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Blightfall Version 3.0.7-CE

created by Talonos on Minecraft 1.7.10 using Technic Solder


Version 3.0.7-CE


Supplier book quests and "More Blood" quest are now repeatable as expected
Sojourner's Sash now has the correct spelling
'Invisibility' quest description has been updated to clarify that you need the extended potion
Unstable induced tool parts can now be cast
Thermal Foundation copper and tin ores can be smelted in a vanilla furnace again
Convocation of the Damned now generates properly
Bound Armor quest will now complete properly
Oak slabs can now be crafted
Natura string recipe now works like it should
Disabled the forge splash screen to avoid a liteloader+forge crash on some machines

Added GTNH's tcneiadditions
Added GTNHMixins
Added MixingASM
Updated CoreTweaks to

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Version 3.0.6-CE


Fixed an issue where the version was improperly labeled as 1.19.3

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Version 3.0.5-CE


Fixes Natura oredict and various crafting recipes
Fixes the "infinite broadsword" glitch

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Version 3.0.4-CE


Properly fixed

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Version 3.0.3-CE


Fixes as well as several other crafting recipes related to Natura oredicting

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Version 3.0.2-CE


Refer to issues here:

Natura Updated to Fixes #16
NEI Updated to 2.3.29-GTNH: Fixes #12,#7,mitigates #4
Reqcredit updated to 2.0.6: Fixes #23
Thaumic Tinkerer updated to 2.5.1-blightfix: Fixes #27
blightfall-configs updated to 3.0.2: Fixes #30,#28,#26,#24,#22,#19,#18,#15,#14,#10,#6
TerrainControl updated to 2.8.0: Fixes #25
AE2 updated to rv3-beta-155-GTNH
thaumic energistics updated to 1.3.28-GTNH: Fixes #11
BloodMagic updated to 1.3.5-blight: Fixes #17
a-blightfall-guttcconfigs updated to 3.0.2: Fixes spawning in several custom biomes
blightfall-filefix updated to 1.0.1: Readds the custom broadsword that was accidentally removed. Will be in the chest on pre-existing worlds, you will not need to create a new world for it.

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Version 3.0.1-CE


Fix client freeze on servers when paired with server 3.0.1

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Version 3.0.0-CE


An update to Blightfall from the community (the CE means Community Edition)!

There are lots of changes, so here's the changelog from Midnight, the person leading this update:

- Configuration Changes

Basalz spawning has been disabled
Yellorite Ore will spawn in the Bedrock Dimension
Ore Dictionary entries were modified to adjust the balancing of the Unifier, as it was easily exploitable
Blood Magic's Mark of the Fallen Tower meteors have been reconfigured to spawn different ores
The lignite --> coal recipe has been changed to only require eight lignite instead of nine to preserve fuel efficiency
New infusion recipe for a Giant Tainticle Spawn Egg to allow for renewable Primordial Pearls, as well as guaranteed 100% Xenobiologist completion
You can now use Natura sticks for smeltery fuel or torches, and can create charcoal from Natura logs
An induction smelter recipe to "reverse" angmallen creation has been added
An infusion recipe for the Ember Heart has been added to allow for Nethermind creation
An alchemic chemistry set recipe for stone swords has been added to assist in Nethermind rune creation
There is now a shapeless crafting recipe to make plaintext book and quill versions of lore books for accessibility
You can now put ketchup on a drying rack to create a slimeball
Conversion between the two sulfer types is possible via a shapeless crafting recipe

- Bugfixes

Amaranth planks no longer sawmill into eucalyptus planks
Natura trapdoors, fences, etc. are all craftable

Patched several duplication glitches, including the bag of holding dupe, teleposer dupe, satchel dupe, oven dupe, servo dupe

Fixed vanilla mob spawning
Mooshrooms should now spawn on the Mushroom Island
Hostile mobs will no longer spawn on the Mushroom Island
Ghasts, blazes, etc. should now spawn in Hell biomes in the volcano
Pechs, wisps, and other modded mobs should now spawn in their respective biomes

