Install Tekkit 2

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekkit 2) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekkit 2 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekkit 2 Version 1.2.3

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder

Version 1.2.3 - Recommended

Additional Banners by DarkhaxDev
This mod adds a variety of banner patterns to the game.
Additional Pipes for Buildcraft by MultipleMonomials
Additional Pipes is a mod that adds a few extra pipes to Buildcraft. You might remember us from Tekkit, and yes, we're still around!
Advanced Solars Classic by trinsdar
Advancement Locator by kappa_maintainer
With this mod, you can locate its history by clicking the advancement name in chat history.
Akashic Tome by Vazkii
The Akashic Tome can be combined with mods' documentation books, and can store as many as you can fit in there.
AppleSkin by squeek502
Adds useful information about food/hunger to the HUD.
Aqua Acrobatics by Fuzs_, embeddedt
Aqua Acrobatics is a direct backport of the new movement features added in modern versions of Minecraft, most notably the swimming mechanic.
ASMC by AstroTibs
This mod simply backports various sounds to Minecraft.
AsmodeusCore by BlesseNtumble
Library for mods created by BlesseNtumble. On its own, it adds client-sided enhancements to the Galacticraft map & skies.
AutoRegLib by Vazkii
A library to ease menial tasks in mod development.
Backups by Silly511
The mod will automatically backup your entire world and it stores your backups in a format that takes up very little disk space. You can easily restore a world from in-game with the backups GUI and restore parts of your world with the restore command (requires cheats).
Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded by Kreezxil, Eleksploded
A lightweight universal mod to silence custom world wide broadcast sounds.
Better Invalid Session by kmecpp
An extremely lightweight mod modifies the default Minecraft kick message for having an invalid session to better explain how to resolve the issue if using a game launcher.
Better Ping Display by Quintinity
A mod for displaying each player's ping in the player list as a number.
Binnie's Mods by Binnie, mezz, ACGaming
Binnie’s Mods is a suite of mods designed to expand the Forestry mod. It both extends the bee and tree breeding aspect by adding many new species with varied products, along with new features such as fully breedable flowers and genetic manipulation.
Includes patches by ACGaming.
Blockcraftery by elucent_, EpicSquid319
Blockcraftery is a mod that provides a very simple feature: Framed Blocks. Framed blocks can be placed in the world, then can be given another block's texture by right-clicking.
BuildCraft by SpaceToad, Krapht, SirSengir, Covert_Jaguar, AlexIIL
Extending Minecraft with pipes, auto-crafting, quarries, engines and much more!
Buildcraft Fluxified by DBotThePony, EndangeredNayla
Buildcraft Fluxified is an addon for BuildCraft that changes BuildCraft to use Redstone Flux instead of Minecraft Joules. This means Quarry’s can be powered by Redstone Flux.
Due to limitations within BuildCraft, Engines will still need a Wooden Kenesis Pipe to output simply because that is how BuildCraft is hardcoded to work.
Cable Flux by Zeitheron, DragonForgeMC, TehenoPengin
CC: Tweaked by SquidDev, DanTwoHundred
A fork of the much-beloved ComputerCraft, it continues its legacy with better performance, stability, and a wealth of new features.
Charset Crafting by asiekierka
Charset Crafting is a set of Charset modules dedicated to the art of crafting. As this module is a work in progress, behaviour may still be tweaked slightly.
Charset Immersion by asiekierka
In-world, immersive stacking! With this module, you can place ingots, stacks, gears, coins and other select objects from any mod inside the game world. Each block space can store up to one stack!
Charset Lib by asiekierka
This is a library mod for Charset modules. It provides no functionality on its own and is supposed to be used in conjunction with one or more of the modules.
Charset Storage - Barrels by asiekierka
Charset Storage Barrels is a Charset module which adds barrels.
Chicken ASM by covers1624
A small lib for ASM related shenanigans.
Chisel by Automatic_Maiden, tterrag1098, Drullkus, minecreatr
Chisel adds a huge variety of static blocks to the game. This mod will be very useful for people who like the construction aspect of Minecraft.
Chisels & Bits by AlgorithmX2
This mod adds several chisels, a wrench and ways to copy designs and store bits. These tools enable you to create new custom decorative blocks and designs to decorate your bases and improve the flexibility of your building style.
Client Tweaks by BlayTheNinth
This mod adds a bunch of optional tweaks to improve the Quality of Life during gameplay. Tweaks can be individually enabled or disabled and configured.
