Install RLCraft

Step 1

Installing a modpack using the Technic Launcher is easy. If you don't already have the launcher downloaded, visit our download page to get the latest version.

Step 2

Type in the modpack name (RLCraft) or paste the following url into the search box.

Step 3

Finally, click Install at the bottom right of the launcher after you select RLCraft from the list on the left. The launcher will handle everything else!

RLCraft Version 2.9.3

created by Shivaxi on Minecraft 1.12.2
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when it loads the main menu screen when using the technic launcher its automatically loaded into full screen with it zommed in like 400% on the top left corner and cannot seam to fix it. It only happens with this modpack
MrTrollZz 4 years ago
Try pressing F11 it toggles fullscreen.
Posted by MajicReno 4 years ago
Same problem! Have you got any way to fix it? It's SOOO annoying! I've heard F11 works but this is my laptop that was ORIGINALLY a working laptop, so its a different setting for me, (my computer broke so that's why I have to use this laptop) All i'm asking is to tell me if F11 works or if there is another way.. Thanks!
Posted by GamingToothless 4 years ago
Ok so I just fixed it! Basically I pressed Fn then F11, or the other way round, it'll zoom out and if you go into full screen it is fixed! Yippee!
Posted by GamingToothless 4 years ago
Since i updated to this version of the mod, my minecraft just crashes when loading my current world. I tried new worlds but they crashed too. I also tried reinstalling the mod several times with no luck. It would be nice to get some tips from someone that may know how to solve my problem. ^^
Katchupcato3o 4 years ago
is there should be only 116 mods or more ? I have that tin ore electrum etc. is missing
Kruk13 4 years ago
i have the requirements needed to run the mod but it still refuses to let me play
MONSTERJVR 4 years ago
This mod is freezing on new worlds every 10 mins 9-25-19. Yesterday seemed to work with no problems. Tried 3 new worlds with same freeze problem.
glbernini 4 years ago
Is there a way to install version 2.6.1?
CzarZebon 4 years ago
Fyi your optifine link in your guide and reccomendations is busted try downloading it through the link just get a file not found.
MajicReno 4 years ago
Dont know if you figured it out already but if not: The version shivaxi linked was removed for some reason and is now meant for the 1.13 versions of minecraft. Try using HD_U_E3 instead (works for me)
Posted by xBlackD 4 years ago
Yep i only posted so he would notice sooner rather than later. I just went and grabbed the latest file for 1.12.2
Posted by MajicReno 4 years ago
I'm having trouble adding optifine and shaders to this modpack... Some help would be appreciated :)
Jaydogg1R 4 years ago
it already has optifine pre installed
Posted by Nexominer 4 years ago
is it me, or is there no lighting engine active in this modpack?
trimbale000 4 years ago
whenever i try to make a new world or go into one my game always crashes any ideas on whats wrong?
KnownCoffee 4 years ago
how do i disable the block breaking particles effect? i can run the mod just fine, except for this effect in particular
Aantren 4 years ago
You can delete the mod: Fancy Particles Effects (something like that)
Posted by PLAY4FUN1212 4 years ago
can you add multiplayer for this modpack?
LuciferDL 4 years ago
So I've Seen A Lot Of People Got Problems With Not Being Able To Launching The Game So I'm Here To Help (It Happened To Me So The Answers Are Based What I Did) There Are A Couple Of Problems You Might Encounter Such As Not Enough Gb 5 Is Good Enough For This Type O Modpack (I put mine on 7) Second Thing You May Encounter Is Ransomware Problem, You'll Need To Except the Files Other Problems Maybe Launcher Problems Hope I Helped Any-One
mister_knowitall 4 years ago
I went to change my launcher options, but the highest i can pick from a dropdown menu is 1 GB? Is this a me problem? Or is there an easy fix, thanks in advance!
Kippyco 4 years ago
you have to make sure you're running the right java iteration for your computer, 32 v 64 bit. once you determine what your computer is, just install that corresponding java file and you should have more options.
Posted by lstroh 4 years ago
I Believe You Can Change That In App Settings Or Something But Mainly It Is A You Problem (dont give up on playing, I Did and now i enjoy my time playing :D)
Posted by mister_knowitall 4 years ago
I Believe You Can Change That In App Settings Or Something But Mainly It Is A You Problem (dont give up on playing, I Did and now i enjoy my time playing :D)
Posted by mister_knowitall 4 years ago
I have 10gb of ram allowed for the launcher, I've reinstalled java and the modpack multiple times, however the modpack continues to crash immediately following the loading of the mods. I never even get to the menu.
lstroh 4 years ago
do you have the console open so you can see whats causing it to crash?
Posted by MajicReno 4 years ago
is 3.5gb java is enough for modpack ?
lustussz 4 years ago
You Need Atlist 5 From What I Understood From The Maker
Posted by mister_knowitall 4 years ago
I Really Loved the Guide you gave and really gave me a hunger for a challenge I've Never Destroyed Before and I Went on Technic And tried to download but it said something with wrong and in a split second crashed if you need a picture to understand what I mean ill send it to ya or in chat on discord... if it will help other people enjoy this Insane Challenge I don't mind putting my time into it.
mister_knowitall 4 years ago
I was able to install the Modpack without an error, but when I try to load the mod it keeps crashing while trying to load "Indexing Ingredients - Minecraft".
Serenitylouise 4 years ago
Change your java in technicpack launcher to 5gb or higher
Posted by MrKittyCatZ 4 years ago
Thanks! That worked!
Posted by Serenitylouise 4 years ago
is the server down right now?..
cycosick 4 years ago
is the server down right now?..
cycosick 4 years ago

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