The Purity Focus no longer wastes vis in the Obsidian Tower and Silverwood Grove
Flesh blocks are no longer recognized as taint in some instances
You can no longer teleport the Dawn Machine inside of you using a Dawn Offering
Missing language entries have been added
Wood is now properly registered in your materials book
Dawn Machine now places the correct sapling types in each biomes
Fixed a crash when having a corrupted scanner.dat file

Patched an exploit allowing players to reach the Nether

Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe no longer ignores metadata when breaking in square/line mode
Several crashes with infused seeds have been resolved
Several loot table bugs with infused seeds have been resolved
Dislocation Focus crash has been resolved

Several items with broken aspect amounts have been fixed

Several typos across localization entries have been fixed

- Gameplay/Mechanical Changes

Blood Magic:
- The questline has been reworked
- Tier 6 progression has been changed to have Thaumcraft integration, check the Apocryphia tab.
- Several new meteors for the Mark of the Fallen Tower, including Mithril Block, Coal Block, and Cobalt Block
- A "bound ring", created from putting an Angel Ring through the Ritual of Binding, has been added and can be used as a Bound Armor augment
- The Obsidian Tower has been fully fleshed out

Black Market
- Questline has been expanded to include more ores and alloys and have more diverse rewards

Dawn Machine:
- The Dawn Machine has been completely reworked, as we felt is was underpowered for the cost and hype. It will now clean an entire chunk at a time, instead of a single block. If fully powered with essentia, the effect will spiral out to clean the entire map without the need to relocate the Dawn Machine.
- Base radius for Dawn Machine without essentia has been upped to 9x9 chunks from 8x8
- Botania, Blood Magic integration as alternative ways to halve essentia costs
- Dawn Offering will no longer move Thermal Expansion energy cells, instead you can use the Dawn Charger to power it wirelessly if you wish.

- Modified the dark oak sapling quest reward to give all four saplings required, instead of just one
- New "Completionist" quest that will lock you out of the "cheat" and Undie quests to allow for legitimate 100% Instructor completion
- Hopseed, sakura saplings added to the sapling bag loot table
- Cinderpearls and cacti will be planted in the Desert when the Dawn Machine is supplied with Arbor
- Removed Herobrine

Special Thanks:

Talonos, Pyker
- Without their approval, this project would have been impossible
CanVox, SarahK, Ribozyme, Dream Seeker, TaterBlight, Inspire
- A LOT of development help, lore expansion, idea crafting, beta testing

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Version 2.1.5


-More metallurgy ingots and blocks have aspects.
-Native cluster smelting recipes give the correct amount now.
-Fixed a spelling mistake in Thaumonomicon.
-Manacookies now are made with mana beans instead of chocolate chips.
-Manacookies cost less mana if you make them out of hunger or food related mana beans.
-Mana cookie tooltip updated to it doesn't misleadingly imply it's not the best food ever.
-Bugfixes to ReqCredit that make the dawn machine play nicer with ME networks.
-Fixed an issue that kept it from installing due to a problem with the commons-compress mod.

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Version 2.1.4


-Fixes the problem with node bopping. Wands are now incapable of breaking nodes. Trying hard enough to break a node will purify it if you have enough vis and a purity focus equipped.
-Fixes a serious worldgen bug introduced in 2.1.3.

