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Type in the modpack name (Blightfall) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Blightfall from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Blightfall Version 3.1.1-CE

created by Talonos on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
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Got an interesting problem that I luckily thought of before checking if it would actually be a problem and made a backup: deadly gaze, a warp effect from Thaumcraft, can affect the transport beacons and completely break them. They'll survive but they'll attack you and freak out for a while before returning to their spot, but I was completely unable to teleport from that beacon after it killed me
DestructionE 3 months ago
How do I get things from the nether? I can't create a portal
Jaqcua 5 months ago
You can read about it in the resources book, it's underground on a island I'm pretty sure.
Posted by FreddyCutter 2 months ago
It keeps crashing at launch. I tried the older ver and still got stuck at Rendering Setup - Loading entity Renderer
Cezzz 8 months ago
My screen turns different colors when I look around. It appears that if you load too much of the world the textures just break
DaedalusOfCrete 9 months ago
my hole screen just turn grey like the textures are broken i can hear im moving and clicking on stuff but cant see
letmein303 1 year ago
teams broke the entire questbook. missing all our quests completed and missing the colonists quests all together unable to access the scouting missions aswell.
Violin_cat27 1 year ago
The custom tainted npcs in this modpack are considered undead, but tainted mobs are living I tested this by using healing and harming potions on tainted mobs
Rustys_Revenge 1 year ago
Hey I was just wondering if anyone else has problems having shaders enabled with optifine Atleast when I try to play with shaders my game gets near pitch-black and crashes to the main menu (If I connected to server)
STREL0K 1 year ago
Having a weird issue when disconnecting and reconnecting to the same server. "A fatal error has occurred, this connection is terminated". For the sake of making hunger more manageable, I disabled the diminishing-returns part of Spice of Life, and used the "blank slate" HungerOverhaul config. I made identical tweaks on both client and server. But I'm getting this in the logs: [19:09:15] [Client thread/ERROR]: SimpleChannelHandlerWrapper exception java.lang.RuntimeException: Recieved more food groups than should exist (recieved: 2, total: 1) at ~[PacketFoodGroup.class:?]
Jaitsu 1 year ago
Made my own patch. For some reason Spice Of Life is internally counting the number of available food groups on connect to the server, comparing it to the local count, and bailing out if there's a mismatch... except the count is never reset and keeps increasing on reconnect, so after the first connect the count is off and it'll never connect again until restarted.
Posted by Jaitsu 1 year ago
The update has broken the recipe for oak slabs. Haven't tried the other slab types. Thanks for updating the modpack after so long.
Yukafluts 1 year ago
Antique tools and Golden tools in the quest book are also unclaimable.
Posted by Yukafluts 1 year ago
I can get the tools in the questbook, so either this was patched or you simply were not clicking on the tool you wanted to actually get before claiming it. As for the oak slab reciepe, yeah, that's broken. I also cannot get mobs to spawn naturally in the update, outside of spawner blocks (Spore swarmers, mob spawners, etc.). Might only be a problem on old worlds that got updated, I plan on testing that now.
Posted by Domedread 1 year ago
Update - in a new world, made on the new version, I can see tainted mobs spawning normally. THis does seem to be an updating old world to new version issue.
Posted by Domedread 1 year ago
Update to the update - oak slabs are still uncraftable, even in a world originally made in the new version. My better barrel habit is sad.
Posted by Domedread 1 year ago
Update ^3: I un-updated my world, and mobs still are not naturally spawning at night. A pain to find skeletons that way, but now no idea if its the world somehow or if it's the fact it got un-updated.
Posted by Domedread 1 year ago
Oak slab recipe is a known issue, and I'm getting ready to put out a patch for it.
Posted by Midnight145 1 year ago
Hello! I'm not sure if I'm just being dumb but I can't seem to create string or wool from Natura cotton, where NEI shows that I can only craft them with Pam's cotton, yet I can't seem to find any despite playing for a couple of days. In addition, Pam's cotton doesn't exist on NEI either, it just shows up in the recipe for string. I really hope you can help!
Mystenon 1 year ago
Fixed in 3.0.5-CE!
Posted by Midnight145 1 year ago
The dawn machine rework is really nice, but there are some problems when it comes to moving it (the spiral effect only extends as far as your render distance so this will be necessary at some point). Currently the progress of the spiral spread effect doesn't reset, so if you move your dawn machine somewhere and you've already used it once, there'll be several chunks of tainted land in between your machine and the outer area that it's cleaning. It would be super convenient if there was a button to reset it/spread resets on dawn offering teleportation/machine re-checks its chunks in some way. There's also a bug with essentia phials where if you have a filled phial in your inventory and you shift click a filled phial out of ME storage via the Arcane Crafting Terminal, that phial's type will change to the type in your inventory, allowing you to basically convert any essentia phials into any other essentia phials as long as you have at least one phial at first. Pretty convenient for grabbing annoying essentia types but yeah this should probably be fixed
ImmortalGuy65 1 year ago
Hello! Dawn machine will chunkload the chunks it's working on, so it will continue to spiral outside of your render distance (as long as it's given Aer essentia) Hmm, haven't heard of that bug before. Thaumic Energistics and AE2 got updated in 3.0.2, so it's possible it was fixed then, I'm not sure.
Posted by Midnight145 1 year ago
hey in the 3.0.1 update I'm trying to play on a server with my friends and we can't get started because every time someone opens the quest book the game freezes and wont ever unfreeze is there a fix to this?
JJJaming 1 year ago
If you're using Aternos, it is currently broken. I've reached out to them about fixing it, but I won't hear back until at least Monday. If not, make sure the server has also been updated to 3.0.1. If all else fails, copy config/hqm/quests.hqm from the server to the client.
Posted by Midnight145 1 year ago
why are there no more updates for the game, when there are so many updates for the mods that are in this game/ modpack.
killerultra15 1 year ago
Check the changelog!
Posted by xJon 1 year ago
i loved this modpack but since i last played i had it unstilled now i redownloaded it and it wont load up it say { the modpack blightfall does not appear to be installed or is corrupt, and is not available for offline play}. i reinstalled it a few times and it still doesnt work
killerultra15 1 year ago
Absolutely loved this modpack...but on my Windows 10 PC, the world selection screen locks up and won't let me click on/open my worlds; the worlds are unclickable. I've tried reinstalling the modpack, removing the hardcorequesting folder, restarting the PC...nothing. It's immensely frustrating and apparently a one in a billion issue. This modpack is hugely glitchy anyway but I really still love it. A shame it's been abandoned and is so hard to work with.
Musicalogic 2 years ago
i can't start the modpack i click play and nothing happens
Roryxxx 3 years ago
guys i cant install modpack blightfall bc of extra tic mod that wont download . it said i should ask here
Tomsulc 3 years ago
Posted by SkyrimSlayer 3 years ago
I had to disable my firewalls to download this modpack because some of the files are from sketchy sources
Posted by Revivers 3 years ago
Can't seem to play it anymore.
johnathon759 4 years ago
my blightfall wont start up if i reinstall will it delete my world?
Dinojosh 4 years ago
yeah, it will. if you want to save it go to %appdata% > .technic > modpacks > blightfall > saves.
Posted by Alizar 3 years ago

Latest Update

Lumy Skin Patch has been updated to 1.0.13 so skins should be working again. Existing modpack builds were updated to the fixed version.