CodeChickenLib by Chicken_Bones, covers1624
Contains libraries for 3D math and transformations, model rendering, packets, config, colours, asm and a few other things.
CoFH World by TeamCoFH, KingLemming, skyboy026, covers1624
Mod for changing world generation.
Computronics by Vexatos, asiekierka
Computronics is a Minecraft mod that adds a set of computer peripherals. It is compatible with both ComputerCraft and OpenComputers.
ConfigAnytime by CleanroomMC, Rongmario
Allows Forge configurations to be setup at any point in time. Especially for developers that use Forge's configuration system during coremod/tweaker's loading stage.
ConnectedTexturesMod by tterrag1098
Allows resource packs to add connected textures, emissive rendering, and much more.
Controlling by jaredlll08
Adds the ability to search for keybinds using their name in the KeyBinding menu, this allows players to easily find a key binding in the menu.
Adds a button that will only show KeyBindings that conflict with each other, which makes it easier to fix them.
CraftingTable IV by Elec332
This mod is an complete rewrite of the CraftingTableIII mod. This mod does the same as the CraftingTable III mod, including the recursive recipe search, and even more!
CraftTweaker by jaredlll08
CraftTweaker is a continuation of Minetweaker3 by StanH. CraftTweaker is updated for the latest Minecraft versions and is currently being updated unlike the original Minetweaker3 mod by StanH.
Custom Main Menu by Lumien
This mod allows you to modify the main menu using a json file, you can modify the content / position of pretty much everything the vanilla menu contains. In addition you can also add new stuff to your menu like a slideshow, web links or completely new sub menus.
Damage Tilt by Charles445
Back in Minecraft 1.2.5, when you took damage, your camera angle would tilt in the direction of the damage.
This helped you figure out where the damage was coming from quickly (it's also a cool looking effect).
This mod restores that feature, as it was broken in the Minecraft 1.3.1 update many years ago.
Debark by asiekierka
This mod adds decorative debarked logs - similar to the Stripped Logs from 1.13+, they are essentially logs without the bark!
Default Options by Blay09
Stop plaguing your players with config resets due to modpack updates!
ElecCore by Elec332
This contains shared code for Forge mods and is used by Elec332 and others.
EnderStorage by Ecu/chicken_bones, covers1624
EnderStorage is a mod that offers a means to store your items in The END, causing them to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. All EnderStorage makes use of the magic of colors to link storage with its little piece of The END. Any EnderStorage with the same color code share inventory (even across dimensions). Currently there are two types of storage, EnderChest and EnderPouch.
Energy Control by Zuxelus
Energy Control is a remastered version of original Nuclear Control.
Entity Culling by Meldexun
Entity Culling is a relatively small client-side performance core mod which aims to skip rendering of hidden (tile-)entities.
Exchangers by Jackyy
Ever wanted to exchange between blocks rather than break / place blocks? Well, now you have an option!
Exchangers is a mod inspired by the Exchangers from EnderTech (EnderTech is a tech mod for 1.7.10 and it has been discontinued) and block exchangers from various different mods.
Fairy Lights by pau101
Adds fairy lights and other decorations to Minecraft.
Fix Experience Bug by MacTso
When players travel to and from other modded dimensions, there is a bug in minecraft where their experience is displayed as zero until they earn one new experience point or log out of the game and log back in.
This bug blocks players from enchanting items and using items that require experience.
This mod fixes this bug.
Fluidlogged API by jbredwards
A mod that adds fluidlogging!
Forestry by Sir Sengir, mezz, Covert_Jaguar, MysteriousAges, Nedelosk, ramidzkh
Forestry deals with farming, renewable energy production as well as the breeding of trees, bees and butterflies in Minecraft.
Forge by LexManos, cpw
Allows Minecraft to utilize mods.
Forge Multipart CBE by Chicken Bones, MrTJP, covers1624
An API for dynamically handling different functional parts in the one block space.
Galacticraft by micdoodle8, teamgalacticraft, ROMVoid95
Galacticraft allows you to explore the solar system in your own spaceship. Travel throughout the solar system, create and customize your very own spaceship, and explore new planets and moons!
Gravisuit Classic by trinsdar
Advanced armor, tools and more!
Guide-API by TehNut, tombenpotter
Allows modders to easily create in-game documentation.
GunpowderLib by Jackyy
This mod is a support library for some of Jackyy's mods for 1.12.2 and above, it does nothing by itself as it's just a library mod.