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Version 2.1.3



-Removed Tainted Player from Reward bags.
-Added cotton->cotton seeds recipe.
-Added key to tower.
-Fixed missing floating islands gauge.
-Fixed leadstone refill quest: It no longer eats higher tier energy cells.
-Fixed many typos in quest book.
-Removed some windows-specific characters from the questbooks. (Using smart quotes is not smart)
-Fixed some text/graphical errors in mining book.
-Fixed Dr. Bryson's gender. She is now female, as originally intended.
-Labels can be made of any slime *except* blood, instead of just green slime and glue.
-Upgraded Cooking for Blockheads, fixing many many errors.
-Upgraded Req Credit, fixing many dawn machine bugs.
-Dawn machine also consumes less essentia, teleports more reliably, and works faster.
-The Dawn Machine will now cleanse nodes embedded inside thaumcraft blocks.
-You can now cleanse nodes with a purity focus by bopping it with a left click.
-A config option has been added to biomescanner.cfg allowing server owners to disable all biome scanner functionality.
-A bug which was causing the biome scanner to scan on the startup of a new game has now been corrected.
-Fixed an ME related dupe glitch.
-Outer lands should generate on SMP now.
-Cleaned some unneeded configs out. It may break compatibility with Blightfall versions before 2.0.3A. Which I think account for less than a half percent of total downloads at this point.

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Version 2.1.2


Mod changes:

-Cooking for Blockheads updated to 1.0.54-mt3
---Fixes several major crashes, including one that corrupts worlds.
-ReqCredit updated to 1.2.9
---Fixes a few minor localization errors.
-Spice of Life updated to 1.2.4
---Fixes a few dupe issues I never found.
---Makes nutrient bars work as advertised.

Recipe Changes:

-Mossball recipe made easier to preform
-Hotdog recipe changed so it won't make Cooking for Blockheads crash.
-Cooking for Blockheads Vol. 2 recipe fixed.
-Thaumonomicon entry for Dawn Machine fixed to remove colored text. This will make it harder to read for some, but prevent crashes for others.

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Version 2.1.1a



Recipe Changes:
-Cooking for Blockheads vol 2 made easier to craft. (Two diamonds? Seriously? That was a dumb default recipe.)
-Dirt is no longer five times as fiery as lava (if you ask the thaumometer)
-The unknown aspect in chunkloader research was supposed to be perditio all along.

Clients with this version are compatible with servers running 2.1.1 and vice versa.

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Version 2.1.1


Mod Changes:
-Added "Cooking for Blockheads." This should make Pam's Harvestcraft less painful!
-Added HelpFixer. Now you can /help for what little info it gives you.
-Added BetterRain.
-Added ChickenChunks
-Added PurplePanic
-Added PlayerAPI
-Updated ReqCredit.
---Fixes issue with dawn totems "Turning off".
---Fixes a lot of oreDiscovery bugs.
-Updated CustomNPCs.
---See "World changes," below!

Quest Changes:
-Added Emergency Nutrient bar as food requisition instead of jerkies.
-Gold tools cost 6 rep now, making gold ingots obtained from old gold tools as costly as copper.
-Iron tools cost 3 rep now for a similar reason.
-Sunflower seed reward bag now gives a half stack. Because apparantly being unable to plant them is a "feature" according to Pam.
-Tainted players removed from reward bags.
-Smeltery questline rewards you with a black book, given that it doesn't spawn naturally as I expected.
-Fixed spelling mistakes.
-You can requisition a machine gun.
-There is a quest showing you how to build stone guns.
-If you want to cheat, you can get nearly 200 thaumcraft research discoveries for free.
-Botania "Another Path to Purity" fixed.
-Fixed south ocean badge.

Config Changes:
-Emergency Nutrient Bars and now completely immune to diminishing returns, matching their tooltips.
-Diminishing returns tweaked. They now asymtotically approach 16.5% insteaad of 0%. This means bread will decay to a minimum of a half a ham hock, making it possible to eat bread forever.
-You now get hungry 80% as quickly as vanilla. You still get hungry standing still.
-Food history shortened to 200 ham hocks from 250.

Recipe changes:
-You can now get ender air.
-You can now cook bread in a redstone furnace.
-Metal removed from Grilled Cheese.
-Blood magic now correctly makes diamond stuff other than swords.

World Changes: (Old worlds will have these changes retroactively added!)
-Added cheat platform hub.
-Killed Thyrork. This should make producing eldritch eyes easier.
-Tainted hero now 100% less immortal.

