Install RLCraft

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (RLCraft) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select RLCraft from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

RLCraft Version 2.9.3

created by Shivaxi on Minecraft 1.12.2
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after two hours of painstaikingly remembering my minecraft password and the password for this website, I hope this modpack is worthy of my time.
orangevanim 4 years ago
What is the mod that makes a sound when spotted by a monster?
VertigoNow22 4 years ago
So I can't download it because when I go to the launcher and type in "Shivaxi RLCraft" it doesn't show up, and instead says "Find More on the Technic Platform"...Does anyone know how to fix this?
ToxicDrogonx 4 years ago
Try putting into the search bar.
Posted by magicalunicorn9 4 years ago
It deletes my Beastiary progress every time I relog
Lieas 4 years ago
So i tried to run this modpack, but it didn't work. It crashed while loading mod called "Just Enough Items" (jei). The crash log says that is caused by: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded. What should I do to get this running?
Lubomirke 4 years ago
Dedicate more RAM to your technic launcher I think, not sure though.
Posted by feidhlimharr 4 years ago
You should have at least 4GB dedicated. There are many videos on YouTube showing you how to do that.
Posted by feidhlimharr 4 years ago
Umm, I don't know how to make a server using RL Craft on Technic tbh
Storm-Wulf 4 years ago
hey! So i REALLY need help! Found ya mod and it loaded and looked AWESOME! Well the loading screen did until I pressed singleplayer and realised it had auto-zoomed in? I was able to zoom out the options by doing the GUI thingy but it still isn't fixing it! The options are better but the screen is zoomed in so I cant get the new world things! It's getting really annoying since I really want to play this and I can't seem to find out how to fix it! Please someone help me!! I just want to play this mod because it seems so amazing! The loading screen is just teasing me! I can see dragons, the improved biomes, new mobs and I really want to play it! So please someone help me!
GamingToothless 4 years ago
I also have this same issue!! can anyone help?
Posted by Garwac01 4 years ago
HI i have been playing this modpack but when i tried tu craft i couldn´t. The object that i would get doesn´t apears so i can play .
GotenYT18 4 years ago
why is my game lagging fps wise my pc has a 1070 and core i7 6700k with 16gb of ram but my game is still lagging
_xXAdamXx_ 4 years ago
Go to Launcher Options > Java Settings. Under Minecraft Java Version, make sure you're using 64-bit. Unless you use 64-bit, you'll only be able to devote one gig of memory to your play session. Once you're sure you're using 64-bit, go to the next option under Minecraft Java Version, which is Memory. Set how many gigs you want it to use. I've set 16, but I have roughly 24 gigs of RAM, so how much you want to set will have to be lower. Hope this helps!
Posted by Arqade 4 years ago
Arqade are you sure it's a good idea to dedicate more than half of your RAM?
Posted by feidhlimharr 4 years ago
So, why is it that every time I try to make a world it just stops working when 0% shows up
CageyPower 4 years ago
Does anyone know how to reforge golem armor?
SpiDrone 4 years ago
Does anyone know how to reforge golem armor?
SpiDrone 4 years ago
Hey man! I was really enjoying the pack until you added these Halloween things, I killed a NORMAL zombie when I was low health and it lightninged me and killed me whilst destroying my weeks worth of progress. Thanks man! don't know what you were thinking making any mob have a chance of blowing up or lightninging you but you just lost one of your most in-depth fans!
Viji 4 years ago
Oh, and you may think I'm weak-willed, but trust me i'm not, after I died I went ahead and made another set of gear (not as good as the last one) and went along with my day. But you know, not even 1 hour after I died the first time. I killed a NORMAL skeleton at full health and got ightninged again, died, and lost everything. Usually I just don't care about losing my stuff, like if I were to die to a SPECIAL mob such as dragon or some boss, oh well, I played bad, but twice I lost all my stuff to killing a normal mob. pretty triggering.
Posted by Viji 4 years ago
He didnt add them, its automatic whenever halloween time comes around. It is 100% part of the mod, losing your items is part of the pack just get to a point where normal mobs cant kill you, and you will be fine.
Posted by SpiDrone 4 years ago
Can I make my own server or do I have to use Bisecthosting??
The_One_Guy 4 years ago
So in the spirit of hilarity and slightly realism could you add iChun's hat mod+iChun util(so that the hat mod functions)? If not then thats fine but i think its a fun mod because hats
Ninz_0 4 years ago
Help When i try to install the modpack it say error unzipping modpack zip
TheGamingMiner 4 years ago
después de que carga el terreno aparece un segundo y después me dice internal exception : java.nio.chanels.closedchannelexception ¿ hay solucion?
isma_12_lind 4 years ago
Whenever I finish loading a world it crashes I use base entry-level parts in my pc and usually get 120 ~ fps on vanilla what can I do to fix this?
Goundz 4 years ago
anyone know how to make steel ingot ?
FireDragon2 4 years ago
Awesome Modpack :)
Baijiu 4 years ago

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