Install Blightfall

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Blightfall) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Blightfall from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Blightfall Version 2.1.5

created by Talonos on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
Apple-Core v1.1.0 by squeek502: Public Domain

Applied-Energistics2 rv2-stable-1 by AlgorithmX2: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Better Storage v10.13.1.126 by copygirl: MIT

Bibliocraft v1.10.3-1.7.10 by Nuchaz: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Bibliocraft Woods (Natura) v1.4 by Nuchaz: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Big Reactors v0.4.1a2 by Erogenous Beef: MIT

Blood Magic v1.3.0a-1. by WayofTime: CC BY 4.0

Chisel v1.5.7 by TheCricket26: GPLv2

CodeChickenCore v1.0.4.29 by chicken_bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

CoFH Core v3.0.2.268-1.7.10 by KingLemmingCoFH: DBaJ

EnderStorage v1.4.5.24 by Ecu/chicken_bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Extra-TiC v1.4.5 by Glassmaker: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

ExtraUtils v1.2.5 by RWTema: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Forbidden Magic v0.562 by SpitefulFox: WTFPL

Forge Multipart v1.1.1.321 by Chicken Bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Hardcore Questing Mode v4.2.3 by Vswe: ARR (Allowed if we notify them according to here: Notification given here:

Hunger Overhaul 1.0.0confighack-2 by iguana_man: ARR (Modifications by CanVox Authorized over IRC)

I'm Looking at Blood v1.1a by Pokefenn: MIT

Inventory Tweaks v1.58-147-1.7.10 by Kobata: MIT

Just Another Better Barrel Attempt v1.1.4-1.7.10 by ProfMobius: Apache 2.0

mantle v0.3.2-186 by mDiyo: MIT

Metallurgy v4.0.5 by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer: GPLv3

MineFactory Reloaded v2.8.0-104 by Powercrystals: DBaJ

Minetweaker v3.0.9C by StanH: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

mobiuscore v1.2.3 by ProfMobius: MIT

VoxelMap v1.5.13 by MamiyaOtaru: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

liteloader 1.7.10-04 by Mumfrey: Custom (Modpacks allowed according to

ModTweaker v0.7.5 by joshie: MIT

Natura v2.2.0.1 by mDiyo: CC BY 3.0

NEI Addons v1.12.2.9-1.7.10 by bdew: MPPL 1.0.1

Not Enough Items: Plugins v1.1.0.10-unofficial by Mystaqur: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Nether Ores v2.3.0rc4 by Powercrystals: DBaJ

Not Enough Items v1.0.4.83 by chicken_bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

PerfectSpawn 1.7.10-1.1 by lumien231: LGPLv3

RedstoneArsenal v1.1.0-80 by Team CoFH: DBaJ

Requisition Credit v1.2.4 by Talonos: We Built this

RPG Advanced Mod v1.0.0 by Prof. Mobius: MIT

Spice Of Life v1.2.3 by Squeek502: Public Domain

Tainted Players v1.0.0 by Matthew Cloward: ARR (Verbal permission obtained when the author was at my house)

Tinkers Construct v1.8.3-RFNerf by mDiyo: CC BY 3.0

Thaumcraft v4.2.3.5 by Azanor: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Thaumic Tinkerer v2.5-471 by pixlepix: CC BY-NC-SA

Thermal Expansion v4.0.1-182 by KingLemmingCoFH: DBaJ

thermalfoundation v1.0.0-81 by TeamCOFH: DBaJ

Tinkers' Mechworks v0.2.8 by mDiyo: CC BY 3.0

Too Much Loot v3.0.1.B22 by FatherToast: LGPLv3

Translocator v1.1.1.12 by chickenbones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Underground Biomes Constructs 1.7.2-test-41 by Zeno410: LGPLv3

Waila v1.5.9 by ProfMobius: MIT

Waila Harvestability v1.1.0 by squeek502: Public Domain

Blightfall TC Configs v2.0.3 by MySource, Talonos: Purchased distribution rights from author for $10, edited by me.

Blightfall Configs 2.1.0-RC2 by Talonos: We Built this

Minecraft Forge revenge-v0.3 by LexManos, Forge Team: Custom (Redistribution allowed according to

CustomNPCs 1.7.10c by Noppes: CC BY-NC

Terrain Control build-55-colored-lockhack by Rutgerkok: SpoutDev (Allows for modifications like the one CanVox did)

Lockdown v2.0.0.0 by The Adubbz: CC BY-NC-ND

Thermal Dynamics v1.0.0rc7-98 by Team CoFH: DBaJ

IguanaTinkerTweaks v2.1.4.DEV.0edeedd by boni: CC BY-SA

UBC Ore Registrar v0.2.1.0 by Marwat208: MIT

TabulaRasa v1.0.1-3-Blight3 by King Lemming: DBaJ

Blightfall Saves v2.1.0 by Talonos, Mythogos2, Xillith, Aishea, BobTheConqueror: We Built this

Pam's Harvestcraft v1.7.10h by Pam/MatrexsVigil: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Botania v1.6-191 by Vazkii: Custom (Modpacks allowed according to

Archimedes Ships v1.7.1 by Balkondeur Alpha: MIT

New Radical Botany v1.1.2 by CanVox: We Built this

NoTime Fix v2.1 by CanVox: We Built this

Automagy v0.24.1 by Tuhljin: ARR (Written permission to use mod located here: )

TCNodeTracker v1.1.0 by Dyonovan: WTFPL

MouseTweaks v2.4.4 by YaLTeR97: BSD

Thaumic Energistics v0.8.10.6 by Nividica: MIT

NEI Thaumcraft Plugin v1.7 by DjGiannuzz: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Schematica v1.7.5-GenHack2 by Lunatrius: MIT

LunatriusCore v1.1.2.21 by Lunatrius: MIT

Storage Drawers v1.5.3 by jaquadro: MIT

Blightcore v1.2.0 by CanVox: We Built this

TiC Tooltips v1.2.4-1.7.10 by squeek502: Public Domain

bspkrs Core v6.16 by bspkrs: CC NC-SA

Armor Status HUD v1.28 by bspkr: CC NC-SA

Status Effect HUD v1.27 by Bspkrs: CC NC-SA

InpureCore v1.0.0B9-62-1.7.10 by denoflions: IDGAF

Model Citizens v1.0.1 by FyberOptic: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Blightfall Victory 2.1.0-RC1 by Talonos: We Built this

Netherless v0.9.0 by Hilburn: DBaJ

bspkrs Core v6.16 by bspkrs: CC NC-SA

Baubles v1.0.1.10 by Azanor: CC BY-NC-SA

Forge Multipart v1.1.1.321 by Chicken Bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

codechickenlib v1.1.3.127 by ChickenBones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Apache Commons Codec v1.9 by Kevin Atkinson: Apache 2.0

Apache Commons Compress v1.8.1 by The Apache Software Foundation: Apache 2.0

Latest Update

Blightfall was updated to version 2.1.5