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Version 2.1.0


Mod Changes:
-Added NoTimeFix
---This is an ASM injection hack that will fix the HQM party bug! Your quest data is safe now!
-Added Botania
-Added BlightCore
---A core mod that does ASM hacks to make the tainted desert look prettier, changes how death works in HQM, and other things.
-Added NewRadicalBotany
---This is a core mod that changes some stuff about botania. Pure daisies ward off taint like a mini-bloom. Floral fertilizer only grows flowers of the same colors used to make it, botania flowers cannot be destroyed by taint now.
-Added ArchemidesShips v1.7.1
---Config file limits valid ship parts to mostly decorative stuff. We're playing it defensively and trying to prevent crashes.
-Added Thaumic Energistics
---Yes, you can now make ethereal blooms with your ME network, for all you factory fans.
-Added Automagy
-Upgraded ExtraTiC 1.4.1->1.4.5
---Adds new materials such as void metal and bedrockium.
---Manasteel, void metal, etc currently don't self-repair. I pressured glassmaker as much as I felt comfortable doing so, but RL kept him from finishing it in time. :(
-Added Harvestcraft! (Many people requested a greater variety of foods, and Harvestcraft is about the best food mod out there!)
---Disabled most of harvestcraft. (There used to be hundreds of new foods added! Now there are closer to 80)
---Used Minetweaker to make harvestcraft play nicer with natura and not clutter up NEI.
-Upgraded ModTweaker 0.7.1 -> 0.8.1
-Upgraded Applied Energistics RV2 - Beta 8 -> RV2 - Stable 1
-Upgraded Voxelmap 1.2.3 -> 1.5.13
---Hopefully fixes a bug some people were reporting where waypoints weren't being placed correctly.
-Added MouseTweaks
-Upgraded ExtraUtilities 1.1.0k -> 1.2.5 (They aren't updating their forum thread, so I had no idea I was so far behind.)
-Added netherless 0.9.0
---I can't beleive I forgot to put this in last update. No wonder people were able to get to the nether. :/
-Added a modified version of Schematica.
---Enables the drop pod to give your world a victory village when fully cleansed.
-Updated ReqCredit
---Scanner bugfixes, added a giant multiblock taint cleaning essentia chugger, changed how the tinker books work, added an ore discovery tech tree.

Config Changes:
-Spice of Life Overhaul!
---Food now stays good for longer! (For example, bread can be eaten about 6 times before degrading at all, 10 times before being half effectiveness, and 18 times before dropping to nothing.)
---Food queue is now much, much longer. (Measuring in the hundreds!)
---This should be okay, because we added harvestcraft. You'll still need to rotate through 8-10 different foods, but you can carry 8-10 of one food instead of 1 of 8-10 foods.
---Also nerfs berries and cookies *Hard*! (They don't clear out your queue like they used to!)
-Removed Natura flour recipes.
-Main menu is now Blighted.
-Major tweaks to the laser drill ore distribution
-Major tweaks to the preferred ores of the laser foci.
--- Changed names and added tooltips to make it clear which colors give what ores.
-Reactors tweaked. Generates 50% less power per tic, all yellorium lasts 50% longer. Math savvy people will notice this is a net nerf.
-Mining Laser tweaked: Requires about 165% more power per ore block produced than before, but if you can give it power fast enough, it will produce them 35% quicker than before. *Everybody* will notice this is a net nerf.
---The previous two changes leave it possible but non-trivial to make a self-sustaining infinite ore quarry using an MFR drill with six yellow foci and a giant yellorium reactor. If you know how to work turbines, it'll be even easier.
-Tons of new tooltips, especially for uncommon stuff like CustomNPCs guns or new TabulaRasa items.
-Iguana Tinker Tweaks Tweaks:
---Tools start with a modifier slot.
---Tools no longer gain random levelup bonuses. Instead, *every* level now gives you a new modifier slot.
---Tools now require 100% more XP to level up.
-----These three changes together are actually a huge buff. Because XP to next level increases quadratically, and I multiplied XP requirements linearly, the XP needed *per open modifier slot* is actually significantly reduced! You'll just miss out on random modifiers which seemed to cause people more annoyance than joy anyway.
---Mining difficulty of all nether trees increased by one step. Now the axe needed to chop them is one step behind the axe you can build from them. (instead of two).
-Forbidden magic has one fewer shard. 3 guesses which.
-Fixed bug that make platinum tools unrepairable.

