Install The 1.12.2 Pack

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (The 1.12.2 Pack) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select The 1.12.2 Pack from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

The 1.12.2 Pack Version 1.6.1

created by xJon on Minecraft 1.12.2 using Technic Solder
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Is there any active servers for this modpack?
Yagami3488 3 years ago
You can find them in the modpack's Discord :)
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
I have a quick question. My friends and I are making a server for about 10 of us to play on. Is the 1.12.2 pack laggier than the 1.7.10 pack? We have played that pack in the past and it ran well. Just curious if we should move to this pack or not. Thank you.
British_America 3 years ago
The best way to tell is to try for yourself, performance varies from computer to computer :)
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
There is a big problem with this modpack, When I started playing it was laggy as I would expect and it died down as I played for longer. I logged off the world several times and when I came back on to do some exploring and mining the world suddenly got super laggy and I had no clue what was happening. I even almost died to a creeper because the game couldn't keep up (keep in mind I am using the highest GB memory which is 7GB as I have not found anything better). I tried to change the game settings in hope that I could increase the frame rate and reduce the lag but when I changed the settings and tried to exit them to get back in the game it completely froze and I couldn't exit the game, so I had to restart my computer. Thank you for all the work you do on this modpack I appreciate you :)
FriedDishwasherMC 3 years ago
Please go to the "Help" section to get support, thanks!
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
I noticed that the Uncrating Table from the Twilight forest is not in the modpack, but when I look at the Twilight Forest wiki it says it's still part of the modpack. Did you remove it from the mod, or is the twilight Forest wiki out of date?
Shadeslayer08 3 years ago
It has been disabled in the modpack because it was buggy, but you can always reenable it yourself manually through the mod's config file :)
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
So I went into the JEI config and removed it from the blacklist and checked the Twilight Forest config and didn't find it disabled there, but it still isn't available. Is it disabled in another config file?
Posted by Shadeslayer08 3 years ago
In Twilight Forest's config file
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
I was able to find and re-enable it, thank you very much! Your rock!
Posted by Shadeslayer08 3 years ago
I've got issues restoring backups in the server. When running the command restoreBackup, the script runs smoothly but it doesn't restore anything. Even when I try to restore it manually (place the backup myself) just creates a new world. Does someone know what goes wrong?
primelock 3 years ago
You cannot restore manually. The script creates a new world folder "RestoredWorld" which you need to replace with your current world.
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
Wait you're saying that the "RestoredWorld" folder is not the old world? Good to know that. Ill try it out, thanks!
Posted by primelock 3 years ago
Has the buildcraft teleport pipes been removed?
LegallyPolio 3 years ago
It seems the starter book for Tinker's Construct is not available or is just not put into the inventory when you create the first Blank Pattern. I have no idea how to start with Tinker's Construct without the missing book. :-(
ZanyScum 3 years ago
I got the correct names from the given books and used NEI to get the recipes, but it feels like there is just the starter book missing. (But everything stable and nice so far!)
Posted by ZanyScum 3 years ago
Hi, the book is accessible through the Akashic Tome you get when you first start a new world.
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
My the 1.12.2 pack isnt launching fully. The tab as the bottom of my desktop shows up but only has a white screen and if I wait a while I can hear music but that’s as far as it gets. Any advice?
fallibleelf131 3 years ago
Really dissapointed with the way i was treated on discord, I asked for help and the moderators just banned from the discord server, after making a new account and changing IP address I explained to them that I am a donator and have supported their work for years now I was still treated like a pile of dirt. Really sad to be treated like this especially with the sentimental value I had... With everything going on in the world right now you would think people could care more for each other and have some decency
clickplay1226 3 years ago
Hi! Sorry you feel that. I've revoked your ban but please keep in mind we cannot provide support for non-genuine Minecraft accounts and this topic is very problematic for us.
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
Installing optifine makes multiple types of blocks invisible. This might just be a client issue, but after getting rid of optifine the blocks are normal. Not to mention typing "spac" in JEI crashes my game.
LolPoopyHead 3 years ago
Please could you consider adding the following mods? Tinkers Levelling,m FTB Utilities, Optifine & WayStones. I currently play with this added by myself and haven't found any bugs or issues so far.
NoExtraSauce 3 years ago
With optifine, the redstone engine and certain pipes are completely invisible. In other cases it completely crashes the game, but those may just be my issues.
Posted by LolPoopyHead 3 years ago
Is there any chance of Ars Magica being added in this modpack?
GoLd_ImagezZ 3 years ago
Are there any servers for this modpack?
Ruven_Xeito 3 years ago
Yes! Look in our Discord :)
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
i only have 8gbs of ram on my pc can i allocate 5-6gbs to this pack and still play?
GenocidalAgent 3 years ago
It is possible, you can try whilst closing all other programs.
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
First off, let me say that I love this Modpack, it's got it all and I love the variety! Except one thing, Dimensional Doors, is there any chance of adding it in the future?
kylerustler58 3 years ago
I added it here,
Posted by BEEFY_JOE 3 years ago
Why did they remove flans mod ?
Mauserwfn 3 years ago
Hi! So far I love this pack! I was wondering if you could tell me which mod alters the vanilla biomes? For example, the regular birch/spruce/oak forests look SUPER different, all the trees seem to be larger and more realistic. Also the colors in these biomes are so vibrant. Whatever it is, I love it.
TheOddChild 3 years ago
Biomes O' Plenty changes the biomes & Recurrent Complex alters the trees :)
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
Hey just updated after not playing for a while, i noticed like growing clouds/orbs near bedrock that cause blindness, its terrifying and cool I just want to know what mod it's apart of so I can deal with it (or turn it off)
lavalord103 3 years ago
I'm new to hosting servers. Technic just updated this pack when I launched it, do I need to update the server somehow as well?
CredibleCheese 3 years ago
Yes, the client & server need to match versions.
Posted by xJon 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
Is it possible to add the Mod "SecretRoomsMod" to this mod pack? It's a very small mod which allows you to create camouflage blocks, doors, ect which is great for creating hidden bases.
moneyheroes 3 years ago

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