Install Tekxit 2 (Official) 1.7.10

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (Tekxit 2 (Official) 1.7.10) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select Tekxit 2 (Official) 1.7.10 from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

Tekxit 2 (Official) 1.7.10 Version v2.25ra

created by Slayer5934 on Minecraft 1.7.10
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so tekxit2 rocks! however I had an issue where I had to reinstall the technic launcher and now your download link is not working? I try to manually download it and it looks like the website is down? D:
puppychow85 3 years ago
why cant i download the pack?
jcm2239 3 years ago
Hey Slayer, I've noticed you've posted on your news feed for Tekxit 2 that it has been updated to 1.8 yet it still says that it is currently 1.7.10. Which version is it? If it truly is 1.8, does that mean it will support Alex skins?
Alicyl 3 years ago
Is anyone else having this issue when trying to connect to the server?
xKetjow 3 years ago
If anyone is having issues still installing the modpack, Update your version of java.
Djnooby 3 years ago
That isn't the correct solution. I'm currently running the most recent version of Java (JRE 8 u131) and I still get the aforementioned error.
Posted by agentundertaker 3 years ago
Anyone got a server?
RayG31 3 years ago
is there some way to fix that you can see youre frends tinkersGlove,oxygentank,oxygengear,oxygenhelmet,etc beacus i cant see them on my frend ands it akward anyway very fun modpack
thomasje5000 3 years ago
Hey, i was successfully able to fix a broken download with the way you said in the help section, but now everytime i start it up it is blacked out and going in and out of a "Not Responding" state. Eventually it showed the mojang logo, being the normal one for 1.7.10 minecraft, became "Not Responding" and closed itself out. Please Help
RealBraveGaming 3 years ago
Modpack wont download or update says it can not install From link Anyone else having same issue is there a manual download link???
Sonja3301 3 years ago
I also have this problem. I´ve downloaded the zip file from here: but i don´t know how to install it. :(
Posted by figotka 3 years ago
update java
Posted by Djnooby 3 years ago
i keep timing out and having issues with the server even though i have what appears to be a good this a common issue?
RedLeader457 3 years ago
When can we expect more solar arrays like the ones from tekkit to be added, if ever?
AppleButt 3 years ago
I cant download the pack it says failed to download
brinestone 3 years ago
Update java
Posted by Djnooby 3 years ago
when I begin to mine something i see message of what I'm mining in the chat. it's also happen when I attack a monster. is there a ways to make it stop?
brosius 3 years ago
Please add Big Reactors & Decocraft Mod! (:
Waffelchen 3 years ago
Error downloading a file for the following pack: Tekxit 2 (Official) 1.7.10 Failed to download Please consult the modpack author.
Eckk 3 years ago
Whoops. Typo. ...that's* It's still not working though. Just had a typo when making that original post.
Posted by Eckk 3 years ago
who wants to join us me and my friend are playing in our hamachi server :)
ryha014 3 years ago
I have a question. What mean that horribly loud explosion sound mean? It isn't meteorite I guess, because meteorite have TNT sound (I tested with meteorite summoners). It is that skystone thing landing? Also I have some advices for you, Slayer. You could remove one of the Marble blocks (from different mods). It is also two lead ores, two uranium ores. Some tools are also doubled, like sickles, but it's okay. You could add some extremely must have mods, I mean actually one, which I miss the most, it is TubeStaff for Buildcraft (I think, i'm not sure). There are missing distribution pipe. I'm missing also thermal expansion energy conduits, but it doesn't necessary so. You could remove thermal expansion backpacks named Satchels. We have actually Backpack mod. There are also Knapspack from different mod, but it isn't necessary to remove both. Just that Satchels. You could decrease battletowers spawn. In my survival world these are spoil my environment. They have often 1k hp boss with some other buffs like poisoning on you or thorns, it is difficult to kill them to remove all of the battletowers. Ther also too densely spawning, so when I'm travelling from Point A to point B, I can see a lot of them. Often one near second. It is the most annoying imperfection of this modpack, for me. At the end: Thanks for this modpack. I'm playing with friends and it is really great. We have a lot of fun with it.
Filarel 3 years ago
The loud explosions you hear are from the falling meteors mod, I left the duplicate ores enabled because they are incompatible in eachothers crafting recipes, there are currently 3+ types of tubes to use for item and liquid transport, energy conduits are renamed to fluxduct, removing anything would be bad at this point, most people like how many battletowers there are but ill consider it, you need good armor to take out bosses like hexical scale or nano or gem or something, your very welcome for the modpack c:
Posted by Slayer5934 3 years ago | Modpack Creator
I was playing on my private server and I am not able to play on it because it has not updated, i was just going to change the version to the previous so i can play but there is only the latest version.
ShdowTheKilla 3 years ago
You can play with friends actually, but without using a server, but with a "Open to LAN". You will open it and with hamachi your friends can join.
Posted by Filarel 3 years ago
Can we add our own mods to the modpack? For example i want to add in Nuclear reactors and Redstone Arsenal
Katon15 3 years ago
You can do it locally but I think it isn't necessary for all players so you should add it for only you.
Posted by Filarel 3 years ago
Hey Slayer will you create a custom resource pack for this modpack?
Katon15 3 years ago
maybe.. i guess ;p
Posted by Slayer5934 3 years ago | Modpack Creator

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