Quest Changes:
-Fixed the Totem of Dawn quest so you actually have to do something to complete it.
-Added a lot of Botania related quests. I'm counting 26ish.
-Moved around some Paranormalist quests. (Only changes their position, not their content or how they link together)
-Replace presses quest, translation device quest, Extract Netherrack quest, and Extract EndStone quests now repeatable.
-Translation devices require way fewer language samples now.
-Fixed blood orb quests to be NBT insensitive.
-All wooded scout locations give 5 more reputation than their unwooded counterparts to reflect extra difficulty.
-Driskel gives full energy cells now.
-Added oureclase black market quests.
-Removed extra life quest. You can no longer get extra lives.
---Removed Hardcore mode. You no longer need extra lives to keep your world from being deleted.
---Side note: Every time you die, you will lose 10 reputation. If you get to -150 rep or so, you lose the ability to win the game. But you can keep playing.
-Added quests to remind you that dying is a bad idea.

World Changes: (Will require a world restart to get!)
-Added botania flowers. In 16 special places.
-Hidden underwater lab. It's invisible from the surface unless you drink a night vision potion. (Or have a very low render distance. Haven't figured that one out yet.) Quests direct you to where to find it.
-Each village only grows one kind of crop (Except for wheat, which can appear in any village)
-Each village grows a *different* crop than each other village. (Collect all five!)
-Lit a few skystone meteors on fire so they're easier to spot.
-Added berry bushes to some scout locations, bees to a village, and mana beans to a forest.
-Fixed some misleading dialogue from Shiitake and Mirabelle.
-More tainted mobs. Scout, Botanist, Arcanist, Alchemist... The list goes on.
-Fixed broken teleporter near flying city.
-End portal removed and replaced with something else.
-Hidden treehouse added.
-Four lore books added. They must be translated with a translation device before you can read them.
-Added lots more language samples in random villages.
-Added alien grimoires you can right-click with to get free research points.
-Keep inventory is now on. (The Jaded will recover your equipment when you die.)
-More content in the floating city.
-Colony drop pod computer added to the Jaded.
-Hall of Fame added to the Jaded.
-Added a dimensional recovery room to the jaded. You can only get there if the jaded recovers you from another dimension.
-Added a "starting room" to the Jaded. (Some people were complaining that for some reason they were spawning on top of the ship. If this happens to you, you should spawn in an open ceiling room instead with a teleport plate that'll let you in.)
-Floating ship outside the city is now a floating ship instead of a bunch of wood and cloth pretending to be a floating ship.

Recipe Changes:
-Added recipes for Sapphires and Peridot. From their respective ores. Dunno why that wasn't working earlier.
-Other recipes for diamond tools added to blood magic.
-CustomNPCs stuff no longer craftable through a carpentry bench. Did anybody even know about the carpentry bench?
-Secret recipes for guns no longer secret. To most, this will look like I added guns. Again, blame the carpentry bench.
-Other CustomNPCs recipes removed (Such as the NPC wand). Related to above issue.
-Changed recipes for bullets. They're more cost effective, but now require gunpowder.
-Moss is now an infusion recipe.
-Angel rings are now infusion recipes.
-Can make labels out of glue. (But not blood. Ew.)
-MFR Chunkloaders now easier to get.
-Blood magic recipe changes; now require some of the less useful metallurgy metals.
-Blood magic Blood altars, knives, and daggers now craftable. They are way more expensive than default.
-Added a convenience recipe to make four chests at once.
-Portal to the last millenium made more expensive.
-Removed a bunch of CustomNPCs clutter from NEI.

