Install The Pixelmon Mod

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The Pixelmon Mod) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The Pixelmon Mod from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The Pixelmon Mod Version 1.16.5-9.1.11

created by PixelmonMod on Minecraft 1.16.5 using Technic Solder
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I enter in the Aternos and I try to create a server of pixelmon it asks in the aternos the version 6.2.3 that already I have but when I enter in the mine requests the version 2.1.0 help me please I am Brazilian then if I am wrong English I am sorry
felipokemon13 6 years ago
Make sure that you're picking Pixelmon Reforged, and not an older pack or the like. I know people have managed to run Reforged through Aternos, not sure if they have 6.2.3 yet though. Free hosts, can't expect too much.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Please make reshiram and zekrom rideable :/
TheMaskedManObito 6 years ago
Being worked on! Not sure if it'll make it into 6.3, but definitely needs to happen.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
when is mega rayquaza getting added in he has the button in battle and the external move but no actual mega rayquaza
TFminecraft 6 years ago
I've seen some stuff teased there before, so I'd imagine pretty soon. Don't quote me on that, though.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Curious if there will be a patch for the fridge and desk. Once opened for storage the dont not close. The fridge door stays open and the desk drawer stays out
Kathana 6 years ago
Shift + Right Click to close them
Posted by 762NATO 6 years ago
Thank you soo much!! I have been trying to figure it out for quite sometime now. Thanks!!!
Posted by Kathana 6 years ago
Just from my curiosity, when is the update the whole 14 million ppl who play minecraft are waiting for
EchoBuster 6 years ago
No hard dates, but I personally expect it to be a while longer. From what I've seen, a lot of bugs generally start getting fixed when a release is near, but there's currently a bunch open still. Would love to be proven wrong, though! :)
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Can i get help with a private server crashing? I got a crash report.
tobbedg 6 years ago
Are you "Talriel" on Discord? Drop your crash report in #server-support and people will have a look. That's the right place for them, check my replies there if you're the same person.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
I don't know if it's just me or not, but the specific pixelmon music doesn't play anymore. I've been playing the reforged edition for a while now, but haven't heard any of it.
Dragn 6 years ago
The original artist requested for the music to be removed from any unofficial continuations of Pixelmon, sadly. We hope to have some new music in the future, but for now it's just the vanilla MC stuff. :(
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Hi. I would like to update the italian translation of the mod, could you give me the link where I can apply the translations? Thanks
DarkGreninja1301 6 years ago
The old link for the original pixelmon no longer works
Posted by DarkGreninja1301 6 years ago
The original Pixelmon was shut down, and Reforged is a continuation of it staffed by a part of the original team and some new people. Translation stuff is generally done through the Discord (link to the right on this page), so I'd recommend asking in there. Thanks for wanting to help out!
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Oh yeah, if you're looking for a direct (non-pack) download this is the place to go to:
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
I think Aegislash is bugged out for me. His stance change just doesn't happen so he's in shield form for the whole fight. Please fix thanks
Xenoshard 6 years ago
If I remember this correctly, his Attack forme hasn't been implemented just yet. Not 100% sure on this, but with a bit of luck that will be fixed soon.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Hey, would you consider a survival way to change rotom forms? And maybe for regigigas an altar/ palace that you can only unlock if you have all 3 regis. Would be cool. Love the mod anyway :D
joeryjoery 6 years ago
Not sure if there's any specific plans for the Regis yet, but I know the goal is to eventually give all the legendaries their own special way of spawning. As for Rotom... stay tuned. ;)
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Would you ever consider riding mechanics for: Arceus, Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem, Sawsbuck for example? it'd be pretty cool!
762NATO 6 years ago
They're being worked on! Later gen mounting support is a bit flaky at the moment, but it is definitely planned.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
I just installed the latest version and it won't let me play it from the technic platform
JcmMonkey 6 years ago
Do you get any specifics errors/warnings, and where exactly does it stop loading? Does it crash or freeze?
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
No First it loads as usual but after it disappear to load the minecraft, it come back and nothing happens at all
Posted by JcmMonkey 6 years ago
Can you try installing into another launcher? I've seen this before, but not sure on a fix. You can grab the .jar from Modpack Options > Open > "mods" folder. Follow this guide:
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
is there something wrong with item crafting in SP?
ebinick 6 years ago
Some recipes were removed, mostly for held items as they are now drops from bosses or wild Pokémon. The wiki needs updating, but apart from some small changes nobody's gotten around to it just yet.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
the sound does not work :/
Haminka5 6 years ago
Try pressing F3 and T together. The game should freeze for a bit, after which it will try to reload all the assets. If that doesn't work... got any details?
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
When will the Pokémon be added from the sun and the moon?
FRAYZER_ 6 years ago
it will be added because this is the update they're working on but i don't know WHEN it will be added
Posted by EchoBuster 6 years ago
I dont know if this a known bug or not but i just install the pixelmon reforged latest version and a lot of the texture and pokemon are broken they come up as just white
Master_m8 6 years ago
Are you using a 32 bit install of Java? If so, this might be an old Minecraft 1.12 bug. Lowering your render distance might help, but installing a 64 bit version of Java (and setting Technic so it uses it) would be best, if possible.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
I just found another bug: the struc command doesn't show all the structures
EchoBuster 6 years ago
Are you using this pack, or are you on another pack that bundles Reforged? Some packs are known to break this, and old files maaaay cause issues as well. Try this: Close the game. Click "Modpack Options", click "Open" and check if there's a "pixelmon" folder in there. If there is, copy it somewhere safe and then remove the original. Restart the game. With a bit of luck, you'll have that folder there and removing it will fix things.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
wanted to ask if there would be a easier way to get everstone I used /checkspawn and also checked the files in pixelmon, but can't find blissey's spawn location the only way I found out to get an everstone is from pokechest tier1, just wanted to know if there is or will have an easier way to get one
niki0320 6 years ago
I just double-checked, but Blissey does indeed not spawn naturally. Looks like low-tier loot is the way to go. Good luck!
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
hola hoy me banearon sin razon mi cuenta es AgusGamer232 me dice q x aprovecharme de bugs bien de q bug me aproveche diganme che xqe la verdad no tengo ni dea eh jajaja lo unico q hice fue decir q pague 50k un lugia y lo vendi a mas alto nada mas y me banearon x aprovecharme de bugs aja bien otra a mi hermano tamb lo banearon su cuenta es 1324 tamb x la misma razon el y yo jugamos en diferentes pcs y es molesto lo unico q le paso a el fue q le ponia en gm 1 pero era sergio xd ya estabamos x cambiarle el nick a mi hermano para q no vuelva a pasar .. asi q si son tan amables desbaneenos da bronca q hagan esto haci .. hablo del server pokemasters..
AgusGamer232 6 years ago
Google Translate: este paquete no está vinculado a ningún servidor específico, debería ponerse en contacto con el personal de ese servidor.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
is this the right place to report bugs? my game crashes whenever i open my inventory with E. i tried changing the keybind but the crash still occurs whenever i try to open it. chests work fine, though. crash log is here:
simontoffee 6 years ago
Does this still happen after you update your Forge? Your crash report says you're on a VERY old version, made for 1.12.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago
Just noticed your actual Minecraft version says "1.12", too. Reforged is for 1.12.2, so might be worth updating there.
Posted by XpanD 6 years ago

Latest Update

The Pixelmon Mod was updated to version Pixelmon 9.2.8