Had Enough Items by mezz, CleanroomMC, Rongmario
A Just Enough Items fork on 1.12.2 with memory and performance optimizations.
Along with new features recommended by the community such as better fluid ingredient interactions and more to come.
Hammer Core by apengu_, Zeitheron, DragonForgeMC
Utility mod that contains really useful code for quite a few mods.
Help Fixer by matthewprenger
This keeps bad compareTo implementations from crashing the /help command.
Hesperus by jellysquid3_, embeddedt, kappa_maintainer
Hesperus is a continuation of the abandoned Phosphor Forge Edition, aiming to fix crashes and mod conflicts.
IC2 Classic by Speiger
1.2.5-era IC2, in newer versions of Minecraft!
IC2C UU-Matter by Christofmeg
By default IC2 Classic does not add a GUI for how to create UU-Matter and the same goes for Plasma Cells. This mod fixes that by adding 2 new JEI categories, that show how UU-Matter and Plasma Cells are made.
With this mod you can press "Show Recipe" (which is normally bound to R key) on UU-Matter and Plasma Cells to see how they are made.
iChunUtil by iChun
This mod is a shared library required by a couple of iChun’s Mods.
IFPatcher by eve0415
A small coremod to patch some issues in Industrial Foregoing for 1.12.2.
Industrial Foregoing by Buuz135
Industrial Foregoing is a reinvention of the old MineFactory Reloaded mod.
Integration Foregoing by Jackyy, Buuz135
This mod is the official addon for Industrial Foregoing, making use of its API and added some missing mod integrations, or using APIs from other mods to add Industrial Foregoing support for them.
Inventory Tweaks by Kobata
Tweaks your inventory handling to be more intuitive. Break your iron sword in the heat of battle and don't have time to replace it? No worries, if you have another one handy in your inventory it will automatically be moved into the last slot it was used! Works with all stacked items!
Iron Chests by cpw
IronChests adds several new chests to the game. One for each type of metal. You can even upgrade them!
Iron Tanks by Indemnity83
Iron Tanks intended to do for BuildCraft tanks what Iron Chests did for vanilla chests. The Iron Tanks mod introduces a variety of new tanks to satisfy all of your liquid storage needs. Those tanks are fully compatible with other inventory-modifying mechanics like the pipes from Buildcraft.
JEI Bees by bdew
This mod adds JEI recipes that show breeding and products from Forestry bees, trees and butterflies.
JEI Integration by SnowShock35, Tonius
JEI Integrations is an addon for Just Enough Items (JEI) that was originally called NEI Integration and was maintained by Tonius. However, since his absence the mod has yet to have been updated to support later versions of Minecraft. So, here it is. The mod adds helpful, highly-configurable tooltips, additional JEI recipe handlers for mods that yet to have native support and a few other helpful tools.
Jon's Exclusives by Jon
Just Enough Drags by warmthdawn
Adds JEI drag support to item filters.
Just Enough Magiculture by invadermonky
Just Enough Magiculture is a mod that adds a large number of Just Enough Resources integrations.
Just Enough Pattern Banners by Lorexe
Many mods begin to add special banners into the game and nobody seems to know that!
With JEPatternBanners you can see in JEI which items you can use to make pattern banners!
Just Enough Resources by Way2muchnoise
Adds JEI integration for world resources like ores and mob drops
KleeSlabs by BlayTheNinth
This mod allows you to break only one half of a double slab. The half that is broken depends on which half you're looking at.
LemonLib by Lemonszz
This is a library mod the provides utilities to mod developers. It has no effect on the game.
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by iChun
Despite the name, this mod, in a literal sense, lets dogs that have been left sitting down too long, to actually lie down and get some rest. After having sat for a configurable amount of time, without their owners close by, they will lie down to rest in a random position, and will excitedly jump back to sitting position once their owner gets close to them once more!
Loading Progress Bar by jbredwards
Turns out the progress bar that used to display while loading a world was never actually removed from the game's code, this mod makes it functional again.
Logistics Pipes by mc_rs485, davboecki, theZorro266
Logistics Pipes is an extensive overhaul of the Buildcraft pipe system. It allows for better distribution of items via pipes, more organised stockkeeping and easier automated crafting.
LoliASM by Rongmario
Optimizes RAM usage, fixes crashes, within different mods, and Forge itself & optimizes code in general.
LunatriusCore by Lunatrius
A (small) compilation of utility classes used in Lunatrius' mods.
Main Menu Scale by modmuss50
This mod forces the main menu to have a constant gui scale. The mod does not touch other guis, so you can still change the gui scale.