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Version 2.0.4c


Mod Changes:
-Upgraded bibliocraft to 1.10.3
-Upgraded Redstone Arsenal RC1-17 -> 1.1.0-80
-Upgraded CoFHCore 3.0.0RC7-211 -> 3.0.2-268
---Should fix issue with flux infused pick crashing.
-Upgraded ReqCredit 0.60 -> 0.61
---Fixes biomescanner errors.
-Added NoTimeFix 2.0.2
---Fixes the HQM party bug. Hooray! Finally!

Recipe Changes:
-Fixed Blood Magic Diamond Sword. For real. I swear.

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Version 2.0.4


Mod Changes:
- Upgraded Requisition Credit 0.48 -> 0.60.4
--- Lots of new stuff dealing with that giant machine on the Jaded.
- Updated Thaumcraft ->, but actually did so this time.
- Updated ExtraTiC to 1.4.1
- Updated HQM 4.2.2 -> 4.2.3
--- Fixes a bug that was killing people's framerate.
--- Those who could already run the pack should see considerable improvement.
--- Those who could not run the pack probably still won't be able to. :(
- Added Tabula Rasa 1.0.1-3.
- Updated Thaumic Tinkerer to version 471. If I didn't last time.
- Updated Netherores to RC 4-4
- Updated Iguana's tinker tweaks to a custom version modified that fixes a bug in the original. Closest "Official" Iguana Tinker Tweaks version is still 2.1.4

World Changes (Will not affect previous saves unless you use the new world file):
- The giant taint scanning machine on board the Jaded is now operational.
- Added a teleporter room to the ship. You can now get back there after being dropped off on the planet's surface!
- Added one (1) Shiitake. He's a captain, but not *the* captain.
- Added a giant city, courtesy of RedJohnsX. I do not claim it as my own, as per his Terms of Use. Though I did edit it a lot. Which may have involved explosions. And extreme interior decorating.
- Removed illegible research notes from that one place to put something more useful there instead.
- Added another Tainted mob via CustomNPCs.
- Fixed a few random cuboids of air in the middle of the ocean. There are probably more though. It's tough know for sure. :/
- Eldrich Obelisk given a sinister node. Sources claim that will make it work now.
- Gravel ore deleted.
- Because I was rushed, I didn't fully de-taint some scout locations. This might result in a little pink goo near the bases of some silverwood trees.

Quest Changes:
- About 74 new quests in the colonists. Most of them are very similar.
- New quests in the Xeno-Biologist that deal with the floating city.
- New Quest in the Dark One with appropriately snarky dialogue. It's impossible to complete currently. :(
- Nerfed the reward on most scout location quests.
- Buffed the swamp reward, because seriously, explore or starve to death surrounded by bread.
- Buffed the pillars reward, because reports suggest it's the deadliest place.
- Made machine bags a little more expensive.
- Reduced number of capacitors per machine bag.
- Redstone Armory tools and armor come uncharged.
- Floating island coordinate now correct.

Config Changes:
- Old (2.0.1) names of harvest levels restored.
- Lots of good information in Ayumu Nagasawa's books that was accidentally removed in 2.0.3a is now restored.
- Removed Steam Boiler.
- Also fixes related issue where FNF_404 did what worked.
- Removed some cable facades that were impossible to get anyway.
- Disabled Golden Lasso due to bugs with CustomNPCs. Use safari balls.
- NPC wand made uncraftable.
- AE2 compass removed because it was broken and misleading. You should find meteors in the process of scouting; they're surprisingly common and the minimap helps a lot.
- Blood magic mobs should now be less grindable; they're too magic to be safari balled.
- Quartz cutting knife and wrench enabled.
- TiC tools do not randomly gain emerald or diamond modifiers anymore.
- Fixed mushroom stew. The fix broke glowshroom stew. Which you might not have ever been able to make anyway.
- Added recipe for Diamond Sword. (No executive mandates were broken in the creation of this recipe.)

