a pixelmon server or not or the only other thing I could think of is it's just my computer can't run it, however my pc is pretty nice and I would think should be able to run the server. It loads 100% fine without the mod in the mod folder btw and I've tried many methods but I would like to hear some ideas.. Thank you.
DaDerpyDitto 6 years ago
Nevermind! I figured it out on my own when I was using Technic I realized my Java needed to be updated to 64 which after downloading the 64 java offline my server worked. :)
Posted by DaDerpyDitto 6 years ago
how do you think when version 6.1.1 will be released?
Flygosha 6 years ago
There's no set date yet, but I'm personally expecting it pretty soon. A lot of bugs have already gotten patched up, so it'll depend on whether the team wants to go for more feature updates at this point or go straight for release instead.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Why does this mod not run properly? It just lags at 1fps constantly
AC130abound 6 years ago
Make sure you've allocated 2GB of ram minimum.
Posted by Jay113355 6 years ago
For anybody else coming across this issue:
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Where does Jamask spawn?
sjoerd778 6 years ago
"DesertHills, Mesa Plateau, Mesa Plateau F, Mesa Plateau F M, Mesa Plateau M" according to (temporary)
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago

Latest Update

The Pixelmon Mod was updated to version Pixelmon 9.2.8