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Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

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Type in the modpack name (Tekkit 2) or paste the following url into the search box.

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Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekkit 2 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekkit 2 Version 1.2.2

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder


Version 1.2.2


New maintenance update!

• Added Fluidlogged API, which backports the waterlogging ability, and allows you to build neat looking underwater pipes and many other things! Also added Snow! Real Magic!, which adds snowlogging features and other snow related improvements.
• Added VintageFix, which improves the loading speed and RAM usage of the modpack, alongside other minor fixes and improvements.
• Added Modern Splash, which features a new loading screen and includes a patch by developer Desoroxxx that allows players using a supported GPU to use higher resolution resource packs! There's now a new 128x Sphax patch available that doesn't have any downscaled textures (currently only Nvidia GPUs series 10 and newer offer increased maximum texture resolutions).
• Also added SerializationIsBad (patching a security vulnerability found in a few mods), Sledgehammer (fixes various minor bugs), Advancement Locator, and ConfigAnytime.
• Removed FoamFix (replaced by VintageFix), Startup Timer (included in Modern Splash), DupeFix Project (now included in Universal Tweaks), Fast Leaf Decay (now included & improved in Universal Tweaks), Entity Desync Fix (now included & improved in Universal Tweaks), and Born in a Barn (included in Forge).
• Updated 27 mods to their latest versions. Some of the updates contain particularly useful fixes, including a fix to the game not responding issue when joining a world or a server, and the recipe dupes/crashes.
• A few small configuration changes and improvements.

The update is available to anyone manually using the latest version through the launcher, and hopefully soon will be available to everyone else who's using the default recommended version.
Enjoy playing :)

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Version 1.2.1


Minor fixes and improvements!

• Added Modern Beta Forge, a mod that allows creating worlds with old Minecraft generation presets including beta, alpha and more! Also added Minor Integrations and Additions for better mod integrations (mainly JER), and IC2C UU-Matter which adds support for viewing UU-Matter & Plasma recipes.
• Updated 3 mods to their latest versions, including a fix to IC2C's smelting not working properly.
• Minor script and configuration improvements, including adding item rarities to different items in the modpack, and other small changes.

That's it! Hopefully the update will soon be pushed to everyone using Recommended.
Enjoy :)

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Version 1.2.0


Big maintenance update!

• Added Universal Tweaks (which contains many tweaks, fixes and general improvements to the game - including a compatibility fix for Forestry farms to support more produce types, e.g. oranges), and Startup Timer (which will estimate time in the loading screen).
• Updated 19 mods to their latest versions, with particularly useful fixes and enhancements (e.g. the Jaded bee type can now be bred, Modular ForceField System has better performance, and much more).
• Many configuration and script improvements - most notably balance changes (nerf) to the Time Pedestal (for similar benefits to Tekkit Classic), changed the jetpack recipes to be much less expensive, increased the alarm max range, and many small quality of life (including new tooltips & item info tabs) or balance changes (including making the Giant Sequoia tree actually obtainable, another feature by Universal Tweaks!).
• Removed some superseded mods due to the addition of Universal Tweaks.

The update is now available under Latest Version in the launcher and hopefully soon will be available for everyone using the Recommended Version.
Also big thanks to ACGaming who helped a lot with the development this update.
Enjoy playing :)

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Version 1.1.3


🔧 Better than ever!

• Updated IC2 Classic, which fixes issues with broken smelting/furnace recipes.
• Also updated Quark to include a patch which prevents some client crashes, and updated Logistics Pipes.
• Minor configuration tweaks.

Enjoy :)

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Version 1.1.2


☢️ Further tweaks to reactors! If you have any steam reactors, turn them off & reconfigure before updating to avoid explosive consequences.

• Thanks to suggestions from multiple players & Speiger, the steam output from steam reactors has been significantly boosted (similarly to the boost of normal reactors).
• Updated Logistics Pipes to its latest version.

That's it! This update is now available to everyone by default in the launcher.
Enjoy :)

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Version 1.1.1


Update time! This one should be better than the last (for the 7th consecutive time!)

• Updated Railcraft to include an IC2 Classic compatibility bug fix by Speiger. Also updated IC2 Classic with various important bug fixes. Thanks Speiger!
• Also updated Galacticraft which includes more useful bug fixes. In total updated 7 mods to their latest versions.
• Minor configuration changes, including adding an EMC value to Bronze dust (yay!) and removing values from Fireproof woods.