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Version 2.0.3



WARNING: This upgrade will break existing saves, removing all totems of dawn, silverleaf potions, purity foci, and infused ore in the world!) Stay on version 2.0.2 if this worries you!
Mod Changes:
- Upgraded Requisition Credit 0.46 -> 0.48
--- Terrain control no longer bundled in.
--- Iguana Tinker Tweaks no longer bundled in.
--- Cost-per-block of using Purity focus reduced to 1/10th what it once was.
--- Purity focus cleanses a radius one block larger. In effect, all purity focuses get Enlarge 1 for free.
--- Dawn totem cheaper by 16 essentia. Per category.
--- Foundation work on complicated multi-block taint cleaning machine!
--- Code refactoring that should be transparent unless you try decompiling it or something. :/
- Updated Terrain Control Custom build -> Build 55.
- Updated Iguana's tinker tweaks Custom Build -> 2.1.3 (With a changed localization file)
- Added Thermal Dynamics (Which is way cheaper than ExtraUtilities, making automation easier with fewer resources)
- Updated Tinker's Construct 1.8.2a -> 1.8.3b
- Updated Forge Multipart 1.311 -> 1.321
- Updated Thermal Expansion
- Updated Thermal Foundation
- Updated CoFH Core
- Updated Minefactory Reloaded
- Updated Thaumcraft -> Thought I did. Turns out I didn't.
- Updated Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-162 - 2.5-426
- Fixes Osmotic Enchanter crash
- Added Lockdown
- Added UBC Ore Registrar
- Added Netherless 0.9.0

World Changes (Will not affect previous saves unless you use the new world file):
- Added a transporter beacon to the Island Lab. (Sorry it wasn't there before!)
- Added some tainted town guards as a test of concept.
- Shiitake's Second reported Rainbow Broadsword of Crashing Everything wasn't at the reported location. I put a chest there anyway.

Quest Changes:
- "Gearbox" machine reward now only gives one gear of each type. Truly disappointing!
- Lumium and glowstone lamp rewards halved.

Recipe Changes:
- Disable Terrain Smasher
- Metallum removed from milk bottles
- Gravel to flint recipe changed

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Version 2.0.2


Mod changes:
- Upgraded ModTweaker 0.6-0 -> 0.7.1
- Upgraded Requisition Credit 0.45 -> 0.46:
- Cut console spam when Dawn Totem spawns particles
- Dawn totems drop themselves when you break them.
- Fixed silverwood potion crafting recipe. Sorry about that.
- Silverwood potions now destroy tainted blocks. Text in research page changed to reflect that.
- Dawn totem changed to a complicated infusion recipe.

World Changes (Will not affect previous saves unless you use the new world file):
- Decreased max size of iron veins by 1, but increased the number of iron veins by 20%. I think this will cause the same amount of iron to appear, but should make it slightly easier to find.
- Decreased the max size of copper and tin veins by 40%, but doubled their frequency. This should make them about twice as easy to find, but you'll get less on average when you do find them. It's still a net increase to the amount of copper in the world.
- There are now only two manganese veins per chunk instead of five, but the height levels have capped to between 35 and 50. This means it should be waay easier to find. (Previously, the five veins could be found anywhere from 7 to 128, meaning half of them probably wouldn't even be generated.)
- Floaty bits of pillars biome now float because glowstone. Also nodes on top!
- Obsidian tower now much easier to climb due to conviniently placed glowstone showing where the stairs are. All other light sources removed, increasing creepiness by 15%.
- Tier 3 Dark One altar glowstone corners un-pre-broken. Troll beacons left unchanged.
- Research notes hidden in hidey-hole renamed to "Illegible Research Notes"
- +2 rainbow broadsword of instant crashing previously hidden in glacier removed and replaced with suitably epic replacement.