MAtmos by Hurricaaane, makamys
MAtmos is a sound atmosphere generator. When you play on any server or in singleplayer, it looks at your surroundings and generates natural noises as a soundscape, such as birds in the forest or rumbling near a lava lake or wind gusts on a hilltop, which fills out the perpetual silence of Minecraft.
MCMultiPart by amadornes, 2xsaiko
MCMultiPart is a community effort to make a multipart API that's both easy to use and very powerful.
Minor Integrations and Additions by SokyranTheDragon
MIA is a mod primarily focusing on adding new integrations and improvements between mods, as well as adding some new features. Some of them include: new recipes (mostly for machines using items and blocks from other mods), new JEI categories, adding entries to JER, as well as several other integrations, improvements, and fixes.
MixinBooter by Rongmario
A library mod that helps out modders that want to mixin into mods but couldn't as they weren't inherently coremods.
MmmMmmMmmMmm by boni
A small mod that adds exactly one item: a Test Dummy.
Modern Beta Forge by b3spectacled
Enjoy the faithful re-implementation of the Beta, Alpha, and Infdev terrain generators on Minecraft 1.12.2.
Modern Splash by kappa_maintainer
Modern Splash changes the loading screen to an updated style.

The mod also contains a patch by Desoroxxx which allows the usage of higher resolution resource packs for supported GPUs (currently Nvidia series 10+).
Modular ForceField System by Thunderdark, Matchlight, Minalien, Searge, KatrinaAS, Chocohead
This mod adds a modular system for generating Force fields within game, at the cost of energy. Beyond simply force fields, this mod also adds a wealth of base security, including the Area Defense station that is capable of fending off NPCs, mobs and other players - and stripping them of prohibited items!
Includes patches by Trinsdar, ACGaming, and kappa-maintainer, with recipe fixes by xJon.
More Overlays by FeldiM245
This mods adds some of the overlays from NEI.
Morpheus by Quetzi
Morpheus is a server-only mod that adds sleep voting to a forge based server. When a player sleeps, all other players in the same dimension are notified so it is easier to coordinate. Also, you can configure a ratio of players that are required to make it morning (default 50%) messages can be customized in the config and alerts can be turned off if needed.
Mouse Tweaks Unofficial by YaLTeR, CleanroomMC, serenibyss
Fork of YaLTeR's Mouse Tweaks mod with continued support for Minecraft 1.12.2.
MrTJPCore by MrTJP
A collection of various utilities that make my life easier when it comes to making different mods.
MysticalLib by elucent_, EpicSquid319, Noobanidus, Martacus, Davoleo_K
Mystical Lib is a library mod to make annoying modding tasks easier. Fairly simple in concept but very handy in reducing hassle.
Nature's Compass by Chaosyr
Nature's Compass is a utility item that allows you to search for a biome's location anywhere in the world and view information about it.
Netherending Ores by ic_trab
A mod that adds ores and furnace conversion recipes to the Nether and the End.
NoMoreRecipeConflict by stimmedcow, GotoLink
Eliminates recipe conflicts once and for all from Minecraft.
OpenEye by OpenMods Team
OpenEye is (mostly) a developer tool, that collects mods' usage and crash reports. It also delivers notifications (created by mod authors) to clients.
Pack Crash Info by BloodWorkXGaming
Adds a bit of Information about the current modpack to the crashlog.
Picture in Picture by iChun
Renders other player’s Point of Views in a “Picture-in-Picture” style on the Minecraft screen when no GUI is open.
Player Plates by Gaz_
This mod adds an obsidian pressure plate and a mossy cobblestone pressure plate. The obsidian plate can only be triggered by players and is able to withstand TNT. The mossy cobblestone plate can only be triggered by items & mobs.
Plethora Peripherals by SquidDev
Plethora is a ComputerCraft peripheral provider for Minecraft 1.8.9+. It aims to provide both metadata and peripherals for vanilla Minecraft and most mainstream mods.
Plethora also adds a series of "modules" to the game. These modules can be used by the player with varying success. They really come in to their element when put in a manipulator, providing a series of methods which allow interacting with your environment.
Project Red - Base by Mr_TJP, ChickenBones, covers1624
Project Red is recreation of Eloraam's RedPower2 mod.
Project Red Base is a library of common code, sprites, models, and resources for the other modules to work. Furthermore many basic items are added for crafting of all other objects of the other modules.