This update is released as opt-in only but hopefully will soon be pushed to everyone using the default version in the launcher.
Enjoy :)

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Version 1.1.0


New update in town! New enhancements and many tweaks.

• Added AsmodeusCore, which (on its own) adds many improvements to Galacticraft's skies and galaxy map. Also added Entity Culling (& RenderLib), which can greatly improve performance in areas with a lot of entities and tile-entities. This was added now thanks to new compatibility from the VoxelMap Fixes mod.
• Many config & script changes, fixing reported issues & introducing new improvements. A notable change is the significant boost of Nuclear Reactors' power generation (backported from IC2C 1.19 thanks to Speiger - make sure to disconnect from existing cables/machines before updating due to higher voltages), alongside an increase to the maximum overheating explosion size! Another notable change is further tweaking EMC values of items, including new values to Galacticraft's natural blocks, Railcraft's decorative blocks, and Industrial Craft's rubber wood, and the removal of EMC from bronze (to encourage processing), and items that aren't supported (Forestry saplings, enchanted books).
• Finally updated Railcraft to its latest beta version (alongside a new Computronics update). This update brings a lot of improvements and fixes to the mod.
• Updated Logistics Pipes to its latest version, which includes a reworked guide book (included in the Akashic Tome!), improvements to crafting/item signs' performance, and compatibility fixes with Project Red's frames & IC2C machinery.
• Updated 9 mods (in total) to their latest versions - all of these updates include very useful fixes to reported bugs.

Please note that this update is currently only available under "Latest Version" in the launcher's modpack options. Hopefully as all these changes stabilize, it'll be available to everyone else using the (default) Recommended Version.
Also again, many thanks to all of the mod developers who helped making this update possible, especially ACGaming, bziemons, Vexatos, and ROM, and everyone who has been reporting issues over the modpack's issue tracker.
Enjoy :)

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Version 1.0.5


Things should stabilize now for a while, hopefully!

• Updated Logistics Pipes to fix a critical bug. Also updated VoxelMapFixes for further improvements to prevent missing parts on the world map.
• Minor configuration changes - notably added Forge Multiblocks support for many decorative blocks and custom woods, and tweaked some EMC values for more consistency.

Enjoy :)

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Version 1.0.4


Tiny optimization update!

• Updated VoxelMapFixes by ACGaming. This update has drastic improvements to RAM usage, especially when using a resource pack! Using the x128 Sphax patch, RAM requirements went down from 7-8 GB to 3.5-4 GB.
• Also updated FoamFix & Logistics Pipes, both have useful improvements!

That's it! The update is now available for everyone, enjoy :)

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Version 1.0.3


This small update changes EMC values to be more in line with Tekkit Classic, alongside other improvements.

• A lot of EMC values were removed, some changed and some new ones were added. This change is in order to make the pack more in line with the original experience, which encourages more crafting & processing.
* Any player who does not want this change can easily reset the ProjectE config and reload the EMC values with a command without even restarting the game. Further suggestions about EMC values can be had over the issue tracker of the modpack.
• Updated 4 mods, including particularly useful updates to Logistics Pipes, and Binnie's Mods.
• Other minor configuration & script changes, notably changing Basalt generation.

Big thanks again to all of the awesome mod developers who helped this update. Enjoy! :)

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Version 1.0.2


Hotfix update!

• Updated Galacticraft to fix rocket issues on servers, and MAtmos to fix system incompatibilities.
• Also updated Logistics Pipes and IFPatcher, both have minor bug fixes.
• Increased marble cave generation, and increased default IC2C sound volume.

Thanks again to all the issue reporters and mod developers who helped out. Enjoy! :)

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Version 1.0.1


One week and many improvements later!
This update includes many, many small fixes & tweaks based on reported issues.

• Added embeddedt's IC2 Sound Fix, and changed to dan's Mouse Tweaks, both include fixes for Tekkit 2.
• Updated 10 mods, some of which have very useful fixes for the modpack thanks to the mod developers.
• Many configuration changes and a few script changes, fixing reported issues and improving the balance of the game. Some notable changes are different Limestone generation, and fixes to EMC values & recipes.

Thank you for everyone who reported issues, and to all the developers who helped fixing them. The update is now available for everyone, enjoy :)

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Version 1.0.0


Initial release!

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Tekkit 2 was updated to version 1.2.2