Install Blightfall

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Blightfall) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Blightfall from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Blightfall Version 3.1.1-CE

created by Talonos on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder
Apple-Core v1.1.0 by squeek502: Public Domain

Applied-Energistics2 rv2-stable-1 by AlgorithmX2: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Better Storage v10.13.1.126 by copygirl: MIT

Bibliocraft v1.10.3-1.7.10 by Nuchaz: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Bibliocraft Woods (Natura) v1.4 by Nuchaz: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Big Reactors v0.4.1a2 by Erogenous Beef: MIT

Blood Magic v1.3.0a-1. by WayofTime: CC BY 4.0

Chisel v1.5.7 by TheCricket26: GPLv2

CodeChickenCore v1.0.4.29 by chicken_bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

CoFH Core v3.0.2.268-1.7.10 by KingLemmingCoFH: DBaJ

EnderStorage v1.4.5.24 by Ecu/chicken_bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Extra-TiC v1.4.5 by Glassmaker: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

ExtraUtils v1.2.5 by RWTema: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Forbidden Magic v0.562 by SpitefulFox: WTFPL

Forge Multipart v1.1.1.321 by Chicken Bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Hardcore Questing Mode v4.2.3 by Vswe: ARR (Allowed if we notify them according to here: Notification given here:

Hunger Overhaul 1.0.0confighack-2 by iguana_man: ARR (Modifications by CanVox Authorized over IRC)

I'm Looking at Blood v1.1a by Pokefenn: MIT

Inventory Tweaks v1.58-147-1.7.10 by Kobata: MIT

Just Another Better Barrel Attempt v1.1.4-1.7.10 by ProfMobius: Apache 2.0

mantle v0.3.2-186 by mDiyo: MIT

Metallurgy v4.0.5 by Rebel Keith and Shadowclaimer: GPLv3

MineFactory Reloaded v2.8.0-104 by Powercrystals: DBaJ

Minetweaker v3.0.9C by StanH: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

mobiuscore v1.2.3 by ProfMobius: MIT

VoxelMap v1.5.13 by MamiyaOtaru: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

liteloader 1.7.10-04 by Mumfrey: Custom (Modpacks allowed according to

ModTweaker v0.7.5 by joshie: MIT

Natura v2.2.0.1 by mDiyo: CC BY 3.0

NEI Addons v1.12.2.9-1.7.10 by bdew: MPPL 1.0.1

Not Enough Items: Plugins v1.1.0.10-unofficial by Mystaqur: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Nether Ores v2.3.0rc4 by Powercrystals: DBaJ

Not Enough Items v1.0.4.83 by chicken_bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

PerfectSpawn 1.7.10-1.1 by lumien231: LGPLv3

RedstoneArsenal v1.1.0-80 by Team CoFH: DBaJ

Requisition Credit v1.2.4 by Talonos: We Built this

RPG Advanced Mod v1.0.0 by Prof. Mobius: MIT

Spice Of Life v1.2.3 by Squeek502: Public Domain

Tainted Players v1.0.0 by Matthew Cloward: ARR (Verbal permission obtained when the author was at my house)

Tinkers Construct v1.8.3-RFNerf by mDiyo: CC BY 3.0

Thaumcraft v4.2.3.5 by Azanor: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Thaumic Tinkerer v2.5-471 by pixlepix: CC BY-NC-SA

Thermal Expansion v4.0.1-182 by KingLemmingCoFH: DBaJ

thermalfoundation v1.0.0-81 by TeamCOFH: DBaJ

Tinkers' Mechworks v0.2.8 by mDiyo: CC BY 3.0

Too Much Loot v3.0.1.B22 by FatherToast: LGPLv3

Translocator v1.1.1.12 by chickenbones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Underground Biomes Constructs 1.7.2-test-41 by Zeno410: LGPLv3

Waila v1.5.9 by ProfMobius: MIT

Waila Harvestability v1.1.0 by squeek502: Public Domain

Blightfall TC Configs v2.0.3 by MySource, Talonos: Purchased distribution rights from author for $10, edited by me.

Blightfall Configs 2.1.0-RC2 by Talonos: We Built this

Minecraft Forge revenge-v0.3 by LexManos, Forge Team: Custom (Redistribution allowed according to

CustomNPCs 1.7.10c by Noppes: CC BY-NC

Terrain Control build-55-colored-lockhack by Rutgerkok: SpoutDev (Allows for modifications like the one CanVox did)

Lockdown v2.0.0.0 by The Adubbz: CC BY-NC-ND

Thermal Dynamics v1.0.0rc7-98 by Team CoFH: DBaJ

IguanaTinkerTweaks v2.1.4.DEV.0edeedd by boni: CC BY-SA

UBC Ore Registrar v0.2.1.0 by Marwat208: MIT

TabulaRasa v1.0.1-3-Blight3 by King Lemming: DBaJ

Blightfall Saves v2.1.0 by Talonos, Mythogos2, Xillith, Aishea, BobTheConqueror: We Built this

Pam's Harvestcraft v1.7.10h by Pam/MatrexsVigil: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Botania v1.6-191 by Vazkii: Custom (Modpacks allowed according to

Archimedes Ships v1.7.1 by Balkondeur Alpha: MIT

New Radical Botany v1.1.2 by CanVox: We Built this

NoTime Fix v2.1 by CanVox: We Built this

Automagy v0.24.1 by Tuhljin: ARR (Written permission to use mod located here: )

TCNodeTracker v1.1.0 by Dyonovan: WTFPL

MouseTweaks v2.4.4 by YaLTeR97: BSD

Thaumic Energistics v0.8.10.6 by Nividica: MIT

NEI Thaumcraft Plugin v1.7 by DjGiannuzz: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Schematica v1.7.5-GenHack2 by Lunatrius: MIT

LunatriusCore v1.1.2.21 by Lunatrius: MIT

Storage Drawers v1.5.3 by jaquadro: MIT

Blightcore v1.2.0 by CanVox: We Built this

TiC Tooltips v1.2.4-1.7.10 by squeek502: Public Domain

bspkrs Core v6.16 by bspkrs: CC NC-SA

Armor Status HUD v1.28 by bspkr: CC NC-SA

Status Effect HUD v1.27 by Bspkrs: CC NC-SA

InpureCore v1.0.0B9-62-1.7.10 by denoflions: IDGAF

Model Citizens v1.0.1 by FyberOptic: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Blightfall Victory 2.1.0-RC1 by Talonos: We Built this

Netherless v0.9.0 by Hilburn: DBaJ

bspkrs Core v6.16 by bspkrs: CC NC-SA

Baubles v1.0.1.10 by Azanor: CC BY-NC-SA

Forge Multipart v1.1.1.321 by Chicken Bones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

codechickenlib v1.1.3.127 by ChickenBones: ARR (Modpacks allowed according to

Apache Commons Codec v1.9 by Kevin Atkinson: Apache 2.0

Apache Commons Compress v1.8.1 by The Apache Software Foundation: Apache 2.0

Latest Update

Lumy Skin Patch has been updated to 1.0.13 so skins should be working again. Existing modpack builds were updated to the fixed version.