Project Red - Compat by MrTJP, covers1624
This is the compat file for Project Red. It contains the compatibility module which allows for Project Red to hook into other mods to provide a more intuitive experience when playing with other mods.
Project Red - Expansion by MrTJP, covers1624
Project Red Expansion adds ways to construct large mechanisms that can interact with the world, and a own energy system to operate the different machines.
Project Red - Exploration by MrTJP, covers1624
Project Red Exploration adds all of the world generation to Project Red. This comes in trees, ores, volcanoes, and marble caves, which allow players to create tools, and backpacks.
Project Red - Fabrication by MrTJP, covers1624
Project Red Fabrication adds machines and items to plan and construct individual electronic chips like the gates. Thus the player can construct their own redstone circuits, which can interact with all cables, lamps, gates and machines from Project Red and vanilla Minecraft.
Project Red - Illumination by MrTJP, covers1624
Project Red Illumination adds five new lighting solutions (each as a normal and inverted versions), which can all come in the 16 different colors.
Project Red - Transmission by MrTJP, covers1624
Project Red Transmission adds many new different types of redstone wires and cables, with a redstone signal range of 255 blocks.
ProjectE by SinKillerJ
A complete rewrite of EE2 (Equivalent Exchange 2) for modern Minecraft versions. Transmutation tables, collectors, condensers, flying rings, and all the other trinkets you love are here. Discover powerful alchemical tools, items, and devices. Break down unwanted items into EMC (Energy-Matter Covalence) and use that EMC to create new items.
Rebuilt and patched by ACGaming56.
Quark by Vazkii, wiiv
Quark is a mod for Minecraft. It aims to create an experience akin to the "vanilla" experience, by having a very simple motto: anything that would be added to Quark could also be added to the default game without compromising its gameplay style. Quark currently has 200 default features to spice up your game, all of which fitting the previous motto.
Railcraft by Covert_Jaguar
Railcraft started off as a simple minecart mod, but it has since become much more than that.
It features a fully fleshed out tech tree, with great effort gone into providing a balanced gameplay.
Railcraft was also one of the pioneer mods when it comes to Multi-Block structures. It features a whole slew of these structures, including the mighty Steam Boiler and the stunningly massive Iron Tanks.
For more detailed information regarding the mod, you should visit the website.
RandomPatches by TheRandomLabs
RandomPatches is a mod that contains a bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft. RandomPatches only contains features that require ASM transformers.
Reach Fix by Meldexun
Reach Fix fixes a few bugs of Minecraft's entity hit detection. There are some situations where the player should be able to hit an entity but isn't able to. This fix is more noticeable against bigger entities. Also entity bounding boxes are now interpolated to match the entity model.
Now the reach attribute is taken into consideration when targeting an entity instead of only when targeting a block.
ReAuth by TechnicianLP
A mod to renew your session (for Mojang accounts).
Reborn Core by modmuss50, GigaBit101, ProspectorDev
Reborn Core is a library used for many of the Tech Reborn team's mods.
Reforged by HypaSpeeed, phantamanta44
Reforged brings weapons from Balkon's Weapon Mod to newer versions of Minecraft!
RenderLib by meldexun
RenderLib is a client-side only mod that makes necessary changes to entity and tile entity rendering for some of my other mods.
This mod on its own does not provide any meaningful improvements regarding performance and you probably only want to install it when using a mod that has this mod as a dependency.
Resource Loader by Lumien
This mod allows users to easily add their own resources to Minecraft.
Schematica by Lunatrius
With this mod you're able to display a ghost image of a schematic file inside Minecraft to rebuild a structure or export any part of your world (or a server's world) into a schematic file. You're able to export parts of your world, too!
SerializationIsBad by Dogboy21
A Minecraft coremod / Java Agent aiming to patch serious security vulnerabilities found in many different mods.
Shadowfacts' Forgelin by ShadowfactsDev
Provides a Kotlin language adapter for Forge and bundles the Kotlin standard library, reflect library, and runtime.
Sledgehammer by LX_Gaming
A mod that patches issues in Minecraft and Forge mods.
Smooth Font by bre2el
This mod draws all fonts (including resource pack's fonts) smoothly for better readability on all scales. Furthermore, you can use any font installed on your computer.
Smooth Scrolling Everywhere by shedaniel
Adds smooth scrolling to every vanilla list. Which includes smooth scrolling with mouse scroll, and the ability the bounce back when over-scroll. (Isn’t that exciting)
Snow! Real Magic! by Snownee
A simple tweak mod which can enrich behavior of vanilla snow layer.
