Install Attack of the B-Team

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Attack of the B-Team) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Attack of the B-Team from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Attack of the B-Team Version 1.0.12c

created by sct on Minecraft Version 1.6.4 using Technic Solder
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I recently made a b team server and when my friend tries to join it just keeps saying timed out and everything is correct like the portforwarding and stuff.
Tacoba 1 week ago
Ik this is probably the wrong place to put this but i went to the end and came back and i was having massive frame drops and minecraft was using 4gb of ram and then i found out somehow theres like a million cows spawned outside
N740 1 week ago
We NEED an Attack of the B-Team Reboot PLEASE!!!!!!!
jtbarnett 1 week ago
I found a mod that is client side and enables you to your skins as before!!! It is downloadable at this link: you must just put it in your mods folder or if the technic team wants to add it that would be nice. Have a nice day you all folks.
Snejdb 1 month ago
lol is this a trap??
Posted by jtbarnett 1 week ago
Any server's being made? If so add my username 13roboshark Discord is Meliodas#7980
13roboshark 1 month ago
If anyone sees this reply can they send me an invite to their server. I'm lonely. It's an amazing mod pack but I just want to play with other people ON this mod pack.
MemeMachine6000 1 month ago
same here without claims tho mc user: SweetmanPlays
Posted by SweetmanPlays 1 month ago
I can't even open the server for it
Famannetuck18 2 months ago
how can we download the mod pack??
scoutdelite 3 months ago
i have a problem with the morph mod, whenever i kill a new mob i get a popup notification that says i can transform into the mob, but i cant open the mob list with [] or the numlock, i can only turn back into a human by pressing the key with @ on it
L__Lawliet 4 months ago
Why does it load in v1.6.4 and not 1.0.12
Hash_ix 5 months ago
is there a server
fishermen927 6 months ago
i am creating a server if you would like to join reply to this with your minecraft username and i will add you to the whitelist
Posted by Mvjevsta123 5 months ago
@MVJESTA123 SweetmanPlays
Posted by SweetmanPlays 1 month ago
Posted by 13roboshark 1 month ago
Okay, so I have Java 1.8, and I'm trying to play, but every time I press play it says that I need Java 1.7. Someone please help >~<
DaniHowlter 6 months ago
you have to download java 1.7 then
Posted by JulianDH 5 months ago
AwesomekillerII 6 months ago
you can't, this minecraft version was from before the skins i believe
Posted by JulianDH 5 months ago
What happened to the servers that were already on the server list? all the servers I find are these pathetic claim servers. anyone know any servers that dont use claim?
Nexus_prime 6 months ago
im creating one reply if you want to join
Posted by Mvjevsta123 5 months ago
Why I cant use flans mod perfectly? I cant craft any vehicle including tanks, jeeps, turret guns and PLANES!!!
Gen3X 7 months ago
hey,when I delete the weather mod it crashes! :'(
mostafa_3emad 7 months ago
I want to see an Attack of the B-Team updated just like hexxit!
mostafa_3emad 7 months ago
When I launch the "launch.bat" file it loads completely, however it says, "Galacticraft update check failed! Trying again in 15 seconds." It says this 3 times before stopping and doing nothing. I don't know what it is but it seems that Galcticraft is buggy or something. Any input on this issue is much appreciated.
DragonLord821 7 months ago
Muitos mods chega a modificar muito os controles.Se fosse menos e atualizados para um das novas versões do minecraft ficaria perfeito.
RiquelmeLegaozão 8 months ago
hey guys im having some trouble getting a friend on my server anyone have any helpful thoughts?
AjCapone5213 8 months ago

Latest Update

Attack of the B-Team was updated to version 1.0.12c