Install Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekxit 3 LE (Official) 1.12.2 Version 0.990

created by Slayer5934 on Minecraft 1.12.2
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The server download still seems to be broken, am I doing something wrong, or is it just messed up? It appears as a 7z file, meaning I can't access the server files
superiorport501 10 months ago
Install 7zip to open it and extract the files
Posted by natonylon 10 months ago
Is BuildCraft missing an Engine? I can't seem to find an Electrical Engine anymore in Tekxit
natonylon 10 months ago
MrNameLessBR 10 months ago
Is anyone else's not working because of CreativeCore? Like mine keeps crashing.
Starskeeper626 10 months ago
mine isn't working any ideas on how to fix?
Posted by bobisjeebus2 10 months ago
Hey, me and my friends started playing minecraft again and were looking for a cool modpack. We used to play hexxit which was pretty cool. We kinda wanted to try something new, like tekkit for example. Thats when we discovered Tekxit. We started playing tekxit 3 official, a really cool idea but there is a lot of stuff from hexxit that isnt included. I noticed that there are a ton of other tekxit modpacks that are similar, i just couldnt really figure out wich one is the most recent/best one. Can anyone help me out with this?
ri_le 10 months ago
I might be able to help kinda.
Posted by Starskeeper626 10 months ago
hello i am not able to download tekxit please help
TheSpaceBuilder 10 months ago
Hey I am having a problem where my backpacks don't open and when I press shift over them it says 0/0 slots
Dragon7833 10 months ago
Hello everyone, I've been playing this modpack for quite a while with a few friends and we really enjoyed the IC2E version of Industrial Craft over the IC2C version for a number of reasons. Our most recent, and probably biggest issue has been getting miners and chunk loaders to work like they use to. Honestly it just doesn't seem to be as powerful as it use to be, which is very annoying in later stages of a map. Are there any plans to switch back? Or is there a way to switch them out for our own server perhaps?
Brannate 10 months ago
HEy Guys, I have a problem with the technic part in the Modpack. My Bc Quarry is not running properly since the new update. I formerly powert it through Energy Converters from: ICs Hybrid Solar Arrays -> MFSU -> HV Converter-> MFU -> MV consumer -> energy Bridge -> MJ Producer -> Wodden pipe -> gold pipe -> Quarry. I now switched to a similar setup, but i addet a dimensinoal transiever at the place of the energy bridge. so now it is: ICs Hybrid Solar Arrays -> MFSU -> HV Converter-> MFU -> MV consumer -> energy Bridge(1) -> FE energy Producer -> Dimensinal tranciever(1) -> Dimensional Tranciever (2) -> FE energy Consumer -> energy Bridge (2)-> MJ Producer -> Wodden pipe -> gold pipe -> Quarry. In both setups the Energy Bridge (in the Second setup the second energy bridge) are fully loaded (10000 units) but they do not put out power through the MJ energy producer, even tho i connected them to a consumer (quarry): before the update (about 1 week ago) The first setup worked, on my ofline world and my linux Server. so i have really no clue, why now BOTH setups are broken now. can please someone help me or gib me an other /better Idea how i can transport Power and Items to a quarry? Hop you gys can Help, Morm
morm 10 months ago
Hei Guys, I created a server with your modpack. My machine is a linux and i created everything i need for this. I started the server multiple times (with a boosted 8350 Octacore (use only one core i know) with 4.5gh/z each core. i installed 16 gb of ram and i use 6gb ram for it. The server means he cant keep it up .. known issue for to bad specs... the cpu is used more than 100%. (104% average) can u check it, what mod does so many cpu usage? We doesnt got any plugins yet. Hope u can help. Muzze77
Muzze77 10 months ago
*FX 8150 (Octacore)
Posted by Muzze77 10 months ago
add the carpenters blocks mod
Xx_swfty_xX 11 months ago
I mean technically if you want a mod in one of these packs just download the mod off of curse forge then go to the mods folder of the pack add it in yourself it is what I did for con armory which is an expansion for tinkerer's construct for armor
Posted by Dragon7833 10 months ago i can't run game xD
nguyenducanh 11 months ago
Can you adjust your modpack? because i can't run it.
David2339230204 11 months ago
Error whilst trying to install - Error downloading a file for the following pack: tekxit 3 (official) 1.12.2 Failed to download Please consult the modpack auther
djdanny1520 11 months ago
What mod is giving me a pig snout and making me oink?
enchantedtaco77 11 months ago
Also, how do I make waypoints visible only on the map and not show a marker in the world?
Posted by enchantedtaco77 11 months ago
Anyone have any recommendations for a good seed?
dabakery 11 months ago
Is there a reason that you cannot go past the basic machine frame?
Frixalater 11 months ago
Undocumented and different GUI's in IC2C I have been searching all over the internet for the last hours or two, attempting to find some kind of documentation or explanation for the Crop Harvester and agricultural blocks in general. There is not a single piece of documentation available for the current GUI that IC2C uses for the agricultural blocks, all the videos and guides made use (presumably) IC2 not IC2C and thus have a different GUI's which make it impossible to use these blocks, cutting out several core pieces of functionality within the mod. I would vastly appreciate it if someone could reply/comment with some explanation for the IC2C agricultural blocks (specifically the Crop Harvester although a general explanation would also be helpful) or a link to an in-date guide which is relevant.
apersonwholikesmods 11 months ago
I am really confused by the new map setting, it now takes you to an image of the solar system? But doesn't let you click anything? Anyone know how to access the old map?
CourtJester 11 months ago
Please bring back option to run 0.971 from the launcher. All servers are 0.971 or lower so no one can play... thanks
tino17 11 months ago

Latest Update

Tekxit 3.14 Beta is out now, just search for it in the launcher! Thank you all for playing Tekxit and to those who have donated to my patreon or gotten a bisect server using the code!