Sound Device Options by ichttt
Sound Device Options is a very small but handy mod. It allows you to switch the active sound output device while the game is running!
Space Ambient by BlesseNtumble
Space Ambient is a Galacticraft addon for more ambient music on the celestial bodies.
Statues by Automatic_Maiden, asiekierka, Lemonszz
Create statues out of various blocks, craft a showcase to show off your valuables.
Steve's Carts by Vswe, modmuss50
Advanced modular carts - have them automine, run your tree farm, or just create the rail network of your dreams!
Steve's Carts Reborn IC2C Compat by trinsdar
This mod adds ic2 classic compat to steve's carts reborn tree tap module so that it can harvest rubber from ic2 classic rubber trees.
Tekkit 2 Configs by Jon
The small details that make the big modpack.
Tekkit 2 Resources by Jon
The pretty looking and pretty sounding things.
Tekkit Jaffa Cakes by phantamanta44, Jon, Sslime7
Ever wanted to mass-manufacture (and mass-consume) jaffa cakes in Tekkit? Now you can!
Tesla Core Lib by Face_of_Cat
Just a support lib for some technical mods.
TipTheScales by Jaredlll08
Allows for more options when adjusting the GUIScale option as well as making it a slider.
Translocators by Chicken Bones, covers1624
Translocator adds small attachments for chests and tanks which can transmit items and fluids between them, respectively. They may also be filtered or set to keep a certain stock of items in a chest.
Tumbleweed by konwboj
Tumbleweeds spawn around dead bushes in deserts and drop random goodies upon harvesting.
UniDict by WanionCane
UniDict is an unification mod.
Universal Tweaks by ACGaming
~ A one-stop-shop for all bugfixing and tweaking needs ~
Universal Tweaks consolidates various bugfixes and tweaks into a single solution for Minecraft 1.12.2.
View EMC by Silly511
View EMC is a bridge between Waila and Project E, allowing you to see a block's EMC value just by looking at it (& crouching).
VintageFix by embeddedt
VintageFix is an optimization mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 that focuses on being a more streamlined and effective version of FoamFix. It provides significant memory usage benefits and reduces load time a bit as well. This is accomplished by incorporating modified versions of FerriteCore's blockstate/model optimizations as well as a more up-to-date and reliable version of the old VanillaFix dynamic resources patch, which loads models on the fly instead of at game startup.

For best results: Do not use OptiFine. Use of OptiFine may cause rendering glitches and will also increase launch time.
VoxelMap by MamiyaOtaru
VoxelMap is a minimap and worldmap mod that makes a great effort to be accurate to the colors you see in the world (and your resource pack). Display your surroundings, or view the entire (explored) world. It has useful functionality like per-dimension waypoints, mob icons, teleport to waypoint (if the player has permission), and nether mapping. Optional chunk grid and biome overlay (with biome labels in full screen mode)
VoxelMap Fixes by ACGaming
Minimally invasive fixes for VoxelMap.
Waila by ProfMobius, TehNut
I have the pleasure to introduce to you Waila (What Am I Looking At). Waila is an extension for NEI. It will show in the tooltip what mod an item is from. Since the tooltip contains the mod name, you can also easly parse items per mods.
But that's not all ! Leveraging an extended NEI HUD, it is also capable of showing the name of blocks and mods ingame, right on top of your screen.
And if this is not enough, it comes with a few integrated modules to show internal information of some specific blocks. For now, BC tanks have been implemented (shows the content, capacity and amount of fluid) and IC2 machines (shows the In/out voltage).
Waila Harvestability by squeek502
A client-side add-on for Waila or Hwyla that adds information about the harvestability of what you are looking at.
WanionLib by WanionCane
Shared code library used by (not)all WanionCane mods!
Wireless Redstone: Chicken Bones Edition by chicken_bones, covers1624
In its simplest this is a mod that allows you to transmit your redstone state wirelessly. Even if you dont use redstone this mod could still be for you. Found an awesome landscape you'd like to mark, a cool cave to explore, or keep losing your way from base to base? Ever wished that compass pointed somewhere else or there was a way to mark things on a map. Well now there is. With the wireless addons component of this mod you can use wireless signals for navigation.
Zetta Industries by The Starchasers, marcin212a, asiekierka
Zetta Industries is a mod that aims to extend other mods by adding various functionalities, including the QuarryFixer block.

Latest Update

Tekkit 2 was updated to version 1.2.3