Quest Changes:
- Iron tools quest now repeatable.
- Satchels, tanks, and energy cells in the Engineer questline changed to NBT insensitive variants.
- You can meet Team Omega from either the snow scout location or the pillars now.
- Added three ME related quests (one of which gives you presses)
- Wording clarified in "Mass Stone Sample" quest.
- Floating Island 3 quest now fixed.
- Updated Enderium quest text to reflect Tinker's Construct's recent OreDicting of resonant ender. No magma crucible needed!

Recipe Changes:
- Added Blood Magic recipe for Greatwood
- Added Blood Magic recipe for Shimmerleaves
- Fixed Blood Magic recipe for Ethereal Blooms
- Added Blood Magic recipe for Necrotic Bone
- Added research and Infusion recipe for Wither Skeleton Skulls
- Added research and Infusion recipe for Silverwood Saplings
- Deleted recipe for Blood Altar.
- Deleted recipe for Dagger of Sacrifice.
- Deleted recipe for Sacraficial Knife.

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Version 2.0.1A


Hotfix: "I Need No Tutorials!" was a child of "Collecting muck for Science", not the other way around. This kills the quest books of anybody who did I need Not Tutorials, and make the Tutorial manditory for any new players. That was just fixed.

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Version 2.0.1


Okay... My first update on my first modpack. Let's see if I can do it without breaking saves and destroying worlds...

Mod changes:
- Updated WAILA 1.5.4 -> 1.5.9
- Deleted CoFHLib. Apparently it's a dev-only mod. :/
- Upgraded Applied Energistics 2 rv1 Stable 1 -> rv2 beta 8.
- Upgraded BigReactors 0.4.0rc10 -> 0.4.1A2
- Upgraded Not Enough Items ->
- Upgraded CodeChickenCore ->
- Updated RequisitionCredit 0.43 -> 0.45
- Makes Pink Slime and Plastic appear normally in Ayumu Nagasawa's second and fifth books.
- Research for purity focus now mentions you can use it to cure tainted mobs. Also correctly references "Enlarge" instead of "Potency".
- Removed trace debugging console spam when you open one of Ayumu Nagasawa's books.
- Updated personal branch of IguanaTweaks to be more compatible with new NEI version (Less console spam due to a fixed Null Pointer Exception)
- Tried to update chisel. It killed the world. I un-updated it for now. We'll see if we can make the new version work later.

Quest Changes:
- Changed name of "Don't Patronize Me!" to "I Need No Tutorials!" and added a line encouraging those unfamiliar with TiC to back up and do the other quest line.
- Changed endstone to netherrack in "Sample Netherrack" quest. Derp.
- Prometheum Sale now gives a breeding pair of chickens as a reward, but three fewer animal bags.
- Prometheum Production now gives two extra animals, one extra seed, and a breeding pair of cows as a reward, but one fewer machine bags. (10 prometheum blocks is a lot, but with a smeltry, that's only 45 prometheum ore, which shouldn't be hard to find with a TiC hammer. Besides, chickens are the main roadblock.)
- You can now ask for more antique tools, such as gold axes or iron shovels.
- If you manage to get an iron ingot before getting a prometheum or copper pick, the supernaturalist will open anyway. This lets people teching up via alternate routes (bloodwood, etc) still get into the main quest.

Config Changes:
- Alumite changed from mining level 6 to 5 (Alien to Supra-diamond) Geting an alumite pick requires either gold or aluminum brass, which requires at least a hard metal pick. You're only skipping one tier by being clever instead of two now.
- Made it so that non-head tool parts change the levelling speed of the tool. Now Celengil bindings will make picks level up far faster, for instance. I can't beleive I forgot to toggle that config option, given that I programmed it in!

World changes (Will not affect previous saves unless you use the new world file):
- Killed all the starting taint in biodome Epsilon to make starting conditions similar to other biodomes.
- Disabled cheat mode. Cheat mode in NEI will still work if you overwrite the world default config. /tp does not. Nor does Minimap teleporting.

- Server now works. Oops.

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