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Solder v0.7.3.0 released

Solder v0.7.3.0 has just been pushed live! Make sure to report any new issues/bugs here:

Here's the changelogs!

New File Sizes!

Note: This requires a migration! Guide: Updating Solder

This is a completely internal change that required a massive rewrite of our URL/cURL libraries. What this will allow, is the ability for more accurate status bars/information displayed in the launcher during installation/updates. It should help show exactly what file is taking so long on those pesky big modpacks.

The Launcher currently does not support this feature but it will be implemented soon!

New alerts! (jGrowl alerts, Credit to Indemnity83)

Solder has made a big change from those annoying bootstrap alerts to a JS library, jGrowl.

This should be a much nicer change especially when updating builds! Feel free to leave a comment on the Solder issue tracker on the change and if you have any ideas to better optimize the feature.

Revamped unit testing!

Unit testing has been completely revamped to cover multiple database backends (MySQL & Postgres) as well as testing against the new PHP 7 release.

Bug fixes and tweaks

- Completely revamped MinecraftUtils library due to UrlUtils changes. MD5 support has been dropped since this is handled by the Launcher now. Only MC versions are polled.

- Allows the deletion of the first user. Fixes #454 (Credit to EntranceJew)

- Added warnings for deleting your own account. (Credit to EntranceJew)

- Fixed typo in (Credit to rockhopper72)

- Fixed commit links to API endpoint instead of the Github web page. (Credit to Isigiel)

- Fixed a bug where modpages would fail to load. (Credit to EntranceJew)

- Made .panel-body show scrollbars on overflow. Fixes #430  (Credit to EntranceJew)

- Added the latest mod version to the mod list (See image below). Fixes #401  (Credit to EntranceJew)

Latest mod version on mod list


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innoxentg 8 years ago
Really? You do this instead of Hexxit II?! I've been waiting for SO long... I thought it came, but it didn't. Oh well, sorta like every other community.
supercooper888 8 years ago
The mod packs will not load can you help me and say why plz
SkullNBones99 8 years ago
getting the [curl] 7: Failed to connect to error?
Posted by omnislash772 8 years ago